Game Music Gems Vol. 2

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The torrent has 524 files, total 1.0GB, created at Dec. 21, 2014.

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game music gems vol

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Freelancer/Freelancer - Tau Space.wav21.0MB

Freelancer/Freelancer - Omega Space.wav21.0MB

Freelancer/Freelancer - Bar.wav20.0MB

World of Warcraft Original Soundtrack/16 Dun Morogh.mp317.0MB

Halo 2/19 4th Movement of the Odyssey.mp314.0MB

Halo Combat Evolved/02 - Truth and Reconciliation Suite.mp314.0MB

Freelancer/Freelancer - Bar 2.wav13.0MB

World of Warcraft Original Soundtrack/15 Duskwood.mp313.0MB

Other/FarCry - Theme.ogg12.0MB

Medal of Honor Allied Assault/dennis__djx__fratiani_-_ultimate_medal_of_honor_s_mix.mp312.0MB

Halo 2/11 2nd Movement of the Odyssey.mp311.0MB

Halo Combat Evolved/21 - Library Suite.mp310.0MB

Halo 2/15 3rd Movement of the Odyssey.mp310.0MB

World of Warcraft Original Soundtrack/20 Stranglethorn Vale.mp39.0MB

World of Warcraft Original Soundtrack/18 Shimmering Flats.mp39.0MB

Freelancer/Freelancer - Bar 3.wav9.0MB

World of Warcraft Original Soundtrack/22 Teldrassil.mp39.0MB

Jade Empire Original Soundtrack/03-hills_and_fields_dance_of_the_babbling_brook_fallow_ground-unit.mp37.0MB

Unreal 2/05. Sanctuary.mp37.0MB

Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines Soundtrack/Cain.mp37.0MB

Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines Soundtrack/Isolated.mp37.0MB

Unreal 2/06. Hell.mp37.0MB

Unreal 2/19. Credits.mp37.0MB

World of Warcraft Original Soundtrack/14 Elwynn Forest.mp37.0MB

World of Warcraft Original Soundtrack/07 Seasons of War.mp36.0MB

Icewind Dale Soundtrack/01 - The Tale of Icewind Dale.mp36.0MB

Halo Combat Evolved/23 - Suite Autumn.mp36.0MB

Halo Combat Evolved/26 - Halo.mp36.0MB

The Elder Scrolls IV - Oblivion/16. Minstrel's Lament.mp36.0MB

World of Warcraft Original Soundtrack/12 Darnassus.mp36.0MB

Halo 2/01 Halo Theme Mjolnir Mix.mp36.0MB

WarCraft 3/Orc4X.mp36.0MB

World of Warcraft Original Soundtrack/01 Legends of Azeroth.mp36.0MB

Halo 2/05 Follow (1st Movement of the Odyssey).mp36.0MB

Halo Combat Evolved/10 - Under Cover of Night.mp36.0MB

World of Warcraft Original Soundtrack/19 Felwood.mp36.0MB

WarCraft 3/Doomhammer's Legacy.mp36.0MB

World of Warcraft Original Soundtrack/11 Thunder Bluff.mp35.0MB

The Elder Scrolls IV - Oblivion/02. Through the Valleys.mp35.0MB

WarCraft 3/Bloodlust.mp35.0MB


WarCraft 3/Arcane Echoes.mp35.0MB

Halo 2/09 Never Surrender.mp35.0MB

WarCraft 3/Blight.mp35.0MB

World of Warcraft Original Soundtrack/21 Tanaris.mp35.0MB

Halo 2/02 Blow Me Away.mp35.0MB

Jade Empire Original Soundtrack/12-deaths_hand_suite-unit.mp35.0MB

The Elder Scrolls IV - Oblivion/26. Peace of Akatosh.mp35.0MB

Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines Soundtrack/Chinatown Theme.mp35.0MB

World of Warcraft Original Soundtrack/10 The Undercity.mp35.0MB

The Elder Scrolls IV - Oblivion/06. King and Country.mp35.0MB

Jade Empire Original Soundtrack/20-into_the_fray-unit.mp35.0MB

World of Warcraft Original Soundtrack/17 Burning Steppes.mp35.0MB

WarCraft 3/NightElf4x.mp35.0MB

World of Warcraft Original Soundtrack/03 Legacy.mp35.0MB

WarCraft 3/Carrion Waves.mp35.0MB

Unreal 2/11. Sulferon.mp35.0MB

World of Warcraft Original Soundtrack/02 The Shaping of the World.mp35.0MB

Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines Soundtrack/Swamped.mp35.0MB

WarCraft 3/Frostmourne.mp35.0MB

Halo Combat Evolved/01 - Opening Suite.mp35.0MB

WarCraft 3/Human4x.mp35.0MB

World of Warcraft Original Soundtrack/06 A Call to Arms.mp35.0MB

World of Warcraft Original Soundtrack/09 Orgrimmar.mp35.0MB

World of Warcraft Original Soundtrack/08 Stormwind.mp35.0MB

World of Warcraft Original Soundtrack/04 Song of Elune.mp35.0MB

Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines Soundtrack/Hollywood Theme.mp35.0MB

World of Warcraft Original Soundtrack/13 Ironforge.mp35.0MB

WarCraft 3/Blackrock & Roll.mp35.0MB

Unreal 2/10. Kalydon.mp35.0MB

Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines Soundtrack/Bloodlines.mp35.0MB

WarCraft 3/Temporary Alliances.mp35.0MB

WarCraft 3/Rise of the Ancients.mp34.0MB

Jade Empire Original Soundtrack/25-lost_in_the_wilds_the_hunt-unit.mp34.0MB

Jade Empire Original Soundtrack/07-fury_hammer_and_tongs-unit.mp34.0MB

Halo Combat Evolved/04 - Enough Dead Heroes.mp34.0MB

The Elder Scrolls IV - Oblivion/08. Wings of Kynareth.mp34.0MB

Unreal 2/12. Drakk Hive.mp34.0MB

WarCraft 3/Arrival at Kalimdor.mp34.0MB

Jade Empire Original Soundtrack/15-house_of_spirits_the_dark_land-unit.mp34.0MB

Jade Empire Original Soundtrack/16-metropolis_i_and_ii-unit.mp34.0MB

Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines Soundtrack/Santa Monica Theme.mp34.0MB

Myth 3/Myth3_Connacht_Gentle.mp34.0MB

Jade Empire Original Soundtrack/22-last_rites_internment-unit.mp34.0MB

Jade Empire Original Soundtrack/09-buried_secrets_whispers-unit.mp34.0MB

Unreal 2/08. Acheron.mp34.0MB

WarCraft 3/Lordaeron Fall.mp34.0MB

Halo Combat Evolved/25 - Dust and Echoes.mp34.0MB

Halo 2/21 Connected.mp34.0MB

Halo 2/17 Earth City.mp34.0MB

StarCraft/StarCraft - Pre-beta Title.mp34.0MB

World of Warcraft Original Soundtrack/05 Echoes of the Past.mp34.0MB

Jade Empire Original Soundtrack/11-empire_at_war-unit.mp34.0MB

Medal of Honor Allied Assault/mus_17a_mystery.mp34.0MB

WarCraft 3/Power of the horde(War3x).mp34.0MB

The Elder Scrolls IV - Oblivion/18. Auriel's Ascension.mp34.0MB

Halo Combat Evolved/05 - Perilous Journey.mp34.0MB

Jade Empire Original Soundtrack/30-torment_the_way_of_the_closed_fist-unit.mp34.0MB

Halo Combat Evolved/08 - The Gun Pointed at the Head of the Universe.mp34.0MB

Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines Soundtrack/Disturbed And Twisted.mp34.0MB

Myth 3/Myth3_March_Erhu.mp34.0MB

Jade Empire Original Soundtrack/04-fist_test_your_mettle-unit.mp34.0MB

Unreal 2/14. Drakk Boss.mp34.0MB

The Elder Scrolls IV - Oblivion/22. Sunrise of Flutes.mp34.0MB

Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines Soundtrack/Mission Impossible.mp34.0MB

Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines Soundtrack/Smaller God.mp34.0MB

Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines Soundtrack/Dangerous Places.mp34.0MB

Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines Soundtrack/Downtown Theme.mp34.0MB

Myth 3/Myth3_Connacht.mp33.0MB

Jade Empire Original Soundtrack/02-jade_empire_main_theme-unit.mp33.0MB

The Elder Scrolls IV - Oblivion/04. Harvest Dawn.mp33.0MB

Jade Empire Original Soundtrack/17-ill_winds-unit.mp33.0MB

Medal of Honor Allied Assault/mus_10a_action.mp33.0MB

Halo Combat Evolved/22 - The Long Run.mp33.0MB

Halo 2/03 Peril.mp33.0MB

Medal of Honor Allied Assault/mus_18a_action.mp33.0MB

Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines Soundtrack/Pound.mp33.0MB

Heroes 2/homm_sorciere.mp33.0MB

StarCraft/StarCraft - 12 Days of Xmas.mp33.0MB

Medal of Honor Allied Assault/mus_04a_suspense.mp33.0MB

Halo 2/06 Heretic, Hero.mp33.0MB

Jade Empire Original Soundtrack/08-anthem_of_the_tyrant-unit.mp33.0MB

Myth 3/Myth3_Trow1.mp33.0MB

Medal of Honor Allied Assault/mus_MainTheme.mp33.0MB

Medal of Honor Allied Assault/mus_14a_action.mp33.0MB

Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines Soundtrack/Dark Asia.mp33.0MB

Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines Soundtrack/Creepy Ambience 2.mp33.0MB

Medieval - Total War/Medieval - Viking Mobilize.mp43.0MB

Jade Empire Original Soundtrack/21-the_waterdragon-unit.mp33.0MB

The Elder Scrolls IV - Oblivion/10. Tension.mp33.0MB

Halo 2/08 Impend.mp33.0MB

The Elder Scrolls IV - Oblivion/13. Glory of Cyrodiil.mp33.0MB

Icewind Dale Soundtrack/41 - Success!.mp33.0MB

Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines Soundtrack/Creepy Ambience 3.mp33.0MB

Medieval - Total War/Medieval - Viking Battle.mp43.0MB

The Elder Scrolls IV - Oblivion/09. Alls Well.mp33.0MB

Halo 2/04 Ghosts of Reach.mp33.0MB

Medal of Honor Allied Assault/mus_06a_mystery.mp33.0MB

Return to Castle Wolfenstein/RTCW_Intro_Movie_BB.mp33.0MB

Halo Combat Evolved/14 - Covenant Dance.mp33.0MB

Halo 2/16 Heavy Price Paid.mp33.0MB

Medal of Honor Allied Assault/mus_Schmerzen_01a.mp33.0MB

Myth 3/Myth3_March_Fiddle.mp33.0MB

Jade Empire Original Soundtrack/29-soaring_stormclouds-unit.mp33.0MB

Myth 3/Myth3_DrumsOfWar_Hero.mp33.0MB

Halo 2/13 The Last Spartan.mp33.0MB

Planescape - Torment soundtrack/Planescape Torment OST/27 - Civic Festhall.mp33.0MB

Medal of Honor Allied Assault/mus_aircraftfacility.mp33.0MB

Medieval - Total War/Medieval - Arab Strat Winter 2.mp43.0MB

Myth 3/Myth3_Stealth_Cello.mp33.0MB

Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines Soundtrack/Vampire Theme.mp33.0MB

Medal of Honor Allied Assault/mus_01a_suspense.mp33.0MB

Medieval - Total War/Medieval - Arab Strat Winter 1.mp43.0MB

Medal of Honor Allied Assault/mus_16a_mystery.mp33.0MB

Myth 3/Myth3_Grim_Horns.mp33.0MB

Medal of Honor Allied Assault/mus_TigerTank_01a.mp33.0MB

Halo Combat Evolved/06 - A Walk in the Woods.mp33.0MB

Halo Combat Evolved/07 - Ambient Wonder.mp33.0MB

Myth 3/Myth3_Stealth2.mp33.0MB

The Elder Scrolls IV - Oblivion/25. Dusk at the Market.mp33.0MB

Planescape - Torment soundtrack/Planescape Torment OST/24 - Smoldering Corpse Bar.mp33.0MB

Medal of Honor Allied Assault/mus_SniperTown_01a.mp33.0MB

Medal of Honor Allied Assault/mus_09a_action.mp33.0MB

Medal of Honor Allied Assault/mus_15a_mystery.mp33.0MB

Medal of Honor Allied Assault/mus_NorthAfrica_01a.mp33.0MB

Myth 3/Myth3_Journey_Cello.mp32.0MB

The Elder Scrolls IV - Oblivion/11. March of the Marauders.mp32.0MB

Other/Outlaws Soundtrack.mp32.0MB

Jade Empire Original Soundtrack/28-rending_of_flesh-unit.mp32.0MB

Medieval - Total War/Medieval - Arab Strat Summer 1.mp42.0MB

World of Warcraft Original Soundtrack/25 Ruins.mp32.0MB

Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines Soundtrack/Lecher Bitch.mp32.0MB

Planescape - Torment soundtrack/Planescape Torment OST/21 - Fortress Battle.mp32.0MB

Halo Combat Evolved/15 - Alien Corridors.mp32.0MB

The Elder Scrolls IV - Oblivion/12. Watchman's Ease.mp32.0MB

Medieval - Total War/Medieval - Viking tension.mp42.0MB

WarCraft 3/HalloWarCraft.mp32.0MB

Halo Combat Evolved/09 - Trace Amounts.mp32.0MB

Medieval - Total War/Medieval - Euro Strat Summer 1.mp42.0MB

Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines Soundtrack/Dangerous Places Combat.mp32.0MB

Medal of Honor Allied Assault/mus_berlin.mp32.0MB

World of Warcraft Original Soundtrack/23 Tavern.mp32.0MB

Medieval - Total War/Medieval - Euro Strat Winter 2.mp42.0MB

Medieval - Total War/Medieval - Euro Strat Winter 1.mp42.0MB

Myth 3/Myth3_Journey_Voice.mp32.0MB

Icewind Dale Soundtrack/44 - Bonus Track 03.mp32.0MB

Myth 3/Myth3_Temple2and3.mp32.0MB

Unreal Tournament 2003/~kr-infiltrate.mp32.0MB

Halo 2/18 High Charity.mp32.0MB

SIN/B1. Wages of Sin Intro.mp32.0MB

Icewind Dale Soundtrack/50 - Bonus Track 09.mp32.0MB

World of Warcraft Original Soundtrack/28 Sacred.mp32.0MB

Unreal 2/01. Intro.mp32.0MB

Myth 3/Myth3_Grim_Choral.mp32.0MB

Unreal Tournament 2003/~kr-from-below-v2.mp32.0MB

Myth 3/Myth3_Trow2and3.mp32.0MB

Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines Soundtrack/Police Alert.mp32.0MB

Medal of Honor Allied Assault/medicdance.mp32.0MB

SIN/22. Jungle Pass.mp32.0MB

Medieval - Total War/Medieval - Euro Strat Summer 2.mp42.0MB

SIN/27. Munt Phoenix.mp32.0MB

Myth 3/Myth3_Ogre2.mp32.0MB


Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines Soundtrack/Mission Impossible Combat.mp32.0MB

Myth 3/Myth3_Ogre1.mp32.0MB

Jade Empire Original Soundtrack/18-ballad_of_the_drunen_revelers-unit.mp32.0MB

World of Warcraft Original Soundtrack/29 Graveyard.mp32.0MB

Halo Combat Evolved/03 - Brothers in Arms.mp32.0MB

Myth 3/Myth3_Mourning.mp32.0MB

Unreal 2/16. The Skaarj.mp32.0MB

Halo 2/07 Flawed Legacy.mp32.0MB

Medieval - Total War/Medieval - Arab Strat Summer 2.mp42.0MB

Ground Control/Ground_Control_-_Human_Space_Pod.mp32.0MB

Medal of Honor Allied Assault/mus_MainTheme_01d.mp32.0MB

The Elder Scrolls IV - Oblivion/01. Reign of the Septims.mp32.0MB

Halo Combat Evolved/11 - What Once Was Lost.mp32.0MB

Myth 3/Myth3_March_Cello.mp32.0MB

SIN/B3. Manero's Casino.mp32.0MB

Planescape - Torment soundtrack/Planescape Torment OST/01 - Main Title.mp32.0MB

Jade Empire Original Soundtrack/13-a_night_out-unit.mp32.0MB

SIN/18. Underwater Base.mp32.0MB

Halo 2/12 In Amber Clad.mp32.0MB

Icewind Dale Soundtrack/02 - Icewind Dale Theme.mp32.0MB

Planescape - Torment soundtrack/Planescape Torment OST/17 - Sigil Battle.mp32.0MB

Planescape - Torment soundtrack/Planescape Torment OST/32 - Fortress Of Regrets.mp32.0MB

Other/BF1942 - Remix.mp32.0MB

Halo Combat Evolved/19 - On A Pale Horse.mp32.0MB

Icewind Dale Soundtrack/05 - Temple of Tempus.mp32.0MB

Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines Soundtrack/Moldy Old World.mp32.0MB

World of Warcraft Original Soundtrack/26 Temple.mp32.0MB

Planescape - Torment soundtrack/Planescape Torment OST/20 - Modron Cube Battle.mp32.0MB

Halo Combat Evolved/13 - Devils, Monsters.mp32.0MB

SIN/15. Freeport Waterworks.mp32.0MB

Icewind Dale Soundtrack/42 - Bonus Track 01.mp32.0MB

Jade Empire Original Soundtrack/06-the_tea_house-unit.mp32.0MB

SIN/08. SinTEK Warehouse.mp32.0MB

Ground Control/Ground_Control_-_Theme_Defeat.mp32.0MB

The Elder Scrolls IV - Oblivion/05. Wind From the Depths.mp32.0MB

Other/Quake 2 Theme.mp32.0MB

World of Warcraft Original Soundtrack/27 Lurking.mp32.0MB

Planescape - Torment soundtrack/Planescape Torment OST/12 - Trias Theme.mp32.0MB

Jade Empire Original Soundtrack/19-call_to_victory-unit.mp32.0MB

Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines Soundtrack/Dark Asia Combat.mp32.0MB

Halo Combat Evolved/16 - Rock Anthem for Saving the World.mp32.0MB

Planescape - Torment soundtrack/Planescape Torment OST/36 - Intro Movie.mp32.0MB

Myth 3/Myth3_Dirge.mp32.0MB

Halo 2/10 Ancient Machine.mp32.0MB

Jade Empire Original Soundtrack/10-mischief_in_the_marsh-unit.mp32.0MB

Myth 3/Myth3_DrumsOfWar.mp32.0MB

Jade Empire Original Soundtrack/01-the_way_of_the_open_palm-unit.mp32.0MB

Jade Empire Original Soundtrack/27-tribute-unit.mp32.0MB

Heroes 2/homm_chevalier.mp32.0MB

SIN/07. SinTEK Chemical Plant.mp32.0MB

Medieval - Total War/Medieval - Arab Mobilize 1.mp42.0MB

SIN/03. Construction Zone.mp32.0MB

Jade Empire Original Soundtrack/24-wine_and_women-unit.mp32.0MB

Heroes 2/homm_necromant.mp32.0MB

Medieval - Total War/Medieval - Arab Battle 1.mp42.0MB

Jade Empire Original Soundtrack/31-sanctuary-unit.mp32.0MB


Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines Soundtrack/Crypts Combat.mp32.0MB

Planescape - Torment soundtrack/Planescape Torment OST/04 - Dak'kon Theme.mp32.0MB

Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines Soundtrack/Default Combat.mp32.0MB

StarCraft/StarCraft - Main Theme.mp32.0MB

Medieval - Total War/Medieval - Menu.mp42.0MB

Quake 3/q3a-fla-03.mp32.0MB

Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines Soundtrack/Creepy Ambience 1.mp32.0MB

Planescape - Torment soundtrack/Planescape Torment OST/33 - Bad Ending.mp32.0MB

Jade Empire Original Soundtrack/14-fires_of_chaos-unit.mp32.0MB


Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines Soundtrack/Creepy Ambience Combat.mp32.0MB

Planescape - Torment soundtrack/Planescape Torment OST/22 - Mortuary.mp32.0MB

WarCraft 3/War_III_Trailer_Music.mp32.0MB

Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines Soundtrack/Disturbed Twisted Combat.mp32.0MB

Icewind Dale Soundtrack/18 - The Dragon's Eye.mp32.0MB


Icewind Dale Soundtrack/21 - Severed Hand Interior.mp32.0MB

Quake 3/q3a-fla-04.mp32.0MB

Unreal Tournament 2003/~kr-ut2003-menu.mp32.0MB

Icewind Dale Soundtrack/31 - Aquarium of Alkonos.mp32.0MB

Planescape - Torment soundtrack/Planescape Torment OST/11 - Fhjull Forked-Tongue Theme.mp32.0MB

Icewind Dale Soundtrack/29 - Umber Hulk Labyrinth.mp32.0MB

Giants/Jeremy Soule Giants.mp32.0MB

Medieval - Total War/Medieval - Arab Tension 3.mp42.0MB

SIN/19. Underwater Pass.mp32.0MB

Planescape - Torment soundtrack/Planescape Torment OST/05 - Annah Theme.mp32.0MB

SIN/05. Freeport Subway.mp32.0MB

SIN/02. Freeport City Bank.mp32.0MB

Unreal 2/04. Approach.mp32.0MB

Warcraft 2/DiscoWC.mp32.0MB

Planescape - Torment soundtrack/Planescape Torment OST/03 - Deionarra Theme.mp32.0MB

Planescape - Torment soundtrack/Planescape Torment OST/34 - Neutral Ending.mp32.0MB

Medieval - Total War/Medieval - Euro Battle 3.mp42.0MB

Planescape - Torment soundtrack/Planescape Torment OST/30 - Ravel's Maze.mp32.0MB

Quake 3/q3a-fla-06.mp31.0MB

Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines Soundtrack/Crypts.mp31.0MB

Planescape - Torment soundtrack/Planescape Torment OST/35 - Good Ending.mp31.0MB

The Elder Scrolls III - Morrowind/morrowind.mp31.0MB

Icewind Dale Soundtrack/49 - Bonus Track 08.mp31.0MB



SIN/09. Biomech Factory.mp31.0MB

SIN/26. Estate Sinclaire.mp31.0MB

StarCraft/StarCraft - Brood War Intro Theme.mp31.0MB

Icewind Dale Soundtrack/48 - Bonus Track 07.mp31.0MB

Planescape - Torment soundtrack/Planescape Torment OST/18 - Catacombs Battle.mp31.0MB

Medal of Honor Allied Assault/mus_11b_action.mp31.0MB

The Elder Scrolls III - Morrowind/mw_battle1.mp31.0MB

Heroes 2/homm_magicien.mp31.0MB

Planescape - Torment soundtrack/Planescape Torment OST/15 - Morte Theme.mp31.0MB

Icewind Dale Soundtrack/45 - Bonus Track 04.mp31.0MB

Quake 3/q3a-fla-05.mp31.0MB

Heroes 2/homm_barbare.mp31.0MB

Icewind Dale Soundtrack/33 - Lower Dorn's Deep.mp31.0MB

Medal of Honor Allied Assault/mus_Schmerzen_01g.mp31.0MB

SIN/17. SinTEK Oilrig.mp31.0MB

Quake 3/q3a-fla-02.mp31.0MB

Icewind Dale Soundtrack/11 - Vale of Shadows.mp31.0MB

World of Warcraft Original Soundtrack/24 Moonfall.mp31.0MB

The Elder Scrolls IV - Oblivion/14. Defending the Gate.mp31.0MB

Icewind Dale Soundtrack/08 - Avalanche at the Pass.mp31.0MB

Other/Cyberstorm - Theme.mp31.0MB

Halo Combat Evolved/12 - Lament for Pvt Jenkins.mp31.0MB

Planescape - Torment soundtrack/Planescape Torment OST/08 - Fall-From-Grace Theme.mp31.0MB

Republic Commando/RepCom - Vode remix.ogg1.0MB

Medal of Honor Allied Assault/mus_17d_mystery.mp31.0MB

World of Warcraft Original Soundtrack/30 War.mp31.0MB

Planescape - Torment soundtrack/Planescape Torment OST/16 - Morte Alternate Theme.mp31.0MB

Planescape - Torment soundtrack/Planescape Torment OST/02 - Nameless One Theme.mp31.0MB

Icewind Dale Soundtrack/28 - Drow & Orog Gate.mp31.0MB

Icewind Dale Soundtrack/12 - Lysan's Lair.mp31.0MB

Icewind Dale Soundtrack/09 - Kuldahar Theme.mp31.0MB

Icewind Dale Soundtrack/38 - Belhifit's Doom.mp31.0MB

Unreal 2/18. Hybrid.mp31.0MB

Unreal 2/17. Burst Transmission.mp31.0MB


Icewind Dale Soundtrack/32 - Frost Giant Cave.mp31.0MB

Heroes 2/homm_mage.mp31.0MB

Icewind Dale Soundtrack/27 - Upper Dorn's Keep Interior.mp31.0MB

Medal of Honor Allied Assault/mus_NorthAfrica_01d.mp31.0MB

Medieval - Total War/Medieval - Euro Mobilize 2.mp41.0MB

Halo Combat Evolved/18 - Drumrun.mp31.0MB

SIN/01. Opening.mp31.0MB

Myth 3/Myth3_Temple_Cello.mp31.0MB

Icewind Dale Soundtrack/39 - Return to Easthaven.mp31.0MB

The Elder Scrolls IV - Oblivion/07. Fall of the Hammer.mp31.0MB

StarCraft/StarCraft - Techno Mix.mp31.0MB

Icewind Dale Soundtrack/07 - Drums of the Dead.mp31.0MB

Halo 2/20 Remembrance.mp31.0MB


SIN/11. Missile Silo.mp31.0MB

The Elder Scrolls IV - Oblivion/15. Bloody Blades.mp31.0MB

Jade Empire Original Soundtrack/23-silk_fox_theme-unit.mp31.0MB

The Elder Scrolls III - Morrowind/morrowind_title.mp31.0MB

Icewind Dale Soundtrack/51 - Bonus Track 10.mp31.0MB

SIN/B2. Freeport Art Museum.mp31.0MB

SIN/24. Area 57.mp31.0MB

SIN/23. Mountain Gorge.mp31.0MB

Icewind Dale Soundtrack/06 - The Lost Caravan.mp31.0MB

Planescape - Torment soundtrack/Planescape Torment OST/26 - Bones of the Night.mp31.0MB

Halo Combat Evolved/24 - Shadows.mp31.0MB


Icewind Dale Soundtrack/03 - Easthaven in Peace.mp31.0MB

Planescape - Torment soundtrack/Planescape Torment OST/19 - Curst Battle.mp31.0MB

Medieval - Total War/Medieval - Euro Win 1.mp41.0MB

Planescape - Torment soundtrack/Planescape Torment OST/28 - Curst.mp31.0MB

Planescape - Torment soundtrack/Planescape Torment OST/23 - Sigil.mp31.0MB

The Elder Scrolls IV - Oblivion/24. Deep Waters.mp31.0MB

Planescape - Torment soundtrack/Planescape Torment OST/14 - Transcendent One Theme.mp31.0MB

Halo Combat Evolved/17 - The Maw.mp31.0MB

Planescape - Torment soundtrack/Planescape Torment OST/29 - Modron Cube.mp31.0MB

Medieval - Total War/Medieval - Euro Battle 1.mp41.0MB

The Elder Scrolls IV - Oblivion/03. Death Knell.mp31.0MB

Planescape - Torment soundtrack/Planescape Torment OST/10 - Ravel Theme.mp31.0MB

Medieval - Total War/Medieval - Arab Mobilize 3.mp41.0MB

Halo Combat Evolved/20 - Perchance to Dream.mp31.0MB

Planescape - Torment soundtrack/Planescape Torment OST/06 - Ignus Theme.mp31.0MB

Jade Empire Original Soundtrack/05-dawn_star_theme-unit.mp31.0MB

Planescape - Torment soundtrack/Planescape Torment OST/25 - Smoldering Corpse Bar Alternate.mp31.0MB

Republic Commando/RepCom - Battle2.ogg1.0MB

Medal of Honor Allied Assault/mus_SniperTown_01f.mp31.0MB

The Elder Scrolls IV - Oblivion/23. Churl's Revenge.mp31.0MB

Medieval - Total War/Medieval - Euro Tension 3.mp41.0MB

Planescape - Torment soundtrack/Planescape Torment OST/07 - Nordom Theme.mp31.0MB

Medieval - Total War/Medieval - Euro Mobilize 3.mp41.0MB

Medieval - Total War/Medieval - Arab Mobilize 2.mp41.0MB

Icewind Dale Soundtrack/13 - Kresselack's Tomb.mp31.0MB

Medal of Honor Allied Assault/mus_04f_suspense.mp31.0MB

Planescape - Torment soundtrack/Planescape Torment OST/31 - Baator.mp31.0MB

The Elder Scrolls IV - Oblivion/21. Bloodlust.mp31.0MB

Icewind Dale Soundtrack/34 - Svirfneblin Refugee Camp.mp31.0MB

SIN/21. Geothermal Plant.mp31.0MB

Republic Commando/RepCom - Battle3.ogg1.0MB

SIN/13. Freeport Aqueducts.mp31.0MB

The Elder Scrolls IV - Oblivion/20. Unmarked Stone.mp31.0MB

Icewind Dale Soundtrack/25 - The Heartstone Gem.mp31.0MB

SIN/16. Elexis.mp31.0MB

Jade Empire Original Soundtrack/26-sky_theme-unit.mp31.0MB

Medal of Honor Allied Assault/mus_11a_surprise.mp31.0MB

The Elder Scrolls IV - Oblivion/17. Ancient Sorrow.mp31.0MB

SIN/28. Outro.mp31.0MB

Medieval - Total War/Medieval - Arab Battle 2.mp41.0MB

Icewind Dale Soundtrack/10 - Arundel's Home.mp31.0MB

Unreal 2/15. Return To Avalon.mp31.0MB

Medieval - Total War/Medieval - Arab Battle 3.mp41.0MB

Republic Commando/RepCom - Battle.ogg1.0MB

The Elder Scrolls IV - Oblivion/19. Daedra in Flight.mp31.0MB

SIN/12. Freeport Sewers.mp31.0MB

Medal of Honor Allied Assault/mus_02f_suspense.mp31.0MB

Halo 2/14 Orbit of Glass.mp31.0MB

Medieval - Total War/Medieval - Arab Tension 2.mp41.0MB

SIN/20. Hidden Docks.mp31.0MB

Icewind Dale Soundtrack/26 - Upper Dorn's Keep Entrance.mp31.0MB

Icewind Dale Soundtrack/35 - Marketh's Palace.mp31.0MB

Republic Commando/RepCom - Theme.ogg1.0MB

Planescape - Torment soundtrack/Planescape Torment OST/37 - Finale Movie.mp31.0MB

Medieval - Total War/Medieval - Arab Tension 1.mp41.0MB

Icewind Dale Soundtrack/37 - The Fallen Temple.mp31.0MB

Unreal 2/13. Awakening Of The Drakk.mp31.0MB

WarCraft 3/The Calm.mp31.0MB

Icewind Dale Soundtrack/04 - Hrothgar's Home.mp31.0MB

Icewind Dale Soundtrack/40 - Easthaven in Pieces.mp31.0MB

SIN/14. Freeport Dam.mp31.0MB

Republic Commando/RepCom - Epilogue.ogg1.0MB

Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines Soundtrack/Vesuvius.mp31.0MB

Medieval - Total War/Medieval - Euro Tension 1.mp41.0MB

Medieval - Total War/Medieval - Euro Lose 1.mp41.0MB

Medieval - Total War/Medieval - Euro Tension 2.mp41.0MB

Icewind Dale Soundtrack/22 - The Mage Tower.mp31.0MB

WarCraft 3/Reign of Chaos.mp31.0MB

Myth 3/Myth3_Failure.mp31.0MB

Other/Civ 4 - Theme.mp31.0MB

SIN/25. Xenomorphic Laboratories.mp31.0MB

Return to Castle Wolfenstein/RTCW_Main_Screen_BB.mp31.0MB

Planescape - Torment soundtrack/Planescape Torment OST/09 - Vhailor Theme.mp31.0MB

Medieval - Total War/Medieval - Euro Mobilize 1.mp41.0MB

Icewind Dale Soundtrack/15 - Temple of the Forgotten God Entrace.mp31.0MB

Medieval - Total War/Medieval - Viking Lose.mp41.0MB

Ground Control/Ground_Control_-_Theme_Debrief.mp31.0MB

Medieval - Total War/Medieval - Euro Battle 2.mp41.0MB

Planescape - Torment soundtrack/Planescape Torment Soundtrack Back.jpg1.0MB

Medieval - Total War/Medieval - Viking Win.mp41.0MB

Icewind Dale Soundtrack/16 - Temple of the Forgotten God Interior.mp31.0MB

SIN/B5. Manero's Battle.mp31.0MB

Icewind Dale Soundtrack/36 - Artisan's District.mp31.0MB

Icewind Dale Soundtrack/14 - Kresselack's Lair.mp31.0MB

Return to Castle Wolfenstein/RTCW_Stealth2_BB.mp31.0MB

Medal of Honor Allied Assault/mus_Schmerzen_01f.mp31.0MB

Medieval - Total War/Medieval - Arab Win 1.mp41.0MB

Icewind Dale Soundtrack/43 - Bonus Track 02.mp31.0MB

Return to Castle Wolfenstein/RTCW_Mission1_BB.mp31.0MB

Return to Castle Wolfenstein/RTCW_Military-Suspense1_BB.mp31.0MB

Unreal 2/03. Return From Avalon.mp31.0MB

Unreal 2/02. Avalon TCA Base.mp31.0MB

Medal of Honor Allied Assault/mus_SniperTown_01b.mp31.0MB

Planescape - Torment soundtrack/Planescape Torment Soundtrack Front.jpg1.0MB

Icewind Dale Soundtrack/30 - The Wyrm's Tooth Entrance.mp31.0MB

Icewind Dale Soundtrack/20 - Severed Hand Entrance.mp31.0MB

SIN/B4. Manero's Monsters.mp31.0MB

Return to Castle Wolfenstein/RTCW_Alarm1_BB.mp3988.0KB

SIN/06. U4 Mystery.mp3977.0KB

Medieval - Total War/Medieval - Arab Lose 1.mp4965.0KB

Medal of Honor Allied Assault/mus_17b_mystery.mp3937.0KB

Planescape - Torment soundtrack/Planescape Torment Soundtrack Inlay.jpg934.0KB

Icewind Dale Soundtrack/24 - Lerrel's Astrolab.mp3920.0KB

Planescape - Torment soundtrack/Planescape Torment OST/13 - The Shadows Theme.mp3914.0KB

Return to Castle Wolfenstein/RTCW_Relaxed2_BB.mp3913.0KB

Quake 3/q3a-intro.mp3817.0KB

Unreal 2/09. Return From Acheron.mp3801.0KB

Icewind Dale Soundtrack/19 - Yxunomei's Lair.mp3793.0KB

Icewind Dale Soundtrack/46 - Bonus Track 05.mp3781.0KB

Unreal 2/07. Return From Hell.mp3778.0KB

SIN/10. Missile Silo Intro.mp3748.0KB

SIN/04. Mancini Meets Elexis.mp3718.0KB

Icewind Dale Soundtrack/47 - Bonus Track 06.mp3688.0KB

Jade Empire Original Soundtrack/00-ost-jack_wall-jade_empire_(xbox_vg)-2005-back-unit.jpg600.0KB

Medal of Honor Allied Assault/mus_02b_suspense.mp3597.0KB

Medal of Honor Allied Assault/mus_10b_suspense.mp3562.0KB

Medal of Honor Allied Assault/mus_17d_failure.mp3561.0KB

Medal of Honor Allied Assault/mus_03b_success.mp3505.0KB

Jade Empire Original Soundtrack/00-ost-jack_wall-jade_empire_(xbox_vg)-2005-front-unit.jpg504.0KB

Icewind Dale Soundtrack/17 - Heartstone Shrine.mp3504.0KB

Icewind Dale Soundtrack/23 - Lerrel's Daughter.mp3465.0KB

Medal of Honor Allied Assault/mus_03c_suspense.mp3452.0KB

Freelancer/Freelancer - Tau Space 2.wav436.0KB

Medal of Honor Allied Assault/mus_17c_failure.mp3341.0KB

Medal of Honor Allied Assault/mus_04b_suspense.mp3325.0KB

Icewind Dale Soundtrack/icewind_dale_frontal.jpg315.0KB

Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines Soundtrack/cover.jpg47.0KB

World of Warcraft Original Soundtrack/2-milioane-de-abonati-la-World-of-Warcraft-2.jpg45.0KB


Warcraft 2/Warcraft 2 - Orc3gm.mid43.0KB

Warcraft 2/Warcraft 2 - Human4gm.mid42.0KB

Myth 3/Myth 3 Soundtrack.doc41.0KB

Warcraft 2/Warcraft 2 - Human1gm.mid41.0KB

Warcraft 2/Warcraft 2 - Orc4gm.mid40.0KB

Warcraft 2/Warcraft 2 - Human3gm.mid34.0KB

Warcraft 2/Warcraft 2 - Orc2gm.mid32.0KB

Warcraft 2/Warcraft 2 - Orc1gm.mid31.0KB

Warcraft 2/Warcraft 2 - Human2gm.mid28.0KB

Halo Combat Evolved/Halo Original Soundtrack.nfo19.0KB

Icewind Dale Soundtrack/18416.jpg14.0KB

Icewind Dale Soundtrack/big_211_TjrA.jpg14.0KB

Warcraft 2/Warcraft - Hwrrmgm.mid13.0KB

Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines Soundtrack/e8b04e71397f52c6738e39d8b20b9bc7.jpg13.0KB

Warcraft 2/Warcraft 2 - Orcvgm.mid12.0KB

Warcraft 2/Warcraft 2- Menu.mid10.0KB

Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines Soundtrack/AlbumArt_{840E29DF-BB86-494D-8EF8-35CE49167E07}_Large.jpg9.0KB

Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines Soundtrack/Folder.jpg9.0KB

Halo 2/00 HALO 2 original soundtrack volume one.nfo6.0KB

Warcraft 2/Warcraft 2 - Humdthgm.mid6.0KB

Warcraft 2/Warcraft 2 - humanv.mid6.0KB

Warcraft 2/Warcraft 2 - Orcdthgm.mid5.0KB

Halo Combat Evolved/Halo Original Soundtrack.sfv4.0KB

Halo Combat Evolved/Halo Original Soundtrack.m3u3.0KB

Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines Soundtrack/AlbumArtSmall.jpg2.0KB

Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines Soundtrack/AlbumArt_{840E29DF-BB86-494D-8EF8-35CE49167E07}_Small.jpg2.0KB


WarCraft 3/credits.txt2.0KB

Giants/music information and credits.txt1.0KB

Halo 2/00 HALO 2 original soundtrack volume one.sfv1.0KB

Halo 2/00 HALO 2 original soundtrack volume one.m3u1.0KB

Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines Soundtrack/desktop.ini1.0KB

Warcraft 2/credits.txt1.0KB

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