Vol.10 (2CD)

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Vol.10 (2CD)

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CD 1/17. Aella - Тебе дадут знак [Ария cover].mp318.0MB

CD 1/07. Dark Mirror Ov Tragedy - Crypts Of Eternity [Slayer cover].mp318.0MB

CD 2/06. Em Sinfonia - Revelations [Iron Maiden cover].mp316.0MB

CD 1/04. Blackthorn - Sister September [Anorexia Nervosa cover].mp313.0MB

CD 2/07. Dominion - Shout [Tears For Fears cover].mp313.0MB

CD 2/13. Moon Of Steel - We're Nothing [Dream Theater].mp313.0MB

CD 2/16. Hellion - Exciter [Judas Priest cover].mp313.0MB

CD 1/02. Hildr Valkyrie - Ring Of Gold [Bathory cover].mp312.0MB

CD 2/04. Edenian feat. Julia Orwell - Freelove [Depeche Mode cover].mp312.0MB

CD 1/03. Mysterya - Engel [Rammstein cover].mp311.0MB

CD 2/14. Giltine's Gintaras - Hungry Like the Wolf [Duran Duran cover].mp311.0MB

CD 1/09. Oratory - Lusitania [Tarantula cover].mp311.0MB

CD 1/05. Stream Of Passion - Pain [Ayreon cover].mp311.0MB

CD 1/12. Domina Noctis - Because The Night [Patti Smith Group cover].mp311.0MB

CD 2/15. Антиллия - La diosa fredda [Atylantos cover].mp311.0MB

CD 2/02. Fortaleza - Dime Jaguar [Jaguares cover].mp310.0MB

CD 2/03. F.R.A.M. feat. Сонцесвіт - Ride On [Cruachan cover].mp310.0MB

CD 2/12. Doro - Breaking The Law [Judas Priest cover].mp310.0MB

CD 2/01. Enter Chaos - Cold [At the Gates cover].mp39.0MB

CD 2/11. Heaven Rain - Vejte Snegovi [Zana cover].mp39.0MB

CD 2/10. Devlin - White Wedding [Billy Idol cover].mp39.0MB

CD 1/14. Crystal Viper - Metal on Metal [Anvil cover].mp39.0MB

CD 1/10. Batalion d'Amour - Brylant [Closterkeller cover].mp38.0MB

CD 2/09. Delain - Cordell [The Cranberries cover].mp38.0MB

CD 1/06. Halestorm - Empire State Of Mind [Jay-Z cover].mp38.0MB

CD 2/08. Deathlike Silence - Moonlight Shadow [Mike Oldfield cover].mp38.0MB

CD 1/08. Cadaveria - Call Me [Blondie cover].mp38.0MB

CD 1/16. Within Temptation - Don't You Worry Child [Swedish House Mafia cover].mp38.0MB

CD 1/13. Charisma - Money Money Money [Abba cover].mp38.0MB

CD 1/11. Voiceless Void - Halt Mich [Lacrimosa cover].mp38.0MB

CD 2/05. Dehydrated - Roots Bloody Roots [Sepultura cover].mp38.0MB

CD 2/17. Louna - Моя оборона [Кино cover] (Live).mp38.0MB

CD 1/15. Arch Enemy - Starbreaker [Judas Priest cover].mp37.0MB

CD 1/01. Girlschool - Tush [ZZ Top cover].mp35.0MB

CD 1/folder.jpg177.0KB

CD 2/folder.jpg177.0KB

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