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Aether Mage/Nikola Tesla - Lectures, Patents, Articles.pdf528.0MB

Arch Aether Mage/VRIL Compendium Vol 9 VRIL and Aerial Radio-.pdf201.0MB

Arch Aether Mage/VRIL Compendium Vol 10 VRIL and Electric Ray Transmitters-.pdf193.0MB

Arch Aether Mage/VRIL Compendium Vol 11 VRIL and ELF Devices-.pdf188.0MB

Aether Mage/Radiotron_Designers_Handbook_1954.pdf132.0MB

Other/Maxwell JC - A-Treatise-on-Electricity-and-Magnetism-Volume-1.pdf128.0MB


Initiate/Radio Amatuers Handbook 1946.pdf91.0MB


Aether Mage/Nikola Tesla - Colorado-Springs-Notes.pdf85.0MB

Arch Aether Mage/LV-Bewley_Traveling-Waves-on-Transmission-Systems-1933.pdf80.0MB

Lost Science/Trevor James Constable -The_Cosmic_Pulse_of_Life.pdf79.0MB

Aether Mage/Heaviside Oliver - Electromagnetic Theory Vol 2.pdf78.0MB

Lost Science/Guenther Wachsmuth - Etheric Formative Forces in Cosmos, Earth and Man.pdf66.0MB

Aether Mage/Maxwell JC -Scientific Papers 02.pdf57.0MB

Aether Mage/Nikola Tesla - On His Work With Alternating Currents and Their Application to Wireless Telgraphy, Telephony, and Transmission of Power (Leland I. Anderson).pdf56.0MB


Aether Mage/Maxwell JC -Scientific Papers 01.pdf47.0MB

Lost Science/Albert Schwitzer - J.S. Bach Bio.pdf46.0MB

Arch Aether Mage/VRIL Compendium Vol 4 VRIL Archeforms-.pdf46.0MB


Arch Aether Mage/Alexander MacFarlane_PHYSICAL MATHEMATICS.pdf46.0MB

Initiate/Gerry Vassilatos - Secrets of Cold War Technology.pdf46.0MB

Other/boys book of new inventions maunual.pdf46.0MB

Aether Mage/Eric Dollard - Symbolic Representation of the Generalized Electric Wave.pdf46.0MB

Arch Aether Mage/VRIL Compendium Vol 2 VRIL Telegraphy-.pdf45.0MB

Aether Mage/Steinmetz CP_Theory and Calculations of Electrical Apparatus.pdf44.0MB

Arch Aether Mage/E-S-Tez-The-Parametric-Transformer-1977.pdf42.0MB

Arch Aether Mage/VRIL Compendium Vol 8 VRIL And Ground Radio-.pdf41.0MB

Aether Mage/Steinmetz CP-Theory-amp-Calculation-of-Alternating-Current-Phenonena-4th-Ed-2nd-Imp-1908.pdf40.0MB

Arch Aether Mage/VRIL Compendium Vol 1 VRIL White Ray Conductors-.pdf39.0MB

Aether Mage/Steinmetz CP_Theory and Calculation of Transient Electric Phenomena and Oscillations.pdf38.0MB

Aether Mage/Heaviside Oliver - Electromagnetic Theory Vol 3.pdf37.0MB

Aether Mage/Steinmetz CP-Theory-amp-Calculation-of-Transient-Electric-Phenomena-amp-Oscillations-3rd-Ed-5th-Imp-1920.pdf36.0MB

Arch Aether Mage/Heaviside Oliver - Electrical_papers Vol 1.pdf35.0MB

Arch Aether Mage/Heaviside Oliver - Electrical_papers Vol 2.pdf34.0MB

Arch Aether Mage/VRIL Compendium Vol 3 VRIL Linkage-.pdf34.0MB

Arch Aether Mage/VRIL Compendium Vol 6 VRIL Telephony-.pdf29.0MB

Initiate/Whitaker - History of the Theories of Aether and Electricity Vol 1.pdf28.0MB

Aether Mage/Eric Dollard - Theory of Wireless Power.pdf27.0MB

Aether Mage/Steinmetz CP_Radiation-Light and Illumination.pdf27.0MB

Initiate/Faraday Michael - Experimental_Researches_in_Electricity_Vol_1.pdf26.0MB

Aether Mage/Nikola Telsa - The_Inventions_Researches_and_Writings.pdf25.0MB

Other/JJ-THOMPSON_Conduction of electricity through gases.pdf25.0MB

Arch Aether Mage/VRIL Compendium Vol 7 VRIL Dendritic Ground Systems-.pdf25.0MB

Aether Mage/Heaviside Oliver - Electromagnetic Theory Vol 1.pdf25.0MB

Lost Science/Walter Russell - A New Concept Of The Universe.pdf24.0MB

Lost Science/Walter Lao Russell - Atomic-Suicide.pdf23.0MB

Healer/Kennelly Arthur_Electricity in electro-therapeutics .pdf23.0MB

Initiate/Faraday Michael - Experimental_Researches_in_Electricity_Vol_3.pdf23.0MB

Aether Mage/Kennelly Arthur_Application of Hyperbolic Functions to Electrical Engineering Problems.pdf22.0MB


Aether Mage/Steinmetz CP_General Lectures on Electrical Engineering.pdf22.0MB

Lost Science/Walter-Russell - The-Secret-of-Light.pdf21.0MB

Lost Science/Goethes_Theory_of_Colours.pdf21.0MB

Lost Science/The Principles of Light and Color by Edwin D Babbitt (1878).pdf21.0MB

Arch Aether Mage/Ernst-Adolph-Guillemin-Communication-Networks-Volume-2-1935.pdf21.0MB

Healer/Becker & Selden - The Body Electric - Electromagnetism and the Foundation of Life (1985).pdf21.0MB

Aether Mage/Steinmetz CP_Engineering Mathematics.pdf20.0MB


Aether Mage/Steinmetz CP_Complex-Quantities-and-Their-Use-in-Electrical-Engineering.pdf19.0MB

Initiate/Exponentials Made Easy.pdf18.0MB

Initiate/Whitaker - History of the Theories of Aether and Electricity Vol 2.pdf18.0MB

Other/Kennelly Authur_Electro-dynamic machinery for continuous currents.pdf18.0MB

Aether Mage/Symbolic Representation of Alternating Electric Waves by Eric Dollard.pdf18.0MB

Other/JJ-THOMPSON_Elements of the mathematical theory of electricity and magnetism.pdf18.0MB

Lost Science/Robert-Lawlor-Sacred-Geometry-Philosophy-and-Practice-1982.pdf17.0MB

Initiate/Kennelly Arthur - Electricity Made Easy.pdf16.0MB

Arch Aether Mage/Mallory_Vibrator-Power-Supply-Design.pdf16.0MB

Lost Science/Ernst Lehrs - Man or Matter.pdf15.0MB

Aether Mage/Kennelly Aurthur_Tables of Complex Hyperbolic and Cicular Functions.pdf15.0MB

Initiate/Eric Dollard - Introduction to Dielectric & Magnetic Discharges in Electrical Windings, Electrical Oscillation.pdf14.0MB

Arch Aether Mage/Steinmetz CP _On the Law of Hysteresis Part 2.pdf14.0MB


Initiate/Le Bon Gustave - Evolution of Forces.pdf14.0MB

Other/The Manual of Free Energy Devices and Systems.pdf13.0MB

Aether Mage/Steinmetz CP-General-Equations-of-the-Electric-Circuit-Pt1-1908.pdf12.0MB

Other/Coats & Schauberger - Living Energies - Viktor Schauberger's Brilliant Work With Natural Energy Explained (2001).pdf12.0MB

Initiate/Le Bon Gustave - Evolution of Matter.pdf12.0MB


Initiate/Nikola Tesla - Lecture-Before-the-New-York-Academy-of-Sciences-Apri-6-1897.pdf11.0MB

Arch Aether Mage/MacFarlane A_Papers on Space Analysis- Imaginary Algebra.pdf11.0MB

Arch Aether Mage/FORTESCUE C.L._Method-of-Symmetrical-Co-Ordinates-Applied-to-the-Solution-of-Polyphase-Networks.pdf10.0MB

Arch Aether Mage/Alexander McFarlane_Lectures on ten British physicists of the nineteenth century.pdf10.0MB

Initiate/Faraday Michael - Experimental_Researches_in_Electricity_Vol_2.pdf10.0MB

Lost Science/Bartholomew - Hidden Nature - The Startling Insights of Viktor Schauberger (2003).pdf10.0MB

Other/Coats & Schauberger - The Energy Evolution - Harnessing Free Energy from Nature (2000).pdf10.0MB

Initiate/Faraday Michael - On the Various Forces of Nature.pdf9.0MB

Other/Lodge Oliver - Pioneers_of_science.pdf9.0MB

Arch Aether Mage/Alexander McFarlane_Principles of the algerbra of logic.pdf9.0MB

Lost Science/Keely-and-His-Discoveries.pdf9.0MB

Aether Mage/Steinmetz CP_Electrical Discharges Waves and Impulses 2ndEd.pdf9.0MB

Other/pentagon aliens by william lyne.pdf9.0MB

Healer/Waves that heal.pdf8.0MB

Lost Science/Loki Life of Steinmetz.pdf8.0MB

Other/Krafft Carl - The-Ether-Matter-1945.pdf8.0MB

Lost Science/Gerry Vassilatos -Lost-Science-Complete-Edition.pdf8.0MB

Healer/Otto Rahn - Invisible Radiations.pdf8.0MB


Lost Science/Morning of the Magicians.pdf8.0MB

Lost Science/Ernst Marti -The Four Ethers.pdf7.0MB

Arch Aether Mage/Fortescue - Method-of-Symmetrical-Co-Ordinates-Applied-to-the-Solution-of-Polyphase-Networks.pdf7.0MB

Other/Maxwell JC - Theory-of-Heat.pdf7.0MB

Arch Aether Mage/Steinmetz CP _On the Law of Hysteresis Part 1.pdf7.0MB

Aether Mage/Heaviside Oliver - Electromagnetic Waves.pdf7.0MB

Initiate/THOMPSON JJ - Electricity and Matter.pdf7.0MB

Other/JJ-THOMPSON_Treatise on the motion of vortex rings.pdf7.0MB

Lost Science/Rudolph Steiner_The Light Course.pdf7.0MB

Initiate/Kennelly Arthur - Magnetism.pdf6.0MB

Initiate/Eric Dollard - Notes (1986-1991).pdf5.0MB

Arch Aether Mage/Steinmetz CP _On the Law of Hysteresis Part 3.pdf5.0MB

Other/Lodge Oliver - Modern_views_of_electricity.pdf5.0MB

Other/Kennelly arthur_The Electric Telephone.pdf5.0MB

Lost Science/Sir William Crookes_On Radiant Matter.pdf5.0MB

Initiate/Maxwell JC - A Dynamic Theory of the Electromagnetic Field.pdf5.0MB

Lost Science/Rudolph Steiner_The Warmth Course.pdf4.0MB

Other/Kennelly Arthur_Alternating Electric Currents.pdf4.0MB

Lost Science/Shape Power Dan Davidson.pdf4.0MB

Aether Mage/Kennelly Aurthur_Vector-Power-in-Alternating-Current-Circuits.pdf4.0MB

Other/JJ-THOMPSON_The Atomic theory.pdf4.0MB

Healer/Krafft Carl - Can Science Explain Life.pdf4.0MB

Lost Science/Oliver Lodge - The_Ether_of_Space.pdf4.0MB

Other/JJ-THOMPSON_The corpuscular theory of matter.pdf4.0MB

Arch Aether Mage/Alexander McFarlane_Utility of Quaternions in Physics.pdf4.0MB

Lost Science/implosion_-_viktor_schauberger_and_the_path_of_natural_energy.pdf3.0MB

Lost Science/ONeill John - Prodigal Genius.pdf3.0MB

Initiate/Edward Leedskalnin - Magnetic-Current.pdf3.0MB

Initiate/Nikola Tesla - Collection of Articles by Nikola Tesla.pdf3.0MB

Aether Mage/Steinmetz CP_Symbolic-Representation-of-General-Alternating-Waves-and-Double-Frequency-Vectors-1.pdf3.0MB

Arch Aether Mage/Alexander McFarLane_Vector Analysis and Quaternions.pdf3.0MB

Lost Science/The Wholeness of Nature - Bortoft, Henri.pdf3.0MB

Healer/Thomas Valone - Electromagnetic Healing - Electrothrapy.pdf3.0MB

Other/Krafft Carl - The-Ether-Its-Vortices-1955.pdf3.0MB

Aether Mage/Kennelly Aurthur_Impedance-Angular-Velocities-amp-Frequencies-of-Oscillating-Currents.pdf3.0MB

Arch Aether Mage/Steinmetz CP _Discussion on 'The effect of iron in distorting Alternating-Current Wave-Form.pdf3.0MB

Healer/The_human_atmosphere_ Walter J Kilner.pdf3.0MB

Other/Lodge Oliver - Electrons.pdf3.0MB

Other/Maxwell JC - Matter-and-Motion.pdf3.0MB

Aether Mage/Steinmetz CP-Electric-Transients-1911.pdf2.0MB

Lost Science/Johansson et al. - Self-organizing Flow Technology - In Viktor Schauberger's Footsteps (2002).pdf2.0MB

Lost Science/Wilhelm Reich - Contact-Space.pdf2.0MB

Other/Kennelly Aurthur_Theoretical elements of electro-dynamic machinery.pdf2.0MB

Other/Coats & Schauberger - The water wizard - The extraordinary properties of natural water (1997).pdf2.0MB

Aether Mage/Eric Dollard - Teluric Currents Paper.pdf2.0MB

Lost Science/Alexandersson - Living Water - Viktor Schauberger and the Secrets of Natural Energy (1990).pdf2.0MB

Other/Krafft Carl - The-Mechanistic-Autonomy-of-Nature.pdf2.0MB

Aether Mage/Steinmetz CP-Electrical-Disturbances-the-Nature-of-Electrical-Energy-1912.pdf2.0MB

Initiate/Kennelly Arthur - Algerbra-Made-Easy.pdf2.0MB

Healer/Krafft Carl - Spirazines.pdf2.0MB

Healer/Eric Dollard - MWO update 2012.pdf2.0MB

Arch Aether Mage/Alexander MacFarlane_Principles-of-Elliptic-and-Hyperbolic-Analysis-1894.pdf2.0MB

Other/Radiant Energy Book Bruce A Perreault.pdf2.0MB

Aether Mage/Steinmetz CP-Abnormal-Strains-in-Transformers-1912.pdf1.0MB

Other/Patrick Flanagan - Pyramid Power - The Millennium Science.pdf1.0MB

Other/Mallove - Fire from Ice - Searching for the Truth Behind the Cold Fusion Furor (1991).pdf1.0MB

Other/Coats & Schauberger - The fertile earth - Nature's energies in agriculture, soil fertilisation and forestry (2000).pdf1.0MB

Aether Mage/Steinmetz CP-Magnetic-Reluctivity.pdf1.0MB

Healer/Krafft Carl - The Chemical Organization of Living Matter.pdf1.0MB

Lost Science/Wilhelm Reich - Ether_God_and_Devil-Cosmic_Superimposition.pdf1.0MB

Arch Aether Mage/Concerning the Excitation of Electrical Waves Through Parameter Changes English translation 1934.pdf1.0MB

Other/Coats & Schauberger - Nature as teacher - New principles in the working of nature (1998).pdf1.0MB

Initiate/Wiliam Lyne - Ether Physics.pdf1.0MB

Initiate/Nikola Tesla - On Light & other High Frequency Phenomena.pdf1.0MB

Arch Aether Mage/James-F-Murray-Introduction-to-the-Concepts-of-Energy-Resonance-1983.pdf938.0KB

Healer/Take Back Your Power.pdf903.0KB

Other/JJ-THOMPSON_On the light thrown by recent investigations on electricity on the relation between matter and ether.pdf773.0KB


Arch Aether Mage/cover.png672.0KB

Healer/Krafft Carl - Spiral Molecular Structure The Basis of Life.pdf671.0KB


Other/Krafft Carl - Gravitation is a Function of the Aether Vortex Proton.pdf541.0KB


Initiate/Nikola Tesla - 1891-05-20-lecture.pdf489.0KB

Lost Science/cover.png483.0KB

Healer/The Secret of Life.pdf463.0KB

Aether Mage/cover.png425.0KB


Other/Maxwell JC - Detecting Movement of the Solar System through the aether.pdf223.0KB


Healer/Story of Harry Hoxsey.pdf188.0KB

Healer/Colloidal Silver.doc.pdf107.0KB


Initiate/Eric Dollard - The-Transmission-of-Electricity-Pts-1-amp-2-1987-1988.pdf73.0KB

Healer/Hoxsey Treatment.pdf61.0KB

Other/Krafft Carl - Sub Atomic Vortices.html8.0KB

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