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Timothy Leary - The Game Of Life.pdf120.0MB

Malcolm Godwin - The Lucid Dreamer, A Waking Guide for the Traveler Between Worlds.pdf117.0MB

Charles T. Tart, Harold E. Puthoff, Russell Targ - Mind at large.pdf110.0MB

Michael Valentine Smith - Psychedelic Chemistry.pdf91.0MB

Charles T. Tart - Body Mind Spirit.pdf74.0MB

R. Anderson W. Braud - Transforming self and others through research.pdf63.0MB

Timothy Leary & Robert Anton Wilson - Game of Life (New Falcon Publications).pdf58.0MB

Stanislav Grof - Healing our Deepest Wounds - The Holotropic Paradigm Shift.pdf54.0MB

Charles T. Tart - Learning to Use Extrasensory Perception.pdf52.0MB

Transpersonal Research Methods for the Social Sciences.pdf46.0MB

Drugs and Mysticism-Pahnke-1963.pdf45.0MB

Terence Mckenna-The Archaic Revival.pdf41.0MB

Al uh Looyah - The Book of the Mother (1970, experience of 12000 LSD trips).pdf40.0MB

Timothy Leary - High Priest.pdf40.0MB

Ram Dass - Be Here Now.pdf39.0MB

Sacred Mirrors - Die visionäre Kunst des Alex Grey.pdf31.0MB

Timothy Leary - What Does WoMan-Want.pdf29.0MB

Timothy Leary - What Does WoMan Want.pdf29.0MB


Timothy Leary - Chaos & Cyber Culture.pdf23.0MB

Timothy Leary - The Delicious Grace of Moving One`s Hand.pdf23.0MB

Timothy Leary - Interpersonal Diagnosis of Personality (1957).pdf23.0MB

Timothy Leary - The Intelligence Agents (New Falcon Publications).pdf22.0MB

Stanislav Grof - LSD Psychotherapy (Hunter House, 1977, OCR) .pdf22.0MB

Timothy Leary - Neurocomics (1979).pdf20.0MB

John C. Lilly and E.J. Gold - Tanks For The Memories - Floatation Tank Talks v0.9.pdf19.0MB

Graham Hancock - Supernatural - Meetings with the Ancient Teachers of Mankind.pdf19.0MB

Stafford - Psychedelics Encyclopedia 3e HQ v2.djvu15.0MB

John C. Lilly - The Deep Self.pdf14.0MB

John C. Lilly - Isolation TANK - THE DEEP SELF.pdf14.0MB

Psychedelics Encyclopedia - Peter Stafford.pdf13.0MB

Psilocybin Mushrooms of the World - Paul Stamets.pdf13.0MB

Victor Beasley, Christopher Hills - Your Electro-Vibratory Body.pdf12.0MB

Timothy Leary - Info Psychology.pdf12.0MB

David Solomon (Ed.) - LSD - The Consciousness-Expanding Drug.pdf10.0MB

John Lilly - Simulations of God.pdf10.0MB

John C. Lilly - Simulations of God.pdf10.0MB

Harold A. Abramson, M.D. (Ed.) - The Use of LSD in Psychotherapy and Alcoholism.pdf10.0MB

Stanislav Grof - Books of the Dead - Manuals For Living And Dying.pdf10.0MB

Christopher M. Bache - The Living Classroom - Teaching and Collective Consciousness.pdf10.0MB

Dr. Grant McFetridge with Wes Gietz - Peak States of Consciousness - Theory and Applications Vol 2.pdf10.0MB

Ethnomed - Handbuch der Ethnotherapien - Handbook of Ethnotherapies (german-english).pdf10.0MB

The Second International Conference on the Use of LSD in Psychotherapy and Alcoholism.pdf9.0MB

Revisioning Transpersonal Theory - A Participartory Vision of Human Spirituality By Jorge N. Ferrer.pdf9.0MB

Robert Anton Wilson - Quantum Psychology (New Falcon Publication 1990 206s).pdf9.0MB

Stanislav and Christina Grof - Beyond Death - The gates of consciousness.pdf8.0MB

Wasson, Valentina Pavlona and R. Gordon - Mushrooms - Russia and History - Volume 2.pdf8.0MB

Barbara Hand Clow - Liquid Light of Sex - Kundalini Rising at Mid Life Crisis.pdf7.0MB

Alexander Shulgin and Ann Shulgin - TiHKAL - The continuation.pdf7.0MB

Magic Mushrooms - a new indoor growing technique.pdf7.0MB

John C. Lilly - The Quiet Center.pdf7.0MB

The Psilocybin Mushroom Image Guide.pdf7.0MB

Dan Carpenter - A Psychonaut's Guide to the Invisible Landscape.pdf7.0MB

Wasson, Valentina Pavlona and R. Gordon - Mushrooms - Russia and History - Volume 1.pdf7.0MB

LSD Psychotherapy - Stanislav Grof.pdf7.0MB

Shulgin - Pihkal - A Chemical Love Story.pdf6.0MB

Robert Lanza - Biocentrism- How Life and Consciousness Are the Keys to Understanding the True Nature of the Universe.pdf6.0MB

Interview Shulgin In Playboy March 2004 (reduced size).pdf6.0MB

John C. Lilly - Mind of the Dolphin [OCR].pdf5.0MB

Jay Alfred - Brains and Realities.pdf5.0MB

Lester Grinspoon, M.D., James B. Bakalar, J.D. (ed.) - Psychedelic Reflections.pdf5.0MB

Patrick Lundborg - The Acid Archives (list of obscure LPs with reviews 1965-82).pdf5.0MB

Hallucinogenic Plants - A Golden Guide.pdf5.0MB

Bernard Aaronson and Humphry Osmond - Psychedelics - The Uses and Implications of Hallucinogenic Drugs.pdf5.0MB


Malden Grange Bishop - The Discovery of Love - A Psychedelic Experience with LSD-25.pdf4.0MB

lsd blotter index - microgram_1987.pdf4.0MB

Stanislav Grof - Psychology of the Future.pdf4.0MB

Richard Crocket, R. A. Sandison, Alexander Walk - Hallucinogenic Drugs and Their Psychotherapeutic Use.pdf4.0MB

Eliezer Sobel - The 99th Monkey - A Spiritual Journalist’s Misadventures with Gurus, Messiahs, Sex, Psychedelics, and Other Consciousness-Raising Experiments.pdf4.0MB

J. Allan Hobson - The dream Drugstore - Chemically Altered States of Consciousness.pdf4.0MB

Stanislav Grof - The Adventure of Self-Discovery.pdf4.0MB

Clifford A. Pickover - Sex, Drugs, Einstein & Elves.pdf4.0MB

A. Hoffer, H. Osmond - The Hallucinogens.pdf3.0MB

Charles Tart (ed) - Transpersonal Psychologies - Perspectives on the Mind from Seven Great Spiritual Traditions (1975).pdf3.0MB

James Fadiman, Ph.D. - The Psychedelic Explorer's Guide.pdf3.0MB

McKenna, Terence -- Food of the Gods (English).pdf3.0MB

Stanislav Grof - Realms Of The Human Unconscious - Observations from LSD Research.pdf3.0MB

John White, Stanley Krippner - Future Science, Life Energies And The Physics Of Paranormal Phenomena (OCR).pdf3.0MB

Stanislav Grof - Beyond the Brain - Birth, Death, and Transcendence in Psychotherapy.pdf3.0MB

Ayahuasca Visions, by Shaman Pablo Amaringo.pdf3.0MB

Ken Wilber - Up From Eden - A Transpersonal View of Human Evolution.pdf2.0MB

The International Journal of Transpersonal Studies, 2004, Volume 23.pdf2.0MB

Stanislav Grof - Holotropic Breathwork - A New Approach to Self-Exploration and Therapy.pdf2.0MB

Hiroshi Motoyama - Theories of the Chakras.pdf2.0MB

The International Journal of Transpersonal Studies, 2006, Volume 25.pdf2.0MB

Ken Wilber - Eye to Eye.pdf2.0MB

Maps Dot Org - Sex Spirit And Psychedelics (Complete Issue).pdf2.0MB

Gregory P. Fields - Religious Therapeutics - Body and Health in Yoga, Ayurveda and Tantra.pdf2.0MB


MAPS Vol10 No3 - creativity 2000 - psychedelics and creativity.pdf2.0MB

Adam Gottlieb - The Book of Acid.pdf2.0MB


Charles T. Tart - Waking Up.djvu2.0MB

Talbot,Michael - Das Holographische Universum.pdf2.0MB

Acid Dreams by Martin Lee.pdf2.0MB

John C. Lilly - The Scientist - A Metaphysical Autobiography v1.0.pdf2.0MB

Stanislav Grof - The Ultimate Journey - Consciousness and the Mystery of Death.pdf2.0MB

The International Journal of Transpersonal Studies, 2005, Volume 24.pdf2.0MB

James L. Kent - Psychedelic Information Theory - Shamanism in the Age of Reason.pdf2.0MB

Ken Wilber - A Brief History of Everything.pdf2.0MB

Eric D. Leskowitz - Transpersonal Hypnosis - Gateway to Body, Mind and Spirit.pdf2.0MB

Jean-Baptiste Aymard & Patrick Laude - Frithjof Schuon - Life and Teachings.pdf2.0MB

The International Journal of Transpersonal Studies, 2010, Volume 29(2).pdf2.0MB

The Journal of Transpersonal Psychology - Vol. 27.2 (1995).pdf1.0MB

John C. Lilly - The Center of the Cyclone - An Autobiography of Inner Space (OCR).pdf1.0MB

The International Journal of Transpersonal Studies, 2011, Volume 30.pdf1.0MB

P.G.Stafford, B.H.Golightly - LSD, The Problem-Solving Psychedelic (2).pdf1.0MB


Andrija Puharich - The Sacred Mushroom - Key to the Door of Eternity.pdf1.0MB

Stanislav Grof - Human Survival and Consciousness Evolution.pdf1.0MB

Roberto Assagioli - The Act of Will.pdf1.0MB

Sidney Cohen, M .D. - The Uses and Misuses of Lysergic Acid Diethylamide.pdf1.0MB

Charles T. Tart - States of Consciousness (free web edition).pdf1.0MB

J. Thomas Ungerleider, M.D. (Ed.) - The Problems and Prospects of LSD.pdf1.0MB

Krystle Cole - Lysergic 2e.pdf1.0MB

Mr. Nice.pdf1.0MB

Marcia Moore and Howard Sunny Alltounian - Journeys into the Bright World (1978).djvu1.0MB

Advanced Lucid Dreaming - The Power of Supplements.pdf1.0MB

The International Journal of Transpersonal Studies, 2009, Volume 28(1).pdf1.0MB

Sylvester Walch - Dimensionen der menschlichen Psyche - Heilung und Entwicklung durch veränderte Bewusstseinszustände.pdf1.0MB

Charles T. Tart - Psi.djvu1.0MB

Stanislav Grof - Human Encounter With Death.pdf1.0MB

Charles T. Tart - Mind Science - meditation training for practical people.pdf1.0MB

The Journal of Transpersonal Psychology - Vol. 25.1 (1993).pdf1.0MB

Lee Sanella - Kundalini Erfahrung und die neuen Wissenschaften.pdf1.0MB

Roderick Main - Revelations of Chance - Synchronicity As Spiritual Experience.pdf1.0MB

Jane Dunlap - Exploring Inner Space - Personal Experiences under LSD-25.pdf1.0MB

Stanislav Grof - When The Impossible Happens - Adventures In Non-Ordinary Realities.pdf1.0MB

Timothy Leary - Space Migration SMIILE.pdf1.0MB

The International Journal of Transpersonal Studies, 2010, Volume 29(1).pdf1.0MB

S. Krippner, F. Bogzaran, A. P. de Carvalho - Extraordinary Dreams and How to Work with Them.pdf1.0MB

jonathan ott - ayahuasca analoge.pdf1.0MB

William Buhlman -- Adventures Beyond The Body - How To Experience Out-Of-Body Travel.pdf1.0MB

The International Journal of Transpersonal Studies, 2012, Volume 31.pdf1.0MB

The International Journal of Transpersonal Studies, 2009, Volume 28(2).pdf1.0MB

Hiroshi Motoyama - Toward a Superconsciousness - Meditational Theory and Practice.pdf1.0MB

Timothy Leary - The interpersonal dimension of personality.pdf1.0MB

Lee & Shlain - Acid Dreams.pdf1.0MB

Thomas A. Forsthoefel & Cynthia Ann Humes (Ed.) - Gurus in America.pdf1.0MB

The Matrix is Real. Hack it! A Practical Guidebook.pdf1.0MB

Jim DeKorne - Psychedelischer NeoSchamani.pdf1.0MB

The International Journal of Transpersonal Studies, 2008, Volume 27.pdf1.0MB

Ott, Jonathan - Ayahuasca Entheogene.pdf1.0MB

Karl L. R. Jansen - Ketamine, Dreams and Realities (OCR).pdf1.0MB

Joel Paris - The Use and Misuse of Psychiatric Drugs - An Evidence-Based Critique.pdf1.0MB

The Journal of Transpersonal Psychology - Vol. 24.2 (1992).pdf1.0MB

The International Journal of Transpersonal Studies, 2007, Volume 26.pdf1.0MB

The Journal of Transpersonal Psychology - Vol. 25.2 (1993).pdf1.0MB

D.B. Blewett, Ph.D. N. Chwelos, M.D.- Handbook for the Therapeutic Use of LSD-25 (1959).pdf1.0MB

The Journal of Transpersonal Psychology - Vol. 26.2 (1994).pdf1.0MB

Lars Faber - The Sacred Voyage - The Pilgramage to the Soul.pdf1.0MB

C.I.A._Effects Of LSD On Personality.pdf1.0MB

Michael Washburn - Embodied Spirituality in a Sacred World (Suny Series in Transpersonal and Humanistic Psychology).pdf1.0MB

The Journal of Transpersonal Psychology - Vol. 28.1 (1996).pdf1017.0KB

The Journal of Transpersonal Psychology - Vol. 28.2 (1996).pdf1001.0KB

Acharya Rajnesh (Osho) - Lsd, A Shortcut To False Samadhi.pdf992.0KB

Lsd, A Shortcut To False Samadhi.pdf988.0KB

jonathan ott speaks (interview part 2).pdf977.0KB

The Journal of Transpersonal Psychology - Vol. 24.1 (1992).pdf975.0KB

Ken Wilber - Transpersonal Psychology.pdf972.0KB

The Journal of Transpersonal Psychology - Vol. 27.1 (1995).pdf962.0KB

The Journal of Transpersonal Psychology - Vol. 26.1 (1994).pdf929.0KB

Psychedelic Drugs and the Awakening of Kundalini - Donald J..pdf908.0KB

Marcia Moore and Howard Sunny Alltounian - Journeys into the Bright World (1978).pdf904.0KB

NDE -- Near Death Experiences _(Pim van Lommel_et_al)_.pdf898.0KB

Tihkal, On Psychedelics & How To By Alexander Shulgin.pdf897.0KB


The Journal of Transpersonal Psychology - Vol. 29.1 (1997).pdf863.0KB

The International Journal of Transpersonal Studies, 2003, Volume 22.pdf856.0KB

Harold Coward - Yoga and Psychology - Language, Memory and Mysticism.pdf842.0KB

Gelpke, Rudolf - Vom Rausch Im Orient Und Okzident (Drogenkunde,Sucht,Mystik,Alkohol,Opium,Cannab.pdf832.0KB

Seth Robert Segall (Ed.) - Encountering Buddhism - Western Psychology and Buddhist Teachings.pdf795.0KB

NDE - Holden-J.M.(1988) Visual perception during near-death experiences.pdf769.0KB

Karl H. Pribram - The Realization of the Mind.pdf744.0KB

Peter Shepherd - Transforming The Mind - Transpersonal Psychology.pdf732.0KB

Stewart Tendler and David May - The Brotherhood Of Eternal Love.pdf719.0KB

Memory - Superlearning - Timothy Leary.pdf667.0KB

John C. Lilly - Metaprogramming In The Human Biocomputer.pdf666.0KB

Stuart Ray Sarbacker - Samadhi - The Numinous and Cessative in Indo-Tibetan Yoga.pdf664.0KB

jonathan ott speaks (interview part 1).pdf655.0KB

MAPS Vol12 No1 - Talking with Ann and Sasha Shulgin on the Existence of God and the Pleasures of .pdf647.0KB

LaBerge, Stephen--Exploring The World Of Lucid Dreaming.pdf626.0KB

Ken Wilber - No Boundary.pdf609.0KB

Ken Wilber's Transpersonal Psychology.pdf593.0KB

Klaus John - Holotropic Breathwork - A trip to inside (dvd booklet).pdf583.0KB

Paul Krassner's Psychedelic Trips for the Mind.pdf575.0KB

The Psilocybin Solution, by Simon G. Powell.pdf569.0KB


Quantum Tantra - Dmt-Extraction.pdf506.0KB

K.tamine-PCP-LSD-N20 & another Drugs.pdf504.0KB

Richard Alpert - LSD And Sexuality.pdf456.0KB

Remembrances of LSD Therapy Past - BG Eisner (2002).pdf455.0KB

Betty Grover Eisner, Ph.D. - Remembrances of LSD Therapy Past (2002).pdf455.0KB

Uncle Fester - Practical LSD Manufacture.pdf450.0KB

Dr. Nicola Crowley - Holotropic Breathwork_Healing through a non-ordinary state of consciousness.pdf445.0KB

The Millbrook Press - Mind Drugs, 6th Edition.pdf435.0KB

The Politics Of Timothy Leary - Think For Yourself_ Question Authority.doc386.0KB

MAPS Vol11 No2 - Working with Difficult Psychedelic Experiences.pdf383.0KB

Lucid Dreaming - Tony Crisp.pdf356.0KB

Charles Tart - Scientific Study of the Human Aura.pdf349.0KB

MAPS Vol11 No1 - The Literature of Psychedelics.pdf321.0KB

Timothy Leary - Psychedelic Prayers.pdf318.0KB

Timothy Leary - Think For Yourself, Question Authority.pdf316.0KB

Adam Gottlieb - Peyote and other Psychoact.pdf312.0KB

MAPS Vol11 No2 - Stanislav Grof interviews Dr Albert Hofmann.pdf291.0KB

Hyde, Margaret O. - Mind Drugs VI (en).pdf280.0KB

Maps Dot Org - Blending Traditions - Using Indigenous Medicinal Knowledge To Treat Drug Addiction.pdf274.0KB

Psychedelic Shamanism - Jim Dekorne.pdf274.0KB

Claudio Naranjo - Present-centeredness in Gestalt Therapy.PDF244.0KB

Rick Strassman - Subjective effects of DMT and the development of the Hallucinogen Rating Scale.pdf242.0KB

MAPS Vol12 No1 - Entheogenic Sects and Psychedelic Religions.pdf232.0KB

MAPS Vol12 No1 - How Psychedelics Informed My Sex Life and Sex Work.pdf219.0KB

MAPS Vol12 No1 - 2C-B - DMT - You and Me.pdf209.0KB

Bruce Harrah-Conforth - Accessing_Alternity.pdf200.0KB

psychedelics and the creation of virtual reality.pdf192.0KB

Timothy Leary - The Psychedelic Experience.pdf183.0KB

Timothy Leary , Gary Snyder, Alan Watts, Allen Ginsberg - The Housboat Summit.pdf181.0KB

Maps Dot Org - Integrating Sex Spirituality And Psychedelics.pdf177.0KB

Maps Dot Org - Astral Sex Dream Girl.pdf173.0KB

Timothy Leary - LSD & Buddha.pdf162.0KB

Transpersonal Images and Health.pdf153.0KB

Psychomanteum Research - Institute of Transpersonal Psychology [scrying].pdf150.0KB

a dissertation on the constructive (therapeutic and religious) use of psychedelics.pdf149.0KB

Charles Tart - Six Studies of Out-of-the-Body Experiences (OBE).pdf147.0KB

Maps Dot Org - Huxley On Drugs And Creativity.pdf130.0KB

The International Journal of Transpersonal Studies - 1998-2011 - Content and Links.pdf129.0KB

Vanja Palmers - Meditation and Psychedelics.pdf128.0KB

Meditation and Psychedelics.pdf128.0KB

MAPS Vol10 No3 - Telluride Mushroom Festival 2000.pdf127.0KB

MAPS Vol11 No2 - Time.pdf96.0KB

effects of psilocybin in obsessive-compulsive disorder - an update.pdf91.0KB

Psychedelics in Paradise - Mind States – Jamaica.pdf89.0KB

Alexander Shulgin - Future Drugs.pdf83.0KB


L. Bryce Boyer, Ruth M. Boyer, and Harry W. Basehart - Shamanism and Peyote Use Among the Apaches.pdf56.0KB

MAPS Vol11 No1 - The Influence of Psychedelics on Remote Viewing.pdf33.0KB

The Holographic Brain; An Interview With Karl Pribram.pdf31.0KB

Weir & Perry - the work and techniques of Stanislav Grof.pdf23.0KB

MAPS Vol11 No1 - K.tamine-Assisted Psychotherapy (KPT) In The Treatment of Heroin Addiction - Mu.pdf13.0KB

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