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atiye - discography

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Singles/2012 - Bring Me Back Bonus Track Version - EP [2012]/04. Bring Me Back (Club Remix).mp316.0MB

Singles/2012 - Bring Me Back Bonus Track Version - EP [2012]/05. Bring Me Back (Oriental Lounge Remix (Bonus Track)).mp311.0MB

Albums/2013 - Soygun Var/09. Korkma.mp311.0MB

Albums/2011 - Budur/10. Budur (Suat Atesdagli Remix).mp311.0MB

Albums/2011 - Budur/07. Yoksun.mp311.0MB

Albums/2009 - Muamma/09. Bile bile.mp310.0MB

Albums/2011 - Budur/02. Guzelim (ft. Sultana).mp310.0MB

Albums/2011 - Budur/04. Yalnizca Uzmek Icin.MP310.0MB

Albums/2011 - Budur/03. Baba.mp310.0MB

Albums/2011 - Budur/05. Ahmet.mp310.0MB

Albums/2009 - Muamma/05. Yalanci mevsim.mp39.0MB

Albums/2009 - Muamma/06. Deli ya (Farkim ortada).mp39.0MB

Albums/2009 - Muamma/02. Gunaydin.mp39.0MB

Albums/2009 - Muamma/11. Nobody (feat. Dadda Dice).mp39.0MB

Albums/2011 - Budur/01. Budur.mp39.0MB

Albums/2013 - Soygun Var/01. Uyan Da Gel.mp39.0MB

Albums/2009 - Muamma/10. Dont think (feat. Mc Tuna).mp39.0MB

Albums/2009 - Muamma/13. Salla (Remix).mp39.0MB

Albums/2013 - Soygun Var/10. Sor.mp39.0MB

Albums/2009 - Muamma/12. Dondurma (Remix).mp39.0MB

Albums/2013 - Soygun Var/04. Senin Modan Asla Gecmez.mp39.0MB

Albums/2009 - Muamma/07. Dondurma.mp38.0MB

Albums/2009 - Muamma/04. Muamma.mp38.0MB

Albums/2011 - Budur/09. Hali Hali Hal.mp38.0MB

Albums/2013 - Soygun Var/03. Soygun Var.mp38.0MB

Albums/2013 - Soygun Var/02. Durma.mp38.0MB

Albums/2007 - Goz yaslarim/04. Sen You.mp38.0MB

Albums/2009 - Muamma/08. Salla.mp38.0MB

Albums/2013 - Soygun Var/06. Ya Habibi.mp38.0MB

Albums/2013 - Soygun Var/05. Bir Hain.mp38.0MB

Singles/2012 - Bring Me Back Bonus Track Version - EP [2012]/03. Bring Me Back (Acoustic Version).mp38.0MB

Albums/2011 - Budur/06. Asla.mp37.0MB

Albums/2009 - Muamma/01. Askina Da Sana Da.mp37.0MB

Albums/2009 - Muamma/03. Kal ft Teoman.mp37.0MB

Albums/2013 - Soygun Var/07. Bonkor Dunya.mp37.0MB

Singles/2012 - Bring Me Back Bonus Track Version - EP [2012]/01. Bring Me Back (Radio Edit).mp37.0MB

Albums/2007 - Goz yaslarim/05. Hali Hali Hal.mp37.0MB

Singles/2012 - Bring Me Back Bonus Track Version - EP [2012]/02. Bring Me Back (Instrumental).mp37.0MB

Albums/2011 - Budur/08. Batum Turkusu.mp37.0MB

Albums/2007 - Goz yaslarim/11. Dont think Slow.mp37.0MB

Albums/2013 - Soygun Var/08. Seviyorum.mp37.0MB

Albums/2007 - Goz yaslarim/03. Dont think.mp37.0MB

Albums/2007 - Goz yaslarim/09. Change.mp37.0MB

Albums/2007 - Goz yaslarim/02. It Hurts .mp37.0MB

Albums/2007 - Goz yaslarim/07. Bana bir insan lazim.mp37.0MB

Albums/2007 - Goz yaslarim/10. Goz yaslarim Slow.mp36.0MB

Albums/2007 - Goz yaslarim/01. Goz yaslarim .mp36.0MB

Albums/2007 - Goz yaslarim/08. Beyaz Esya.mp36.0MB

Albums/2007 - Goz yaslarim/06. I Love You.mp36.0MB

Singles/2010 - Batum Turkusu/01. Batum turkusu.mp36.0MB

Albums/2011 - Budur/Cover/003.jpg1.0MB

Albums/2011 - Budur/Cover/013.jpg1.0MB

Albums/2011 - Budur/Cover/010.jpg1.0MB

Albums/2011 - Budur/Cover/008.jpg1.0MB

Albums/2011 - Budur/Cover/011.jpg1.0MB

Albums/2011 - Budur/Cover/012.jpg1.0MB

Albums/2011 - Budur/Cover/009.jpg1.0MB

Albums/2011 - Budur/Cover/005.jpg1001.0KB

Albums/2013 - Soygun Var/Covers/005.jpg997.0KB

Albums/2013 - Soygun Var/Covers/007.jpg843.0KB

Albums/2011 - Budur/Cover/001.jpg840.0KB

Albums/2011 - Budur/Cover/002.jpg834.0KB

Albums/2013 - Soygun Var/Covers/004.jpg796.0KB

Albums/2013 - Soygun Var/Covers/006.jpg766.0KB

Albums/2011 - Budur/Cover/006.jpg751.0KB

Albums/2013 - Soygun Var/Covers/001.jpg744.0KB

Albums/2013 - Soygun Var/Covers/003.jpg574.0KB

Albums/2011 - Budur/Cover/007.jpg538.0KB

Albums/2013 - Soygun Var/Covers/002.jpg483.0KB

Singles/2012 - Bring Me Back Bonus Track Version - EP [2012]/Cover.jpg363.0KB

Albums/2011 - Budur/Cover/004.jpg265.0KB

Albums/2011 - Budur/Cover/014.jpg246.0KB

Singles/2012 - Bring Me Back Bonus Track Version - EP [2012]/2012 - Bring Me Back Bonus Track Version - EP [2012].jpg217.0KB

Albums/2007 - Goz yaslarim/Cover.jpg177.0KB

Albums/2013 - Soygun Var/Cover.jpg163.0KB

Albums/2013 - Soygun Var/Cover2.jpg142.0KB

Singles/2010 - Batum Turkusu/cover.jpeg115.0KB

Albums/2011 - Budur/Cover.jpg91.0KB

Albums/2011 - Budur/Cover/015.jpg91.0KB

Albums/2009 - Muamma/Cover2.JPG67.0KB

Albums/2009 - Muamma/Cover.jpg45.0KB

Singles/2010 - Batum Turkusu/Atiye - Batum Turkusu (2010).txt1.0KB

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