Center for Inquiry CFI Point of Inquiry Podcasts 12-05 to 1-07

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Science and Religion-Are they Compatible-Paul Kurtz 12-12-05.mp370.0MB

Root of All Evil-Richard Dawkins 2-10-06.mp357.0MB

Religion and the Rule of Law-Marci Hamilton 2-3-06.mp341.0MB

Republican War on Science-Chris Mooney 1-27-06.mp339.0MB

History of American Secularism 12-30-05.mp338.0MB

Dover Trial-Evolution vs Intelligent Design 1-20-06.mp337.0MB

Aliens and Abductions-Joe Nickell 2-17-06.mp337.0MB

Science Wonder and Spirituality-Ann Druyan 9-15-06.mp335.0MB

Dangers of Alternative Medicine-Andrew Skolnick 12-23-05.mp334.0MB

Magic and Skepticism-Max Maven1-13-06.mp334.0MB

Why I am not a Muslim-Ibn Warraq 1-6-06.mp333.0MB

Science Meets Alternative Medicine-Dr. Wallace Sampson 2-24-06.mp333.0MB

Skeptical Inquiry vs Debunking the Paranormal-Joe Nickell 12-16-05.mp332.0MB

Sky is not the Limit-Neil deGrasse Tyson 8-18-06.mp327.0MB

Breaking the Spell-Daniel Dennett 3-3-06.mp326.0MB

Decade of Campus Freethought-Derek Araujo 7-28-06.mp323.0MB

Secular Values Human Rights and Islamism-Salman Rushdie 10-27-06.mp323.0MB

Science Magic and Future of Skepticism-James Randi 6-30-06.mp321.0MB

Ancient Astronauts and the Nazca Lines 8-25-06.mp320.0MB

True Meaning of Church-State Separation-Edward Tabash 5-5-06.mp317.0MB

Medical Marvels Compassion and Skepticism-Dr. Eugene Straus 8-11-06.mp317.0MB

Letter to a Christian Nation-Sam Harris 10-6-06.mp317.0MB

Evolution vs Religious Belief 4-28-06.mp317.0MB

Don't Believe Everything you Think-Thomas Kida 7-14-06.mp317.0MB

Reason Driven Life-Robert M. Price 9-29-06.mp317.0MB

Case Against Intelligent Design-Jerry Coyne 6-16-06.mp317.0MB

The God Delusion-Richard Dawkings 10-16-06.mp317.0MB

Framing Science-Matt Nisbet 5-19-06.mp316.0MB

Psychic Detectives-Joe Nickell 6-2-06.mp316.0MB

Examining the Da Vinci Code 5-26-06.mp315.0MB

Is Scientific Humanism Anti-Religious-Bill Cooke 8-4-06.mp315.0MB

Who was Jesus of Nazareth-Amy-Jill Levine 9-1-06.mp315.0MB

Carl Sagan and the Varieties of Scientific Experience-Ann Druyan 1-5-07.mp315.0MB

The God Factor-Cathleen Falsani 6-9-06.mp315.0MB

Mortal Dangers of Religion-Sam Harris 4-14-06.mp315.0MB

Kingdon Coming-Michelle Goldberg 11-17-06.mp315.0MB

Sins of Big Pharma-Barry Beyerstein 7-21-06.mp314.0MB

Why Darwin Matters-Michael Shermer 9-22-06.mp314.0MB

Are We Alone-Jill Tarter 10-20-06.mp314.0MB

Rise of the Non-Religious-Tom Flynn 6-23-06.mp314.0MB

World War and World Religions-Paul Kurtz 9-8-06.mp314.0MB

What is the Point of Inquiry-Paul Kurtz 12-8-06.mp314.0MB

Courage to Become-Paul Kurtz 7-7-06.mp314.0MB

Science and Planetary Ethics 5-12-06.mp313.0MB

Science Humanism and the Black Community-Norm Allen 11-24-06.mp313.0MB

In Search of the Light- Susan Blackmore 12-15-06.mp313.0MB

America's Freethought Heritage-Susan Jacoby 3-17-06.mp313.0MB

Psychics Science and Magic-Jamy Ian Swiss 3-24-06.mp313.0MB

Skepticism of the Third Kind-Paul Kurtz 3-10-06.mp312.0MB

The Scientific Study of Secularism-Barry Kosmin 12-1-06.mp312.0MB

Changing the World with Science-Bill Nye 4-21-06.mp312.0MB

Scientific Naturalism and its Discontents-John Shook 1-19-06.mp312.0MB

Scientific Study of Religion R Joseph Hoffmann 12-29-06.mp312.0MB

End of Faith-Sam Harris 4-7-06.mp311.0MB

Science Politics and the Midterm Election-Chris Mooney 11-3-06.mp311.0MB

The Real War on Christmas-Tom Flynn 12-22-06.mp310.0MB

Mystery and Meanings of Magic-Eugene Burger 1-12-07.mp310.0MB

Joy of Science-Herbert Hauptman 3-31-06.mp310.0MB

Theartre of Science-Richard Wiseman 11-10-06.mp39.0MB

CFI's 10th Annual Houdini Seance-Halloween 10-31-06.mp36.0MB

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