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The torrent has 119 files, total 680.0MB, created at Dec. 13, 2014.

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lost soul

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2009 Immerse In Infinity/08 Simulation.mp322.0MB

2009 Immerse In Infinity/04 216.mp318.0MB

2009 Immerse In Infinity/01 Revival.mp316.0MB

2005 Chaostream/09 - The Birth Of Babalon.mp315.0MB

2009 Immerse In Infinity/05 One Step Too Far.mp315.0MB

2009 Immerse In Infinity/06 Breath Of Nibiru.mp314.0MB

2009 Immerse In Infinity/07 Divine Project.mp314.0MB

2005 Chaostream/07 - Christian Meat.mp314.0MB

2005 Chaostream/05 - The Hidden Law.mp314.0MB

2009 Immerse In Infinity/02 Personal Universe.mp314.0MB

2000 Scream of The Mourning Star/10. Unclean.mp313.0MB

2002 UberMensch (Death of God)/11 - The One You Seek.mp312.0MB

2009 Immerse In Infinity/03 ... If The Dead Can Speak.mp311.0MB

2005 Chaostream/08 - Angel's Cry.mp311.0MB

2002 UberMensch (Death of God)/07 - Soul Hunger.mp311.0MB

2005 Chaostream/04 - Shameful Race.mp311.0MB

2005 Chaostream/01 - The Word Of Sin.mp310.0MB

2005 Chaostream/06 - Mortal Cage.mp310.0MB

2002 UberMensch (Death of God)/08 - Lords Of Endeavours.mp39.0MB

2005 Chaostream/02 - Godstate.mp39.0MB

2005 Chaostream/03 - Death Crowns All.mp38.0MB

2000 Scream of The Mourning Star/08. Nameless.mp38.0MB

2000 Scream of The Mourning Star/03. Tabernaculum Miser.mp38.0MB

2002 UberMensch (Death of God)/10 - Adoration Of Violet.mp38.0MB

1992(demo) Necrophil/02-eternal_darkness_MZ.mp38.0MB

2002 UberMensch (Death of God)/03 - Beast Rising.mp38.0MB

2000(Split) Polish Assault/01 - Decapitated - The Eye Of Horus.mp38.0MB

2000(Split) Polish Assault/03 - Decapitated - The First Damned.mp38.0MB

1994(demo) Superior Ignotum/6. Lost Dreams.MP38.0MB

2000 Scream of The Mourning Star/06. Entrance To The Nothingness.mp37.0MB

1999(Split) Disco's Out, Slaughter's In/13-Night Gallery - Our Love Means War.mp37.0MB

2002 UberMensch (Death of God)/06 - To The New Light.mp37.0MB

1999(Split) Disco's Out, Slaughter's In/11-Night Gallery - Bastard Seeds.mp37.0MB

1992(demo) Necrophil/03-necrophil_MZ.mp37.0MB

1999(Split) Disco's Out, Slaughter's In/12-Night Gallery - Another Knifeplay.mp37.0MB

2000 Scream of The Mourning Star/01. My Kingdom.mp37.0MB

2000 Scream of The Mourning Star/09. An Eternal Sleep.mp37.0MB

2000(Split) Polish Assault/04 - Decapitated - 9 Steps.mp37.0MB

2000(Split) Polish Assault/17 - Damnable - The Myth.mp37.0MB

2000 Scream of The Mourning Star/05. Malediction.mp36.0MB

1992(demo) Necrophil/05-sacrifice_of_destiny_MZ.mp36.0MB

2000(Split) Polish Assault/02 - Decapitated - Blessed.mp36.0MB

2002 UberMensch (Death of God)/04 - The Source Of Thee.mp36.0MB

2000(Split) Polish Assault/07 - Yattering - Exterminate.mp36.0MB

2000 Scream of The Mourning Star/02. Divine Satisfaction.mp36.0MB

1993(demo) Eternal Darkness/02- eternal darkness.mp36.0MB

1994(demo) Superior Ignotum/4. Black Forerunner.MP36.0MB

2000 Scream of The Mourning Star/04. The Highest Pleasure.mp36.0MB

1992(demo) Necrophil/04-morbid_blooddrinker_MZ.mp35.0MB

2000(Split) Polish Assault/14 - Damnable - Underworld.mp35.0MB

2002 UberMensch (Death of God)/02 - No Salvation.mp35.0MB

1999(Split) Disco's Out, Slaughter's In/09-Disinter - Moral Insanity.mp35.0MB

2000 Scream of The Mourning Star/07. We Want God.mp35.0MB

2000(Split) Polish Assault/21 - Damnable - Self Analysis.mp35.0MB

1998(demo) Now Is Forever/01-my_kingdom-gw.mp35.0MB

1993(demo) Eternal Darkness/03- necrophil.mp35.0MB

1998(demo) Now Is Forever/04-divine_satisfaction-gw.mp35.0MB

2000(Split) Polish Assault/08 - Yattering - Eyes Can See....mp35.0MB

2000(Split) Polish Assault/19 - Damnable - Re-reincarnation.mp35.0MB

1999(Split) Disco's Out, Slaughter's In/05-Reinless - Lost Humanity.mp35.0MB

1998(demo) Now Is Forever/02-malediction-gw.mp35.0MB

1994(demo) Superior Ignotum/5. The End.MP35.0MB

1999(Split) Disco's Out, Slaughter's In/06-Reinless - The Old Man.mp35.0MB

1999(Split) Disco's Out, Slaughter's In/08-Reinless - March of Silence.mp34.0MB

1999(Split) Disco's Out, Slaughter's In/07-Reinless - Tora.mp34.0MB

1999(Split) Disco's Out, Slaughter's In/10-Disinter - The End.mp34.0MB

1993(demo) Eternal Darkness/05- sacrifice of destiny.mp34.0MB

1998(demo) Now Is Forever/03-we_want_god-gw.mp34.0MB

1993(demo) Eternal Darkness/04- morbid bloodrinker.mp34.0MB

1999(Split) Disco's Out, Slaughter's In/01-Lost Soul - My Kingdom.mp34.0MB

2000(Split) Polish Assault/09 - Lost Soul - My Kingdom.mp34.0MB

2000(Split) Polish Assault/16 - Damnable - Circle of Time.mp34.0MB

1999(Split) Disco's Out, Slaughter's In/02-Lost Soul - Malediction.mp34.0MB

1994(demo) Superior Ignotum/1. On the Edge of Oblivion.MP33.0MB

2000(Split) Polish Assault/10 - Lost Soul - Malediction.mp33.0MB

1999(Split) Disco's Out, Slaughter's In/04-Lost Soul - Divine Satisfaction.mp33.0MB

2000(Split) Polish Assault/12 - Lost Soul - Divine Satisfaction.mp33.0MB

2000(Split) Polish Assault/22 - Damnable - Outro.mp33.0MB

2000(Split) Polish Assault/18 - Damnable - Reincarnation.mp33.0MB

1994(demo) Superior Ignotum/2. In the Moment of Death.MP33.0MB

2002 UberMensch (Death of God)/12 - The Crown.mp33.0MB

2002 UberMensch (Death of God)/05 - Incinerate.mp33.0MB

1999(Split) Disco's Out, Slaughter's In/03-Lost Soul - We Want God.mp33.0MB

1994(demo) Superior Ignotum/8. ...When Your Light Will Go Out.MP33.0MB

1992(demo) Necrophil/01-road_to_the_world_of_corpse_MZ.mp33.0MB

2002 UberMensch (Death of God)/09 - Apeiron.mp33.0MB

1994(demo) Superior Ignotum/3. The Book.MP33.0MB

2000(Split) Polish Assault/11 - Lost Soul - We Want God.mp33.0MB

2002 UberMensch (Death of God)/01 - The Dawn.mp33.0MB

2000(Split) Polish Assault/15 - Damnable - Paranormal.mp32.0MB

2000(Split) Polish Assault/06 - Yattering - Ill Neglect (Brutal Truth cover).mp32.0MB

2000(Split) Polish Assault/05 - Decapitated - Dance Macabre.mp32.0MB

1994(demo) Superior Ignotum/7. Ill Imaginations.MP32.0MB

2000(Split) Polish Assault/20 - Damnable - To God Unknown.mp32.0MB

2000(Split) Polish Assault/13 - Damnable - Intro.mp31.0MB

1993(demo) Eternal Darkness/01- intro.mp31.0MB

1992(demo) Necrophil/00-Lost_Soul_(Pol)_-_Necrophil_[demo_1992]_by_zuchu666-front_cover_MZ.jpg877.0KB

1999(Split) Disco's Out, Slaughter's In/cover/16-Reinless.jpg519.0KB

1999(Split) Disco's Out, Slaughter's In/cover/15-Lost Soul.jpg503.0KB

1999(Split) Disco's Out, Slaughter's In/cover/17-Disiniter.jpg503.0KB

1999(Split) Disco's Out, Slaughter's In/cover/18-Night Gallery.jpg429.0KB

1999(Split) Disco's Out, Slaughter's In/cover/14-front.jpg369.0KB

1992(demo) Necrophil/cover.jpg298.0KB


2009 Immerse In Infinity/246322.jpg50.0KB

2005 Chaostream/2005 - Chaostream.jpg46.0KB

2002 UberMensch (Death of God)/cover.JPG37.0KB

1993(demo) Eternal Darkness/21827.gif33.0KB

2000(Split) Polish Assault/Cover.jpg32.0KB

2000 Scream of The Mourning Star/15811.jpg29.0KB

1994(demo) Superior Ignotum/Cover.jpg29.0KB

1999(Split) Disco's Out, Slaughter's In/cover.JPG26.0KB




1998(demo) Now Is Forever/lost_soul-now_is_forever-demo-tape-1998-gw.nfo10.0KB

2009 Immerse In Infinity/00. Lost Soul - Immerse In Infinity.nfo2.0KB

1998(demo) Now Is Forever/00-lost_soul-now_is_forever-demo-tape-1998-gw.sfv1.0KB

1998(demo) Now Is Forever/00-lost_soul-now_is_forever-demo-tape-1998-gw.m3u1.0KB

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