I'm a Slave 4 U (Pro Tools + Recording Sessions) [WAV]

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The torrent has 53 files, total 1.0GB, created at Nov. 28, 2014.

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m a slave 4 u recording sessions pro tools

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Torrent Contents ( 53 files)

Audio Files/Bass_01.wav38.0MB

Audio Files/Shaker_01.wav38.0MB

Audio Files/Conga_01.wav38.0MB

Audio Files/air_01.R.wav38.0MB

Audio Files/air_01.L.wav38.0MB

Audio Files/gtr_01.R.wav38.0MB

Audio Files/gtr_01.L.wav38.0MB

Audio Files/Synth Lo_01.wav38.0MB

Audio Files/Hat_01.wav38.0MB

Audio Files/sn2_01.wav38.0MB

Audio Files/Kick 3_01.wav38.0MB

Audio Files/Kick 2_01.wav38.0MB

Audio Files/Kick 1_01.wav38.0MB

Audio Files/Snare_01.wav38.0MB

Audio Files/Clap_01.wav38.0MB

Audio Files/synth_01.L.wav37.0MB

Audio Files/Flight.time comp_01.L.wav37.0MB

Audio Files/synth_01.R.wav37.0MB

Audio Files/Flight.time comp_01.R.wav37.0MB

Audio Files/bass2_01.wav37.0MB

Audio Files/Talk-cleaned up.04_01.wav25.0MB

Audio Files/808_01.wav25.0MB

Audio Files/revs._01.R.wav25.0MB

Audio Files/revs._01.L.wav25.0MB

Audio Files/Hook Answer Lo DBL_01.wav25.0MB

Audio Files/rev sn_01.wav25.0MB

Audio Files/Get It 5_01.wav25.0MB

Audio Files/Get it 1_01.wav25.0MB

Audio Files/Get It 2_01.wav25.0MB

Audio Files/Get It 4_01.wav25.0MB

Audio Files/Hook Answer Lo_01.wav25.0MB

Audio Files/Get It 3_01.wav25.0MB

Audio Files/Hook 6.at_01.wav25.0MB

Audio Files/Hook 7-Lo.at_01.wav25.0MB

Audio Files/Hook 4.at_01.wav25.0MB

Audio Files/Hook 3.at_01.wav25.0MB

Audio Files/Hook 8-Lo.at_01.wav25.0MB

Audio Files/Hook 1.at_01.wav25.0MB

Audio Files/Hook 2.at_01.wav25.0MB

Audio Files/scratch.04_01.wav25.0MB

Audio Files/Hook 5.at_01.wav25.0MB

Audio Files/Get It Harm 1_01.wav23.0MB

Audio Files/Get It Harm 4_01.wav23.0MB

Audio Files/Get It Harm 3_01.wav23.0MB

Audio Files/Get It Harm 2_01.wav23.0MB

Audio Files/Lead_01.wav23.0MB

Hidden or Muted Tracks/Strings_01.R.wav21.0MB

Hidden or Muted Tracks/Strings_01.L.wav21.0MB

Hidden or Muted Tracks/Dance 4_01.wav17.0MB

Hidden or Muted Tracks/Dance 3_01.wav17.0MB

Audio Files/Dance 2-Whisper_01.wav16.0MB

Hidden or Muted Tracks/keys.01_01.L.wav12.0MB

Hidden or Muted Tracks/keys.01_01.R.wav12.0MB

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