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8 - Creating a Web Site Mockup/8-3 Creating navigation buttons.mp426.0MB

9 - Creating UI Elements/9-2 Creating buttons.mp426.0MB

9 - Creating UI Elements/9-5 Creating progress bars.mp422.0MB

9 - Creating UI Elements/9-1 Creating video placeholders.mp421.0MB

9 - Creating UI Elements/9-3 Creating form fields.mp418.0MB

6 - Working with Text/6-6 Simulating the CSS box model.mp418.0MB

9 - Creating UI Elements/9-6 Creating tabbed interfaces.mp418.0MB

3 - Working with Layers/3-2 Renaming and grouping layers.mp418.0MB

8 - Creating a Web Site Mockup/8-2 Adding master elements.mp417.0MB

1 - Core Concepts/1-9 Working with Pixel Preview and anti-aliasing.mp417.0MB

8 - Creating a Web Site Mockup/8-4 Working with photographs.mp416.0MB

7 - Using Live Effects/7-5 Saving appearance as graphic styles.mp415.0MB

10 - Optimizing Web Graphics/10-8 Exporting SVG graphics.mp415.0MB

5 - Creating Wireframes/5-3 Developing a layout with shapes.mp415.0MB

4 - Working with Shapes and Symbols/4-4 Creating symbols.mp414.0MB

10 - Optimizing Web Graphics/10-3 Understanding web file formats.mp414.0MB

1 - Core Concepts/1-7 Using artboards for responsive layouts.mp414.0MB

3 - Working with Layers/3-1 Exploring the Layers panel.mp414.0MB

6 - Working with Text/6-4 Creating and using paragraph styles.mp414.0MB

1 - Core Concepts/1-4 Setting up Illustrator for web work.mp413.0MB

11 - Creating Image Sprites/11-2 Creating a sprite grid.mp413.0MB

2 - Working with Color/2-1 Adjusting color settings.mp413.0MB

5 - Creating Wireframes/5-2 Using guides and rulers.mp413.0MB

8 - Creating a Web Site Mockup/8-5 Simulating pages with artboards.mp412.0MB

9 - Creating UI Elements/9-4 Creating radio boxes and checkboxes.mp412.0MB

10 - Optimizing Web Graphics/10-6 Optimizing transparent graphics.mp412.0MB

1 - Core Concepts/1-5 Creating a new document for web.mp412.0MB

2 - Working with Color/2-3 Creating a color palette.mp411.0MB

8 - Creating a Web Site Mockup/8-1 Starting with a wireframe.mp411.0MB

7 - Using Live Effects/7-1 Understanding object appearance.mp411.0MB

2 - Working with Color/2-5 Working with fills and strokes.mp411.0MB

5 - Creating Wireframes/5-4 Using a grid system.mp411.0MB

4 - Working with Shapes and Symbols/4-2 Working with Pathfinder.mp410.0MB

10 - Optimizing Web Graphics/10-4 Exploring the Save for Web dialog.mp410.0MB

10 - Optimizing Web Graphics/10-5 Optimizing photographs.mp410.0MB

12 - Integrating with Other Apps/12-5 Exporting HTML from Illustrator.mp49.0MB

2 - Working with Color/2-4 Creating custom swatches.mp49.0MB

12 - Integrating with Other Apps/12-1 Placing Illustrator Smart Objects.mp49.0MB

4 - Working with Shapes and Symbols/4-3 Using the Shape Builder tool.mp49.0MB

12 - Integrating with Other Apps/12-3 Exporting Illustrator artwork as a PSD.mp49.0MB

1 - Core Concepts/1-3 Exploring the Illustrator to HTML workflow.mp48.0MB

10 - Optimizing Web Graphics/10-7 Saving Retina display graphics.mp48.0MB

6 - Working with Text/6-5 Creating and using character styles.mp48.0MB

4 - Working with Shapes and Symbols/4-5 Editing and replacing symbols.mp48.0MB

1 - Core Concepts/1-8 Creating email newsletter documents.mp48.0MB

6 - Working with Text/6-2 Using text as text vs. using text as an image.mp48.0MB

6 - Working with Text/6-1 Exploring the rules of typography.mp48.0MB

4 - Working with Shapes and Symbols/4-1 Drawing simple shapes.mp48.0MB

10 - Optimizing Web Graphics/10-2 Slicing up a mockup.mp47.0MB

7 - Using Live Effects/7-2 Applying and editing live effects.mp47.0MB

10 - Optimizing Web Graphics/10-1 Understanding slicing.mp47.0MB

2 - Working with Color/2-2 Understanding web color.mp47.0MB

5 - Creating Wireframes/5-1 Planning your project.mp47.0MB

7 - Using Live Effects/7-3 Creating and using drop shadows.mp46.0MB

12 - Integrating with Other Apps/12-4 Importing artwork into Fireworks.mp46.0MB

1 - Core Concepts/1-6 Creating a new document for mobile.mp46.0MB

7 - Using Live Effects/7-4 Creating more flexible rounded rectangles.mp46.0MB

11 - Creating Image Sprites/11-1 Understanding image sprites.mp46.0MB

1 - Core Concepts/1-2 Decoding screen size and resolution.mp45.0MB

0 - Introduction/0-1 Welcome.mp45.0MB

12 - Integrating with Other Apps/12-2 Sharing color swatches between apps.mp44.0MB

11 - Creating Image Sprites/11-3 Optimizing sprites for the web.mp44.0MB

6 - Working with Text/6-3 Understanding web-safe fonts.mp43.0MB

1 - Core Concepts/1-1 Designing for screens.mp43.0MB

Conclusion/Taking the next step.mp43.0MB

Exercise Files/Chapter 08/repairbot.psd1021.0KB

Exercise Files/Chapter 06/rules_of_type.ai824.0KB


Exercise Files/Chapter 08/toy_site.ai597.0KB

0 - Introduction/0-2 Using the exercise files.mp4532.0KB

Exercise Files/Chapter 01/screenshots/1680.png505.0KB

Exercise Files/Chapter 05/plan_it_out.ai397.0KB

Exercise Files/Chapter 01/screenshots/1024.png353.0KB

Exercise Files/Chapter 10/photo.ai330.0KB

Exercise Files/Chapter 05/960_grid.ai330.0KB

Exercise Files/Chapter 09/radio_check.ai270.0KB

Exercise Files/Chapter 09/form_fields.ai265.0KB

Exercise Files/Chapter 06/safe_fonts.ai257.0KB

Exercise Files/Chapter 12/export_me.ai254.0KB

Exercise Files/Chapter 08/insert_photos.ai246.0KB

Exercise Files/Chapter 10/slice_me.ai246.0KB

Exercise Files/Chapter 08/mock_pages.ai246.0KB

Exercise Files/Chapter 12/color_share.ai244.0KB

Exercise Files/Chapter 09/tab_interface.ai231.0KB

Exercise Files/Chapter 06/sidebar.ai218.0KB

Exercise Files/Chapter 07/drop_shadow.ai216.0KB

Exercise Files/Chapter 12/bg_place.ai208.0KB

Exercise Files/Chapter 10/retina.ai202.0KB

Exercise Files/Chapter 08/Assets/top_header.ai201.0KB

Exercise Files/Chapter 03/rename_group.ai201.0KB

Exercise Files/Chapter 03/explore_layers.ai200.0KB

Exercise Files/Chapter 10/optimize_me.ai198.0KB

Exercise Files/Chapter 01/robot_logo.ai192.0KB

Exercise Files/Chapter 08/Assets/robot_logo.ai192.0KB

Exercise Files/Chapter 06/text_vs_image.ai187.0KB

Exercise Files/Chapter 07/graphic_style.ai186.0KB

Exercise Files/Chapter 06/box_model.ai184.0KB

Exercise Files/Chapter 06/character_style.ai184.0KB

Exercise Files/Chapter 11/export_sprite.ai183.0KB

Exercise Files/Chapter 08/Assets/bg.ai179.0KB

Exercise Files/Chapter 07/live_effects.ai177.0KB

Exercise Files/Chapter 01/des4screens.ai174.0KB

Exercise Files/Chapter 11/create_grid.ai171.0KB

Exercise Files/Chapter 04/change_symbols.ai169.0KB

Exercise Files/Chapter 06/para_style.ai167.0KB

Exercise Files/Chapter 08/master_objects.ai165.0KB

Exercise Files/Chapter 08/Assets/navigation.ai164.0KB

Exercise Files/Chapter 11/sprites_explain.ai163.0KB

Exercise Files/Chapter 08/mockup_start.ai163.0KB

Exercise Files/Chapter 01/pixel_dimension.ai162.0KB

Exercise Files/Chapter 09/progress_bar.ai159.0KB

Exercise Files/Chapter 02/hexcode.ai157.0KB

Exercise Files/Chapter 02/swatches.ai157.0KB

Exercise Files/Chapter 02/fills_strokes.ai155.0KB

Exercise Files/Chapter 10/slicing.ai151.0KB

Exercise Files/Chapter 04/make_symbols.ai150.0KB

Exercise Files/Chapter 05/develop_layout.ai144.0KB

Exercise Files/Chapter 05/blank_mockup.ai143.0KB

Exercise Files/Chapter 04/build_a_bot.ai133.0KB

Exercise Files/Chapter 04/social_symbols.ai77.0KB

Exercise Files/Chapter 05/sketch.jpg63.0KB

Exercise Files/Chapter 12/bg_place.psd62.0KB

Exercise Files/Chapter 01/screenshots/1024.jpg27.0KB

Exercise Files/Chapter 01/screenshots/1680.jpg24.0KB

Exercise Files/Chapter 08/Assets/robot photos/red_bot1.jpg15.0KB

Exercise Files/Chapter 10/red_bot1.jpg15.0KB

Exercise Files/Chapter 08/Assets/robot photos/green_bot2.jpg11.0KB

Exercise Files/Chapter 08/Assets/robot photos/car_bot1.jpg10.0KB

Exercise Files/Chapter 06/text_image.png5.0KB

Exercise Files/Chapter 02/swatch.jpg2.0KB

Exercise Files/Chapter 12/robot_colors.ase1.0KB

Exercise Files/Chapter 08/robot_colors.ase1.0KB

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