Various Artists Broke, Black & Blue An Anthology Of Blues Classics And Rarities(blues)([email protected])[rogercc][h33t]

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Vol. 3/02. Dupree Blues.mp38.0MB

Vol. 2/22. Long Ways From Home.mp38.0MB

Vol. 1/02. Georgia Stockade Blues.mp37.0MB

Vol. 1/22. Cool Drink of Water Blues.mp37.0MB

Vol. 1/03. Sun Brimmers Blues.mp37.0MB

Vol. 1/14. It Won't Be Long Now.mp37.0MB

Vol. 1/25. T.C. Johnson Blues.mp37.0MB

Vol. 2/07. Broke and Hungry Blues.mp37.0MB

Vol. 1/23. Left Alone Blues.mp37.0MB

Vol. 4/05. Memory of Sonny Boy.mp37.0MB

Vol. 3/01. Married Man Blues.mp37.0MB

Vol. 1/12. Church Bells Blues.mp37.0MB

Vol. 2/08. Funny Feathers.mp37.0MB

Vol. 3/06. Fat Mama Blues.mp37.0MB

Vol. 1/06. Up Country Blues.mp37.0MB

Vol. 1/21. School Girl Blues.mp37.0MB

Vol. 3/15. Baby, You Gotta Change Your Mind.mp37.0MB

Vol. 2/17. Traveling Mama Blues.mp37.0MB

Vol. 1/07. Dead Drunk Blues.mp37.0MB

Vol. 3/07. Never Mind Blues.mp37.0MB

Vol. 3/08. Twelves, The (Dirty Dozen).mp37.0MB

Vol. 1/24. T and T Blues.mp37.0MB

Vol. 2/24. Good Boy Blues.mp37.0MB

Vol. 2/15. Trinity River Blues.mp37.0MB

Vol. 3/20. Back Door Blues.mp37.0MB

Vol. 3/19. Prisoner Blues.mp37.0MB

Vol. 2/05. Chicken Wilson Blues.mp37.0MB

Vol. 4/03. Can't You Read.mp37.0MB

Vol. 3/11. Good Whiskey Blues.mp37.0MB

Vol. 2/10. Mr Devil Blues.mp37.0MB

Vol. 2/16. Heavy Suitcase Blues.mp37.0MB

Vol. 2/18. Jumpin' and Shoutin' Blues.mp37.0MB

Vol. 3/05. Midnight Hour Blues.mp37.0MB

Vol. 2/14. Framer's Blues.mp37.0MB

Vol. 2/23. Frisco Blues.mp37.0MB

Vol. 2/19. Bedside Blues.mp37.0MB

Vol. 2/04. Unknown Blues.mp37.0MB

Vol. 3/09. Little Leg Woman.mp37.0MB

Vol. 3/04. Lonesome Road Blues.mp37.0MB

Vol. 2/09. Pitchin' Boogie.mp37.0MB

Vol. 1/19. My Monday Blues.mp37.0MB

Vol. 1/13. Two Ways to Texas.mp37.0MB

Vol. 2/02. No More Women Blues.mp37.0MB

Vol. 2/21. Future Blues.mp36.0MB

Vol. 3/10. That's What My Baby Likes.mp36.0MB

Vol. 3/14. Cold Blooded Murder, No.2.mp36.0MB

Vol. 1/20. What's the Matter Blues.mp36.0MB

Vol. 1/16. Rock Island Blues.mp36.0MB

Vol. 2/13. Poor Man Blues.mp36.0MB

Vol. 3/24. Jersey Belle Blues.mp36.0MB

Vol. 2/20. Walking Blues.mp36.0MB

Vol. 1/09. Easy Rider Don't You Deny My Name.mp36.0MB

Vol. 2/06. Stack O'Lee Blues.mp36.0MB

Vol. 2/03. How Long, How Long Blues.mp36.0MB

Vol. 3/12. Strut That Thing.mp36.0MB

Vol. 4/07. Ruby Moore Blues.mp36.0MB

Vol. 4/11. Fast Life.mp36.0MB

Vol. 4/09. Round the World Boogie.mp36.0MB

Vol. 4/06. Horse Shoe Boogie.mp36.0MB

Vol. 4/04. Life is Like That.mp36.0MB

Vol. 2/01. Ham Hound Crave.mp36.0MB

Vol. 1/15. Bottleneck Blues.mp36.0MB

Vol. 2/25. No Special Rider Blues.mp36.0MB

Vol. 4/20. I Believe I'll Go Downtown Again.mp36.0MB

Vol. 4/01. East St Louis Blues.mp36.0MB

Vol. 4/18. That Woman's a Pearl Diver.mp36.0MB

Vol. 1/01. Barrel House Blues.mp36.0MB

Vol. 1/04. Goin' to Leave You Blues.mp36.0MB

Vol. 3/03. 22-20 Blues.mp36.0MB

Vol. 4/13. I Ain't Like That No More.mp36.0MB

Vol. 4/22. Dixie Flyer.mp36.0MB

Vol. 4/14. Chain Gang Blues.mp36.0MB

Vol. 4/08. Low Land Blues.mp36.0MB

Vol. 3/18. Jockey Blues.mp36.0MB

Vol. 2/11. Mississippi Bottom Blues.mp36.0MB

Vol. 3/17. It's Cold In China Blues.mp36.0MB

Vol. 3/13. Teasin' Brown Blues.mp36.0MB

Vol. 3/25. Baby, Please Don't Tell On Me.mp36.0MB

Vol. 4/24. Rhythm Mama.mp36.0MB

Vol. 1/17. Midnight Blues.mp36.0MB

Vol. 4/16. My Baby's Acting Funny.mp36.0MB

Vol. 4/21. Something in the Moon That Gives Me a Thrill.mp36.0MB

Vol. 4/23. Believe My Sins Have Found Me Out.mp36.0MB

Vol. 4/17. It's Time to Go.mp36.0MB

Vol. 2/12. Weary Heart Blues.mp36.0MB

Vol. 4/10. Rock That Boogie.mp36.0MB

Vol. 1/10. Bo-Lita.mp36.0MB

Vol. 1/05. Dry Bone Shuffle.mp36.0MB

Vol. 1/08. Original Stack O'Lee Blues.mp36.0MB

Vol. 3/23. Hard Scufflin' Blues.mp36.0MB

Vol. 3/22. Booker T Blues.mp36.0MB

Vol. 4/25. New Little Girl, Little Girl.mp36.0MB

Vol. 4/02. Bukka's Jitterbug Swing.mp36.0MB

Vol. 4/19. Jumpin' at the Club Blue Flame.mp36.0MB

Vol. 3/16. Ashes In My Whiskey.mp36.0MB

Vol. 4/15. Yum, Yum, Yum.mp36.0MB

Vol. 3/21. Don't Sell It (Don't Give It Away).mp35.0MB

Vol. 1/18. Fare Thee Blues.mp35.0MB

Vol. 4/12. Mistreated Blues.mp35.0MB

Vol. 1/11. Everybody Help the Boys Come Home.mp35.0MB

Vol. 2/folder.jpg41.0KB

Vol. 3/folder.jpg39.0KB

Vol. 1/folder.jpg38.0KB

Vol. 4/folder.jpg29.0KB

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