Peachpit - Designing Effective Logos - Learn by Video

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peachpit - designing effective logos - learn by video

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The Logo Designer's Business Documents.FLV433.0MB

Negotiating a Contract.FLV254.0MB

How to Copyright Your Work Online.FLV223.0MB

Preparing for a Successful Presentation.FLV209.0MB

Golden Ratio Tools.FLV202.0MB

How to Create a Complex Tessellation.FLV192.0MB

About Color.FLV173.0MB

Symbolic Logos.FLV166.0MB

Spirals and Starts in Everyday Experience.FLV145.0MB

Logo Ownership.FLV137.0MB

Structure and Flow in Design.FLV130.0MB

Initiating Contact and Networking.FLV129.0MB

How we process information.FLV128.0MB



How to Create the Three Symmetries in Illustrator.FLV122.0MB

Rotation Symmetry Exercise- Create a Mandala_3.FLV116.0MB

Rotation Symmetry Exercise- Create a Mandala_2.FLV116.0MB

Rotation Symmetry Exercise- Create a Mandala.FLV116.0MB

Final Production of the Logo Artwork.FLV115.0MB

How to Create a Simple Tessellation.FLV113.0MB

How to Use Triangles in Logos.FLV109.0MB

Individualize the ClichĂŠ.FLV104.0MB

Create a Relationship with the Audience.FLV98.0MB

Circles- Wholeness.FLV98.0MB

Why Effective Logos Are Important.FLV95.0MB

Prepping a Business Card for Digital Press.FLV94.0MB

Economy and Elegance.FLV93.0MB

Color Associations.FLV89.0MB

Unifying the Components.FLV88.0MB

Letterspacing Logotypes.FLV87.0MB

Refelection Symmetry Exercise- Create a Name Totem.FLV83.0MB

How to Use Intersecting Lines in a Logo.FLV80.0MB

The Three Basic Symmetries.FLV80.0MB

Design as a Way of Life.FLV80.0MB

Process- Putting the Brand into the World.FLV76.0MB

Patterns of Movement- Meanders.FLV76.0MB

Creating an Extensive Identity Standards Guideline Document.FLV76.0MB

Process of Selection- Helix.FLV71.0MB

The Golden Ratio as Aesthetic.FLV71.0MB

Triangles- Inspiration and Transformation.FLV69.0MB


Style and Substance.FLV68.0MB

How to Create the Golden Section Spiral in Illustrator.FLV67.0MB

Process- The Circle in Logos.FLV65.0MB


How to use Stacking and Packing Patterns in a Logo.FLV61.0MB

Metaphoric Logos.FLV61.0MB

How to Use the Branching Pattern.FLV61.0MB

Patterns of Security- Stacking and Packing.FLV60.0MB

Choosing and Using a Meandering Pattern.FLV59.0MB

Patterns of Movement- Branching.FLV58.0MB

Intersecting Lines- Relationships.FLV58.0MB

How to Integrate the Branching Pattern.FLV56.0MB

An Introduction to Patterns in Logos.FLV56.0MB

Process- Triangles in Logos.FLV54.0MB

A Step by Step Guide to the Design Process.FLV54.0MB

How to Use the Helix in Logos.FLV52.0MB

Secondary Logo Characteristics.FLV49.0MB


Patterns of Cooperation- Helices.FLV48.0MB

Good Gestalt.FLV47.0MB

The Importance of Establishing Consistency.FLV46.0MB

The Power of Empty Space.FLV46.0MB

How to Use Circles in Logos.FLV45.0MB

The Golden Ratio as Structure.FLV44.0MB

Design Flow.FLV44.0MB

Finalizing the Artwork.FLV40.0MB

Put Your Best Work Out There.FLV40.0MB

Develop the Concept.FLV37.0MB

Process- Four-sided Shapes in Logos.FLV36.0MB

Color Format and Printing Considerations.FLV33.0MB

Process- Spirals in Logos.FLV32.0MB

Literal Logos.FLV32.0MB

Patterns of Creativity- Spirals.FLV30.0MB

An Introduction to Shapes in Logo Design.FLV28.0MB

Universal information and logos.FLV25.0MB

How logos communicate.FLV24.0MB

When to Add a Style of Technique.FLV24.0MB

Process- Interstecting Lines in Logos.FLV22.0MB

Hardcopy Presentations.FLV21.0MB

Choosing a Creative Strategy for the Logo.FLV21.0MB

Vector versus Raster Considerations.FLV21.0MB

Providing Final Files for the Client.FLV19.0MB

Interviewing the Client and Doing Research.FLV19.0MB

Pro Bono versus Spec Work.FLV18.0MB

Creating an Identity Standards Guideline Brief for the Client.FLV17.0MB

Materials needed for this video.FLV17.0MB

Spirals and Stars- Creativity and Excellence.FLV16.0MB

Presenting the Logo to your Client.FLV15.0MB

Logo Scalability.FLV15.0MB

Proportion Basics_2.FLV15.0MB

Proportion Basics.FLV15.0MB

The Fibonacci Sequence.FLV14.0MB

How to Use a Four-sided Shape in a Logo.FLV14.0MB

When to use what.FLV14.0MB

The Value and Challenge of Lines.FLV13.0MB

The Principles of Basic Black.FLV12.0MB


Prep for Brand Thinking.FLV11.0MB

Problem-solving Styles.FLV11.0MB


Your Work's Future Value.FLV11.0MB


What is a Brand-.FLV10.0MB

An Overview of the Process.FLV10.0MB

The Importance of Visual Storytelling.FLV10.0MB

Digital Presentations.FLV9.0MB

Trademark- Predecessor to the logo.FLV8.0MB


Modifying a Typeface to Accompany a Logo.FLV7.0MB

The Business of Identity Design.FLV6.0MB

Four-Sided Figures- Stability.FLV6.0MB

Extending the Logo into a Brand.FLV6.0MB

Extending the Logo into a Brand_2.FLV6.0MB


Scaleability in Logotypes.FLV4.0MB

Working with exercise files.FLV4.0MB

Finding Clients and Getting Work.FLV4.0MB

Different Parts and Types of Identity Design.FLV4.0MB

All the Gestalts in One Design.FLV3.0MB



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