Gordon Lightfoot - Gord's Gold [FLAC+MP3](Big Papi) 1975 Rock Folk

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The torrent has 48 files, total 528.0MB, created at Jan. 09, 2015.

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gordon lightfoot - gord big papi s gold flac 1975 rock folk

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Torrent Contents ( 48 files)

03 Canadian Railroad Trilogy.flac38.0MB

13 Summer Side of Life.flac25.0MB

21 Carefree Highway.flac22.0MB

11 Sundown.flac21.0MB

19 If You Could Read My Mind.flac21.0MB

10 Minstrel of the Dawn.flac19.0MB

16 Don Quixote.flac19.0MB

05 For Lovin' Me-Did She Mention My Name.flac18.0MB

09 Early Morning Rain.flac17.0MB

15 Cotton Jenny.flac17.0MB

01 I'm Not Sayin'-Ribbon Of Darkness.flac17.0MB

18 Old Dan's Records.flac17.0MB

02 Song for a Winter's Night.flac16.0MB

12 Beautiful.flac16.0MB

20 Cold on the Shoulder.flac15.0MB

07 Wherefore And Why.flac15.0MB

17 Circle of Steel.flac14.0MB

06 Steel Rail Blues.flac14.0MB

14 Rainy Day People.flac14.0MB

08 Bitter Green.flac13.0MB

Gord's Gold (MP3)/03 Canadian Railroad Trilogy.mp312.0MB

04 Softly.flac12.0MB

Gord's Gold (MP3)/13 Summer Side of Life.mp38.0MB

Gord's Gold (MP3)/21 Carefree Highway.mp37.0MB

Gord's Gold (MP3)/11 Sundown.mp36.0MB

Gord's Gold (MP3)/19 If You Could Read My Mind.mp36.0MB

Gord's Gold (MP3)/16 Don Quixote.mp36.0MB

Gord's Gold (MP3)/10 Minstrel of the Dawn.mp36.0MB

Gord's Gold (MP3)/05 For Lovin' Me-Did She Mention My Name.mp36.0MB

Gord's Gold (MP3)/09 Early Morning Rain.mp35.0MB

Gord's Gold (MP3)/12 Beautiful.mp35.0MB

Gord's Gold (MP3)/15 Cotton Jenny.mp35.0MB

Gord's Gold (MP3)/18 Old Dan's Records.mp35.0MB

Gord's Gold (MP3)/02 Song for a Winter's Night.mp35.0MB

Gord's Gold (MP3)/20 Cold on the Shoulder.mp35.0MB

Gord's Gold (MP3)/01 I'm Not Sayin'-Ribbon Of Darkness.mp35.0MB

Gord's Gold (MP3)/06 Steel Rail Blues.mp35.0MB

Gord's Gold (MP3)/14 Rainy Day People.mp35.0MB

Gord's Gold (MP3)/07 Wherefore And Why.mp35.0MB

Gord's Gold (MP3)/17 Circle of Steel.mp35.0MB

Gord's Gold (MP3)/08 Bitter Green.mp34.0MB

Gord's Gold (MP3)/04 Softly.mp34.0MB


Gord's Gold (MP3)/Folder.jpg117.0KB


Gord's Gold (MP3)/Gordon Lightfoot - Gord's Gold.txt27.0KB

Gord's Gold (MP3)/Big Papi.nfo5.0KB

Big Papi.nfo5.0KB

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