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The torrent has 41 files, total 373.0MB, created at Apr. 08, 2015.

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2013 Death By Fire/08 Silent Hour - The Conjugation.mp314.0MB

2015 From Beyond/05 Below The Slumber.mp314.0MB

2015 From Beyond/10 Mask Of Red Death.mp314.0MB

2010 Diamonds/03 Katana.mp313.0MB

2010 Diamonds/09 Walk With Me.mp313.0MB

2008 Into The Night/06 City Lights.mp313.0MB

2013 Death By Fire/07 Sacrificed.mp312.0MB

2013 Death By Fire/05 Take Me Out Of This Nightmare.mp311.0MB

2015 From Beyond/06 Hungry They Will Come.mp310.0MB

2010 Diamonds/08 Nightmares.mp310.0MB

2008 Into The Night/05 On The Loose.mp310.0MB

2015 From Beyond/07 The Banshee.mp310.0MB

2015 From Beyond/08 Farewell.mp39.0MB

2008 Into The Night/08 Curse The Light.mp39.0MB

2013 Death By Fire/04 Mesmerized By Fire.mp39.0MB

2013 Death By Fire/09 Satan.mp39.0MB

2015 From Beyond/02 Undying Evil.mp39.0MB

2013 Death By Fire/06 Crystal Suite.mp39.0MB

2015 From Beyond/01 Destroyer.mp38.0MB

2010 Diamonds/04 Running In Menace.mp38.0MB

2008 Into The Night/07 Scream Of The Savage.mp38.0MB

2008 Into The Night/09 Evil Attacker.mp38.0MB

2013 Death By Fire/02 Death Rides This Night.mp38.0MB

2008 Into The Night/01 Black Angel.mp38.0MB

2010 Diamonds/06 Diamonds (Instrumental).mp38.0MB

2015 From Beyond/03 From Beyond.mp38.0MB

2015 From Beyond/09 Hell Will Follow.mp37.0MB

2008 Into The Night/04 Speed Queen.mp37.0MB

2010 Diamonds/05 High Roller.mp37.0MB

2013 Death By Fire/03 Run For Your Life.mp37.0MB

2008 Into The Night/02 Mistress From Hell.mp37.0MB

2010 Diamonds/01 Midnight Vice.mp37.0MB

2008 Into The Night/03 Into The Night.mp37.0MB

2010 Diamonds/10 Take Me To Hell.mp37.0MB

2010 Diamonds/02 Roll The Dice.mp37.0MB

2015 From Beyond/13 Mean Machine.mp36.0MB

2015 From Beyond/04 One With Fire.mp36.0MB

2015 From Beyond/11 Bursting Out.mp36.0MB

2010 Diamonds/07 Live For The Night.mp36.0MB

2015 From Beyond/12 I Turned Into A Martian.mp33.0MB

2013 Death By Fire/01 Bells Of Hades.mp31.0MB

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