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tape five - discography

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2007 Bossa For A Coup/16. La Passifleur.mp312.0MB

2008 Swingfood Mood (2nd Edition)/13. Cocktail D'Amour (Sex On The Beach Mix).mp311.0MB

2008 Swingfood Mood (2nd Edition)/19. Tango-For A Spy (Jet Lag Mix).mp311.0MB

2008 Swingfood Mood (2nd Edition)/05. Mr.White Suit Cotton Dub.mp310.0MB

2008 Swingfood Mood (2nd Edition)/06. Summertime.mp310.0MB

2006 Swingfood Mood/15. Grand Central-Slow Motion.mp310.0MB

2010 Tonight Josephine!/14. Alcazar (instr.).mp310.0MB

2008 Swingfood Mood (2nd Edition)/08. Tango For A Spy.mp310.0MB

2006 Swingfood Mood/07. Tango For A Spy.mp310.0MB

2007 Bossa For A Coup/15. Permanent Midnight.mp310.0MB

2008 Swingfood Mood (2nd Edition)/16. Grand Central - Slow Motion.mp310.0MB

2008 Swingfood Mood (2nd Edition)/21. Avenue Du Gare (Martini Dub Mix).mp310.0MB

2008 Swingfood Mood (2nd Edition)/20. On The Run (Slowdown Mix).mp310.0MB

2006 Swingfood Mood/18. Avenue Du Gare.mp39.0MB

2008 Swingfood Mood (2nd Edition)/15. Whos Taking The Blame_.mp39.0MB

2010 Tonight Josephine!/10. Birds Like It (feat. Iain Mackenzie).mp39.0MB

2006 Swingfood Mood/14. Who's Taking The Blame.mp39.0MB

2006 Swingfood Mood/05. Summertime.mp39.0MB

2010 Tonight Josephine!/03. Bad Boy Good Man (feat. Henrik Wager).mp39.0MB

2010 Tonight Josephine!/13. The Sky Is Not The Limit (feat. Iain Mackenzie).mp39.0MB

2007 Bossa For A Coup/05. A Bossa Love.mp39.0MB

2010 Tonight Josephine!/07. Far Far Away Charles Tone (Charles-Tone mix feat. Brenda Boykin).mp39.0MB

2007 Bossa For A Coup/06. Taxi to Bombay.mp39.0MB

2008 Swingfood Mood (2nd Edition)/04. On The Run.mp39.0MB

2006 Swingfood Mood/08. Suitcase No.3-4-7.mp39.0MB

2010 Tonight Josephine!/11. Pousse L'Amour (feat. Yuliet Topaz).mp39.0MB

2007 Bossa For A Coup/04. Cancun.mp39.0MB

2006 Swingfood Mood/03. On The Run.mp39.0MB

2007 Bossa For A Coup/07. Longitude 54-21.mp39.0MB

2007 Bossa For A Coup/14. Cats walk underground.mp39.0MB

2008 Swingfood Mood (2nd Edition)/11. Quero Te A Sambar.mp39.0MB

2007 Bossa For A Coup/13. Femme Libertan.mp39.0MB

2007 Bossa For A Coup/02. Soulsalicious.mp38.0MB

2006 Swingfood Mood/10. Quero Te A Sambar.mp38.0MB

2007 Bossa For A Coup/09. Club de Cigale.mp38.0MB

2006 Swingfood Mood/12. Cocktail D'Amor.mp38.0MB

2010 Tonight Josephine!/02. A Cool Cat In Town (feat. Brenda Boykin).mp38.0MB

2007 Bossa For A Coup/11. The Smell of the Sidewalk.mp38.0MB

2008 Swingfood Mood (2nd Edition)/02. A View To A Kill.mp38.0MB

2007 Bossa For A Coup/03. Senorita Bonita.mp38.0MB

2006 Swingfood Mood/17. Dog Walk Theme.mp38.0MB

2010 Tonight Josephine!/05. Dixie Biscuit (feat. Henrik Wager).mp38.0MB

2008 Swingfood Mood (2nd Edition)/18. Dog-Walk Theme.mp38.0MB

2006 Swingfood Mood/04. Mr. White Suit.mp38.0MB

2008 Swingfood Mood (2nd Edition)/03. Avenue Du Gare.mp38.0MB

2006 Swingfood Mood/09. Swingfood Mood.mp38.0MB

2010 Tonight Josephine!/06. Madame Coquette (feat. Yuliet Topaz).mp38.0MB

2006 Swingfood Mood/02. Avenue Du Gare.mp38.0MB

2010 Tonight Josephine!/04. Pantaloons (feat. Yuliet Topaz).mp38.0MB

2010 Tonight Josephine!/09. The Flappers Delight (feat. Yuliet Topaz).mp38.0MB

2010 Tonight Josephine!/12. The Smurf (Tape Five Remix instr.).mp38.0MB

2008 Swingfood Mood (2nd Edition)/09. Suitcase 3-4-7.mp38.0MB

2008 Swingfood Mood (2nd Edition)/10. Swingfood Mood.mp38.0MB

2010 Tonight Josephine!/Covers/Front.jpg8.0MB

2007 Bossa For A Coup/08. Bossa for a Coup.mp37.0MB

2008 Swingfood Mood (2nd Edition)/12. Mosquito.mp37.0MB

2006 Swingfood Mood/11. Mosquito.mp37.0MB

2010 Tonight Josephine!/Covers/Inside.jpg7.0MB

2006 Swingfood Mood/Scan 2.jpg7.0MB

2006 Swingfood Mood/Scan 1.jpg7.0MB

2008 Swingfood Mood (2nd Edition)/Covers/Front.jpg4.0MB

2008 Swingfood Mood (2nd Edition)/Covers/Disc.jpg4.0MB

2008 Swingfood Mood (2nd Edition)/Covers/Inside.jpg4.0MB

2008 Swingfood Mood (2nd Edition)/Covers/BigFront.jpg4.0MB

2010 Tonight Josephine!/Covers/Disc.jpg3.0MB

2010 Tonight Josephine!/Covers/BigFront.jpg2.0MB

2007 Bossa For A Coup/10. Metro Bebop Scene.mp31.0MB

2010 Tonight Josephine!/08. Intermezzo Speakeasy.mp31.0MB

2007 Bossa For A Coup/Back.jpg983.0KB

2007 Bossa For A Coup/01. A New Mission.mp3902.0KB

2010 Tonight Josephine!/01. Introduction Back In Time.mp3874.0KB

2008 Swingfood Mood (2nd Edition)/01. An Arrangement Of Notes.mp3812.0KB

2006 Swingfood Mood/01. An Arrangement Of Notes.mp3795.0KB

2008 Swingfood Mood (2nd Edition)/07. Don Pueblos Bar 8 A.M.mp3578.0KB

2006 Swingfood Mood/06. Don Pueblo's Bar 8 A.M.mp3575.0KB

2008 Swingfood Mood (2nd Edition)/14. Casablanca`s Calling.mp3563.0KB

2006 Swingfood Mood/13. Casablanca's Calling.mp3522.0KB

2008 Swingfood Mood (2nd Edition)/17. ...Completely Different.mp3342.0KB

2006 Swingfood Mood/16. Completely Different.mp3306.0KB

2010 Tonight Josephine!/Covers/web.jpg78.0KB

2008 Swingfood Mood (2nd Edition)/Covers/web.jpg75.0KB

2007 Bossa For A Coup/Front.jpg18.0KB

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