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Singles/1998 - «Makes Me Sweat» (feat. Beenie Man)/02. Big Punisher & Beenie Man - Makes Me Sweat (Album Version).flac33.0MB

Compilation album/2001 - Endangered Species/09. Big Pun - Banned From T.V. (Feat. Noreaga, Camron & Jadakiss).flac32.0MB

Compilation album/2001 - Endangered Species/10. Big Pun - Mamam (Feat. Tony Sunshine).flac32.0MB

Studio albums/2000 - Yeeeah Baby/11. Big Punisher - Wrong Ones (feat. Sunkiss).flac32.0MB

Studio albums/1998 - Capital Punishment/13. Big Punisher - Glamour Life (feat. Fat Joe & Terror Squad).flac31.0MB

Singles/1999 - «Who Is A Thug»/02. Big Punisher - Who Is A Thug (Street).flac31.0MB

Singles/1999 - «Who Is A Thug»/01. Big Punisher - Who Is A Thug (Radio).flac31.0MB

Compilation album/2001 - Endangered Species/20. Big Pun - Fire Water (Feat. Fat Joe, Armageddon & Raekwon).flac30.0MB

Singles/1999 - «Who Is A Thug»/05. Three 6 Mafia - Wanna Be's (Radio).flac30.0MB

Studio albums/1998 - Capital Punishment/24. Big Punisher - Parental Discretion (feat. Busta Rhymes).flac30.0MB

Studio albums/2000 - Yeeeah Baby/12. Big Punisher - Laughing at You (feat. Tony Sunshine).flac29.0MB

Studio albums/1998 - Capital Punishment/21. Big Punisher - Tres Leches (Triboro Trilogy) (feat. Mobb Deep's Prodigy & Wu-Tang's Rebel INS).flac29.0MB

Compilation album/2001 - Endangered Species/15. Big Pun - John Blaze (Feat. Fat Joe, Nas, Raekwon & Jadakiss).flac29.0MB

Studio albums/1998 - Capital Punishment/10. Big Punisher - You Ain't A Killer.flac29.0MB

Compilation album/2001 - Endangered Species/17. Big Pun - Pina Colada (Feat. Sheik).flac28.0MB

Studio albums/2000 - Yeeeah Baby/03. Big Punisher - Off Wit' His Head (feat. Prospect).flac28.0MB

Compilation album/2001 - Endangered Species/02. Big Pun - You Ain't A Killer.flac28.0MB

Singles/1999 - «Who Is A Thug»/03. Big Punisher - Who Is A Thug (Instrumental).flac28.0MB

Compilation album/2001 - Endangered Species/23. Big Pun - Wishful Thinkinig (Feat. Fat Joe, Kool G Rap & B Real).flac28.0MB

Compilation album/2001 - Endangered Species/18. Big Pun - Top Of The World [Rmx](Feat. Brandy).flac28.0MB

Compilation album/2001 - Endangered Species/12. Big Pun - Brave In The Heart (Feat. Terror Squad).flac28.0MB

Studio albums/2000 - Yeeeah Baby/06. Big Punisher - New York Giants (feat. M.O.P.).flac27.0MB

Studio albums/2000 - Yeeeah Baby/14. Big Punisher - Ms. Martin (feat. Remi Martin).flac27.0MB

Singles/1997 - «I'm Not a Player»/05. Big Punisher - You Ain't A Killer (LP Version).flac27.0MB

Singles/1997 - «I'm Not a Player»/01. Big Punisher - I'm Not A Player (LP Version).flac27.0MB

Singles/1997 - «I'm Not a Player»/03. Big Punisher - Wishful Thinking (LP Version).flac27.0MB

Compilation album/2001 - Endangered Species/24. Big Pun - How We Roll '98.flac27.0MB

Singles/1999 - «Who Is A Thug»/04. Big Punisher - Who Is A Thug (Acapella).flac26.0MB

Studio albums/2000 - Yeeeah Baby/10. Big Punisher - 100% (feat. Tony Sunshine).flac26.0MB

Compilation album/2001 - Endangered Species/06. Big Pun - Still Not A Player (Feat. Joe).flac26.0MB

Studio albums/1998 - Capital Punishment/08. Big Punisher - Punish Me (feat. Miss Jones).flac26.0MB

Studio albums/1998 - Capital Punishment/14. Big Punisher - Capital Punishment (feat. Prospect).flac26.0MB

Compilation album/2001 - Endangered Species/03. Big Pun - Twinz, Deep Cover '98 (Feat. Fat Joe).flac26.0MB

Compilation album/2001 - Endangered Species/16. Big Pun - My World.flac26.0MB

Singles/1998 - «Makes Me Sweat» (feat. Beenie Man)/01. Big Punisher & Beenie Man - Makes Me Sweat (Radio Edit).flac25.0MB

Singles/1997 - «I'm Not a Player»/02. Big Punisher - I'm Not A Player (Instrumental).flac25.0MB

Studio albums/2000 - Yeeeah Baby/15. Big Punisher - My Turn.flac25.0MB

Studio albums/1998 - Capital Punishment/23. Big Punisher - Fast Money.flac25.0MB

Compilation album/2001 - Endangered Species/05. Big Pun - How We Roll (Feat. Ashanti).flac25.0MB

Studio albums/1998 - Capital Punishment/05. Big Punisher - Still Not A Player (feat. Joe).flac24.0MB

Studio albums/1998 - Capital Punishment/17. Big Punisher - Twinz (Deep Cover 98).flac24.0MB

Studio albums/2000 - Yeeeah Baby/05. Big Punisher - We Don't Care (feat. Cuban Link).flac24.0MB

Studio albums/2000 - Yeeeah Baby/16. Big Punisher - You Was Wrong (feat. Drag-On, Fat Joe & Remi Martin).flac24.0MB

Studio albums/1998 - Capital Punishment/20. Big Punisher - You Came Up (feat. Noreaga).flac24.0MB

Studio albums/2000 - Yeeeah Baby/02. Big Punisher - Watch Those.flac24.0MB

Studio albums/1998 - Capital Punishment/12. Big Punisher - Caribbean Connection (feat. Wyclef).flac24.0MB

Studio albums/1998 - Capital Punishment/07. Big Punisher - The Dream Shatterer.flac23.0MB

Studio albums/1998 - Capital Punishment/16. Big Punisher - I'm Not A Player.flac23.0MB

Studio albums/2000 - Yeeeah Baby/08. Big Punisher - Leather Face.flac23.0MB

Singles/1997 - «I'm Not a Player»/04. Big Punisher - Wishful Thinking (Instrumental).flac23.0MB

Studio albums/1998 - Capital Punishment/19. Big Punisher - Boomerang.flac22.0MB

Singles/1998 - «Still not a player»/02. Big Punisher - Still Not A Player (Remix) Radio Version.flac22.0MB

Singles/1998 - «Still not a player»/01. Big Punisher - Still Not a Player (Remix) Album Version.flac22.0MB

Studio albums/2000 - Yeeeah Baby/07. Big Punisher - My Dick (feat. Tony Sunshine).flac22.0MB

Compilation album/2001 - Endangered Species/13. Big Pun - The Dream Shatter.flac21.0MB

Studio albums/1998 - Capital Punishment/02. Big Punisher - Beware.flac21.0MB

Studio albums/1998 - Capital Punishment/03. Big Punisher - Super Lyrical (feat. Black Thought of The Roots).flac21.0MB

Studio albums/2000 - Yeeeah Baby/04. Big Punisher - It's So Hard (feat. Donell Jones).flac20.0MB

Compilation album/2001 - Endangered Species/04. Big Pun - Whatcha Gon Do (Feat. Terror Squad & Fat Joe).flac20.0MB

Singles/1998 - «Still not a player»/03. Big Punisher - Still Not A Player (Remix) T.V. Track.flac20.0MB

Compilation album/2001 - Endangered Species/19. Big Pun - Livin' La Vida Loca [Rmx](Feat. Ricky Martin, Fat Joe & Cuban Link).flac19.0MB

Compilation album/2001 - Endangered Species/07. Big Pun - Off The Books (Feat. The Beatnuts & Cuban Link).flac18.0MB

Compilation album/2001 - Endangered Species/21. Big Pun - Classic Verses.flac15.0MB

Studio albums/1998 - Capital Punishment/18. Big Punisher - The Rain & The Sun (Interlude) (feat. Dead Prez).flac12.0MB

Studio albums/2000 - Yeeeah Baby/13. Big Punisher - Nigga Shit.flac11.0MB

Studio albums/1998 - Capital Punishment/15. Big Punisher - Uncensored (feat. Funkmaster Flex).flac11.0MB

Compilation album/2001 - Endangered Species/22. Big Pun - Freestyle (Feat. Remmy Martin).flac10.0MB

Studio albums/1998 - Capital Punishment/09. Big Punisher - Pakinamac Pt. I.flac9.0MB

Studio albums/2000 - Yeeeah Baby/01. Big Punisher - The Creation (Intro).flac9.0MB

Studio albums/1998 - Capital Punishment/04. Big Punisher - Taster's Choice.flac8.0MB

Studio albums/1998 - Capital Punishment/11. Big Punisher - Pakinamac Pt. II.flac5.0MB

Studio albums/2000 - Yeeeah Baby/09. Big Punisher - Air Pun (skit).flac5.0MB

Compilation album/2001 - Endangered Species/08. Big Pun - Words From Nore.flac4.0MB

Studio albums/1998 - Capital Punishment/01. Big Punisher - Intro.flac3.0MB

Compilation album/2001 - Endangered Species/14. Big Pun - Words (Feat. Fat Joe).flac2.0MB

Studio albums/1998 - Capital Punishment/22. Big Punisher - Charlie Rock Shout.flac2.0MB

_Covers/Singles/1998 - «Makes Me Sweat» (feat. Beenie Man)/1998 - «Makes Me Sweat»_Back.jpg2.0MB

Studio albums/1998 - Capital Punishment/06. Big Punisher - Intermission.flac1.0MB

Compilation album/2001 - Endangered Species/01. Big Pun - Intro.flac1.0MB

_Covers/Singles/1997 - «I'm Not a Player»/1997 - «I'm Not a Player».jpg1.0MB

Compilation album/2001 - Endangered Species/11. Big Pun - The Beat Box.flac975.0KB

_Covers/Singles/1999 - «Who Is A Thug»/1999 - «Who Is A Thug»_Back.jpg906.0KB

_Covers/Singles/1999 - «Who Is A Thug»/1999 - «Who Is A Thug»_CD.jpg639.0KB

_Covers/Singles/1997 - «I'm Not a Player»/1997 - «I'm Not a Player»_CD.jpg442.0KB

_Covers/Compilation album/2001 - Endangered Species/2001 - Endangered Species_Front.jpg351.0KB

_Covers/Compilation album/2001 - Endangered Species/2001 - Endangered Species_Back.jpg347.0KB

_Covers/Studio albums/2000 - Yeeeah Baby/2000 - Yeeeah Baby_Back.jpg305.0KB

_Covers/Studio albums/1998 - Capital Punishment/1998 - Capital Punishment_Back.jpg258.0KB

_Covers/Studio albums/2000 - Yeeeah Baby/2000 - Yeeeah Baby_Front.jpg238.0KB

_Covers/Studio albums/2000 - Yeeeah Baby/2000 - Yeeeah Baby_CD.jpg201.0KB

_Covers/Studio albums/1998 - Capital Punishment/1998 - Capital Punishment_Front.jpg183.0KB

_Covers/Singles/1998 - «Still not a player»/1998 - «Still not a player»_B.jpg20.0KB

_Covers/Singles/1998 - «Still not a player»/1998 - «Still not a player»_A.jpg18.0KB

Compilation album/2001 - Endangered Species/Big Punisher - Endangered Species.cue5.0KB

Studio albums/1998 - Capital Punishment/Big Punisher - Capital Punishment.cue5.0KB

Studio albums/2000 - Yeeeah Baby/Big Punisher - Yeeeah Baby.cue3.0KB


Singles/1997 - «I'm Not a Player»/Big Punisher - «I'm Not a Player».cue2.0KB

Singles/1999 - «Who Is A Thug»/Big Punisher - «Who Is A Thug».cue2.0KB

Singles/1998 - «Still not a player»/Big Punisher - «Still not a player».cue1.0KB

Singles/1998 - «Makes Me Sweat» (feat. Beenie Man)/Big Punisher & Beenie Man - «Makes Me Sweat».cue1.0KB

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