ELO - First Light ELO-2 2CD

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The torrent has 61 files, total 792.0MB, created at Feb. 19, 2015.

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elo - first light elo-2 2cd

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Torrent Contents ( 61 files)

CD 1/05 - Kuiama.flac69.0MB

CD 1/13 - Roll Over Beethoven (Take 1) (Bonus).flac53.0MB

CD 1/04 - From The Sun To The World (Boogie No. 1).flac50.0MB

CD 1/03 - Roll Over Beethoven.flac47.0MB

CD 2/10 - Roll Over Beethoven (BBC Session).flac46.0MB

CD 2/02 - From The Sun To The World (Boogie No. 1) (BBC Session).flac44.0MB

CD 1/01 - In Old England Town (Boogie No. 2).flac42.0MB

CD 1/02 - Momma....flac41.0MB

CD 2/03 - Momma (BBC Session).flac41.0MB

CD 2/04 - Roll Over Beethoven (Single Version).flac31.0MB

CD 2/06 - Your World (Take 2) (With Carl Wayne).flac30.0MB

CD 2/08 - Mama (Take 1) (With Carl Wayne).flac30.0MB

CD 2/07 - Get A Hold Of Myself (Take 2) (With Carl Wayne).flac29.0MB

CD 1/11 - Mambo (Dreaming Of 4000 Take 1) (Bonus).flac28.0MB

CD 1/12 - Everyone's Born To Die (Bonus).flac27.0MB

CD 2/05 - Showdown (Take 1).flac26.0MB

CD 1/06 - Showdown (Bonus).flac25.0MB

CD 1/10 - Auntie (Ma-Ma-Ma Belle Take 2) (Bonus).flac25.0MB

CD 1/08 - Baby I Apologise (Bonus).flac21.0MB

CD 2/09 - Wilf's Solo (Instrumental).flac17.0MB

CD 1/07 - In Old England Town (Instrumental) (Bonus).flac16.0MB

CD 1/09 - Auntie (Ma-Ma-Ma Belle Take 1) (Bonus).flac7.0MB

covers/covers CD 1/Booklet 04.jpg1.0MB

covers/covers CD 1/Booklet 03.jpg1.0MB

covers/covers CD 1/Booklet 12.jpg1.0MB

covers/covers CD 2/Booklet 7.jpg1.0MB

covers/covers CD 2/Booklet 4.jpg1.0MB

covers/covers CD 2/Booklet 3.jpg1.0MB

covers/covers CD 2/Booklet 8.jpg1.0MB

covers/covers CD 2/Booklet 6.jpg1.0MB

covers/covers CD 1/Booklet 07.jpg1.0MB

covers/covers CD 1/Booklet 09.jpg1.0MB

covers/covers CD 1/Booklet 10.jpg1.0MB

covers/covers CD 2/Booklet 5.jpg1.0MB

covers/covers CD 1/Booklet 06.jpg1.0MB

CD 2/01 - Brian Matthew Introduces ELO.flac1.0MB

covers/covers CD 1/Booklet 02.jpg1.0MB

covers/covers CD 2/Booklet 2.jpg1.0MB

covers/covers CD 1/Booklet 05.jpg1.0MB

covers/covers CD 1/Booklet 01.jpg1.0MB

covers/covers CD 1/Booklet 11.jpg1.0MB

covers/covers CD 1/Back inside.jpg1.0MB

covers/covers CD 2/Back inside.jpg1.0MB

covers/covers CD 1/Booklet 08.jpg1.0MB

covers/covers CD 2/Booklet 1.jpg1019.0KB

covers/covers CD 2/Back.jpg923.0KB

covers/covers CD 1/Back.jpg908.0KB

covers/covers CD 2/CD 2.jpg666.0KB

covers/covers CD 1/CD 1.jpg481.0KB

covers/Box back.jpg323.0KB

covers/Box front.jpg199.0KB


Front CD2.jpg197.0KB

Front CD1.jpg194.0KB

covers/Box spine.jpg67.0KB

CD 1/ELO - ELO 2 (Remaster) - CD1.log6.0KB

CD 2/ELO - The Lost Planet (Remaster) CD 2.log5.0KB

CD 1/ELO 2 (Remaster) - CD1.cue3.0KB

CD 2/The Lost Planet (Remaster) CD 2.cue2.0KB

CD 1/ELO - ELO 2 (Remaster) - CD1.m3u1.0KB

CD 2/ELO - The Lost Planet (Remaster) CD 2.m3u1.0KB

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