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Younger Than Yesterday/08 - Mind Gardens.m4a27.0MB

The Notorious Byrd Brothers/11 - Space Odyssey.m4a26.0MB

Mr. Tambourine Man/11 - Chimes of Freedom.m4a26.0MB

Turn! Turn! Turn!/01 - Turn! Turn! Turn! (To Everything There Is a Season).m4a25.0MB

The Notorious Byrd Brothers/07 - Change Is Now.m4a25.0MB

Mr. Tambourine Man/06 - The Bells of Rhymney.m4a24.0MB

Turn! Turn! Turn!/04 - Lay Down Your Weary Tune.m4a24.0MB

The Notorious Byrd Brothers/02 - Goin' Back.m4a24.0MB

Fifth Dimension/07 - Eight Miles High.m4a23.0MB

Younger Than Yesterday/09 - My Back Pages.m4a23.0MB

Younger Than Yesterday/07 - Thoughts and Words.m4a23.0MB

Younger Than Yesterday/11 - Why.m4a21.0MB

Younger Than Yesterday/02 - Have You Seen Her Face.m4a21.0MB

Younger Than Yesterday/06 - Everybody's Been Burned.m4a21.0MB

Turn! Turn! Turn!/11 - Oh! Susannah.m4a20.0MB

Younger Than Yesterday/03 - C.T.A.-102.m4a20.0MB

Turn! Turn! Turn!/03 - Set You Free This Time.m4a19.0MB

Fifth Dimension/06 - I Come and Stand at Every Door.m4a19.0MB

Turn! Turn! Turn!/08 - If You’re Gone.m4a19.0MB

The Notorious Byrd Brothers/06 - Get to You.m4a19.0MB

The Notorious Byrd Brothers/01 - Artificial Energy.m4a19.0MB

The Notorious Byrd Brothers/04 - Draft Morning.m4a19.0MB

Fifth Dimension/09 - Captain Soul.m4a19.0MB

Mr. Tambourine Man/10 - Don’t Doubt Yourself, Babe.m4a19.0MB

Mr. Tambourine Man/02 - I’ll Feel a Whole Lot Better.m4a18.0MB

Fifth Dimension/10 - John Riley.m4a18.0MB

Fifth Dimension/04 - I See You.m4a17.0MB

Mr. Tambourine Man/05 - Here Without You.m4a17.0MB

Turn! Turn! Turn!/10 - Wait and See.m4a17.0MB

Younger Than Yesterday/01 - So You Want to Be a Rock 'n' Roll Star.m4a17.0MB

Fifth Dimension/01 - 5D (Fifth Dimension).m4a17.0MB

Mr. Tambourine Man/01 - Mr. Tambourine Man.m4a16.0MB

Fifth Dimension/05 - What's Happening!!.m4a16.0MB

Mr. Tambourine Man/09 - It’s No Use.m4a16.0MB

The Notorious Byrd Brothers/03 - Natural Harmony.m4a16.0MB

Turn! Turn! Turn!/09 - The Times They Are A-Changin’.m4a16.0MB

Turn! Turn! Turn!/05 - He Was a Friend of Mine.m4a16.0MB

Turn! Turn! Turn!/07 - Satisfied Mind.m4a16.0MB

Turn! Turn! Turn!/06 - The World Turns All Around Her.m4a16.0MB

Younger Than Yesterday/05 - Time Between.m4a16.0MB

Fifth Dimension/02 - Wild Mountain Thyme.m4a15.0MB

Mr. Tambourine Man/08 - I Knew I’d Want You.m4a15.0MB

The Notorious Byrd Brothers/05 - Wasn't Born to Follow.m4a15.0MB

The Notorious Byrd Brothers/09 - Tribal Gathering.m4a15.0MB

Mr. Tambourine Man/04 - You Won’t Have to Cry.m4a15.0MB

Younger Than Yesterday/04 - Renaissance Fair.m4a15.0MB

Fifth Dimension/08 - Hey Joe (Where You Gonna Go).m4a15.0MB

Mr. Tambourine Man/07 - All I Really Want to Do.m4a15.0MB

Younger Than Yesterday/10 - The Girl With No Name.m4a15.0MB

Turn! Turn! Turn!/02 - It Won’t Be Wrong.m4a14.0MB

Fifth Dimension/11 - 2-4-2 Fox Trot (The Lear Jet Song).m4a14.0MB

The Notorious Byrd Brothers/10 - Dolphins' Smile.m4a14.0MB

Fifth Dimension/03 - Mr. Spaceman.m4a14.0MB

Mr. Tambourine Man/12 - We’ll Meet Again.m4a14.0MB

The Notorious Byrd Brothers/08 - Old John Robertson.m4a14.0MB

Mr. Tambourine Man/03 - Spanish Harlem Incident.m4a13.0MB

Younger Than Yesterday/Younger Than Yesterday.png3.0MB

Turn! Turn! Turn!/Turn! Turn! Turn!.png2.0MB

The Notorious Byrd Brothers/The Notorious Byrd Brothers.png2.0MB

Mr. Tambourine Man/Mr. Tambourine Man.png1.0MB

Fifth Dimension/Fifth Dimension.png579.0KB

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