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Soft cell - Heat.mp314.0MB

D-Sing - In this world.mp314.0MB

Peter Murphy - All Night long.MP313.0MB

James- Sound.mp312.0MB

Earthling - You got on natural.mp311.0MB

Propaganda - P-machinery.mp311.0MB

The Arch - Ribdancer.mp311.0MB

Gerard McMann - Cry Little Sister.mp311.0MB

The Chameleons - Swamp Thing.mp310.0MB

The Form - Colours of ever (why the sun is never in the shade).mp310.0MB

Midge Ure - If I was.mp310.0MB

A.K.A. - All you ever.mp310.0MB

Westbam Popular Mekanik - Pure Rose.mp310.0MB

Tragic Error - Klatsche In Die Haende.mp310.0MB

Psyche - Unveiling the secret.mp310.0MB

Bronski Beat - Smalltown Boy.mp310.0MB

Celebrate the nun - You make me wonder.mp310.0MB

The Arch - Die rote Kapelle.mp310.0MB

OBK - De Qué Me Sirve Llorar 2011.mp310.0MB

Tears for Fears - Sowing in the seeds of love.mp310.0MB

Killing Joke - Love Like Blood.mp39.0MB

The Psycodelic Furs - Heartbreak Beat.mp39.0MB

The Motels - Shame.mp39.0MB

Aimless Device- No friends of mine.mp39.0MB

Clan of Xymox - Jasmine And Rose (Thorn Mix).mp39.0MB

Human League - One Man In My Heart.mp39.0MB

Yazoo - Situation.mp39.0MB

Peter Schilling - A Different Story (lust and crime).mp39.0MB

Misterious Art - The omen 2.mp39.0MB

Deine Lakaien - The night of love.mp39.0MB

Human League - Open Your Heart.mp38.0MB

Outdoor Theater - In the end of it all.mp38.0MB

A Split Second - Flesh.mp38.0MB

Classic Noveaux - Never Again.mp38.0MB

When in Rome - The promise.mp38.0MB

The Smiths - What Difference Does It Make.mp38.0MB

Human League - Love action (I believe in love).mp38.0MB

Dhuo - Walkin'.mp38.0MB

Mesh - The Place To Hide.mp38.0MB

Berlin - Tell Me Why.mp38.0MB

Naked Eyes - Always Something There To Remind Me.wma8.0MB

The Chameleons - Nostalgia.mp38.0MB

Depeche Mode - Enjoy The Silence.mp38.0MB

The Hooters - Karla with a K.mp38.0MB

Furniture - Brilliant Mind.mp38.0MB

Alphaville - Forever Young.mp38.0MB

The Silencers - Painted Moon.mp38.0MB

X mal deutschland - incubus sucubus.mp38.0MB

Talk Talk - Such A Shame.mp38.0MB

Ice house - No promises.mp38.0MB

Great Buildings - Hold On To Something.mp38.0MB

U2 - With Or Without you.mp37.0MB

Hard Rain - Diamonds.mp37.0MB

The Twins - Face To Face, Heart To Heart.mp37.0MB

Camouflage - The Great Commandment (Hot Tracks).mp37.0MB

Peter Murphy - Cuts You Up.mp37.0MB

Hard Rain - I will Remember (12' Version).mp37.0MB

Simple Minds - Alive & Kicking.mp37.0MB

New Model Army - Vagabonds.mp37.0MB

Prospective - Lovely cruel punisher.mp37.0MB

The Chameleons - Ever After.mp37.0MB

Russ Ballard - Voices.mp37.0MB

Tubeway Army - Are Friends Electric.mp37.0MB

Broken English - Do you really want me back.mp37.0MB

Simple Minds - Let There Be Love.mp37.0MB

Cocteau Twins - Sunshine day.mp37.0MB

Ultravox - Viena.mp37.0MB

Grauzone - Eisbaer.mp36.0MB

Depeche Mode - Lie to Me.mp36.0MB

Gazebo - I Like Chopin.mp36.0MB

Blind Faith and Envy - Slightest Wave.mp36.0MB

Invisible Limits - Violence.mp36.0MB

Book of love - tubular bells, pretty boys and pretty girls.mp36.0MB

Then Jerico - The Big Area.mp36.0MB

Pnau - The Truth.mp36.0MB

The Cult - Little face.mp36.0MB

The Stone Roses - I Wanna Be Adored.mp36.0MB

B. Movie - Nowhere girl.mp36.0MB

Depeche Mode - Shake The Disease.mp36.0MB

Invisible Limits - Golden dreams.mp36.0MB

A-Ha - Stay On The Roads.mp36.0MB

Guernica - The queen of our country.mp36.0MB

New England - Get It Up.mp36.0MB

Trans X - Living On Video.mp36.0MB

Zynic - Dream in black and white.mp36.0MB

Deine Lakaien - Dark Star (2nd Mix).mp36.0MB

Raf - Self control.mp36.0MB

Kraftwerk - Radioactivity.mp36.0MB

Hurts - Better Than Love.mp36.0MB

Wolfsheim - The Sparrows & The Nightmares.mp36.0MB

The Smiths - This Charming Man.mp36.0MB

The Cure - Push.mp36.0MB

F.P. - Without You.Mp36.0MB

Bonggo - Number With Wings.mp36.0MB

The Cure - 100 Years.mp36.0MB

Til Tuesday - What About Love.mp36.0MB

The Waterboys - The Whole Of The Moon.mp36.0MB

Ultravox - Hymn.mp36.0MB

Classix Nouveaux - Guilty.mp36.0MB

Ultravox - The Voice.mp36.0MB

Boytronic - Love Remains.Mp36.0MB

Depeche Mode - Never Let Me Down Again.mp36.0MB

Then Jerico - The Motive.mp35.0MB

Gazebo - Lunatic.mp35.0MB

Devision - Plastic heart (heart cut edit).mp35.0MB

Duran Duran - Wild Boys.mp35.0MB

The Stone Roses - Made Of Stone.mp35.0MB

The Cult - Edie.mp35.0MB

The Sisters of Mercy - First And Last And Always.mp35.0MB

Desireless - Voyage Voyage.mp35.0MB

A Flock Of Seagulls - Wishing (If I Had A Photograph Of.mp35.0MB

The Mission - Like a Hurricane.mp35.0MB

The Cult. Rain (Long version).mp35.0MB

The Stranglers - All Day And All Of The Night.mp35.0MB

Hurts - Stay.Mp35.0MB

Visage - Fade to grey.mp35.0MB

Joy Division - Atmosphere.mp35.0MB

Lavantgarde - Take Me S.I.M..mp35.0MB

Talk Talk - Its my life.mp35.0MB

The Silencers - Answer Me.mp35.0MB

Northern Lite - Home.mp35.0MB

Mesh - Friends Like These.mp35.0MB

Diesel - Nowhereland.mp35.0MB

Ultravox - Visions in blue.mp35.0MB

Spandau Ballet - True.mp35.0MB

Animotion - Obsession.mp35.0MB

Alaska - Fangoria - Miro la vida pasar.mp35.0MB

Erasure - Always.mp35.0MB

Savage - Only you.mp35.0MB

Candyslade - Impatience (exopopmix).mp35.0MB

Alaska - Fangoria - Retorciendo palabras de amor.MP35.0MB

Somewhere Over England - Don't Cry Freedom.mp35.0MB

OBK - Quiereme Otra Vez (Con Alaska).mp35.0MB

Cocteau Twins - Because Of Whirl-Jack.mp35.0MB

Human League - Dont You Want Me Baby.mp35.0MB

Angelzoom - Everyone cares (radio version).mp35.0MB

Peter Schilling - Major Tom.mp35.0MB

Erasure - Love to Hate You.mp35.0MB

Yazoo - Nobody’s Diary.mp35.0MB

The Cult - here comes....mp35.0MB

Dream Sequence - Outside Looking In.mp35.0MB

Echo & The Bunnymen - The Killing Moon.mp35.0MB

Tears for Fears - Shout.mp35.0MB

Mirrors - Hide And Seek.mp35.0MB

Hurts - Sunday.mp35.0MB

Bauhaus - Dark Entries.mp35.0MB

Vaselines - You think you are a man.wma5.0MB

UV pop - Serious.mp35.0MB

Alaska - Dinarama - Descongélate.Mp35.0MB

Technoir - Requiem (Radio Edit).mp35.0MB

Icicle Works - Whisper To A Scream.mp35.0MB

Kraftwertk - The model.mp35.0MB

Erasure - Sometimes.mp35.0MB

Eurythmics - Sweet dreams.mp35.0MB

The Psycodelic Furs - Heaven.mp35.0MB

The Bolshoi - Romeo in Clover.mp35.0MB

Robin Gibb - Juliet.mp35.0MB

O.M.D. - Enola Gay.mp35.0MB

Limahl - Neverending story.mp35.0MB

The Sisters of Mercy - Walk Away.mp35.0MB

Midnight Oil - Run With You.mp35.0MB

Styx- Mr.Roboto.mp35.0MB

Mighty Lemon Drops - Out Of Hand.wma5.0MB

Trio - Da Da Da.mp35.0MB

Devision - Call My Name.Mp34.0MB

Equatronic - Moonspell.Mp34.0MB

Celebrate the nun - will you be there [12 inch mix].mp34.0MB

Anne Clark - Poem without words.mp34.0MB

Talking Heads - Road to Nowhere.MP34.0MB

Revoice - Devotion To Apeysa.MP34.0MB

The Sisters of Mercy - Alice.mp34.0MB

Erasure - A Little Respect.mp34.0MB

Ice House - Great Southern Land.mp34.0MB

Alaska - Fangoria - Criticar por criticar..mp34.0MB

The Mission - Over the Hills and Far Away.mp34.0MB

Split Enz - I Got You.mp34.0MB

The Alarm - Rain In The Summertime.mp34.0MB

The Game - Walk Away.mp34.0MB

The Lords of the New Church - Dance with me.mp34.0MB

Angelic Upstarts - Solidarity.wma4.0MB

F.R. David - Words.mp34.0MB

The Alarm - Pressence of Love.mp34.0MB

Camouflage - That smiling face.mp34.0MB

Cruxshadows - Deception.mp34.0MB

Somewhere Over England - If I Ever Fall In Love.mp34.0MB

Vision Talk - By my side.mp34.0MB

The Housemartins - Happy Hour.mp34.0MB

The Chuch - Under the milk away.mp34.0MB

Yazoo - Don't go.mp34.0MB

The Bible - Honey be Good.mp34.0MB

The Mission - Into the Blue.MP34.0MB

No Comment - I Won't Cry (Radio Mix).Mp34.0MB

Black - Wonderful Life.mp34.0MB

The Cure - Inbetween Days.mp34.0MB

Public Image Limited - The order of death.mp34.0MB

INXS - I Need You Tonight.mp34.0MB

Blondie - Atomic.mp34.0MB

Bad Boys Blue - Come back and stay (Extended version).mp34.0MB

U2 - Sunday bloody sunday.mp34.0MB

Information Society - Think.mp34.0MB

Soft Cell - Tainted love.mp34.0MB

Mark Almond & J. Pitney - Somethings gotten a hold of my heart.mp34.0MB

James - Born of fustration.mp34.0MB

U2 - Where the streets have no name.mp34.0MB

Go Go's - Vacation.mp34.0MB

Elegant machinery - Watching You.mp34.0MB

The Cure - Cold.mp34.0MB

Faith Assembly - Cascade.Mp34.0MB

The Cult - She Sells Sanctuary.mp34.0MB

The Lords of the New Church - Open your eyes.mp34.0MB

The Bolshoi - Happy Boy.mp33.0MB

Simple Minds - Don't You (Forget About Me).mp33.0MB

The Waterboys - Fisherman's Blues.mp33.0MB

Tears For Fears - Mad World.mp33.0MB

Devo - That's Good.mp33.0MB

Love And Rockets - So Alive.mp33.0MB

Patrick Wolf - The City.mp33.0MB

Wolfsheim - I don't love you anymore.mp33.0MB

Spandau Ballet - To cut a long story short.mp33.0MB

Alphaville - Playing With Love.mp33.0MB

The Mighty Wah! - The Story Of the Blues.mp33.0MB

INXS - Disappear.mp33.0MB

New Order - Blue Monday.mp33.0MB

Inmaculate Fools - So sad.mp33.0MB

Black - Everything is comming.MP33.0MB

Fancy - Flames Of Love.mp33.0MB

The Passions - I'm in Love with a German Film Star.mp33.0MB

Ultravox - Dancing With Tears In My Eyes.mp33.0MB

Snake Corps - This is a Seagull.mp33.0MB

Eurithmics - Sexcrime.wma3.0MB

Echo & The Bunnymen - Bring On The Dancing Horses.mp33.0MB

O.M.D. - Secret.mp33.0MB

Depeche Mode - Everything Counts.mp33.0MB

Alphaville - Big In Japan.mp33.0MB

Invisible Limits - Natalie.mp33.0MB

Midnight Oil - The Dead Heart.mp33.0MB

Depeche Mode - People Are People.mp33.0MB

Elegant Machinery - Process.mp33.0MB

Real Life - Send me an angel.mp33.0MB

OBK - El cielo no entiende.mp33.0MB

The Jesus and Mary Chain - Just Like Honey.mp33.0MB

U2 - Pride.mp33.0MB

Spandau Ballett - Gold.mp33.0MB

Marc Almond - Tears Run Rings.mp33.0MB

Lightning seeds - Pure.mp33.0MB

The Cramps - Human Fly.mp33.0MB

Ultravox - Reap The Wild Wind.mp33.0MB

The Jesus And Mary Chain - Happy when it rains.mp33.0MB

Red flag - Russian Radio.mp33.0MB

Camouflage - Love is a shield.mp33.0MB

Cyndi Lauper - Good Enough.mp33.0MB

The House of Love - Christine.mp33.0MB

New Order - Bizarre love triangle.mp33.0MB

Pink Turns Blue - Your Master Is Calling.MP33.0MB

Secret Service - Flash in the night.mp33.0MB

Yazoo - Only You.mp32.0MB

Peter Schilling - Terra Titanic.mp32.0MB

Deacon Blue - Dignity.mp32.0MB

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