Various Atoms - 2011 - White Eye Of Winter Watching (2xCass, Comp, Ltd, C11)

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The torrent has 53 files, total 441.0MB, created at Feb. 07, 2015.

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various atoms - 2011 - white eye of winter watching 2xcass comp

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Cassette 2 Side C, Neutron/04. Cloister - Numb Hands.mp327.0MB

Cassette 2 Side D, Proton/13. Blackhumour - Against My Bitter Judgement.mp326.0MB

Cassette 1 Side B, Electron/12. Sleep Chamber - Katastrophe.mp326.0MB

Cassette 1 Side A, Nucleus/13. Controlled Bleeding - The Latest Hole In My Head.mp319.0MB

Cassette 1 Side B, Electron/04. Militia - Ueb Immer Treu Und Redlichkeit.mp314.0MB

Cassette 2 Side C, Neutron/05. Karasyozoku - Route Severity The Lord Has Turn His Back On Us.mp314.0MB

Cassette 2 Side C, Neutron/09. HIV Corner - White Fire, Rose Hole.mp313.0MB

Cassette 2 Side C, Neutron/08. Geography Of Hell - Moscow - March 5th 1953.mp313.0MB

Cassette 2 Side D, Proton/14. Con-Dom - Ultimate Control Ultimate Oppression.mp313.0MB

Cassette 1 Side A, Nucleus/05. Whorebutcher - Dead Voices In The Frozen Air.mp311.0MB

Cassette 2 Side C, Neutron/12. Incapacitants - Demerger At Random.mp311.0MB

Cassette 1 Side B, Electron/05. Alberich - Snow Is Falling In The Ruins Of Stalingrad.mp311.0MB

Cassette 1 Side A, Nucleus/01. Genocide Organ - Wintergewitter.mp311.0MB

Cassette 2 Side D, Proton/02. Ramleh - Baikal Tableau.mp311.0MB

Cassette 1 Side A, Nucleus/03. Gaze Campaign - Icicle Under The Ruse.mp311.0MB

Cassette 2 Side D, Proton/04. Spastic Colon - Sometimes I Disgust Myself.mp310.0MB

Cassette 1 Side A, Nucleus/07. Mlehst - Secret Shame.mp38.0MB

Cassette 2 Side D, Proton/11. The Haters - Spinner Spade 2011.mp38.0MB

Cassette 1 Side B, Electron/08. The Grey Wolves - Sufferance (excerpt).mp38.0MB

Cassette 2 Side D, Proton/03. Stillbirth - Various Trusts Of An Elderly Mentor.mp38.0MB

Cassette 1 Side B, Electron/06. Bus De La Lum - Falena Notturna.mp38.0MB

Cassette 2 Side D, Proton/06. Sickness - Russian Front Death March The Last Few Frozen Steps.mp38.0MB

Cassette 1 Side A, Nucleus/06. Consumer Electronics - Stunt Fucking (Live In New York).mp38.0MB

Cassette 1 Side A, Nucleus/02. FFH - Storms In The Negev.mp37.0MB

Cassette 1 Side B, Electron/07. Vatican Shadow - Soviet Union's Vietnam War.mp37.0MB

Cassette 1 Side A, Nucleus/04. Deathpile - Back On The Prowl II.mp37.0MB

Cassette 1 Side B, Electron/11. Lussuria - Protection & Power.mp37.0MB

Cassette 1 Side B, Electron/09. Ethnic Acid - Death Machinary.mp37.0MB

Cassette 2 Side D, Proton/09. Yellow Tears - Live At Hospital Productions 8.25.08 (excerpt).mp36.0MB

Cassette 2 Side C, Neutron/03. Ahlzagailzehguh - Back-Tracker (Corrective).mp36.0MB

Cassette 1 Side A, Nucleus/09. Mangled Clit - Torture And Abuse.mp35.0MB

Cassette 2 Side C, Neutron/01. Smell & Quim - In-Out.mp35.0MB

Cassette 1 Side A, Nucleus/12. Sutcliffe Jugend + Prurient - End Of Autumn.mp35.0MB

Cassette 1 Side B, Electron/10. Ames Sanglantes - Cult Of Stalin.mp35.0MB

Cassette 1 Side B, Electron/02. NON - Roto-Guitar 1979.mp35.0MB

Cassette 1 Side A, Nucleus/11. Forcible Confinement - Domination Gulag.mp34.0MB

Cassette 2 Side C, Neutron/07. Human Liberation Technology - Siberian Exile.mp34.0MB

Cassette 2 Side D, Proton/08. Deterge - Razum Zametit.mp34.0MB

Cassette 2 Side D, Proton/05. Flutter - There's Snow-Body Like You.mp34.0MB

Cassette 1 Side A, Nucleus/08. ASM - 219 (excerpt).mp34.0MB

Cassette 1 Side B, Electron/03. Contrepoison - A Soviet Ordeal.mp34.0MB

Cassette 2 Side D, Proton/10. K.P. - Second Burial Of Vozhd.mp33.0MB

Cassette 2 Side C, Neutron/06. Age Of Enlightenment - Holodomor To The North Of The Black Sea.mp33.0MB

Cassette 2 Side C, Neutron/10. Praying For Oblivion - The White Horse (excerpt).mp33.0MB

Cassette 1 Side B, Electron/01. Anti-Aquarian - Drencher.mp32.0MB

Cassette 2 Side D, Proton/12. Emil Beaulieau - I've Fallen And I Can't Get Up.mp32.0MB

Cassette 2 Side C, Neutron/02. Anal Drill - Dry Cock, Wet Mouth.mp32.0MB

Cassette 2 Side C, Neutron/11. Outermost - Untitled.mp32.0MB

Cassette 1 Side A, Nucleus/10. Viodre - Interpol Alchemi (excerpt).mp32.0MB

Cassette 2 Side D, Proton/07. Gasolineman - Untitled.mp32.0MB

Cassette 2 Side C, Neutron/13. Exploring Jezebel - Fem Beauty Salon Program 21 Sub-Zero Skeleton Sex Walkers Ukraine.mp31.0MB

Cassette 2 Side D, Proton/01. Thirdorgan - USO.mp3935.0KB


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