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2005.Over The Top/09 Oxycution Date.mp324.0MB

1983.Live At The Whiskey/16 el duce talks the history of the mentors.mp323.0MB

1990.Rock Bible/01 - Constantly Jackin'.mp317.0MB

1989.Sex, Drugs & Rock 'n' Roll/14 - Rock Stars On The Road.mp314.0MB

1986.Up The Dose/04 - Adultery.mp314.0MB

1986.Up The Dose/06 - Kick It On Down.mp313.0MB

1985.You Axed For It!/03 Four F Club.mp312.0MB

1983.Live At The Whiskey/09 adultry.mp312.0MB

1986.Up The Dose/07 - Secretary Hump.mp312.0MB

1986.Up The Dose/01 - Heterosexuals Have The Right To Rock.mp312.0MB

1985.You Axed For It!/04 Herpes Two.mp312.0MB

1983.Live At The Whiskey/15 having sickies baby.mp311.0MB

1986.Up The Dose/05 - On The Rag.mp311.0MB

1991.To The Max/05 - Menage Aw Twa.mp311.0MB

1989.Sex, Drugs & Rock 'n' Roll/11 - Woman From Sodom.mp311.0MB

2005.Over The Top/03 Over The Top.mp311.0MB

2005.Over The Top/07 Whip It Out.mp311.0MB

1986.Up The Dose/10 - Up The Dose.mp311.0MB

2005.Over The Top/08 Inches Of Three.mp310.0MB

1990.Rock Bible/09 - Cardboard Condo.mp310.0MB

1989.Sex, Drugs & Rock 'n' Roll/12 - Police Hotel.mp310.0MB

2009.Ducefixion/01 Black Snatch.mp310.0MB

1983.Live At The Whiskey/04 woman from sodom.mp310.0MB

1990.Rock Bible/06 - Turned You Into A Lesbian.mp310.0MB

1983.Live At The Whiskey/14 rock 'em sock 'em.mp310.0MB

1983.Live At The Whiskey/08 get up & die.mp310.0MB

1985.You Axed For It!/06 Sleep Bandits.mp310.0MB

1986.Up The Dose/08 - Couch Test Casting.mp310.0MB

1985.You Axed For It!/05 Judgement Day.mp310.0MB

1985.You Axed For It!/12 Animal.mp310.0MB

1989.Sex, Drugs & Rock 'n' Roll/13 - Going Through Your Purse.mp39.0MB

1991.To The Max/08 - Sex Slave.mp39.0MB

1985.You Axed For It!/01 Sandwich Of Love.mp39.0MB

1990.Rock Bible/11 - Vulture Of Love.mp39.0MB

2009.Ducefixion/12 Rockin' All Night.mp39.0MB

2009.Ducefixion/03 Bedroom Eyes.mp39.0MB

1990.Rock Bible/08 - My Daughter Is A Strawberry.mp39.0MB

1983.Live At The Whiskey/12 free fix for a fuck.mp39.0MB

1983.Live At The Whiskey/11 going through your purse.mp39.0MB

1990.Rock Bible/04 - Hilljack Heaven.mp39.0MB

1986.Up The Dose/11 - Kings Of Sleaze.mp39.0MB

2005.Over The Top/05 Electric Dick.mp38.0MB

1986.Up The Dose/03 - White Trash Woman.mp38.0MB

1989.Sex, Drugs & Rock 'n' Roll/15 - Get Up And Die.mp38.0MB

2005.Over The Top/01 Suck For Rent.mp38.0MB

1990.Rock Bible/02 - Sit On My Face And Squirm.mp38.0MB

1991.To The Max/12 - Leave Some For The Vultures.mp38.0MB

1990.Rock Bible/05 - Chicks With Dicks.mp38.0MB

1986.Up The Dose/02 - Rock 'Em Sock 'Em.mp38.0MB

1991.To The Max/11 - Group Rate.mp38.0MB

1985.You Axed For It!/02 Shocked And Grossed.mp38.0MB

2009.Ducefixion/10 My Name Is John.mp38.0MB

1986.Up The Dose/14 - Split The Square.mp38.0MB

1990.Rock Bible/07 - Panhandler.mp38.0MB

1985.You Axed For It!/07 Free Fix.mp38.0MB

1985.You Axed For It!/09 Clap Queen.mp38.0MB

1986.Up The Dose/09 - S.F.C.C..mp37.0MB

1985.You Axed For It!/10 My Erection Is Over.mp37.0MB

2009.Ducefixion/09 Get The Party Started.mp37.0MB

2009.Ducefixion/13 Masturbation Illness.mp37.0MB

1983.Live At The Whiskey/06 baby you'll regret me.mp37.0MB

1986.Up The Dose/12 - Service Me Or Be Smacked.mp37.0MB

1991.To The Max/03 - Donkey Dick.mp37.0MB

2005.Over The Top/02 Young Fresh Tight Sweet Stuff.mp37.0MB

1985.You Axed For It!/08 Golden Shower.mp37.0MB

1989.Sex, Drugs & Rock 'n' Roll/05 - List Of Thirty.mp37.0MB

2005.Over The Top/06 Sex Booze Weed Speed.mp37.0MB

1991.To The Max/07 - Midnite Mistress.mp37.0MB

1989.Sex, Drugs & Rock 'n' Roll/06 - Macho Package.mp37.0MB

2009.Ducefixion/04 Bombs Over Frisco.mp37.0MB

1989.Sex, Drugs & Rock 'n' Roll/01 - Northwest Breeder.mp37.0MB

1990.Rock Bible/10 - Jump Through The Hoops.mp37.0MB

2005.Over The Top/04 Sickie Sniffer Test.mp36.0MB

2009.Ducefixion/05 Bring On The Sluts.mp36.0MB

1991.To The Max/09 - Sewage Worker.mp36.0MB

1989.Sex, Drugs & Rock 'n' Roll/10 - Peeping Tom.mp36.0MB

1991.To The Max/02 - God's Gift To Women.mp36.0MB

2009.Ducefixion/08 Lickin' Ass & Takin' Names.mp36.0MB

2009.Ducefixion/07 I'm The Man.mp36.0MB

2009.Ducefixion/06 Ready Or Not.mp36.0MB

1983.Live At The Whiskey/02 peeping tom.mp36.0MB

1991.To The Max/10 - Mother - Daughter Team.mp36.0MB

1991.To The Max/04 - Forty Ouncer.mp36.0MB

1989.Sex, Drugs & Rock 'n' Roll/09 - Golden Shower.mp36.0MB

1989.Sex, Drugs & Rock 'n' Roll/07 - Every Human's Gotta Have Sex.mp36.0MB

1994.Houses Of The Horny/08 - fag basher.mp36.0MB

2009.Ducefixion/11 Over Under Sideways Down.mp36.0MB

1991.To The Max/01 - When You're Horny, You're Horny.mp36.0MB

1994.Houses Of The Horny/03 - masturbation illness.mp36.0MB

1986.Up The Dose/13 - All Women Are Insane.mp36.0MB

1991.To The Max/06 - All Women Are Insane.mp35.0MB

1994.Houses Of The Horny/09 - sex education.mp35.0MB

2009.Ducefixion/02 Be A Pervert.mp35.0MB

1994.Houses Of The Horny/04 - sleaze king of rock.mp35.0MB

1990.Rock Bible/03 - Sexual Fantasies.mp35.0MB

1994.Houses Of The Horny/01 - wine you, dine you, sixty nine you.mp35.0MB

1994.Houses Of The Horny/02 - split the square.mp34.0MB

1985.You Axed For It!/11 Nitrous Oxide.mp34.0MB

1989.Sex, Drugs & Rock 'n' Roll/03 - Oblivion Train.mp34.0MB

1989.Sex, Drugs & Rock 'n' Roll/04 - I Wanna Spank You.mp34.0MB

1983.Live At The Whiskey/01 intro.mp34.0MB

1994.Houses Of The Horny/07 - fresh off the vine.mp34.0MB

1994.Houses Of The Horny/05 - service me or be smacked.mp34.0MB

1989.Sex, Drugs & Rock 'n' Roll/02 - Big Baby Boy.mp34.0MB

1989.Sex, Drugs & Rock 'n' Roll/08 - Can't Get It Up.mp34.0MB

1994.Houses Of The Horny/06 - in and out of you.mp33.0MB

1983.Live At The Whiskey/05 intro.mp33.0MB

1983.Live At The Whiskey/07 intro.mp33.0MB

1983.Live At The Whiskey/13 intro.mp33.0MB

1983.Live At The Whiskey/03 intro.mp32.0MB

1983.Live At The Whiskey/10 intro.mp31.0MB

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