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The torrent has 39 files, total 195.0MB, created at Jan. 26, 2015.

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ace of base

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AOB_D3_TUC/307 - Lucky Love (Armands British Nites Remix).mp315.0MB

AOB_D3_TUC/306 - Don't Turn Around (Stretch Version).mp38.0MB

AOB_D1_TUC/105 - Waiting For Magic.mp37.0MB

AOB_D3_TUC/305 - The Sign (Dub Version).mp37.0MB

AOB_D2_TUC/201 - Donnie.mp36.0MB

AOB_D3_TUC/303 - All That She Wants (Banghra Version).mp35.0MB

AOB_D3_TUC/302 - My Mind (Mindless Mix).mp35.0MB

AOB_D1_TUC/103 - Happy Nation.mp35.0MB

AOB_D2_TUC/202 - Travel To Romantis.mp35.0MB

AOB_D3_TUC/301 - Wheel Of Fortune (Original Club Mix).mp35.0MB

AOB_D2_TUC/209 - Love In December.mp35.0MB

AOB_D1_TUC/112 - Perfect World.mp35.0MB

AOB_D2_TUC/204 - Everytime It Rains.mp35.0MB

AOB_D2_TUC/205 - Cecilia.mp35.0MB

AOB_D1_TUC/102 - Wheel Of Fortune.mp35.0MB

AOB_D1_TUC/106 - Don't Turn Around.mp35.0MB

AOB_D3_TUC/304 - Happy Nation (Remix).mp35.0MB

AOB_D1_TUC/113 - Life Is A Flower.mp35.0MB

AOB_D2_TUC/203 - Always Have Always Will.mp35.0MB

AOB_D1_TUC/107 - Living In Danger.mp35.0MB

AOB_D2_TUC/212 - The Juvenile.mp35.0MB

AOB_D1_TUC/109 - Beautiful Life.mp35.0MB

AOB_D2_TUC/206 - Tokyo Girl.mp34.0MB

AOB_D1_TUC/101 - All That She Wants.mp34.0MB

AOB_D1_TUC/114 - Cruel Summer.mp34.0MB

AOB_D2_TUC/207 - C'est La Vie.mp34.0MB

AOB_D1_TUC/111 - My Deja Vu.mp34.0MB

AOB_D1_TUC/110 - Never Gonna Say I'm Sorry.mp34.0MB

AOB_D2_TUC/211 - Unspeakable.mp34.0MB

AOB_D2_TUC/213 - Da Capo.mp34.0MB

AOB_D1_TUC/104 - The Sign.mp34.0MB

AOB_D2_TUC/214 - What's The Name Of The Game.mp34.0MB

AOB_D2_TUC/210 - Beautiful Morning.mp34.0MB

AOB_D1_TUC/108 - Lucky Love.mp34.0MB

AOB_D2_TUC/208 - Hello Hello.mp33.0MB

AOB_D3_TUC/Ace Of Base (2008) The Ultimate Collection [3 Disc's Set] Front.jpg247.0KB

AOB_D3_TUC/Ace Of Base (2008) The Ultimate Collection [3 Disc's Set] Back.jpg219.0KB

AOB_D3_TUC/Ace Of Base (2008) The Ultimate Collection [3 Disc's Set].jpg41.0KB

AOB_D3_TUC/Ace Of Base (2008) The Ultimate Collection [3 Disc's Set] Tracks List.txt1.0KB

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