Taylor Swift Discography [2006 - 2014]

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2006 - 2014 taylor swift discography

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Studio Albums/[2010] - Speak Now (Deluxe Version)/05 Dear John.m4a16.0MB

Studio Albums/[2010] - Speak Now (Deluxe Version)/13 Last Kiss.m4a14.0MB

Studio Albums/[2010] - Speak Now (Deluxe Version)/09 Enchanted.m4a14.0MB

Studio Albums/[2010] - Speak Now (Deluxe Version)/14 Long Live.m4a12.0MB

Studio Albums/[2012] - Red/Disc 01/05 All Too Well.mp312.0MB

Studio Albums/[2012] - Red/Disc 02/06 State of Grace (Acoustic Version).mp312.0MB

Studio Albums/[2010] - Speak Now (Deluxe Version)/11 Innocent.m4a12.0MB

Studio Albums/[2010] - Speak Now (Deluxe Version)/21 Back To December (US Version).m4a11.0MB

Studio Albums/[2010] - Speak Now (Deluxe Version)/18 Back To December (Acoustic Versio.m4a11.0MB

Studio Albums/[2010] - Speak Now (Deluxe Version)/03 Back To December.m4a11.0MB

Studio Albums/[2009] - Fearless/02 Fifteen.m4a11.0MB

Studio Albums/[2010] - Speak Now (Deluxe Version)/08 Never Grow Up.m4a11.0MB

Studio Albums/[2012] - Red/Disc 01/10 The Last Time (feat Gary Lightbody of Snow Patrol).mp311.0MB

Studio Albums/[2012] - Red/Disc 01/01 State of Grace.mp311.0MB

Studio Albums/[2009] - Fearless/13 Change.m4a11.0MB

Studio Albums/[2010] - Speak Now (Deluxe Version)/17 Superman.m4a11.0MB

Studio Albums/[2012] - Red/Disc 02/01 The Moment I Knew.mp310.0MB

Studio Albums/[2010] - Speak Now (Deluxe Version)/07 The Story Of Us.m4a10.0MB

Studio Albums/[2012] - Red/Disc 01/12 Sad Beautiful Tragic.mp310.0MB

Studio Albums/[2010] - Speak Now (Deluxe Version)/22 The Story Of Us (US Version).m4a10.0MB

Studio Albums/[2009] - Fearless/07 Breathe (Feat. Colbie Caillat).m4a10.0MB

Studio Albums/[2010] - Speak Now (Deluxe Version)/02 Sparks Fly.m4a10.0MB

Studio Albums/[2009] - Fearless/09 You're Not Sorry.m4a10.0MB

Studio Albums/[2014] - 1989/13 Clean.mp310.0MB

Studio Albums/[2014] - 1989/15 You Are In Love.mp310.0MB

Studio Albums/[2009] - Fearless/04 Hey Stephen.m4a10.0MB

Studio Albums/[2010] - Speak Now (Deluxe Version)/04 Speak Now.m4a9.0MB

Studio Albums/[2009] - Fearless/12 The Best Day.m4a9.0MB

Studio Albums/[2010] - Speak Now (Deluxe Version)/12 Haunted.m4a9.0MB

Studio Albums/[2006] - Taylor Swift/07 Tied Together With A Smile.m4a9.0MB

Studio Albums/[2009] - Fearless/10 The Way I Loved You.m4a9.0MB

Studio Albums/[2009] - Fearless/01 Fearless.m4a9.0MB

Studio Albums/[2010] - Speak Now (Deluxe Version)/06 Mean.m4a9.0MB

Studio Albums/[2010] - Speak Now (Deluxe Version)/15 Ours.m4a9.0MB

Studio Albums/[2009] - Fearless/16 Should've Said No.m4a9.0MB

Studio Albums/[2006] - Taylor Swift/09 Should've Said No.m4a9.0MB

Studio Albums/[2014] - 1989/11 This Love.mp39.0MB

Studio Albums/[2010] - Speak Now (Deluxe Version)/16 If This Was A Movie.m4a9.0MB

Studio Albums/[2014] - 1989/10 How You Get The Girl.mp39.0MB

Studio Albums/[2010] - Speak Now (Deluxe Version)/20 Mine (US Version).m4a9.0MB

Studio Albums/[2009] - Fearless/17 Love Story (US Pop Mix).m4a9.0MB

Studio Albums/[2006] - Taylor Swift/05 Cold As You.m4a9.0MB

Studio Albums/[2010] - Speak Now (Deluxe Version)/01 Mine.m4a9.0MB

Studio Albums/[2009] - Fearless/03 Love Story.m4a9.0MB

Studio Albums/[2014] - 1989/14 Wonderland.mp39.0MB

Studio Albums/[2009] - Fearless/05 White Horse.m4a9.0MB

Studio Albums/[2012] - Red/Disc 01/14 Everything Has Changed (feat Ed Sheeran).mp39.0MB

Studio Albums/[2006] - Taylor Swift/08 Stay Beautiful.m4a9.0MB

Studio Albums/[2012] - Red/Disc 01/07 I Almost Do.mp39.0MB

Studio Albums/[2009] - Fearless/06 You Belong With Me.m4a9.0MB

Studio Albums/[2012] - Red/Disc 01/03 Treacherous.mp39.0MB

Studio Albums/[2006] - Taylor Swift/01 Tim McGraw.m4a9.0MB

Studio Albums/[2012] - Red/Disc 01/13 The Lucky One.mp39.0MB

Studio Albums/[2012] - Red/Disc 02/04 Treacherous (Original Demo Recording).mp39.0MB

Studio Albums/[2009] - Fearless/11 Forever & Always.m4a9.0MB

Studio Albums/[2014] - 1989/04 Out Of The Woods.mp39.0MB

Studio Albums/[2012] - Red/Disc 01/16 Begin Again.mp39.0MB

Studio Albums/[2010] - Speak Now (Deluxe Version)/10 Better Than Revenge.m4a8.0MB

Studio Albums/[2014] - 1989/02 Blank Space.mp38.0MB

Studio Albums/[2014] - 1989/03 Style.mp38.0MB

Studio Albums/[2010] - Speak Now (Deluxe Version)/19 Haunted (Acoustic Version).m4a8.0MB

Studio Albums/[2014] - 1989/16 New Romantics.mp38.0MB

Studio Albums/[2012] - Red/Disc 01/06 22.mp38.0MB

Studio Albums/[2006] - Taylor Swift/14 A Perfectly Good Heart.m4a8.0MB

Studio Albums/[2012] - Red/Disc 02/05 Red (Original Demo Recording).mp38.0MB

Studio Albums/[2006] - Taylor Swift/10 Mary's Song (Oh My My My).m4a8.0MB

Studio Albums/[2012] - Red/Disc 02/02 Come Back... Be Here.mp38.0MB

Studio Albums/[2012] - Red/Disc 01/02 Red.mp38.0MB

Studio Albums/[2006] - Taylor Swift/12 I'm Only Me When I'm With You.m4a8.0MB

Studio Albums/[2014] - 1989/09 Wildest Dreams.mp38.0MB

Studio Albums/[2012] - Red/Disc 02/03 Girl at Home.mp38.0MB

Studio Albums/[2012] - Red/Disc 01/15 Starlight.mp38.0MB

Studio Albums/[2014] - 1989/06 Shake It Off.mp38.0MB

Studio Albums/[2012] - Red/Disc 01/04 I Knew You Were Trouble.mp38.0MB

Studio Albums/[2014] - 1989/17 I Know Places - [Voice Memos].mp38.0MB

Studio Albums/[2006] - Taylor Swift/06 The Outside.m4a8.0MB

Studio Albums/[2014] - 1989/01 Welcome To New York.mp38.0MB

Studio Albums/[2014] - 1989/08 Bad Blood.mp38.0MB

Studio Albums/[2006] - Taylor Swift/11 Our Song.m4a8.0MB

Studio Albums/[2006] - Taylor Swift/13 Invisible.m4a8.0MB

Studio Albums/[2009] - Fearless/08 Tell Me Why.m4a8.0MB

Studio Albums/[2006] - Taylor Swift/03 Teardrops On My Guitar (Radio S 1.m4a8.0MB

Studio Albums/[2009] - Fearless/14 Our Song.m4a7.0MB

Studio Albums/[2014] - 1989/07 I Wish You Would.mp37.0MB

Studio Albums/[2012] - Red/Disc 01/09 Stay Stay Stay.mp37.0MB

Studio Albums/[2006] - Taylor Swift/04 A Place In This World.m4a7.0MB

Studio Albums/[2012] - Red/Disc 01/11 Holy Ground.mp37.0MB

Studio Albums/[2009] - Fearless/15 Teardrops On My Guitar.m4a7.0MB

Studio Albums/[2014] - 1989/12 I Know Places.mp37.0MB

Studio Albums/[2014] - 1989/05 All You Had To Do Was Stay.mp37.0MB

Studio Albums/[2012] - Red/Disc 01/08 We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.mp37.0MB

Digital Booklets/Digital Booklet - Speak Now.pdf7.0MB

Studio Albums/[2006] - Taylor Swift/15 Teardrops On My Guitar (POP Versi.m4a7.0MB

Digital Booklets/Digital Booklet - Fearless I.pdf7.0MB

Studio Albums/[2006] - Taylor Swift/02 Picture To Burn.m4a6.0MB

Digital Booklets/Digital Booklet - Fearless II.pdf6.0MB

Digital Booklets/Digital Booklet - Fearless III.pdf5.0MB

Studio Albums/[2014] - 1989/19 Blank Space - [Voice Memos].mp35.0MB

Digital Booklets/Digital Booklet - 1989.pdf4.0MB

Studio Albums/[2014] - 1989/18 I Wish You Would - [Voice Memos].mp34.0MB

Digital Booklets/Digital Booklet - Taylor Swift.pdf1.0MB

Album Artwork/Taylor Swift - Taylor Swift.png925.0KB

Album Artwork/Taylor Swift - Fearless (International).png652.0KB

Album Artwork/Taylor Swift - RED.jpg233.0KB

Album Artwork/Taylor Swift - Speak Now (Bonus Track Version).png185.0KB

Album Artwork/Taylor Swift - Speak Now (Extended Version).png181.0KB

Album Artwork/Taylor Swift - Fearless (USA).png154.0KB

Studio Albums/[2012] - Red/Taylor Swift ''Red'' Album Arts/02.jpg85.0KB

Studio Albums/[2014] - 1989/Cover Front.jpg76.0KB

Album Artwork/Taylor Swift - 1989.jpg76.0KB

Studio Albums/[2012] - Red/Taylor Swift ''Red'' Album Arts/12.jpg74.0KB

Studio Albums/[2012] - Red/Taylor Swift ''Red'' Album Arts/19.jpg69.0KB

Studio Albums/[2012] - Red/Taylor Swift ''Red'' Album Arts/03.jpg61.0KB

Studio Albums/[2012] - Red/Taylor Swift ''Red'' Album Arts/21.jpg59.0KB

Studio Albums/[2012] - Red/Taylor Swift ''Red'' Album Arts/05.jpg46.0KB

Studio Albums/[2012] - Red/Taylor Swift ''Red'' Album Arts/20.jpg46.0KB

Studio Albums/[2012] - Red/Taylor Swift ''Red'' Album Arts/16.jpg44.0KB

Studio Albums/[2012] - Red/Taylor Swift ''Red'' Album Arts/07.jpg44.0KB

Studio Albums/[2012] - Red/Taylor Swift ''Red'' Album Arts/11.jpg42.0KB

Studio Albums/[2012] - Red/Taylor Swift ''Red'' Album Arts/09.jpg40.0KB

Studio Albums/[2012] - Red/Taylor Swift ''Red'' Album Arts/06.jpg40.0KB

Studio Albums/[2012] - Red/Taylor Swift ''Red'' Album Arts/17.jpg40.0KB

Studio Albums/[2012] - Red/Taylor Swift ''Red'' Album Arts/01.jpg39.0KB

Studio Albums/[2012] - Red/Taylor Swift ''Red'' Album Arts/14.jpg37.0KB

Studio Albums/[2012] - Red/Taylor Swift ''Red'' Album Arts/22.jpg36.0KB

Studio Albums/[2012] - Red/Taylor Swift ''Red'' Album Arts/13.jpg35.0KB

Studio Albums/[2012] - Red/Taylor Swift ''Red'' Album Arts/15.jpg33.0KB

Studio Albums/[2012] - Red/Taylor Swift ''Red'' Album Arts/08.jpg33.0KB

Studio Albums/[2012] - Red/Taylor Swift ''Red'' Album Arts/04.jpg32.0KB

Studio Albums/[2012] - Red/Taylor Swift ''Red'' Album Arts/18.jpg29.0KB

Studio Albums/[2012] - Red/Taylor Swift ''Red'' Album Arts/10.jpg12.0KB

Studio Albums/[2014] - 1989/00 Playlist.m3u1.0KB

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