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The torrent has 94 files, total 828.0MB, created at Mar. 18, 2015.

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SuperUnknown/15-Like Suicide.mp316.0MB

Badmotorfinger/03 - Slaves & Bulldozers.mp315.0MB

Badmotorfinger/07-Searching With My Good Eye Closed.mp314.0MB

Ultramega OK/12 - Incessant Mace.mp314.0MB

Screaming Life-Fopp/10 - Fopp (DUB).mp314.0MB

SuperUnknown/06-Head Down.mp314.0MB

Down On The Upside/11 - Tighter & Tighter.mp313.0MB

Louder Than Love/02 - Hands All Over.mp313.0MB

Badmotorfinger/04-Jesus Christ Pose.mp313.0MB

SuperUnknown/09-Limo Wreck.mp313.0MB

Down On The Upside/06-Blow up the Outside World.mp313.0MB

Badmotorfinger/12-New Damage.mp313.0MB

Louder Than Love/01 - Ugly Truth.mp312.0MB

SuperUnknown/10-The Day I Tried to Live.mp312.0MB

SuperUnknown/07-Black Hole Sun.mp312.0MB

SuperUnknown/02-My Wave.mp311.0MB


Down On The Upside/09-Applebite.mp311.0MB

Down On The Upside/14-Overfloater.mp311.0MB

Ultramega OK/09 - Smokestack Lightning.mp311.0MB

Badmotorfinger/11-Holy Water.mp311.0MB

SuperUnknown/13-4th of July.mp311.0MB


Louder Than Love/07 - Loud Love.mp311.0MB

Down On The Upside/07-Burden in My Hand.mp311.0MB

Badmotorfinger/09-Mind Riot.mp311.0MB

Louder Than Love/09 - No Wrong No Right.mp311.0MB

SuperUnknown/03-Fell on Black Days.mp310.0MB

Louder Than Love/03 - Gun.mp310.0MB

Screaming Life-Fopp/02 - Entering.mp310.0MB

Down On The Upside/04-Dusty.mp310.0MB

Louder Than Love/10 - Uncovered.mp310.0MB

Screaming Life-Fopp/05 - Little Joe.mp310.0MB

Screaming Life-Fopp/06 - Hand Of God.mp310.0MB

Down On The Upside/12-No Attention.mp310.0MB

Badmotorfinger/01-Rusty Cage.mp310.0MB

Ultramega OK/06 - Mood For Trouble.mp310.0MB


Ultramega OK/04 - Beyond The Wheel.mp39.0MB

Louder Than Love/08 - I Awake.mp39.0MB


Down On The Upside/03-Zero Chance.mp39.0MB

SuperUnknown/12-Fresh Tendrils.mp39.0MB

Louder Than Love/04 - Power Trip.mp39.0MB

Down On The Upside/01-Pretty Noose.mp39.0MB

Louder Than Love/11 - Big Dumb Sex.mp39.0MB


Badmotorfinger/08-Room a Thousand Years Wide.mp39.0MB

Screaming Life-Fopp/04 - Nothing To Say.mp39.0MB

Ultramega OK/10 - Nazi Driver.mp39.0MB

SuperUnknown/01-Let Me Drown.mp38.0MB

Down On The Upside/13-Switch Opens.mp38.0MB

Ultramega OK/02 - All Your Lies.mp38.0MB

Louder Than Love/05 - Get On the Snake.mp38.0MB

Louder Than Love/06 - Full On Kevin's Mom.mp38.0MB

Screaming Life-Fopp/09 - Fopp.mp38.0MB

Down On The Upside/10-Never the Machine Forever.mp38.0MB

Ultramega OK/01 - Flower.mp38.0MB

SuperUnknown/16-She Likes Surprises.mp37.0MB

Down On The Upside/02-Rhinosaur.mp37.0MB

Down On The Upside/05-Ty Cobb.mp37.0MB

Down On The Upside/16-Boot Camp.mp36.0MB

Ultramega OK/08 - He Didn't.mp36.0MB

Screaming Life-Fopp/01 - Hunted Down.mp36.0MB

Louder Than Love/12 - Full On (Reprise).mp36.0MB

soundgarden(live)/Soundgarden - - New Damage (live) - 00.mp36.0MB

Screaming Life-Fopp/07 - Kingdom Of Come.mp35.0MB

soundgarden(live)/Soundgarden - - Just Like Suicide (Acoustic) - 00.mp35.0MB

Down On The Upside/08-Never Named.mp35.0MB

Badmotorfinger/10-Drawing Flies.mp35.0MB

Ultramega OK/11 - Head Injury.mp35.0MB

Burden In My Hand (CD Single)/Soundgarden - Karaoke.mp35.0MB

Badmotorfinger/05-Face Pollution.mp35.0MB

soundgarden(live)/Soundgarden - - Slaves & Bulldozers (live) - 00.mp35.0MB

Burden In My Hand (CD Single)/Soundgarden - Birth Ritual.mp35.0MB

soundgarden(live)/Soundgarden - - Blow up the Outside World (mtv live) - 00.mp35.0MB

Screaming Life-Fopp/08 - Swallow My Pride.mp35.0MB


soundgarden(live)/Soundgarden - - Helter Skelter (live) - 00.mp35.0MB

soundgarden(live)/Soundgarden & Pearl Jam - Hey Baby (Live).mp35.0MB

Down On The Upside/15-An Unkind.mp34.0MB

Ultramega OK/07 - Circle of Power.mp34.0MB

soundgarden(live)/soundgarden - burden in my hand (BEST VERSION EVER).mp34.0MB

Screaming Life-Fopp/03 - Tears To Forget.mp34.0MB

soundgarden(live)/Soundgarden - Big Bottom [spinal tap] - Louder Than Live - 00.mp34.0MB

soundgarden(live)/Soundgarden - - Fell on Black Days (live) - 00.mp34.0MB

soundgarden(live)/soundgarden - - doors cover (live) - 00.mp34.0MB

Ultramega OK/03 - 665.mp33.0MB


The A-Sides/Soundgarden - Bleed Together.mp33.0MB

soundgarden(live)/Soundgarden - Black Hole Sun (live acoustic).mp32.0MB


Ultramega OK/05 - 667.mp32.0MB

Ultramega OK/13 - One Minute of Silence.mp32.0MB

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