80s Remix (3CD) (2015)

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The torrent has 173 files, total 2.0GB, created at Feb. 05, 2015.

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2015 80s remix

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CD2/38-Baccara - Mix.mp326.0MB

CD2/24- Patty Ryan - You're My Love (Boystown Studio Rmx).mp322.0MB

CD3/43. Fun Fun - Baila Bolero (Bolero Dance Mix).mp321.0MB

CD3/17. Albert One - Hopes & Dreams (Extended Dance Mix).mp319.0MB

CD3/34. Savage - Don't Cry Tonight (Ravel Retro Remix).mp319.0MB

CD1/27-Modern Talking - In 100 Years (Starky Brand New Maxi Mix).mp319.0MB

CD3/27. London Boys - Harlem Desire (Extended Mix).mp319.0MB

CD1/63-Helen -I love you (12 version).mp318.0MB

CD3/10. DJ's Project - Vision Of Love (Extended Version).mp318.0MB

CD1/50- Mozzart - Jasmin China Girl (Far East Remix).mp318.0MB

CD2/31-New Baccara - A & A Special Megamix.mp318.0MB

CD3/16. Bad Boys Blue - Mon Amie (Extended Ravel Re-Cut).mp317.0MB

CD3/06. DJ's Project - How Are You (Extended Version).mp317.0MB

CD3/23. Creative Connection - Scratch My Name (Bobby Mix).mp317.0MB

CD1/65- Taffy -I love my radio (midnight radio) (new version).mp316.0MB

CD1/39-Savage - Don't Cry Tonight & Only You (Dj Beats Remix).mp316.0MB

CD1/38 - Mauro - Buona Sera Senorina (Nuovo Rmx).mp316.0MB

CD3/09. The Twins - Ballet Dancer (Extended Edit).mp316.0MB

CD2/41-Ricchi E Poveri - Sara Perche Ti Amo (Sergey Static Remix 2011).mp316.0MB

CD2/1-Patty Ryan - You're My Love, You're My Life (Monster Mix).mp316.0MB

CD3/11. Bruce & Bongo - Geil (Remix Dub).mp316.0MB

CD1/49- Radiorama - Di Da Di (Ultimate Factory Mix).mp315.0MB

CD3/30. Patty Ryan - I Don't Wanna Lose Tonight (Extended Version).mp315.0MB

CD2/8- Roger Meno - I Find The Way.mp315.0MB

CD3/33. Rofo - You've Got To Move It On (Untitled Mix).mp315.0MB

CD2/36-Sting - Shape Of My Heart (Dj Glabasha 2011 Remix).mp315.0MB

CD3/18. Bad Boys Blue - Come Back And Stay (Audio Classic Mix).mp315.0MB

CD3/29. Modern Talking - Atlantic Is Calling (Special Remix).mp315.0MB

CD3/05. Savage - Don't Cry Tonight (Maxi Version).mp315.0MB

CD3/35. Savage - Good-Bye (Extended Version).mp315.0MB

CD2/2-Lian Ross - Say You'll Never (Space Rmx).mp315.0MB

CD2/16-Lian Ross - Say You'll Never (Space Rmx).mp315.0MB

CD3/26. K.B.Caps - Catch Me Now I'm Falling (Original 12'' Version).mp315.0MB

CD3/47. Lian Ross - Say You'll Never (Maxi Edit).mp315.0MB

CD3/15. K.B.Caps - Do You Realy Need Me (Extended Version).mp315.0MB

CD1/55-740 Boyz feat.2 In A Room - Shimmy Shake (Extended Club).mp315.0MB

CD2/26-Savage - Twothousandnine (Euro Maxi).mp315.0MB

CD2/5-Grant Miller - Colder Than Ice (More Than Cold Rmx).mp314.0MB

CD2/34-Gina - Tokyo By Night (Special 12'' D.J. Mix).mp314.0MB

CD3/41. Desireless - John (Maxi Version).mp314.0MB

CD1/62-Joy Peters -One night in l ove (12 version).mp314.0MB

CD3/48. Max Him - Lady Fantasy (Maxi Version).mp314.0MB

CD3/12. Cliff Turner - Moonlight Affair (Maxi Version).mp314.0MB

CD1/3-Ken Laszlo - Tonight 2011 (Extended Remix).mp314.0MB

CD3/39. Bad Boys Blue - Lady In Black (Shakespearean Mix).mp314.0MB

CD3/01. C.C.Catch - Are You Man Enough (Long Version Muscle Mix).mp314.0MB

CD3/21. Cliff Wedge - With A Broken Heart (Heartache Mix).mp314.0MB

CD3/45. Jimmy & Susy - Come Back (Versione Disco).mp314.0MB

CD2/23-Bon Jovi Feat Dj Tondi - Its My Life.mp313.0MB

CD1/20-Eddy Huntington - Love For Russia (Ruble Version).mp313.0MB

CD1/64-Silent Сircle - Danger danger (racing mix).mp313.0MB

CD3/44. Gina T. - Hey Angel (Flighing Angel Mix).mp313.0MB

CD3/03. Bad Boy'S Blue - Kiss You All Over Baby (Maxi Edit).mp313.0MB

CD2/48-Digital Emotion - Get Up Action (Ural Djs 2012 Remake).mp313.0MB

CD2/25-Ken Laszlo - Glasses Man Hi Nrg_Remix By Dj Modern Max ).mp313.0MB

CD3/07. Modern Talking - Cheri Cheri Lady (Late Version).mp313.0MB

CD3/14. Radiorama - Desire (Remix).mp313.0MB

CD3/28. Mike Mareen - Love Spy-Back To Spy (O-Medley).mp313.0MB

CD1/68-Ion Ion -Yummy yummy (special trash edit).mp313.0MB

CD1/31-Gazebo-I Like Chopin (Rain Mix).mp313.0MB

CD3/32. Ric Fellini - Souvenir d'Amour (Extended Version).mp313.0MB

CD1/61-Fancy -Latin fire ( Extended version).mp313.0MB

CD3/24. Fancy - Flames Of Love (Vox Extended Mix).mp313.0MB

CD1/42- Mr. Zivago - Little Russian (Beri Mix).mp313.0MB

CD1/69-Bad Boys Blue -Kisses and tears (my one and only) (12 version).mp313.0MB

CD3/38. Al Bano & Romina Power - Makassar (Extended Version).mp312.0MB

CD3/36. Silent Circle - Touch In The Night (Explosion Retro Mix).mp312.0MB

CD1/66-Babys gang- Happy song (remix).mp312.0MB

CD1/19-Blue System - Vampire 2010 (Starky Eurodisco Maxi Mix).mp312.0MB

CD2/7-Desireless - Voyage (Cj Vitos & Dj Vetroff Remix).mp312.0MB

CD3/02. Milou - Sentimental Lover (Extended Version).mp312.0MB

CD1/4-Joy - Touch By Touch (Gold Dance 80-90-Reanimation Amareta Remix).mp312.0MB

CD2/46-Sandra - Everlastin Love (Dj Stanly Funkymix).mp312.0MB

CD1/47-Gina T. - Money For My Honey (Extended Version).mp312.0MB

CD1/7-Savage - Only You (Harmless Project Remix ).mp312.0MB

CD3/46. Key West - Sorry Sorry Sorry (Extended Mix).mp312.0MB

CD3/04. Secret Service - Flash In The Night (Extended Album Version).mp312.0MB

CD1/40-Patty Ryan-Stay With Me Tonight (Unrealized Mix).mp312.0MB

CD1/67-Grant Miller -Doctor for my heart (12 version).mp312.0MB

CD2/53-Joy - I'm In Love (Extended Version ).mp312.0MB

CD2/28-Bad Boys Blue - Fergie London Bridgepuzo Mix).mp311.0MB

CD3/22. Systems In Blue - Magic Mystery (Extended Dance Mix).mp311.0MB

CD3/19. Boys Next Door - Lady Of The Night (The Night Affair Mix).mp311.0MB

CD1/70-Tony Esposito -Kalimba de luna (long version).mp311.0MB

CD3/37. Steve Miller Band - Abracadabra (Extended Version).mp311.0MB

CD3/40. Boney M. - Gotta Go Home (12'' Vinyl Maxi).mp311.0MB

CD3/42. Fancy - When Guardian Angels Cry (Maxi Version).mp311.0MB

CD2/45-Queen - We Will Rock You (Andry Makarov Remix).mp311.0MB

CD2/22-Joe Dassin - A Toi (No Craft Pop Mix).mp311.0MB

CD2/54-Savage - Don't Cry Tonight [Alexandra D Extended Mix].mp311.0MB

CD1/45- Jessica - Like A Burning Star (Ultimix).mp311.0MB

CD3/08. Caeser - My Black Lady (Maxi Version).mp311.0MB

CD2/44-Weather Girls - Its Raining Men Live Version.mp311.0MB

CD2/40-Digital Emotion - Go Go Yellow Screen (Sergey Shapen Remix).mp311.0MB

CD2/30-Pet Shop Boys - It's A Sin (Ural Djs Remix).mp311.0MB

CD2/11-Bad Boys Blue - For Your Love (Mahnovsky Original Remix).mp311.0MB

CD3/31. Radiorama - Chance To Desire (Remix).mp311.0MB

CD1/11-Sabrina - Boys (Albina Mango Extended Remix).mp311.0MB

CD1/2-Arash - Broken Angel (Flash Back Remix ).mp311.0MB

CD3/20. C.C.Catch - Cause You Are Young (Maxi Version).mp311.0MB

CD1/37-Aycan - Lambada -(Electro Banger Extended Mix).mp311.0MB

CD2/14-Modern Talking - Cheri, Cheri Lady (Ser Twister Remix ).mp310.0MB

CD2/27-Era - Relax (Cori Wilde Remix).mp310.0MB

CD1/48-Dr. Alban- Its My Life (Club Love Mix).mp310.0MB

CD2/21-Dj Bobo - Somebody Dance With Me (Dj Cargo Kei Morton Club Rmx ).mp310.0MB

CD1/43-Ennio Morricone - Chi Mai (Dj Amor Remix).mp310.0MB

CD1/36-Disco Nostalgie - Magic Carillon.mp310.0MB

CD2/12-C.C.Catch - Good Guys Only Win In Movies (Dj Guztero Sax Remix 2011).mp310.0MB

CD1/14-Dr. Alban - Its My Life ( Ночное движение Project Club Mix).mp310.0MB

CD1/25-Europe- The Final Countdown (Dolev Bi Remix).mp310.0MB

CD2/4-Europe - The Final Countdown (Dolev Bi Remix).mp310.0MB

CD1/52-Luna P. - What Ever (Radio Mix).mp310.0MB

CD1/1- Dr.Alban - Long Time Ago (Aris Dr. Record Remix).mp310.0MB

CD2/3-Enigma - Sadness (Steadfast Gross Club Remix).mp310.0MB

CD2/29-Dr. Alban - Long Time Ago (Aris Dr. Record Remix ).mp310.0MB

CD1/53-2 Brothers On The 4th Floor - Dreams (Will Come Alive).mp310.0MB

CD1/22-Fun Factory - Pain (Radio Edit).mp39.0MB

CD3/25. Gurcan - In The Rain (European Edit).mp39.0MB

CD2/32-E-Rotic - Max Don Have Sex With Your Ex (Dj Yaropoloff Remix).mp39.0MB

CD1/46-Soundlovers - Abracadabra 2009 (Amareta Rmx Gold Colection 90).mp39.0MB

CD2/47-Aqua - Barbie Girl (Dj Serzhikwen Extended Club Mix).mp39.0MB

CD1/17-Silent Circle - Touch In The Night (Alex Ch Remix ).mp39.0MB

CD3/13. C.C.Catch - House Of Mystic Light (Long Version Dance Mix).mp39.0MB

CD2/55-Michael Jackson - Beat It (Dj Makonя Mj Is Alive Radio Mix).mp39.0MB

CD1/33-Lian Ross- Say You Never (Dj Kavaler Remix).mp39.0MB

CD1/60-Amber - This Is Your Night (Original Edit).mp39.0MB

CD2/39-Alphaville - Big In Japan (D Jdartremix).mp39.0MB

CD1/13-Bad Boys Blue - Come Back And Stay 2010 (Almighty Radio Edit).mp39.0MB

CD1/29-SMS-Youre My Love.mp39.0MB

CD2/6-E Rotic - Max Dont Have Sex Witch Your Ex (Dj Spa1n Remix).mp38.0MB

CD2/10-Savage - Only You (Dj Serega Fox Remix).mp38.0MB

CD1/59-2 Brothers On The 4th Floor - Colour Of My Dreams.mp38.0MB

CD1/54-2 The Floor - Future Love (Radio Edit).mp38.0MB

CD1/8-Depeche Mode - Personal Jesus (The Stargate Mix).mp38.0MB

CD1/51-Masterboy – Mr Feeling (Radio Edit).mp38.0MB

CD1/6-SMS-Gimme Gimme.mp38.0MB

CD1/9-Bad Boys Blue - I Wanna Hear Your Heartbeat( Disco Stomp Remix).mp38.0MB

CD1/44-Silent Circle - Touch In The Night (Dj Petr One Remix).mp38.0MB

CD1/32-Darkness - In My Dreams (Radio Mix).mp38.0MB

CD1/26-Maxx - No More (I Can't Stand It) (Radio Edit).mp38.0MB

CD1/10-Captain Hollywood Project - More More (Dj Kvl Koval Remix).mp38.0MB

CD2/42-Dj Nil & Anthony El Mejor - You Re My Heart You Re My Soul (Radio Club Mix).mp38.0MB

CD1/56-Beat Control - Dancing Madness (Radio Edit).mp38.0MB

CD1/12-C.C.Catch & Juan Martinez - Back Seat Of Your Cadillac (Dancefloor Remix).mp38.0MB

CD2/15-Joy - Japanese Girls (Mahnovsky Original Remix).mp38.0MB

CD1/41-Bad Boys Blue - Cold As Ice (DJ Sveshnikov Remix).mp38.0MB

CD1/15-Lian Ross - Say You'll Never.mp38.0MB

CD2/37-Samantha Fox Vs. Sabrina - Call Me (Andrea T. Mendoza Vs. Tibet Original Radio).mp38.0MB

CD2/35-C.C.Catch & Juan Martinez - I Can Lose My Heart Tonight 2011 (Radio Edit).mp38.0MB

CD2/33-Patty Ryan - The Final Countdown.mp38.0MB

CD2/51-Modern Talking - Only Love Can Break My Heart (Pioneer Studio Extended Mix).mp38.0MB

CD2/18-Sms - Calimba Di Luna.mp38.0MB

CD2/20-Talking System - Deja Vu.mp38.0MB

CD1/28-Junior Flex Feat. Linda Rice - Work That Love (Euro Mix).mp38.0MB

CD1/21-Bad Boys Blue - You're A Woman 2011 (MS Project RMX Edit).mp38.0MB

CD1/34-Night People - In The Night (Radio Mix).mp38.0MB

CD1/35-Talking System- My Bed Is Too Big.mp37.0MB

CD2/43- Leviafann - Show Must Go On (Electropop Remix).mp37.0MB

CD2/9-Joy - Touch By Touch 2011 (Radio Version).mp37.0MB

CD1/30-Joy - Touch By Touch 2011 (Radio Version).mp37.0MB

CD2/49-Dj French Ship - Ladies From The Cote Dґazur.mp37.0MB

CD1/24-Magic Force - Body and Soul (Radio Edit).mp37.0MB

CD1/5-Silent Circle - Touch In The Night (25 Jubilee Exclusive Remix).mp37.0MB

CD2/13-Europe - The Final Countdown (Affecta Natasha Baccardi Radio Remix).mp37.0MB

CD1/16-Savage - Dont Cry Tonight (Alexandra Damiani Radio Mix).mp37.0MB

CD1/18-Alphaville - Big In Japan (Dj Rizzo Wolt Remix).mp37.0MB

CD1/58-Sir Prize - Love Is The Answer (Radio Edit).mp37.0MB

CD2/17-Savage - Don't Cry Tonight [Marko's Remix].mp37.0MB

CD2/50-Disco Service - Bouna Sera (Ernesto's Space Mix).mp37.0MB

CD2/19-The Eagles - Hotel California (Dj Denis Rublev & Dj Anton Radio Mix).mp37.0MB

CD1/23-C.C.Catch - Hollywood Nights (Euromix 2010).mp36.0MB

CD1/57-Melodie MC - Bomba Deng (Radio Version).mp36.0MB

CD2/52-Sms - Venus.mp36.0MB

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