[RG.REBOOT] Rednek Discography (2011 - 2013) {MP3-320CBR}

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2011 - 2013 rednek discography reboot {mp3-320cbr}

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Torrent Contents ( 74 files)

[2012] Wish On A Star/03. Wish On A Star (DJ Sly Remix).mp315.0MB

[2012] They Call Me/04. They Call Me (DJ Zen Remix).mp313.0MB

[2013] Killer/04. Killer (Rednek House Remix).mp312.0MB

[2012] Silence/03. Silence (Synchronice Remix).mp312.0MB

[2013] 50 Shades of Red/06. Poolside (feat. Stormin) (Original Mix).mp312.0MB

[2012] One Year Later/09. Conspiracy [feat. Sean Byrne].mp311.0MB

[2013] Dirty Bass/01. Dirty Bass (Original Mix).mp311.0MB

[2012] EAT SHIT/03. Eat Shit (Simba Remix).mp311.0MB

[2012] They Call Me/05. They Call Me (Sunship Vocal Mix).mp311.0MB

[2012] They Call Me/06. They Call Me (Sunship Dub Mix).mp311.0MB

[2011] Attention All Jumpers/02. Stop The Boat (Original Mix).mp311.0MB

[2011] I'm Not Skrillex/02. I'm Not Skrillex (Drumstep Mix).mp311.0MB

[2011] Game Over/02. Game Over (Calvertron Remix).mp310.0MB

[2012] One Year Later/05. Castles In The Sand [feat. Virus Syndicate].mp310.0MB

[2012] Silence/04. Silence (High Top Kicks Remix).mp310.0MB

[2012] One Year Later/01. Electric Saturday.mp310.0MB

[2012] They Call Me/07. They Call Me (Garage Mix).mp310.0MB

[2012] Wish On A Star/02. Wish On A Star (Arion Remix).mp310.0MB

[2013] Killer/05. Killer (Gred Stainer Remix).mp310.0MB

[2012] One Year Later/04. I'm Not Skrillex (Album Remix).mp310.0MB

[2012] One Year Later/10. Fire Burn [feat. 2Tron].mp310.0MB

[2013] 50 Shades of Red/02. Sticky Lips (Original Mix).mp310.0MB

[2013] Killer/03. Killer (Rednek Sublime Remix).mp310.0MB

[2012] One Year Later/06. Bass Face.mp310.0MB

[2012] One Year Later/07. They Call Me.mp310.0MB

[2012] EAT SHIT/01. Eat Shit (Original Mix).mp39.0MB

[2013] Killer/01. Killer (Original Mix).mp39.0MB

[2011] Rednek EP/01. Lion.mp39.0MB

[2012] They Call Me/03. They Call Me (Rubbadub Instrumental).mp39.0MB

[2012] They Call Me/02. They Call Me (Rubbadub Mix)f.mp39.0MB

[2012] Silence/02. Silence (Dank (USA) Remix).mp39.0MB

[2012] One Year Later/12. Wha Do Dem.mp39.0MB

[2013] 50 Shades of Red/05. Bag of Ganja (feat. Stormin, Ratpack) (Original Mix).mp39.0MB

[2012] One Year Later/02. Wish On A Star.mp39.0MB

[2012] Wish On A Star/01. Wish On A Star (Original Mix).mp39.0MB

[2012] One Year Later/11. Tears [feat. Frenchi].mp39.0MB

[2013] 50 Shades of Red/04. Avengence (feat. Terry Coldwell, Zuz Rock) (Original Mix).mp39.0MB

[2012] Silence/01. Silence (Original Mix).mp39.0MB

[2012] They Call Me/01. They Call Me (Radio Edit).mp38.0MB

[2012] EAT SHIT/02. Eat Shit (Speaker Of The House Remix).mp38.0MB

[2011] Game Over/01. Game Over (Original Mix).mp38.0MB

[2012] One Year Later/08. Boom [feat. Fdot1].mp38.0MB

[2012] One Year Later/03. Rockstar [feat. Junior Brat].mp38.0MB

[2013] 50 Shades of Red/03. Nek Breaker (feat. Sun Of Sleah) (Original Mix).mp38.0MB

[2011] Circus/01. Circus (Original Mix).mp38.0MB

[2011] Circus/02. Circus (Rednek and Castro Dfam Remix).mp38.0MB

[2011] Rednek EP/03. Aggy (Instrumental).mp38.0MB

[2011] Rednek EP/02. Sound Boy Killer.mp38.0MB

[2013] Dirty Bass/02. Dirty Bass (Radio Edit).mp38.0MB

[2011] Attention All Jumpers/01. Attention All Jumpers (Original Mix).mp38.0MB

[2012] Wish On A Star/04. Wish On A Star (Radio Edit).mp38.0MB

[2011] I'm Not Skrillex/01. I'm Not Skrillex (Original Mix).mp38.0MB

[2011] I'm Not Skrillex/03. I'm Not Skrillex (VIP Mix).mp38.0MB

[2012] Conspiracy (Single)/01. Conspiracy.mp38.0MB

[2012] Conspiracy (Single)/02. Conspiracy (Dub).mp37.0MB

[2013] Killer/06. Killer (Greg Stainer Radio Edit).mp37.0MB

[2013] Killer/02. Killer (Radio Edit).mp37.0MB

[2013] 50 Shades of Red/01. Freak Out (Original Mix).mp37.0MB

[2012] One Year Later/front.jpg460.0KB

[2013] Killer/front.jpg395.0KB

[2012] EAT SHIT/front.jpg352.0KB

[2012] Wish On A Star/front.jpg338.0KB

[2011] Game Over/front.jpg324.0KB

[2012] Silence/front.jpg313.0KB

[2013] Dirty Bass/front.jpg313.0KB

[2012] Conspiracy (Single)/front.jpg238.0KB

[2011] I'm Not Skrillex/front.jpg135.0KB

[2011] Rednek EP/front.jpg115.0KB

[2012] They Call Me/front.jpg102.0KB

[2011] Circus/front.jpg80.0KB

[2011] Attention All Jumpers/front.jpg62.0KB

[2013] 50 Shades of Red/front.jpg48.0KB



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