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zebra_ xenos soundworks u-he forever

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Demo/Zebra - Forever 80s Demo.mp39.0MB

BA Crushed.h2p21.0KB

LD Elevation.h2p21.0KB

BA DX Bass 5.h2p21.0KB

PD Analog Strings 1.h2p21.0KB

BA Thick Moog.h2p21.0KB

PD Soundtrack.h2p21.0KB

BA DX Bass 3.h2p21.0KB

PD Juno 106 Strings.h2p21.0KB

BA So Electric.h2p21.0KB

BA DX Slap Bass.h2p21.0KB

LD Prophet 5 Sync.h2p21.0KB

LD Funkmeister.h2p21.0KB

LD Flash Light (Use PW and MW).h2p21.0KB

KB Gospel C3.h2p21.0KB

PD D50 Bell Pad.h2p21.0KB

BA Rapid Line.h2p21.0KB

BA DX Bass 2.h2p21.0KB

LD Funkadelic.h2p21.0KB

BA Analog Bass.h2p21.0KB

BA OB-8 Bass.h2p21.0KB

SY DX Tubular Bells.h2p21.0KB

LD Squishy.h2p21.0KB

LD The Phat Lady Sings.h2p21.0KB

PD Analog Strings 2.h2p21.0KB

LD Classic Rock Lead.h2p21.0KB

LD 80s Poly Lead.h2p21.0KB

PD Lo-Fi Choir Pad.h2p21.0KB

LD Brassy Lead.h2p21.0KB

LD Moog Lead.h2p21.0KB

LD Tasty Pulswave.h2p21.0KB

BA Thriller.h2p21.0KB

BA Digigrit.h2p21.0KB

BA DX Bass 1.h2p21.0KB

SY Comp Synth.h2p21.0KB

PD Big Juno Pad.h2p21.0KB

BA PPG Bass.h2p21.0KB

SY Soft Brass.h2p21.0KB

SY JP-8 Brass.h2p21.0KB

BA Warm Analog.h2p21.0KB

KB Jazzy B3.h2p21.0KB

LD Porta Saw.h2p21.0KB

KB P5 1960_s Organ.h2p21.0KB

LD Square Soup.h2p21.0KB

SY Juno 106 Dark Plucks.h2p21.0KB

SY Meaty Polysynth.h2p21.0KB

SY DX Bells.h2p21.0KB

PD Brittle Pad.h2p21.0KB

KB FM Ballad E. Piano.h2p21.0KB

BA Too Much Time.h2p21.0KB

PD Warm Backdrop.h2p21.0KB

KB Hybrid E. Piano.h2p21.0KB

BA Tom Sawyer.h2p21.0KB

KB New Wave Harpsi.h2p21.0KB

SY Veridis Quo Arp Food.h2p21.0KB

SY Realistik Brass.h2p21.0KB

LD Porta Square.h2p21.0KB

SY Flutey Texture.h2p21.0KB

PD Sweeping Harmonics.h2p21.0KB

PD Classic Oohs.h2p21.0KB

PD Prism.h2p21.0KB

BA DX Bass 4.h2p21.0KB

LD Sunglasses.h2p21.0KB

SY Digital Arp Food.h2p20.0KB

SY Wide Berth.h2p20.0KB

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