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The torrent has 50 files, total 574.0MB, created at Dec. 14, 2014.

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1990 Twisted Into Form/06 R.I.P..mp317.0MB

1995 Distortion/10 21st Century Schizoid Man.mp317.0MB

1988 Forbidden Evil/08 Follow Me.mp316.0MB

2010 Omega Wave/07 Dragging My Casket.mp315.0MB

1995 Distortion/05 Feed The Hand.mp315.0MB

1995 Distortion/04 No Reason.mp315.0MB

2010 Omega Wave/05 Swine.mp314.0MB

1995 Distortion/09 Under Taker.mp314.0MB

1988 Forbidden Evil/03 Through Eyes Of Glass.mp314.0MB

2010 Omega Wave/11 Inhuman Race.mp314.0MB

1990 Twisted Into Form/09 One Foot In Hell.mp314.0MB

1988 Forbidden Evil/09 Disillusions.mp314.0MB

1995 Distortion/01 Distortion.mp313.0MB

2010 Omega Wave/12 Omega Wave.mp313.0MB

1990 Twisted Into Form/02 Infinite.mp313.0MB

1997 Green/09 Blank.mp313.0MB

1997 Green/04 Turns To Rage.mp313.0MB

1988 Forbidden Evil/04 Forbidden Evil.mp313.0MB

2010 Omega Wave/10 Behind The Mask.mp313.0MB

2010 Omega Wave/08 Hopenosis.mp312.0MB

2010 Omega Wave/09 Immortal Wounds.mp312.0MB

1997 Green/10 Focus.mp312.0MB

1995 Distortion/03 Rape.mp312.0MB

2010 Omega Wave/04 Adapt Or Die.mp312.0MB

1988 Forbidden Evil/05 March Into Fire.mp312.0MB

1988 Forbidden Evil/06 Feel No Pain.mp311.0MB

1995 Distortion/02 Hypnotized By The Rhythm.mp311.0MB

2010 Omega Wave/02 Forsaken At The Gates.mp311.0MB

1990 Twisted Into Form/04 Step By Step.mp311.0MB

2010 Omega Wave/03 Overthrow.mp310.0MB

1990 Twisted Into Form/08 Tossed Away.mp310.0MB

1990 Twisted Into Form/03 Out Of Body (Out Of Mind).mp310.0MB

1988 Forbidden Evil/01 Chalice Of Blood.mp310.0MB

1990 Twisted Into Form/05 Twisted Into Form.mp310.0MB

1995 Distortion/07 Mind's 'I'.mp310.0MB

1995 Distortion/08 All That Is.mp310.0MB

1988 Forbidden Evil/02 Off The Edge.mp39.0MB

1988 Forbidden Evil/07 As Good As Dead.mp39.0MB

1995 Distortion/06 Wake Up!.mp39.0MB

1997 Green/08 Noncents.mp38.0MB

1997 Green/05 Face Down Heroes.mp38.0MB

1997 Green/03 Phat.mp38.0MB

1997 Green/07 Kanaworms.mp37.0MB

1997 Green/06 Over The Middle.mp37.0MB

1997 Green/02 Green.mp37.0MB

1997 Green/01 What Is The Last Time.mp35.0MB

2010 Omega Wave/06 Chatter.mp35.0MB

2010 Omega Wave/01 Alpha Century.mp34.0MB

1990 Twisted Into Form/07 Spiral Depression (Instrumental).mp34.0MB

1990 Twisted Into Form/01 Parting Of The Ways (Instrumental).mp32.0MB

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