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S01E04 I, Tabby - Robo-Teddy.avi305.0MB

S01E11 Dr. Dimensionpants Camp - Cupcakes at Large.avi304.0MB

S01E07 Dr. Dimensionsocks - The Cortex in the Vortex.avi304.0MB

S01E08 How to Scam a Roblin - Fee, Fine, Foe.avi304.0MB

S01E06 Poppacorn - Pranks-a-Lot.avi302.0MB

S01E05 Showbiz Unicorn - My Pet Human.avi302.0MB

S01E13 Dr. Dimensionpants Dry Clean Only - Princess Perfectpants.avi302.0MB

S01E03 In Yo- Face Dance - Cave Crasher.avi302.0MB

S01E02 Evil Dad - Are You Ready to Oink.avi300.0MB

S01E10 Air Dimensionpants - Dolly of Doom.avi300.0MB

S01E01 BBF Cortex - Bubble Troubles.avi300.0MB

S01E09 Horn to be Wild - Bravo Dimensionpants.avi298.0MB

S01E22 Best Christmas Yeti - Christmas Eve of Destruction.avi293.0MB

S01E24 Destroy All Chores - Dr. Dimensionskirt.avi293.0MB

S01E17 Horsing Around - Dr. Conventionpants.avi292.0MB

S01E20 Not So Secret Admirer - Catch and Release.avi291.0MB

S01E14 Unicrone Penalty Box - The Pink Feather.avi290.0MB

S01E25 Destructocorn Transform! - Mentors Only.avi290.0MB

S01E19 Goody Gobbles - Los Luchadores Lipton.avi290.0MB

S01E23 The Brainysitter - Sidekickin- It.avi289.0MB

S01E18 Faster, Higher, Lazier - The Phantom Nuisance.avi289.0MB

S01E26 Henchman No. 94 - The Lesser Evil.avi288.0MB

S01E21 Nice-inator - Wrong Bongo.avi284.0MB

S01E15 Get Smarter - Motho-s Boy.avi284.0MB

S01E16 Horn Control - Level 7 Birthday Magician.avi282.0MB

S01E12 Viking Games - Is There a Doctor in This Dimension.avi281.0MB

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