Japanese Traditional Music Best 100 Ethnic (6 CD) (2007) - SMG

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japanese traditional music best 100 ethnic - smg 2007 6 cd

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CD3 - Joruri (music & songs of bunraku)/15. Orchid butterfly.mp323.0MB

CD5 - Gagaku, Nogaku & Others/03. tune bridge Benkei.mp318.0MB

CD1 - Sankyoku, Koto Music & Songs/02. Ballad raccoon dog.mp315.0MB

CD1 - Sankyoku, Koto Music & Songs/03. The edge it goes.mp315.0MB

CD2 -Nagauta (songs from kabuki)/03. Nagauta spider rhythm dance.mp315.0MB

CD1 - Sankyoku, Koto Music & Songs/15. Sea of tune spring.mp315.0MB

CD5 - Gagaku, Nogaku & Others/08. Mark of Satsuma lute fan.mp314.0MB

CD1 - Sankyoku, Koto Music & Songs/11. tune Enoshima tune.mp314.0MB

CD1 - Sankyoku, Koto Music & Songs/13. It is distant sound of main tune deer of koto old flow.mp314.0MB

CD3 - Joruri (music & songs of bunraku)/07. Tokiwazu military officer gate.mp314.0MB

CD1 - Sankyoku, Koto Music & Songs/05. Three tune Shochiku Co., Ltd. plums.mp313.0MB

CD2 -Nagauta (songs from kabuki)/01. Nagauta capital deer child daughter Douziyouzi.mp313.0MB

CD3 - Joruri (music & songs of bunraku)/04. Yosita husband fox fire.mp313.0MB

CD1 - Sankyoku, Koto Music & Songs/08. tune five step fulling block.mp313.0MB

CD1 - Sankyoku, Koto Music & Songs/01. The pitch of tune six step.mp313.0MB

CD3 - Joruri (music & songs of bunraku)/06. Tokiwazu Seki door.mp313.0MB

CD2 -Nagauta (songs from kabuki)/02. Nagauta heron daughter.mp313.0MB

CD5 - Gagaku, Nogaku & Others/16. Flow of reed river paragraph reed.mp312.0MB

CD2 -Nagauta (songs from kabuki)/05. Nagauta help six.mp312.0MB

CD1 - Sankyoku, Koto Music & Songs/06. Three tune remaining months.mp312.0MB

CD3 - Joruri (music & songs of bunraku)/13. It is clear original preservation name.mp312.0MB

CD3 - Joruri (music & songs of bunraku)/16. inside new. Hizakurige in road inside new.mp311.0MB

CD1 - Sankyoku, Koto Music & Songs/10. Three tune Sumiyoshi.mp311.0MB

CD5 - Gagaku, Nogaku & Others/07. Imperial court music flatness Etenraku.mp311.0MB

CD2 -Nagauta (songs from kabuki)/10. Nagauta Urasima.mp310.0MB

CD5 - Gagaku, Nogaku & Others/05. tune Douziyouzi.mp310.0MB

CD1 - Sankyoku, Koto Music & Songs/12. Spring of three tune capitals.mp310.0MB

CD3 - Joruri (music & songs of bunraku)/05. Step of Yosita husband river manor.mp310.0MB

CD1 - Sankyoku, Koto Music & Songs/04. Edge black hair.mp39.0MB

CD6 - Minyo & Tsugaru-Shamisen (folksongs)/16. Folk song Kuroda paragraph.mp39.0MB

CD5 - Gagaku, Nogaku & Others/10. Kawahara Zizou hymn.mp39.0MB

CD3 - Joruri (music & songs of bunraku)/14. It is clear the original Toba picture.mp39.0MB

CD6 - Minyo & Tsugaru-Shamisen (folksongs)/10. Folk song Sado bucket.mp39.0MB

CD6 - Minyo & Tsugaru-Shamisen (folksongs)/05. Folk song Akita it is dense.mp39.0MB

CD4 - Kouta & Hauta (ballad & popular songs)/14. Edge Imperial palace car.mp39.0MB

CD3 - Joruri (music & songs of bunraku)/09. Tokiwazu evening the fog.mp39.0MB

CD1 - Sankyoku, Koto Music & Songs/09. Tune of three tune plovers.mp39.0MB

CD2 -Nagauta (songs from kabuki)/04. Description monkey outside nagauta.mp39.0MB

CD6 - Minyo & Tsugaru-Shamisen (folksongs)/09. Folk song Chichibu leading.mp39.0MB

CD5 - Gagaku, Nogaku & Others/15. Festival musical band four Chome.mp39.0MB

CD2 -Nagauta (songs from kabuki)/14. Nagauta pommel horse mountain.mp39.0MB

CD6 - Minyo & Tsugaru-Shamisen (folksongs)/04. The folk song Tsugaru.mp39.0MB

CD3 - Joruri (music & songs of bunraku)/10. It is clear the original Seikai wave.mp39.0MB

CD2 -Nagauta (songs from kabuki)/13. Green of nagauta pine.mp39.0MB

CD3 - Joruri (music & songs of bunraku)/01. Step of Yosita husband liquor store.mp39.0MB

CD4 - Kouta & Hauta (ballad & popular songs)/11. Edge thin ink.mp39.0MB

CD4 - Kouta & Hauta (ballad & popular songs)/17. Kouta enemy good fortune inside new.mp39.0MB

CD2 -Nagauta (songs from kabuki)/08. Nagauta.mp38.0MB

CD6 - Minyo & Tsugaru-Shamisen (folksongs)/02. Folk song Esashi forked roadKakeya.mp38.0MB

CD3 - Joruri (music & songs of bunraku)/17. Prophetic dream after the discernment crow inside new.mp38.0MB

CD4 - Kouta & Hauta (ballad & popular songs)/16. Or edge edge.mp38.0MB

CD3 - Joruri (music & songs of bunraku)/12. It is clear original Kanda festival.mp38.0MB

CD6 - Minyo & Tsugaru-Shamisen (folksongs)/07. Folk song Aizu.mp38.0MB

CD6 - Minyo & Tsugaru-Shamisen (folksongs)/11. Folk song [chi] [ya] [tsu] drill paragraph.mp38.0MB

CD6 - Minyo & Tsugaru-Shamisen (folksongs)/01. Folk song saw run paragraph.mp38.0MB

CD3 - Joruri (music & songs of bunraku)/03. Yosita husband Kumatani position house.mp38.0MB

CD5 - Gagaku, Nogaku & Others/13. Sumo wrestling _ phrase this area entertainment.mp37.0MB

CD6 - Minyo & Tsugaru-Shamisen (folksongs)/08. Folk song beach paragraph.mp37.0MB

CD6 - Minyo & Tsugaru-Shamisen (folksongs)/13. Folk song densely the drill it is dense the paragraph.mp37.0MB

CD2 -Nagauta (songs from kabuki)/11. Nagauta Agatsuma eight scene.mp37.0MB

CD4 - Kouta & Hauta (ballad & popular songs)/08. Kouta good fortune three paragraph.mp37.0MB

CD4 - Kouta & Hauta (ballad & popular songs)/15. River shoal of edge.mp37.0MB

CD2 -Nagauta (songs from kabuki)/07. Nagauta Echigo Jishi.mp37.0MB

CD6 - Minyo & Tsugaru-Shamisen (folksongs)/14. Folk song Yasugi paragraph.mp37.0MB

CD4 - Kouta & Hauta (ballad & popular songs)/09. Edge cat cat.mp37.0MB

CD4 - Kouta & Hauta (ballad & popular songs)/13. Edge spring the rain.mp37.0MB

CD2 -Nagauta (songs from kabuki)/17. Nagauta capital deer child daughter Douziyouzi.mp37.0MB

CD2 -Nagauta (songs from kabuki)/06. Nagauta poult crane third.mp37.0MB

CD1 - Sankyoku, Koto Music & Songs/14. Main tune spring of capital mountains style (excerpt).mp37.0MB

CD5 - Gagaku, Nogaku & Others/09. Chikuzen lute public.mp37.0MB

CD3 - Joruri (music & songs of bunraku)/08. Tokiwazu riding together boat.mp37.0MB

CD6 - Minyo & Tsugaru-Shamisen (folksongs)/12. Folk song Echu straw paragraph.mp36.0MB

CD4 - Kouta & Hauta (ballad & popular songs)/12. Being born with the edge lawn.mp36.0MB

CD6 - Minyo & Tsugaru-Shamisen (folksongs)/18. Folk song it is cheap village house [yunta].mp36.0MB

CD6 - Minyo & Tsugaru-Shamisen (folksongs)/06. Folk song time rain.mp36.0MB

CD4 - Kouta & Hauta (ballad & popular songs)/04. Kouta long separation.mp36.0MB

CD2 -Nagauta (songs from kabuki)/09. Nagauta rattan daughter.mp36.0MB

CD4 - Kouta & Hauta (ballad & popular songs)/10. Edge Otsu picture.mp36.0MB

CD2 -Nagauta (songs from kabuki)/16. Nagauta Genroku Hanami.mp36.0MB

CD1 - Sankyoku, Koto Music & Songs/07. Eightfold robe.mp36.0MB

CD3 - Joruri (music & songs of bunraku)/11. It is clear the original Yosihara sparrow.mp36.0MB

CD2 -Nagauta (songs from kabuki)/12. Color kind of nagauta fall.mp36.0MB

CD3 - Joruri (music & songs of bunraku)/02. Step of Yosita husband Nozaki village.mp35.0MB

CD5 - Gagaku, Nogaku & Others/11. Japanese ode recitation many mountain river.mp35.0MB

CD4 - Kouta & Hauta (ballad & popular songs)/01. Kouta watering.mp35.0MB

CD5 - Gagaku, Nogaku & Others/04. tune pongo.mp35.0MB

CD6 - Minyo & Tsugaru-Shamisen (folksongs)/03. The folk song Tsugaru.mp35.0MB

CD5 - Gagaku, Nogaku & Others/14. Village kagura benevolence feather.mp35.0MB

CD6 - Minyo & Tsugaru-Shamisen (folksongs)/15. Folk song good quality dense paragraph.mp35.0MB

CD2 -Nagauta (songs from kabuki)/15. Nagauta victory Saburo connected Jishi.mp35.0MB

CD6 - Minyo & Tsugaru-Shamisen (folksongs)/17. The folk song [te] fog it is.mp35.0MB

CD4 - Kouta & Hauta (ballad & popular songs)/05. Kouta eightfold single.mp34.0MB

CD4 - Kouta & Hauta (ballad & popular songs)/06. Sound of Kouta insect.mp34.0MB

CD4 - Kouta & Hauta (ballad & popular songs)/03. Kouta [ma].mp34.0MB

CD5 - Gagaku, Nogaku & Others/02. tune crane turtle.mp33.0MB

CD4 - Kouta & Hauta (ballad & popular songs)/02. Kouta night cherry tree and.mp33.0MB

CD5 - Gagaku, Nogaku & Others/06. Imperial court music flat articulation taking.mp33.0MB

CD5 - Gagaku, Nogaku & Others/12. Recitation of a Chinese poem Kawanaka island.mp33.0MB

CD4 - Kouta & Hauta (ballad & popular songs)/07. Seven grasses of Kouta fall.mp33.0MB

CD5 - Gagaku, Nogaku & Others/01. tune Takasago.mp33.0MB

info - Traditional Japanese music/back - Traditional Japanese music.jpg105.0KB

CD1 - Sankyoku, Koto Music & Songs/fr1.jpg72.0KB

CD2 -Nagauta (songs from kabuki)/fr2.jpg72.0KB

CD3 - Joruri (music & songs of bunraku)/fr3.jpg72.0KB

CD4 - Kouta & Hauta (ballad & popular songs)/fr4.jpg72.0KB

CD5 - Gagaku, Nogaku & Others/fr5.jpg72.0KB

CD6 - Minyo & Tsugaru-Shamisen (folksongs)/fr6.jpg72.0KB

info - Traditional Japanese music/front - Traditional Japanese music.jpg72.0KB

info - Traditional Japanese music/info - Traditional Japanese music.docx24.0KB

Japanese Traditional Music Best 100 Ethnic (6 CD) (2007) - SMG.nfo.nfo8.0KB

CD2 -Nagauta (songs from kabuki)/CD2 – Nagauta (songs from kabuki).txt4.0KB

CD3 - Joruri (music & songs of bunraku)/CD3 - Joruri (music & songs of bunraku).txt4.0KB

CD1 - Sankyoku, Koto Music & Songs/Sankyoku, Koto Music & Songs (chamber music since edo period).txt4.0KB

CD6 - Minyo & Tsugaru-Shamisen (folksongs)/CD6 – Minyo & Tsugaru-Shamisen (folksongs).txt3.0KB

CD5 - Gagaku, Nogaku & Others/CD5 - Gagaku, Nogaku & Others (court music & ancient chants).txt3.0KB

CD4 - Kouta & Hauta (ballad & popular songs)/CD4 – Kouta & Hauta (ballad & popular songs).txt2.0KB

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