VA - Rock In Road (Vol 2-3)(2013)

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va - rock in road 2013 vol 2-3

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CD-02/48 Saracen - Where Was There's God.mp316.0MB

CD-03/31 Judas Priest - Beyond The Realms Of Death.mp315.0MB

CD-03/22 Ten - The Elysian Fields.mp315.0MB

CD-02/46 Rainbow - Catch The Rainbow.mp315.0MB

CD-02/58 Thunder - Love Walked In.mp314.0MB

CD-02/12 Bruce Dickinson - Tears Of The Dragon.mp314.0MB

CD-03/40 Royal Hunt - Follow Me.mp314.0MB

CD-02/02 MSG - Nightmare.mp314.0MB

CD-03/46 Demons & Wizards - Fiddler On The Green.mp313.0MB

CD-02/56 Lynyrd Skynyrd - Simple Man.mp313.0MB

CD-02/29 Century - Lover Why.mp313.0MB

CD-02/15 Royal Hunt - Long Way Home.mp313.0MB

CD-03/28 House Of Lords - Field Of Shattered Dreams.mp313.0MB

CD-03/44 Bon Jovi - Always.mp313.0MB

CD-02/39 Stratovarius - Lead Us To The Light.mp313.0MB

CD-02/57 Yngwie Malmsteen - Like An Angel.mp313.0MB

CD-02/30 Great White - Save Your Love.mp313.0MB

CD-03/43 Iced Earth - Conserequences.mp312.0MB

CD-02/42 Rage - All This Time.mp312.0MB

CD-02/64 Eagles - Hotel California.mp312.0MB

CD-02/01 UDO - Azrael.mp312.0MB

CD-03/59 Ozzy Osbourne - Goodbye To Romance.mp312.0MB

CD-03/02 Cornerstone - Some Have Dreams.mp312.0MB

CD-03/42 Traveling Wilburys - Tweeter And The Monkey Man.mp312.0MB

CD-03/14 Psychotic Waltz - I Remember.mp312.0MB

CD-03/27 Majestic - Standing Alone.mp312.0MB

CD-03/29 Phil Collins - Another Day In Paradise.mp312.0MB

CD-02/43 UFO - Venus.mp312.0MB

CD-02/26 House Of Lords - The Dream.mp312.0MB

CD-03/30 Richard Marx - Hazard.mp312.0MB

CD-02/24 Crystal Ball - Walk Through Time.mp312.0MB

CD-03/52 Iggy Pop - In The Deathcar.mp312.0MB

CD-03/64 The Cranberries - Zombie.mp311.0MB

CD-03/07 Robert Plant - Big Log.mp311.0MB

CD-02/11 Cornerstone - House Of Nevermore.mp311.0MB

CD-02/09 Foreigner - I Want To Know What Love Is.mp311.0MB

CD-03/45 HammerFall - Remember Yesterday.mp311.0MB

CD-03/05 George Baker - Paris Nights.mp311.0MB

CD-02/47 Rob Rock - Unconditional.mp311.0MB

CD-03/34 Bryan Adams - Have You Ever Really Loved.mp311.0MB

CD-02/37 Boston - Livin' For You.mp311.0MB

CD-03/48 ZZ Top - Rough Boy.mp311.0MB

CD-02/54 HammerFall - Always Will Be.mp311.0MB

CD-03/60 Lita Ford - Under The Gun.mp311.0MB

CD-02/21 Axel Rudi Pell - Like A Child Again.mp311.0MB

CD-03/03 Threshold - Avalon.mp311.0MB

CD-02/05 Kingdom Come - What Love Can Be.mp311.0MB

CD-03/33 Highland Glory - Somewhere.mp311.0MB

CD-02/40 Giant - I'll See You In My Dreams.mp311.0MB

CD-02/13 Damn Yankees - High Enough.mp311.0MB

CD-03/23 Sting & Cheb Mami - Desert Rose.mp311.0MB

CD-02/38 Vixen - Love Is A Killer.mp310.0MB

CD-03/06 Rainbow - The Temple Of The King.mp310.0MB

CD-02/62 Helloween - A Take That Wasn't Right.mp310.0MB

CD-02/10 Bryan Adams & Rod Stewart & Sting - All For Love.mp310.0MB

CD-02/61 Bonfire - I'd Love You To Want Me.mp310.0MB

CD-03/25 Accept - Amalos La Vida.mp310.0MB

CD-02/20 Royal Hunt - Clown In The Mirror.mp310.0MB

CD-02/35 House Of Lords - What's Forever For.mp310.0MB

CD-03/57 Rod Stewart - Sailing.mp310.0MB

CD-02/18 Wuthering Heights - Midnight Song.mp310.0MB

CD-02/32 Electric Light Orchestra - Last Train To London .mp310.0MB

CD-02/60 Domain - Love Child.mp310.0MB

CD-03/04 Cutting Crew - Died In Your Arms (I Just).mp310.0MB

CD-03/39 UFO - Profession Of Violence.mp310.0MB

CD-03/19 UFO - Belladonna.mp310.0MB

CD-02/06 House Of Lords - Another Day From Heaven.mp310.0MB

CD-03/58 Animals - House Of The Rising Sun.mp310.0MB

CD-03/38 Limp Bizkit - Behind Blue Eyes.mp310.0MB

CD-03/17 R.E.M. - Loosing My Religion.mp310.0MB

CD-02/31 Gary John Barden - Change The Wind.mp310.0MB

CD-02/17 Kane Roberts - Does Anybody Really Fall In Love Anymore.mp310.0MB

CD-03/62 Soul Asylum - Runaway Train.mp310.0MB

CD-02/14 Richard Marx - Right There Waiting.mp310.0MB

CD-03/37 UDO - One Love Voice.mp310.0MB

CD-03/53 Queen - I'm Going Slightly Mad.mp310.0MB

CD-03/56 Oscar Benton - I Feel So Good.mp310.0MB

CD-03/41 A-Ha - Crying In The Rain.mp310.0MB

CD-03/36 Hooters - 500 Miles.mp310.0MB

CD-03/55 Roxette - It Must Have Been Love.mp310.0MB

CD-02/28 Stormwind - Cry for You Love.mp310.0MB

CD-02/55 White Lion - When The Children Cry.mp39.0MB

CD-03/24 Sinner - The Storm Broke Loose.mp39.0MB

CD-02/16 House Of Lords - Love Don't Lie.mp39.0MB

CD-02/63 Nocturnal Rites - Winds Of Death.mp39.0MB

CD-02/04 Def Leppard - From The Inside.mp39.0MB

CD-03/09 Gary Moore - Still Got The Blues (For You).mp39.0MB

CD-03/10 Berlin - Take My Breathaway.mp39.0MB

CD-02/51 Electric Light Orchestra - Ticket To The Moon.mp39.0MB

CD-03/47 House of Lords - It Ain't Love.mp39.0MB

CD-02/44 Mattson - Chained To My Pain.mp39.0MB

CD-03/21 Domain - I Ain't No Hero.mp39.0MB

CD-03/65 Shivaree - Goodnight Moon.mp39.0MB

CD-02/22 Heimdall - Black Heaven.mp39.0MB

CD-03/51 Amy Winehouse - Back To Black.mp39.0MB

CD-03/13 Nazareth - Where Are You Now.mp39.0MB

CD-03/01 Hooters - Johnny B.mp39.0MB

CD-03/63 Nick Cave & Kylie Minogue - Where The Wild Roses Grow.mp39.0MB

CD-02/33 UDO - Tears Of A Clown.mp39.0MB

CD-03/49 Electric Light Orchestra - Rain Is Falling.mp39.0MB

CD-03/26 3 Doors Down - Here Without You.mp39.0MB

CD-02/49 Tarja - Until My Last Breath.mp38.0MB

CD-02/07 The Connels - '74-'75.mp38.0MB

CD-03/08 Electric Light Orchestra - Without Someone.mp38.0MB

CD-02/41 Dire Straits - Where Do You Think You're Going.mp38.0MB

CD-02/27 Deep Purple - Love Conquers All.mp38.0MB

CD-03/12 Joe Cocker - First We Take Manhattan.mp38.0MB

CD-03/54 Leonard Cochen - Waiting Fo The Miracle.mp38.0MB

CD-02/25 Bon Jovi - It's My Life.mp38.0MB

CD-03/61 Def Leppard - Little Wing.mp38.0MB

CD-02/34 Saracen - Lament.mp38.0MB

CD-02/08 Firewind - Before The Storm.mp38.0MB

CD-03/50 Chicago - Hard To Say I'm Sorry.mp38.0MB

CD-02/52 U2 - One.mp38.0MB

CD-03/16 Queen - Don't Try So Hard.mp38.0MB

CD-02/23 Bonfire - Who's Foolin' Who.mp38.0MB

CD-02/50 Arachnes - Still Waters.mp38.0MB

CD-03/35 Vacuum - Let The Mountain Come To Me.mp37.0MB

CD-02/59 Chad Kroeger & Jose Scott - Hero.mp37.0MB

CD-02/03 Mob Rules - Hold On.mp37.0MB

CD-03/20 The Smokie - I'll Meet You At Midnight.mp37.0MB

CD-03/11 Deep Purple - Soldier Of Fortune.mp37.0MB

CD-03/18 Styx - Boat On The River.mp37.0MB

CD-03/32 Foreigner - Blue Morning, Blue Day.mp37.0MB

CD-02/53 INXS - Never Tear Us Apart.mp37.0MB

CD-03/15 Procol Harum - Beyond The Pale.mp37.0MB

CD-02/36 Doro - All We Are.mp36.0MB

CD-02/19 The Stranglers - Strange Little Girl.mp36.0MB

CD-02/45 Omega - Overture.mp36.0MB

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