Duran Duran - Studio albums

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The torrent has 133 files, total 753.0MB, created at Nov. 24, 2014.

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duran duran - studio albums

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Astronaut/12 Still Breathing.mp310.0MB

The Wedding Album/13 Sin Of The City.mp310.0MB

Thank You/10 thank you.mp39.0MB

Astronaut/11 Point Of No Return.mp38.0MB

Big Thing/09 Land.mp38.0MB

Astronaut/09 Chains.mp38.0MB

Notorious/03 Skin Trade.mp38.0MB

Notorious/04 A Matter Of feeling.mp38.0MB

Duran Duran/08 Friends Of Mine.mp37.0MB

The Wedding Album/02 Ordinary World.mp37.0MB

Rio/01 Rio.mp37.0MB

Rio/06 New Religion.mp37.0MB

Thank You/11 drive by.mp37.0MB

Thank You/01 white lines.mp37.0MB

Seven and the Ragged Tiger/01 The Reflex.mp37.0MB

The Wedding Album/08 UMF.mp37.0MB

Pop Trash/04 Hallucinating Elvis.mp37.0MB

Liberty/07 First Impression.mp37.0MB

Rio/08 Save A Prayer.mp37.0MB

Duran Duran/06 Night Boat.mp37.0MB

Seven and the Ragged Tiger/09 The Seventh Stranger.mp37.0MB

Liberty/11 Downtown.mp37.0MB

Medazzaland/03 Electric Barbarella.mp37.0MB

Big Thing/07 Palomino.mp37.0MB

The Wedding Album/10 None Of The Above.mp37.0MB

Duran Duran/09 Tel Aviv.mp37.0MB

Medazzaland/07 Be My Icon.mp37.0MB

Astronaut/03 What Happens Tomorrow.mp37.0MB

The Wedding Album/04 Drowning Man.mp37.0MB

Liberty/10 Venice Drowning.mp37.0MB

Rio/09 The Chauffeur.mp37.0MB

Big Thing/04 Too Late Marlene.mp37.0MB

Thank You/02 I wanna take you higher.mp37.0MB

Liberty/06 My Antartica.mp36.0MB

Liberty/02 Liberty.mp36.0MB

Pop Trash/06 Pop trash movie.mp36.0MB

Pop Trash/09 Lady Xanax.mp36.0MB

The Wedding Album/03 Love Voodoo.mp36.0MB

The Wedding Album/07 Breath After Breath.mp36.0MB

Astronaut/08 Finest Hour.mp36.0MB

Pop Trash/10 The sun doesn't shine forever.mp36.0MB

The Wedding Album/01 Too Much Information.mp36.0MB

Notorious/10 Proposition.mp36.0MB

Rio/02 My Own Way.mp36.0MB

Pop Trash/01 Someone else not me.mp36.0MB

Astronaut/02 Want You More.mp36.0MB

Thank You/04 watching the detectives.mp36.0MB

Astronaut/05 Bedroom Toys.mp36.0MB

Astronaut/10 One Of Those Days.mp36.0MB

Astronaut/07 Taste The Summer.mp36.0MB

Astronaut/01 (Reach Up For The) Sunrise.mp36.0MB

Medazzaland/02 Big Bang Generation.mp36.0MB

Notorious/06 Vertigo ( Do The Demolition ).mp36.0MB

Notorious/02 American Science.mp36.0MB

Medazzaland/11 So Long Suicide.mp36.0MB

The Wedding Album/06 Come Undone.mp36.0MB

Big Thing/05 Drug (It's Just A State Of Mind).mp36.0MB

Big Thing/03 All She Wants Is.mp36.0MB

Liberty/08 Read My Lips.mp36.0MB

Notorious/05 Hold Me.mp36.0MB

Astronaut/04 Astronaut.mp36.0MB

Thank You/12 I wanna take you higher again.mp36.0MB

Pop Trash/12 The last day on Earth.mp36.0MB

The Wedding Album/11 Shelter.mp36.0MB

Big Thing/06 Do You Believe In Shame.mp36.0MB

Rio/07 Last Chance On The Stairway.mp36.0MB

Seven and the Ragged Tiger/06 Union Of The Snake.mp36.0MB

The Wedding Album/12 To Whom It May Concern.mp36.0MB

Liberty/01 Violence Of Summer.mp36.0MB

Astronaut/06 Nice.mp36.0MB

The Wedding Album/09 Femme Fatale.mp36.0MB

Medazzaland/04 Out Of My Mind.mp36.0MB

Liberty/04 Serious.mp36.0MB

Medazzaland/08 Buried In The Sand.mp36.0MB

Big Thing/13 Drug (It's Just A State Of Mind).mp36.0MB

Seven and the Ragged Tiger/02 New Moon On Monday.mp36.0MB

Notorious/08 Meet El Presidente.mp35.0MB

Notorious/01 Notorious.mp35.0MB

Duran Duran/05 Is There Something I Should Know.mp35.0MB

Medazzaland/09 Michael You've Got A Lot To Answer For.mp35.0MB

Duran Duran/07 Sound Of Thunder.mp35.0MB

Big Thing/02 I Don't Want Your Love.mp35.0MB

Seven and the Ragged Tiger/07 Shadows On Your Side.mp35.0MB

Thank You/07 success.mp35.0MB

Duran Duran/03 Anyone Out There.mp35.0MB

Notorious/07 So Misled.mp35.0MB

Thank You/06 911 is a joke.mp35.0MB

Duran Duran/02 Planet Earth.mp35.0MB

Pop Trash/02 Lava lamp.mp35.0MB

Pop Trash/03 Playing with Uranium.mp35.0MB

Duran Duran/04 Careless Memories.mp35.0MB

Thank You/05 lay lady lay.mp35.0MB

Medazzaland/01 Medazzaland.mp35.0MB

Seven and the Ragged Tiger/05 Of Crime And Passion.mp35.0MB

Rio/05 Hold Back The Rain.mp35.0MB

Thank You/03 perfect day.mp35.0MB

Rio/03 Lonely In Your Nightmare.mp35.0MB

Liberty/05 All Along The Water.mp35.0MB

Liberty/09 Can You Deal With It.mp35.0MB

Thank You/09 ball of confusion.mp35.0MB

Medazzaland/10 Midnight Sun.mp35.0MB

Rio/04 Hungry Like The Wolf.mp35.0MB

Seven and the Ragged Tiger/03 I'm Looking For Cracks In The Pavement.mp35.0MB

Big Thing/01 Big Thing.mp35.0MB

Duran Duran/01 Girls On Film.mp35.0MB

Liberty/03 Hothead.mp34.0MB

Medazzaland/05 Who Do You Think You Are.mp34.0MB

Notorious/09 Winter Marches On.mp34.0MB

Seven and the Ragged Tiger/08 Tiger Tiger.mp34.0MB

Seven and the Ragged Tiger/04 I Take The Dice.mp34.0MB

Pop Trash/08 Mars meets Venus.mp34.0MB

Medazzaland/12 Undergoing Treatment.mp34.0MB

Big Thing/12 Lake Shore Driving.mp34.0MB

Thank You/08 crystal ship.mp34.0MB

Pop Trash/05 Starting to remember.mp33.0MB

Big Thing/11 The Edge Of America.mp33.0MB

Medazzaland/06 Silva Helo.mp33.0MB

Pop Trash/07 Fragment.mp31.0MB

The Wedding Album/05 Shotgun.mp31.0MB

Pop Trash/11 Kiss goodbye.mp31.0MB

Big Thing/08 Interlude One.mp3826.0KB

Big Thing/10 Flute Interlude.mp3797.0KB


Pop Trash/cover.jpg15.0KB



Thank You/cover.jpg11.0KB

The Wedding Album/cover.jpg11.0KB

Seven and the Ragged Tiger/cover.jpg10.0KB


Duran Duran/cover.jpg9.0KB

Big Thing/cover.jpg9.0KB


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