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zizek talks

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Slavoj Zizek - The Reality of the Virtual/Slavoj Zizek - The Reality of the Virtual.avi699.0MB

Slavoj Zizek - The Pervert's Guide to Cinema (Sophie Fiennes, 2006).avi419.0MB

Zizek - Alien, Marx und Co - arte - 25.04.2006.wmv336.0MB

Zizek - Freud and the Political 1 [Mar 2007].mp366.0MB

Zizek mp3s/Zizek, Dolar, Zupancic, Copjec 1.mp366.0MB

Dr Slavoj Zizek.rm65.0MB

Zizek mp3s/Slavoj 럌엁k (Zizek) 20051208 FranceCulture.mp351.0MB

Zizek mp3s/indoktrina_Zizek_2.mp350.0MB

Zizek mp3s/Zizek interview at St Paul Among the Philosophers conference April 2005.mp346.0MB

Zizek - Freud and the Political 2 [Mar 2007].mp343.0MB

Zizek mp3s/Zizek, Dolar, Zupancic, Copjec 2.mp343.0MB

Zizek mp3s/SalvojZizek - Between Fear and Trembling-On Why Only Atheists Can Believe.mp337.0MB

Zizek Lacan seminar 2006/04.zizek.lacan.london.06-June-2006.wav30.0MB

Zizek Lacan seminar 2006/08.zizek.lacan.london.20-June-2006.wav30.0MB

Zizek mp3s/zizek-06-05-15a.mp329.0MB

Zizek Lacan seminar 2006/05.zizek.lacan.london.08-June-2006.wav29.0MB

Zizek Lacan seminar 2006/09.zizek.lacan.london.21-June-2006.wav28.0MB

Zizek Lacan seminar 2006/02.zizek.lacan.london.30-May-2006.wav27.0MB

Zizek Lacan seminar 2006/03.zizek.lacan.london.01-June-2006.wav27.0MB


Zizek Lacan seminar 2006/01.zizek.lacan.london.25-May-2006.wav24.0MB

Open Source-Zizek-The Pervert’s Guide to Cinema.mp323.0MB

Zizek Lacan seminar 2006/06.zizek.lacan.london.13-June-2006.wav23.0MB


Zizek Lacan seminar 2006/07.zizek.lacan.london.15-June-2006.wav21.0MB

Zizek mp3s/Zizek - The Ignorance of Chicken 1.mp317.0MB

Zizek mp3s/Slavoj Zizek - the matrix, or the two sides of perversion.mp317.0MB

Zizek mp3s/Zizek, Slavoj-Why Sep 12th is more important than Sep 11th (Jerusalem, Jan 12, 2003).mp316.0MB

Zizek - A Lacanian Plea for Fundamentalism.m4a15.0MB


Zizek mp3s/Who is Slavoj Zizek 2.mp314.0MB

zizek taling on David Lynch (German).ra14.0MB


Slavoj Zizek - Against Populist Temptation.ogg14.0MB

Zizek and the Public Intellectual Craze panel at Slought.m4a11.0MB

Zizek mp3s/Zizek - rethinking marxism conference.mp310.0MB

Zizek mp3s/Zizek plenary talk at 2006 Rethinking Marxism conference.mp310.0MB

Zizek mp3s/Who is Slavoj Zizek 1.mp310.0MB

Zizek mp3s/Slavoj Zizek @ Buenos Aires 28-11-03.mp39.0MB

Zizek mp3s/Zizek - The Ignorance of Chicken 2.mp38.0MB

Slavoj Zizek - On The Societies Of Control.mov6.0MB

Zizek mp3s/02_zizek_at_roxie_part_2.mp36.0MB

Zizek mp3s/01_zizek_at_roxie_part_1.mp36.0MB

[Filosofia] Zizek on Belief.mov4.0MB

Zizek mp3s/enjoyment-as-a-political-category-slavoj-zizek.mp34.0MB

Zizek mp3s/enjoyment-as-a-political-category-discuss-slavoj-zizek.mp34.0MB

Zizek! - Trailer.mov4.0MB

Slavoj Zizek - The Reality of the Virtual/Essay.pdf180.0KB


Zizek talk (at bottom right).URL1.0KB

Zizek - Between Fear and Terror.rm1.0KB

Zizek links.URL1.0KB

Slavoj Zizek - The Reality of the Virtual/Torrent downloaded from Demonoid.com.txt1.0KB


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