Ekor Anders - Swedish fiddle tunes 2001

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ekor anders - swedish fiddle tunes 2001

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01 Ekor Anders explains his own music.flac11.0MB

26 Waltz.flac10.0MB

40 Waltz in A.flac10.0MB

46 Vågspelspolska.flac10.0MB

29 Old waltz, performed with an orchestra.flac10.0MB

11 Bridal march.flac9.0MB

04 Mickelkvarnforspolskan.flac9.0MB

33 Bridal march.flac8.0MB

21 Söderlunds marching tune.flac8.0MB

24 Död Johan interviews Sväs Anders.flac8.0MB

43 Bakmespolska.flac8.0MB

12 G-mollpolskan, polska in g.flac8.0MB

34 Ekor Anders talks about dancing in the old days.flac8.0MB

23 Armbågsleken, old long dance from Evertsberg.flac8.0MB

45 Hambopolska.flac7.0MB

38 Herding tune polska in D.flac7.0MB

08 Old waltz from Evertsberg.flac7.0MB

16 Polska by Guligs Anders.flac7.0MB

39 Norwegian springlek.flac7.0MB

42 Sprättmacken, hambopolska.flac7.0MB

25 Petter Jönsson, vispolska.flac7.0MB

36 Herding tune polska in d.flac6.0MB

31 Druchenkarlleken.flac6.0MB

07 Polska from Evertsberg.flac6.0MB

06 Hedningspolskan.flac6.0MB

18 Polska from Älvdalen.flac6.0MB

02 Polska at Michaelmas.flac5.0MB

10 Polska after Faut Per.flac5.0MB

20 Död Johan (Johan Alfred Pettersson) interviews Sväs Anders.flac5.0MB

37 Ekor Anders talks.flac5.0MB

14 Polska from Älvdalen.flac4.0MB

32 Polska after Faut Per.flac4.0MB

44 Ekor Anders talks about Pål Karl.flac4.0MB

13 Ekor Anders interviews Gulig Anders.flac4.0MB

17 Ekor Anders interviews Guligs Anders.flac3.0MB

22 Död Johan interviews Sväs Anders.flac3.0MB

Ekor Anders - Swedish fiddle tunes 2001.pdf3.0MB

15 Ekor Anders interviews Guligs Anders.flac3.0MB

19 Ekor Anders thanks Guligs Anders.flac3.0MB

41 Ekor Anders talks about Sprättmacken.flac2.0MB

09 Ekor Anders talks about the polska after Faut Per.flac2.0MB

30 Ekor Anders talks about Druchenkarlleken.flac2.0MB

03 Ekor Anders talks about Mickelkvarnforspolskan.flac1.0MB

27 Simulated radio programme.flac1.0MB

35 Waltz from Evertsberg.flac1.0MB

28 Ekor Anders talks about the programme.flac1.0MB

05 Ekor Anders talks about Hedningspolskan.flac1.0MB

Ekor Anders - Swedish fiddle tunes 2001 front.jpg333.0KB

Ekor Anders - Swedish fiddle tunes 2001 back.jpg303.0KB

Ekor Anders - Swedish fiddle tunes.txt5.0KB

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