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Video's/MAJEK FASHEK (I AM NOT AFRAID) - YouTube.avi132.0MB

Video's/African Festival of the Arts - Majek Fashik - YouTube.avi124.0MB


Video's/G.B.T.V. CultureShare ARCHIVES 2001 MAJEK FASHEK #2 (HD) - YouTube.avi115.0MB

Video's/Majek Fashek on the Jacboxer show - YouTube.avi90.0MB

Video's/MAJEK FASHEK NEEDS HELP - YouTube.avi75.0MB

Video's/majek - YouTube.avi57.0MB

Video's/majek fashek - YouTube.avi57.0MB

Video's/Majek Fashek - Jah Revelation (Music Video 2011) - YouTube.avi54.0MB

Video's/African Unity - Majek Fashek Live Medgar Evers College Brooklyn NY Filmed By Cool Breeze - YouTube.avi40.0MB

Video's/'Magic' Majek Fashek - YouTube.avi37.0MB

Video's/pharheed ft. majek fashek- mama say - YouTube.avi34.0MB

Video's/GTG and the Legend Majek Fashek .mpg - YouTube.avi26.0MB

Video's/Majek Fashek - So long - Live on the David Letterman Show - YouTube.avi23.0MB

1997 Rainmaker/09Hey Joe.mp314.0MB

Video's/Reggae Strong, Majek Fashek Preview - YouTube.avi14.0MB

2005 Little patience/03Man of sorrow.mp313.0MB

1997 Rainmaker/07Prostitute destitute.mp313.0MB

1991 Spirit of love/05Jah people.mp311.0MB

1991 Spirit of love/09I'm not tired.mp311.0MB

2005 Little patience/02Our father.mp311.0MB

2005 Little patience/07Josiah, king of kings.mp311.0MB

1989 Prisoner of concience/02Redemption song.mp310.0MB

1997 Rainmaker/06LA (Untitled track).mp310.0MB

1997 Rainmaker/02Promised land.mp310.0MB

2007 Majek Fashek-Nigerian Rasta/04Promised land.mp310.0MB

1989 Prisoner of concience/08Police brutality.mp310.0MB

2005 Little patience/12Ovbiye.mp310.0MB

1997 Rainmaker/04Hotel California.mp39.0MB

1991 Spirit of love/02So long (Mexico City ).mp39.0MB

Jah revelation.mp39.0MB

2005 Little patience/05Power of a woman.mp39.0MB

1991 Spirit of love/01Beware.mp38.0MB

2007 Majek Fashek-Nigerian Rasta/01Majek beware.mp38.0MB

1997 The best of Majek Fashek (1997)/08Ina New York.mp38.0MB

2007 Majek Fashek-Nigerian Rasta/02I Come form the ghetto.mp38.0MB

1991 Spirit of love/10I come from the ghetto.mp38.0MB

1989 Prisoner of concience/05Genesis.mp38.0MB

1997 The best of Majek Fashek (1997)/11Beware.mp38.0MB

2007 Majek Fashek-Nigerian Rasta/03Kpangolo.mp38.0MB

1997 Rainmaker/01Kpangolo.mp38.0MB

1989 Prisoner of concience/06I've got the feeling.mp37.0MB

1997 The best of Majek Fashek (1997)/10Without you.mp37.0MB

2007 Majek Fashek-Nigerian Rasta/08Holy spirit.mp37.0MB

1991 Spirit of love/07Holy spirit.mp37.0MB

1997 The best of Majek Fashek (1997)/04Jah people.mp37.0MB

1989 Prisoner of concience/01Send down the rain (version 1).mp37.0MB

2007 Majek Fashek-Nigerian Rasta/07Send down the rain (version 1).mp37.0MB

1997 The best of Majek Fashek (1997)/14Holy spirit.mp37.0MB

1997 The best of Majek Fashek (1997)/05I come from the ghetto.mp37.0MB

1997 The best of Majek Fashek (1997)/09Leave us alone.mp37.0MB

1997 The best of Majek Fashek (1997)/07Mother.mp37.0MB

2007 Majek Fashek-Nigerian Rasta/10Send down the rain (version2).mp37.0MB

1991 Spirit of love/08Send down the rain (version2).mp37.0MB

1997 The best of Majek Fashek (1997)/02Religion na politics.mp37.0MB

2007 Majek Fashek-Nigerian Rasta/06Religion na politics.mp37.0MB

1991 Spirit of love/06Religion na politics.mp37.0MB

1997 The best of Majek Fashek (1997)/13Sodom & Gomorrah.mp37.0MB

1997 The best of Majek Fashek (1997)/03Sugar daddy, sugar mommy.mp36.0MB

1997 The best of Majek Fashek (1997)/01So long.mp36.0MB

1997 The best of Majek Fashek (1997)/12I & I experience.mp36.0MB

1997 Rainmaker/05African unity.mp36.0MB

2007 Majek Fashek-Nigerian Rasta/05African unity.mp36.0MB

2005 Little patience/01Let it shine.mp36.0MB

2005 Little patience/10Jobe lamentation.mp36.0MB

1989 Prisoner of concience/03Let righteousness cover the earth.mp36.0MB

1991 Spirit of love/04Spirit of love.mp36.0MB

2007 Majek Fashek-Nigerian Rasta/11Spirit of love.mp36.0MB

1991 Spirit of love/03In a New York.mp35.0MB

2005 Little patience/11Someday one day.mp35.0MB

2005 Little patience/04I am not afraid.mp35.0MB

Free Africa, free Mandela.mp35.0MB

1989 Prisoner of concience/04Africans keep your culture.mp35.0MB

Smooth criminal.mp35.0MB

1997 Rainmaker/03Sailing.mp35.0MB

2005 Little patience/09Virgin.mp34.0MB

Pictures/My guitar.mp34.0MB

2005 Little patience/08Water no get enemy.mp34.0MB

1997 The best of Majek Fashek (1997)/06I can't give up the fight.mp34.0MB

2007 Majek Fashek-Nigerian Rasta/09Love and affection.mp34.0MB

1989 Prisoner of concience/09Prisoner of conscience.mp34.0MB

1997 Rainmaker/08I wanna know.mp34.0MB

Mama say (With Faheed).mp34.0MB

2005 Little patience/06Little patience.mp34.0MB

1989 Prisoner of concience/07Hey Mr. Morning.mp33.0MB

Don't worry (With GTG).mp31.0MB


1991 Spirit of love/Spirit of love.jpg270.0KB

1997 Rainmaker/Rainmaker.jpg249.0KB


2007 Majek Fashek-Nigerian Rasta/Nigerian rasta.png215.0KB








2005 Little patience/MB147804W595.jpg53.0KB


2005 Little patience/Little patience.jpg40.0KB

1989 Prisoner of concience/Prisoner of conscience.JPG32.0KB

1997 The best of Majek Fashek (1997)/bestofma.gif26.0KB

1997 Rainmaker/rainmaker1.jpg24.0KB

1989 Prisoner of concience/sendrainCD.jpg24.0KB


1997 The best of Majek Fashek (1997)/The best of Majek Fashek.jpg20.0KB

1997 Rainmaker/rainmaker2.jpg18.0KB

1997 The best of Majek Fashek (1997)/solongCD.jpg17.0KB


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