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Live Performances/Distant Worlds - Memoro de la S^tono ~ Distant Worlds.mp319.0MB

FFXI - Original Soundtrack/CD2/26 - Castle Zvahl.mp315.0MB

Piano Score Compilation/09 - Distant Worlds.mp312.0MB

FFXI Unreleased Tracks/14 - Distant Worlds.mp312.0MB

Fan Arrangements/DJ Plaeskool/Crossing the [S]avanna.mp312.0MB

FFXI Unreleased Tracks/17 - Distant Worlds -Guitar Version-.mp312.0MB

Live Performances/Voices - Memoro de la S^tono ~ Distant Worlds.mp312.0MB

FFXI Unreleased Tracks/15 - Jeuno -Starlight Celebration-.mp311.0MB

Piano Score Compilation/06 - Faded Memories-Promyvion.mp311.0MB

FFXI - Original Soundtrack/CD1/01 - FFXI Opening Theme.mp311.0MB

FFXI - Original Soundtrack/CD1/13 - Heaven's Tower.mp310.0MB

The Star Onions - Music from the Other Side of Vana'diel/10 Blessed in Her Glorious Light.mp310.0MB

FFXI - Chains of Promathia OST/20 - The Celestial Capital (Al'Taieu).mp310.0MB

Piano Score Compilation/07 - Jeweled Boughs.mp39.0MB

Fan Arrangements/DJ Plaeskool/Dissonance 'Neath The Great Tree.mp39.0MB

Piano Score Compilation/02 - Rabao.mp39.0MB

Fan Arrangements/DJ Plaeskool/The Empress's Secret.mp39.0MB

Piano Score Compilation/08 - Tu'Lia.mp39.0MB

FFXI - Chains of Promathia OST/21 - Gates of Paradise (The garden of Ru'Hmet).mp39.0MB

The Star Onions - Music from the Other Side of Vana'diel/02 Metalworks.mp39.0MB

FFXI - Original Soundtrack/CD1/04 - Ronfaure.mp38.0MB

FFXI - Original Soundtrack/CD1/16 - Sauromugue Champagne.mp38.0MB

Piano Score Compilation/01 - The Federation of Windurst.mp38.0MB

FFXI - Original Soundtrack/CD2/28 - Awakening.mp38.0MB

FFXI Unreleased Tracks/13 - A Realm of Emptiness.mp38.0MB

Piano Score Compilation/04 - Moblin Menagerie-Movalpolos.mp38.0MB

The Star Onions - Music from the Other Side of Vana'diel/04 Kazham.mp38.0MB

FFXI Unreleased Tracks/18 - Ru'Lude Gardens -Star Onions Version-.mp38.0MB

The Star Onions - Music from the Other Side of Vana'diel/07 The Sanctuary of Zi'Tah.mp38.0MB

The Star Onions - Music from the Other Side of Vana'diel/03 Rolanberry Fields.mp38.0MB

The Star Onions - Music from the Other Side of Vana'diel/08 Awakening.mp38.0MB

The Star Onions - Sanctuary/05 Faded Memories - Promyvion.mp37.0MB

FFXI Unreleased Tracks/02 - One Last Time.mp37.0MB

Fan Arrangements/DJ [email protected]7.0MB

FFXI - Treasures of Aht Urgan OST/Unpublished/music187.mp37.0MB

The Star Onions - Sanctuary/06 Mhaura.mp37.0MB

Piano Score Compilation/03 - Choc-a-bye Baby.mp37.0MB

FFXI - Original Soundtrack/CD1/09 - Gustaberg.mp37.0MB

FFXI - Original Soundtrack/CD1/03 - The Kingdom of San d'Oria.mp37.0MB

FFXI - Original Soundtrack/CD1/07 - Batallia Downs.mp37.0MB

FFXI - Original Soundtrack/CD1/06 - Chateau d'Oraguille.mp37.0MB

Fan Arrangements/DJ Plaeskool/Lamia's Lullaby.mp37.0MB

FFXI - Chains of Promathia OST/04 - Faded Memories (Promyvion).mp37.0MB

The Star Onions - Music from the Other Side of Vana'diel/09 Selbina.mp37.0MB

Live Performances/Tour de Japon - Ronfaure.mp37.0MB

FFXI - Wings of the Goddess OST/21-Troubled Shadows.mp37.0MB

The Star Onions - Sanctuary/03 Xarcabard.mp37.0MB

FFXI - Original Soundtrack/CD2/24 - Xarcabard.mp37.0MB

Fan Arrangements/DJ Plaeskool/The Anthem of the Movapolos Bugbear Labor Union.mp37.0MB

The Star Onions - Sanctuary/09 Distant Worlds.mp37.0MB

FFXI - Treasures of Aht Urgan OST/07 Ululations from Beyond.mp37.0MB

Fan Arrangements/DJ Plaeskool/Kaede Stargazing.mp37.0MB

Piano Score Compilation (2008)/02- Ronfaure.mp37.0MB

The Star Onions - Sanctuary/10 Griffons Never Die.mp36.0MB

FFXI Unreleased Tracks/01 - A Road Once Travelled.mp36.0MB

The Star Onions - Sanctuary/01 Voyager.mp36.0MB

FFXI - Treasures of Aht Urgan OST/04 Illusions in the Mist.mp36.0MB

FFXI - Original Soundtrack/CD2/30 - Vana'diel March #2.mp36.0MB

Fan Arrangements/Luso/VanaDiel_Manifesto.mp36.0MB

Live Performances/FanFest2008/01 Ronfaure.mp36.0MB

FFXI - Chains of Promathia OST/02 - Moblin Menagerie (Movalpolos).mp36.0MB

FFXI - Chains of Promathia OST/23 - A New Morning.mp36.0MB

Fan Arrangements/Luso/Ragna-Rock.mp36.0MB

The Star Onions - Sanctuary/11 Wings of the Goddess.mp36.0MB

The Star Onions - Sanctuary/07 Gustaberg.mp36.0MB

FFXI Unreleased Tracks/08 - Choc-a-bye Baby.mp36.0MB

FFXI - Treasures of Aht Urgan OST/18 Forbidden Seal.mp36.0MB

FFXI - Wings of the Goddess OST/14-Run Maggot, Run!.mp36.0MB

The Star Onions - Sanctuary/08 Rapid Onslaught - Assault.mp36.0MB

FFXI - Wings of the Goddess OST/08-Thunder of the March.mp36.0MB

FFXI - Treasures of Aht Urgan OST/Unpublished/music186.mp36.0MB

FFXI - Chains of Promathia OST/05 - Currents of Time.mp36.0MB

Fan Arrangements/DJ Plaeskool/Rolanberry Jam.mp36.0MB

The Star Onions - Sanctuary/02 Flowers On the Battlefield.mp35.0MB

Live Performances/Other/PS22.mp35.0MB

The Star Onions - Music from the Other Side of Vana'diel/05 The Forgotten City.mp35.0MB

Piano Score Compilation (2008)/10- Griffons Never Die.mp35.0MB

FFXI - Wings of the Goddess OST/Unpublished/music045.mp35.0MB

FFXI - Chains of Promathia OST/18 - Words Unspoken (Pso'Xja).mp35.0MB

Live Performances/FanFest2008/03 The Sanctuary of Zi'Tah.mp35.0MB

FFXI Unreleased Tracks/16 - Sunbreeze Shuffle.mp35.0MB

FFXI - Treasures of Aht Urgan OST/06 Jeweled Boughs.mp35.0MB

FFXI - Wings of the Goddess OST/10-The Cosmic Wheel.mp35.0MB

FFXI - Original Soundtrack/CD2/18 - Mog House.mp35.0MB

FFXI - Treasures of Aht Urgan OST/03 Bandits' Market.mp35.0MB

FFXI - Treasures of Aht Urgan OST/01 Bustle of the Capital.mp35.0MB

Fan Arrangements/DJ Plaeskool/Sorrows Relieved.mp35.0MB

FFXI - Wings of the Goddess OST/09-Encampment Dreams.mp35.0MB

Fan Arrangements/DJ Plaeskool/The View From Above Vana'diel.mp35.0MB

Piano Score Compilation (2008)/08- The Sanctuary of Zi'Tah.mp35.0MB

Piano Score Compilation/05 - Battle Theme #2.mp35.0MB

FFXI - Wings of the Goddess OST/07-Echoes of a Zephyr.mp35.0MB

Live Performances/FanFest2008/05 Awakening.mp35.0MB

FFXI - Original Soundtrack/CD1/12 - The Federation of Windurst.mp35.0MB

FFXI - Original Soundtrack/CD1/02 - Vana'diel March.mp35.0MB

FFXI - Treasures of Aht Urgan OST/02 Eastward Bound.mp35.0MB

Live Performances/FanFest2008/04 Flowers on the Battlefield.mp35.0MB

FFXI - Chains of Promathia OST/15 - Conflict - You Want to Live Forever.mp35.0MB

FFXI Unreleased Tracks/10 - Hidden Truths.mp35.0MB

FFXI - Treasures of Aht Urgan OST/15 Black Coffin.mp35.0MB

FFXI - Wings of the Goddess OST/11-Stargazing.mp35.0MB

Piano Score Compilation/10 - Vana'diel March #4.mp35.0MB

Fan Arrangements/Luso/Retroactive_VDS.mp35.0MB

FFXI Unreleased Tracks/03 - Eternal Oath.mp35.0MB

Piano Score Compilation (2008)/09- The Cosmic Wheel.mp35.0MB

FFXI - Treasures of Aht Urgan OST/12 Circuit de Chocobo.mp35.0MB

Fan Arrangements/Luso/Riding_The_Wind_.mp35.0MB

FFXI - Original Soundtrack/CD2/21 - Tough Battle.mp34.0MB

FFXI Unreleased Tracks/07 - The Big One.mp34.0MB

FFXI - Original Soundtrack/CD2/14 - Recollection.mp34.0MB

FFXI - Original Soundtrack/CD2/29 - Repression (Memoro de la S^tono).mp34.0MB

FFXI - Original Soundtrack/CD1/14 - Sarutabaruta.mp34.0MB

FFXI - Chains of Promathia OST/24 - Gustaberg (Bonus Track).mp34.0MB

FFXI - Chains of Promathia OST/07 - A New Horizon (Tavnazian Archipelago).mp34.0MB

FFXI Unreleased Tracks/05 - Bloody Promises.mp34.0MB

FFXI - Original Soundtrack/CD1/10 - Metalworks.mp34.0MB

FFXI - Wings of the Goddess OST/02-Flowers on the Battlefield.mp34.0MB

FFXI - Wings of the Goddess OST/18-Where Lords Rule Not.mp34.0MB

FFXI - Chains of Promathia OST/16 - Conflict - March of the Hero.mp34.0MB

Fan Arrangements/Luso/Lycopodium_Hopscotch.mp34.0MB

Fan Arrangements/Luso/Besieged__Wordclock_That_n.mp34.0MB

FFXI - Wings of the Goddess OST/19-Kindred Cry.mp34.0MB

FFXI - Original Soundtrack/CD1/08 - The Republic of Bastok.mp34.0MB

FFXI - Original Soundtrack/CD1/17 - Mhaura.mp34.0MB

The Star Onions - Sanctuary/04 Fighters of the Crystal.mp34.0MB

FFXI - Wings of the Goddess OST/22-Wings of the Goddess.mp34.0MB

Fan Arrangements/DJ Plaeskool/Rhythm of the Sanctuary.mp34.0MB

Live Performances/FanFest2008/06 Ragnarok.mp34.0MB

Live Performances/FanFest2008/02 Gustaberg.mp34.0MB

FFXI - Original Soundtrack/CD2/15 - Anxiety.mp34.0MB

FFXI - Treasures of Aht Urgan OST/11 Whispers of the Gods.mp34.0MB

FFXI - Wings of the Goddess OST/20-Snowdrift Waltz.mp34.0MB

Fan Arrangements/Luso/Theatre_Patron.mp34.0MB

FFXI - Wings of the Goddess OST/05-Griffons Never Die.mp34.0MB

Fan Arrangements/Luso/Windurstaru.mp34.0MB

FFXI - Treasures of Aht Urgan OST/19 Hellriders.mp34.0MB

Piano Score Compilation (2008)/01- A New Horizon - Tavnazian Archipelago.mp34.0MB

Fan Arrangements/ronfauresong.mp34.0MB

Piano Score Compilation (2008)/05- Stargazing.mp34.0MB

Vana'diel Traditional Suite of Minstrels/Kazham.mp34.0MB

Fan Arrangements/DJ Plaeskool/100 gil Voyage.mp34.0MB

The Star Onions - Music from the Other Side of Vana'diel/06 Mog House.mp34.0MB

FFXI - Treasures of Aht Urgan OST/08 Rapid Onslaught -Assault-.mp34.0MB

FFXI - Wings of the Goddess OST/01-March of the Allied Forces.mp34.0MB

Live Performances/Other/DVD1 - Memoro de la S'tono (remix).mp34.0MB

Vana'diel Traditional Suite of Minstrels/Sarutabaruta.mp34.0MB

Vana'diel Traditional Suite of Minstrels/Mhaura.mp34.0MB

Fan Arrangements/odes_piano.mp34.0MB

FFXI - Wings of the Goddess OST/17-Under a Clouded Moon.mp34.0MB

FFXI - Original Soundtrack/CD2/25 - Despair (Memoro de la S^tono).mp34.0MB

FFXI - Original Soundtrack/CD1/11 - Rolanberry Fields.mp34.0MB

Fan Arrangements/DJ Plaeskool/Jungle Dub.mp34.0MB

FFXI - Original Soundtrack/CD2/22 - Sorrow.mp34.0MB

FFXI - Wings of the Goddess OST/03-Roar of the Battle Drums.mp34.0MB

Vana'diel Traditional Suite of Minstrels/Gustaberg.mp34.0MB

Piano Score Compilation (2008)/04- Whispers of the Gods.mp33.0MB

FFXI - Original Soundtrack/CD2/11 - Airship.mp33.0MB

Fan Arrangements/Luso/Aht_Urhgan_Pants.mp33.0MB

FFXI - Wings of the Goddess OST/24-Ragnarok.mp33.0MB

FFXI - Wings of the Goddess OST/04-Autumn Footfalls.mp33.0MB

Fan Arrangements/Luso/The_Gungnir_Glitch.mp33.0MB

FFXI - Original Soundtrack/CD1/19 - Battle Theme #2.mp33.0MB

Fan Arrangements/Luso/Industrial_Revolution_VDS.mp33.0MB

FFXI - Original Soundtrack/CD1/21 - Selbina.mp33.0MB

FFXI - Original Soundtrack/CD2/13 - Ru'Lude Gardens.mp33.0MB

FFXI - Original Soundtrack/CD1/15 - Battle in the Dungeon.mp33.0MB

FFXI - Chains of Promathia OST/09 - The Forgotten City (Tavnazian Safehold).mp33.0MB

FFXI - Original Soundtrack/CD2/12 - The Grand Duchy of Jeuno.mp33.0MB

Fan Arrangements/DJ Plaeskool/On Being Taru.mp33.0MB

FFXI - Chains of Promathia OST/22 - Dusk and Dawn.mp33.0MB

Fan Arrangements/Luso/The_Eastern_Ward.mp33.0MB

Fan Arrangements/Tom Plets/Wild Rabbit.mp33.0MB

FFXI - Original Soundtrack/CD1/05 - Battle Theme.mp33.0MB

Fan Arrangements/DJ Plaeskool/Ballista Ballistics.mp33.0MB

FFXI - Chains of Promathia OST/03 - Depths of the Soul.mp33.0MB

FFXI - Original Soundtrack/CD1/20 - Voyager.mp33.0MB

FFXI - Chains of Promathia OST/14 - Happily Ever After.mp33.0MB

FFXI - Treasures of Aht Urgan OST/Unpublished/music189.mp33.0MB

Fan Arrangements/DJ Plaeskool/Gustaberg Break.mp33.0MB

Fan Arrangements/Luso/Gather_Together_HNMLS.mp33.0MB

FFXI - Treasures of Aht Urgan OST/14 The Colosseum.mp33.0MB

The Star Onions - Music from the Other Side of Vana'diel/01 Vana'diel March.mp33.0MB

FFXI Unreleased Tracks/06 - Hook, Line, and Sinker.mp33.0MB

FFXI Unreleased Tracks/09 - Revenant Maiden.mp33.0MB

FFXI Unreleased Tracks/11 - Moongate (Memoro de la Stono).mp33.0MB

FFXI - Chains of Promathia OST/10 - Second Ode - Distant Promises.mp33.0MB

Fan Arrangements/Luso/Mercenarys_Delight.mp33.0MB

FFXI - Original Soundtrack/CD2/09 - Mithra.mp33.0MB

FFXI - Original Soundtrack/CD1/18 - Buccaneers.mp33.0MB

Fan Arrangements/Luso/On_The_Fly_VDS.mp33.0MB

FFXI - Treasures of Aht Urgan OST/17 Ever-Turning Wheels.mp33.0MB

FFXI - Wings of the Goddess OST/12-On this Blade.mp33.0MB

FFXI - Chains of Promathia OST/08 - Onslaught.mp33.0MB

Vana'diel Traditional Suite of Minstrels/Voyager.mp33.0MB

Fan Arrangements/Luso/Outlands_Procession.mp33.0MB

FFXI - Treasures of Aht Urgan OST/05 Mercenaries' Delight.mp33.0MB

Vana'diel Traditional Suite of Minstrels/Ronfaure.mp33.0MB

Fan Arrangements/Luso/Subliminal_Footwork.mp33.0MB

Piano Score Compilation (2008)/07- Mercenaries' Delight.mp33.0MB

FFXI - Chains of Promathia OST/12 - Turmoil.mp33.0MB

FFXI - Wings of the Goddess OST/23-Iron Colossus.mp33.0MB

Fan Arrangements/Tom Plets/Altepa Desert.mp33.0MB

Fan Arrangements/Luso/Pre_Wyrm_Half_Time_Show.mp33.0MB

Fan Arrangements/Luso/Rollin_Berries_Finale.mp33.0MB

Piano Score Compilation (2008)/03- The Grand Duchy of Jeuno.mp33.0MB

FFXI - Original Soundtrack/CD2/19 - Hopelessness.mp33.0MB

FFXI - Original Soundtrack/CD2/27 - Shadow Lord.mp33.0MB

FFXI - Wings of the Goddess OST/Trailer music rips/WoG_Trailer_3_Music.mp33.0MB

FFXI Unreleased Tracks/12 - Celestial Thunder.mp33.0MB

Fan Arrangements/Tom Plets/The Sanctuary of Z'iTah.mp33.0MB

Fan Arrangements/Tom Plets/Airship.mp32.0MB

Fan Arrangements/DJ Plaeskool/Kazham Landings.mp32.0MB

Fan Arrangements/Luso/Pankration_Finale.mp32.0MB

Fan Arrangements/Luso/Noble_Roots.mp32.0MB

FFXI Unreleased Tracks/04 - To the Heavens.mp32.0MB

FFXI - Original Soundtrack/CD2/03 - Hume Male.mp32.0MB

Fan Arrangements/Luso/In_The_Not_So_Distant_Wes_.mp32.0MB

Piano Score Compilation (2008)/11- Wings of the Goddess.mp32.0MB

FFXI - Treasures of Aht Urgan OST/21 Vana'diel March #4.mp32.0MB

FFXI - Original Soundtrack/CD2/10 - Galka.mp32.0MB

Fan Arrangements/DJ Plaeskool/Melody for the Kingdom of San d'Oria.mp32.0MB

Fan Arrangements/Luso/Northern_Alarm_Clock.mp32.0MB

FFXI - Wings of the Goddess OST/06-Clash of Standards.mp32.0MB

FFXI - Original Soundtrack/CD2/23 - Sometime, Somewhere.mp32.0MB

Fan Arrangements/jeuno_piano.mp32.0MB

FFXI - Treasures of Aht Urgan OST/09 Fated Strife -Besieged-.mp32.0MB

FFXI - Original Soundtrack/CD2/16 - Battle in the Dungeon #2.mp32.0MB

Fan Arrangements/DJ Plaeskool/Tavnazian Safehold.mp32.0MB

FFXI - Original Soundtrack/CD2/05 - Elvaan Male.mp32.0MB

FFXI - Original Soundtrack/CD2/06 - Elvaan Female.mp32.0MB

Fan Arrangements/Luso/Dangerous_Group.mp32.0MB

FFXI - Chains of Promathia OST/01 - Unity.mp32.0MB

FFXI - Original Soundtrack/CD2/20 - Fury.mp32.0MB

Piano Score Compilation (2008)/06- Fated Strife -Besieged-.mp32.0MB

Fan Arrangements/Luso/An_Honest_Days_Work.mp32.0MB

FFXI - Wings of the Goddess OST/13-Young Griffons in Flight.mp32.0MB

FFXI - Treasures of Aht Urgan OST/10 Delve.mp32.0MB

FFXI - Chains of Promathia OST/17 - Fourth Ode - Clouded Dawn.mp32.0MB

Fan Arrangements/Luso/Sanctuary_Like_None_Other_.mp32.0MB

FFXI - Chains of Promathia OST/19 - Fifth Ode - A Time for Prayer.mp32.0MB

Fan Arrangements/Luso/Scrapbook.mp32.0MB

FFXI - Original Soundtrack/CD2/07 - Tarutaru Male.mp32.0MB

FFXI - Wings of the Goddess OST/16-Royal Wanderlust.mp32.0MB

FFXI - Treasures of Aht Urgan OST/16 A Puppet's Slumber.mp32.0MB

FFXI - Wings of the Goddess OST/15-Cloister of Time and Souls.mp32.0MB

Fan Arrangements/Tom Plets/The Grand Duchy of Jeuno.mp32.0MB

FFXI - Chains of Promathia OST/11- The Ruler of the Skies.mp32.0MB

FFXI - Original Soundtrack/CD2/01 - Prelude.mp32.0MB

FFXI - Treasures of Aht Urgan OST/13 Run Chocobo, Run!.mp32.0MB

Fan Arrangements/DJ Plaeskool/Outro.mp32.0MB

FFXI - Original Soundtrack/CD2/02 - Regeneracy.mp31.0MB

Fan Arrangements/Luso/VanaDiel_Tribune_Podcast_x.mp31.0MB

Fan Arrangements/Luso/Slice_Of_History_VDS.mp31.0MB

Fan Arrangements/Tom Plets/Battle Theme.mp31.0MB

FFXI - Original Soundtrack/CD2/04 - Hume Female.mp31.0MB

Fan Arrangements/Luso/Good_Bye_Aht_Urhgan.mp31.0MB

FFXI - Wings of the Goddess OST/25-An Invisible Crown.mp31.0MB

FFXI - Treasures of Aht Urgan OST/20 Eternal Gravestone.mp31.0MB

Vana'diel Traditional Suite of Minstrels/Selbina.mp31.0MB

FFXI - Wings of the Goddess OST/Trailer music rips/WoG_Trailer_1_Music.mp31.0MB

FFXI - Chains of Promathia OST/06 - First Ode - Nocturne of the Gods.mp31.0MB

FFXI - Chains of Promathia OST/13 - Third Ode - Memoria de la Stona.mp31.0MB

FFXI - Original Soundtrack/CD2/08 - Tarutaru Female.mp31.0MB

FFXI - Original Soundtrack/CD2/17 - Blackout.mp3999.0KB

Live Performances/Other/DVD2 - Opening Movie Choir A Capella.mp3428.0KB

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