Dependency Injection On-Ramp

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The torrent has 34 files, total 351.0MB, created at Jan. 10, 2015.

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dependency injection on-ramp

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04. Unit Testing/04. Demo Property Injection and Unit Testing.wmv37.0MB

05. DI Containers/05. Demo Late Binding with Unity.wmv26.0MB

04. Unit Testing/03. Demo Unit Testing.wmv25.0MB

03. Taking Advantage of Loose Coupling/03. Demo Additional Repositories.wmv24.0MB

05. DI Containers/06. Demo Unit Testing with A Container.wmv24.0MB

02. Loose Coupling/04. Demo Constructor Injection.wmv23.0MB

05. DI Containers/03. Demo Using Unity.wmv20.0MB

03. Taking Advantage of Loose Coupling/05. Demo Using The Caching Repository.wmv19.0MB

01. Overview and Tight Coupling/02. Dependency Injection Overview.wmv14.0MB

01. Overview and Tight Coupling/07. The Problem of Tight Coupling.wmv14.0MB

02. Loose Coupling/03. Demo Adding The Repository Interface.wmv12.0MB


02. Loose Coupling/06. Demo Adding the Bootstrapper.wmv11.0MB

05. DI Containers/07. Course Summary.wmv10.0MB

05. DI Containers/04. Demo Using Ninject.wmv10.0MB

01. Overview and Tight Coupling/05. Demo The Presentation Layer.wmv8.0MB

01. Overview and Tight Coupling/06. Demo The View Layer.wmv7.0MB

04. Unit Testing/02. Unit Testing and Mocking.wmv6.0MB

01. Overview and Tight Coupling/04. Demo The Service Layer and Repository Layer.wmv5.0MB

01. Overview and Tight Coupling/01. Course Overview.wmv4.0MB

01. Overview and Tight Coupling/03. Demo Application Overview.wmv4.0MB

02. Loose Coupling/07. Summary.wmv3.0MB

02. Loose Coupling/02. The Repository Interface.wmv3.0MB

04. Unit Testing/05. Summary.wmv2.0MB

03. Taking Advantage of Loose Coupling/04. Client-Side Caching.wmv2.0MB

03. Taking Advantage of Loose Coupling/02. Additional Repositories.wmv2.0MB

03. Taking Advantage of Loose Coupling/06. Summary.wmv1.0MB

05. DI Containers/02. DI Containers.wmv1.0MB

02. Loose Coupling/05. The Bootstrapper Application.wmv1.0MB

02. Loose Coupling/01. Overview.wmv1.0MB

05. DI Containers/01. Overview.wmv1.0MB

01. Overview and Tight Coupling/08. Summary.wmv1.0MB

03. Taking Advantage of Loose Coupling/01. Overview.wmv1001.0KB

04. Unit Testing/01. Overview.wmv871.0KB

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