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bolland 1979-1994 320kbps bolland-collection

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1994 Pure/15 It's A Wonderful Knife (A Life In The Day Of A Serial Killer).mp324.0MB

1991 Darwin The Evolution/16 Suite - The long goodbye-The final curtain falls.mp320.0MB

1984 Silent Partners/11 The Boat-Ultra Panic [Remix Version].mp318.0MB

1984 Silent Partners/14 All Systems Go Go [Technostructure Mix].mp317.0MB

1984 Silent Partners/12 Night Of The Shooting Stars [Extended Version].mp317.0MB

1991 Darwin The Evolution/02 Way of the Evolution.mp314.0MB

1981 The Domino Theory/13 Heaven Can Wait [Extended Version].mp314.0MB

1994 Pure/09 Kevorkian's Machine.mp314.0MB

1987 Brotherology/09 In The Army Now [1990].mp314.0MB

1981 The Domino Theory/12 You're In The Army Now [Extended Version].mp314.0MB

1994 Pure/07 I Still Love You So.mp314.0MB

1987 Brotherology/01 Shoot The Moon.mp313.0MB

1994 Pure/02 Favorite Son.mp313.0MB

1994 Pure/03 I Have The Right.mp313.0MB

1984 Silent Partners/13 Imagination [Extended Version].mp313.0MB

1991 Darwin The Evolution/03 Stand up.mp313.0MB

1991 Dream Factory/06 Blue Velvet.mp312.0MB

1991 Darwin The Evolution/06 Is it really true.mp312.0MB

1994 Pure/11 Don't Look Away.mp312.0MB

1991 Darwin The Evolution/08 Emma my dear (love theme).mp312.0MB

1991 Darwin The Evolution/10 The beauty of life.mp312.0MB

1990 Pop Art/05 Stormwarning.mp312.0MB

1991 Darwin The Evolution/13 For a moment in time.mp312.0MB

1987 Brotherology/06 And The World Turns On.mp312.0MB

1994 Pure/13 Real Love.mp312.0MB

1991 Dream Factory/08 Monty - A Place In The Sun (The Life And Times Of Montgomery Clift).mp312.0MB

1994 Pure/04 The Good Die Young (The River Runs Dry) (In Memory Of River Phoenix).mp312.0MB

1987 Brotherology/10 We Live Forever.mp312.0MB

1987 Brotherology/04 Valery.mp311.0MB

1991 Darwin The Evolution/14 Origin of species (instrumental).mp311.0MB

1987 Brotherology/02 Jimmy Jimmy (The Story Of Jim Gordon).mp311.0MB

1987 Brotherology/03 Cruisin'.mp311.0MB

1991 Dream Factory/02 They Only Come Out At Night (The Lost Boys).mp311.0MB

1991 Dream Factory/09 Got Won't You Carry Me Home (Empire Of The Sun).mp311.0MB

1990 Pop Art/12 Where Were You When The Light Went Out In My House.mp311.0MB

1987 Brotherology/08 Stiletto Ghetto.mp311.0MB

1991 Dream Factory/01 Play It As It Lays (Wall Street).mp311.0MB

1991 Dream Factory/11 A Man With A Vision-Dream Factory (The Life And Times Of David Lean).mp311.0MB

1994 Pure/01 Love Somebody Now.mp311.0MB

1991 Dream Factory/07 The O. Weekend.mp310.0MB

1991 Dream Factory/04 Frantic Frantic.mp310.0MB

1991 Darwin The Evolution/05 The Beagle (instrumental).mp310.0MB

1991 Darwin The Evolution/09 After the rain (Instrumental).mp310.0MB

1987 Brotherology/07 Best Love Of My Life.mp310.0MB

1987 Brotherology/05 Tears Of Ice.mp310.0MB

1991 Dream Factory/03 The World Is Burning (Broadcast News).mp310.0MB

1990 Pop Art/09 Ultimate Addiction.mp310.0MB

1984 Silent Partners/10 All Systems Go Go.mp310.0MB

1981 The Domino Theory/07 To The Battleground.mp310.0MB

1987 Brotherology/11 Fight For Your Rights.mp310.0MB

1990 Pop Art/02 Blackeyes.mp310.0MB

1990 Pop Art/06 Radioland.mp310.0MB

1991 Darwin The Evolution/07 Hey Charly.mp310.0MB

1990 Pop Art/04 Music Nation.mp310.0MB

1994 Pure/06 I Hate You.mp310.0MB

1991 Dream Factory/10 Hollywood Kids (Less Than Zero).mp310.0MB

1994 Pure/08 Crying In The Rain.mp310.0MB

1981 The Domino Theory/02 You're In The Army Now.mp310.0MB

1981 The Domino Theory/04 Heart Of Darkness.mp310.0MB

1984 Silent Partners/02 The Boat.mp310.0MB

1990 Pop Art/10 Jenny B. Sweete.mp39.0MB

1991 Darwin The Evolution/04 Genie und Partisan (a fascinating man).mp39.0MB

1994 Pure/05 A Few Good Men.mp39.0MB

1991 Dream Factory/05 J.F.K. Days (The Big Chill).mp39.0MB

1990 Pop Art/11 Pray For Me Tonight.mp39.0MB

1979 Good For Gold/03 Florida -1972.mp39.0MB

1979 Good For Gold/01 Summer Of '71 -1972.mp39.0MB

1979 Good For Gold/09 Melodrama -1979.mp39.0MB

1984 Silent Partners/04 Innocent Man.mp39.0MB

1994 Pure/10 Let's Fly (You Won't Be Coming Home).mp39.0MB

1991 Darwin The Evolution/11 The jungle (instrumental).mp39.0MB

1984 Silent Partners/08 See You Again.mp39.0MB

1990 Pop Art/01 Pop Art.mp39.0MB

1990 Pop Art/03 The Wall Came Tumbling Down.mp39.0MB

1979 Good For Gold/08 Hold On -1978.mp39.0MB

1990 Pop Art/07 Charge Of The Love Brigade.mp38.0MB

1979 Good For Gold/07 Ufo (We're Not Alone) -1978.mp38.0MB

1984 Silent Partners/05 Night Of The Shooting Stars.mp38.0MB

1979 Good For Gold/06 Mexico, I Can't Say Goodbye -1974.mp38.0MB

1981 The Domino Theory/05 Cambodia Moon.mp38.0MB

1979 Good For Gold/10 Spaceman -1978.mp38.0MB

1979 Good For Gold/11 Answer For A Lifetime -1972.mp38.0MB

1991 Darwin The Evolution/12 Metamorphic Rocks.mp38.0MB

1981 The Domino Theory/10 Rendez-Vous With Radiation.mp38.0MB

1990 Pop Art/08 Love Mobile.mp38.0MB

1984 Silent Partners/09 Feels So Good.mp38.0MB

1981 The Domino Theory/06 Heaven Can Wait.mp37.0MB

1984 Silent Partners/07 Imagination.mp37.0MB

1979 Good For Gold/13 Fly Across The Sky -1973.mp37.0MB

1984 Silent Partners/03 Blind Ambition.mp37.0MB

1979 Good For Gold/15 I Won't Go Anywhere -1973.mp37.0MB

1981 The Domino Theory/03 The Dogs Of War.mp37.0MB

1979 Good For Gold/05 Leaving Tomorrow -1973.mp37.0MB

1981 The Domino Theory/09 Let's Help ARVN Out.mp36.0MB

1984 Silent Partners/01 Images.mp36.0MB

1979 Good For Gold/12 Funkadelic Man -1978.mp36.0MB

1979 Good For Gold/16 Train To Your Heart -1974.mp36.0MB

1979 Good For Gold/02 Wait For The Sun -1972.mp36.0MB

1981 The Domino Theory/08 Long Day's Journey Into The Night.mp36.0MB

1979 Good For Gold/04 Ooh La La -1973.mp36.0MB

1979 Good For Gold/14 Come Over Tonight.mp34.0MB

1991 Darwin The Evolution/15 Finale.mp33.0MB

1994 Pure/14 Flame.mp32.0MB

1981 The Domino Theory/11 Finale.mp32.0MB

1981 The Domino Theory/01 Ouverture.mp32.0MB

1991 Darwin The Evolution/01 Overture.mp32.0MB

1994 Pure/12 Fascination.mp31.0MB

Covers/Bolland & Bolland - Silent Partners 1984.jpg112.0KB

Covers/Bolland & Bolland - Pop Art 1990.jpg104.0KB

Covers/Bolland & Bolland - Dream Factory 1991.jpg98.0KB

Covers/Bolland & Bolland - Good For Gold (Best Of 1972-1978).jpg90.0KB

Covers/Bolland & Bolland - Pure 1995.jpg68.0KB

Covers/Bolland & Bolland - The Domino Theory 1981.jpg39.0KB

Covers/Bolland & Bolland - You're In The Army Now (Live).jpg32.0KB

Covers/The Bolland Project - Darwin The Evolution 1991.jpg28.0KB

Covers/Bolland & Bolland - Brotherology 1987.jpg27.0KB

Covers/BOLLAND & BOLLAND_tracklist.txt6.0KB

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