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1973-2003 kinozal collection tina turner 192kbps-paradise

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1984 Private Dancer/05. Private Dancer.mp39.0MB

1984 Private Dancer/16. Better Be Good To Me (Extended Version).mp39.0MB

1996 Wildest Dreams/12. Dancing In My Dreams.mp39.0MB

1988 Live in Europe 2 CD/CD 2/04. A Change Is Gonna Come (Live).mp39.0MB

1988 Live in Europe 2 CD/CD 1/08. Better Be Good To Me (Live).mp38.0MB

1996 Rough/11. Night Time Is The Right Time.mp38.0MB

1996 Wildest Dreams/04. On Silent Wings.mp38.0MB

1993 Whats's Love Got To Do With It/01. I Dont Wanna Fight.mp38.0MB

1993 Whats's Love Got To Do With It/04. Why Must We Wait Until Tonight.mp38.0MB

1984 Private Dancer/15. What's Love Got To Do With It (Extended Version).mp37.0MB

1984 Private Dancer/17. I Can't Stand The Rain (Extended Version).mp37.0MB

1988 Live in Europe 2 CD/CD 2/13. Paradise Is Here (Live).mp37.0MB

1988 Live in Europe 2 CD/CD 1/10. Private Dancer (Live).mp37.0MB

1986 Break Every/10. Paradise Is Here.mp37.0MB

1996 Wildest Dreams/06. In Your Wildest Dreams.mp37.0MB

1988 Live in Europe 2 CD/CD 1/01. What You Get Is What You See (Live).mp37.0MB

1993 Acid Queen/06. Baby-get It On.mp37.0MB

1989 Foreign Affair/02. The Best.mp37.0MB

1988 Live in Europe 2 CD/CD 1/12. Whats Love Got To Do With It (Live).mp37.0MB

1993 Whats's Love Got To Do With It/07. Proud Mary.mp37.0MB

1993 Acid Queen/05. Whole Lotta Love.mp37.0MB

1988 Live in Europe 2 CD/CD 1/09. Addicted To Love (Live).mp37.0MB

1986 Break Every/11. I'll Be Thunder.mp37.0MB

1989 Foreign Affair/04. Undercover agent for the blues.mp37.0MB

1984 Private Dancer/06. Let's Stay Together.mp37.0MB

1973 Nutbush City Limits/12. A Fool For You.mp37.0MB

1984 Private Dancer/07. Better Be Good To Me.mp37.0MB

2000 Twenty Four Seven/05. Talk To My Heart.mp37.0MB

1993 Acid Queen/07. Bootsey Whitelaw.mp36.0MB

1988 Live in Europe 2 CD/CD 2/08. Help (Live).mp36.0MB

1986 Break Every/06. Girls.mp36.0MB

1988 Live in Europe 2 CD/CD 1/11. We Dont Need Another Hero (Live).mp36.0MB

1988 Live in Europe 2 CD/CD 1/05. Girls (Live).mp36.0MB

1996 Wildest Dreams/02. Whatever You Want.mp36.0MB

2000 Twenty Four Seven/01. Whatever You Need.mp36.0MB

1988 Live in Europe 2 CD/CD 2/07. Proud Mary (Live).mp36.0MB

1993 Whats's Love Got To Do With It/10. Stay Awhile.mp36.0MB

1989 Foreign Affair/08. Ask me how I feel.mp36.0MB

1984 Private Dancer/12. Rock N Roll Widow.mp36.0MB

1996 Wildest Dreams/10. All Kinds Of People.mp36.0MB

1988 Live in Europe 2 CD/CD 2/06. Tearing Us Apart (Live).mp36.0MB

1988 Live in Europe 2 CD/CD 1/13. Lets Stay Together (Live).mp36.0MB

1986 Break Every/09. Overnight Sensation.mp36.0MB

1996 Wildest Dreams/08. Confidential.mp36.0MB

2000 Twenty Four Seven/10. I Will Be There.mp36.0MB

1996 Wildest Dreams/03. Missing You.mp36.0MB

1986 Break Every/02. What You Get is What You See.mp36.0MB

1984 Private Dancer/09. Help.mp36.0MB

1996 Wildest Dreams/11. Unfinished Sympathy.mp36.0MB

1986 Break Every/05. Afterglow.mp36.0MB

1996 Rough/07. Root Toot Undisputable RockNRoller.mp36.0MB

1991 Simply The Best/18. Love Things.mp36.0MB

1988 Live in Europe 2 CD/CD 1/02. Break Every Rule (Live).mp36.0MB

1989 Foreign Affair/12. Foreign affair.mp36.0MB

1986 Break Every/07. Back Where You Started.mp36.0MB

1988 Live in Europe 2 CD/CD 1/04. Two People (Live).mp36.0MB

1991 Simply The Best/07. What You Get Is What You See.mp36.0MB

1993 Whats's Love Got To Do With It/06. (Darlin) You Know I Love You.mp36.0MB

1996 Wildest Dreams/01. Do What You Do.mp36.0MB

2000 Twenty Four Seven/09. Falling.mp36.0MB

1991 Simply The Best/17. Way Out Of The World.mp35.0MB

1988 Live in Europe 2 CD/CD 1/07. Back Where You Started (Live).mp35.0MB

1989 Foreign Affair/10. I don't wanna lose you.mp35.0MB

2000 Twenty Four Seven/07. Go Ahead.mp35.0MB

1996 Wildest Dreams/09. Something Beautiful Remains.mp35.0MB

2000 Twenty Four Seven/06. Dont Leave Me This Way.mp35.0MB

1986 Break Every/01. Typical Male.mp35.0MB

1973 Nutbush City Limits/08. I Idolize You.mp35.0MB

2003 Country My Way/05. Loving Him Was Easier.mp35.0MB

1989 Foreign Affair/06. Be tender with me baby.mp35.0MB

1993 Whats's Love Got To Do With It/11. I Might Have Been Queen.mp35.0MB

1991 Simply The Best/12. We Dont Need Another Hero.mp35.0MB

1988 Live in Europe 2 CD/CD 2/11. Its Only Love (Live).mp35.0MB

1988 Live in Europe 2 CD/CD 2/09. Tonight (Live).mp35.0MB

1991 Simply The Best/05. I Dont Wanna Lose You.mp35.0MB

1991 Simply The Best/11. Typicale Male.mp35.0MB

1988 Live in Europe 2 CD/CD 2/05. River Deep Mountain High (Live).mp35.0MB

1996 Rough/05. Funny How Times Slips Away.mp35.0MB

1986 Break Every/03. Two People.mp35.0MB

1986 Break Every/04. Till The Right Man Comes Along.mp35.0MB

1991 Simply The Best/15. It Takes Two.mp35.0MB

1984 Private Dancer/01. I Might Have Been Queen.mp35.0MB

1996 Rough/01. Fruits Of The Night.mp35.0MB

1991 Simply The Best/01. The Best.mp35.0MB

2000 Twenty Four Seven/08. Without You.mp35.0MB

1989 Foreign Affair/01. Steamy Windows.mp35.0MB

1996 Wildest Dreams/05. Thief Of Hearts.mp35.0MB

1993 Whats's Love Got To Do With It/03. Disco Inferno.mp35.0MB

1989 Foreign Affair/09. Falling like rain.mp35.0MB

1989 Foreign Affair/11. Not enough romance.mp35.0MB

2000 Twenty Four Seven/02. All The Woman.mp35.0MB

1986 Break Every/08. Break Every Rule.mp35.0MB

1991 Simply The Best/10. Steamy Windows.mp35.0MB

1989 Foreign Affair/07. You can't stop me loving you.mp35.0MB

1991 Simply The Best/13. Private Dancer.mp35.0MB

1993 Whats's Love Got To Do With It/02. Rock Me Baby.mp35.0MB

1988 Live in Europe 2 CD/CD 1/06. Typical Male (Live).mp35.0MB

1973 Nutbush City Limits/05. River Deep Mountain High.mp35.0MB

1993 Acid Queen/09. Rockin And Rollin.mp35.0MB

1996 Rough/09. Sometimes When We Touch.mp35.0MB

1988 Live in Europe 2 CD/CD 2/10. Overnight Sensation (Live).mp35.0MB

1984 Private Dancer/08. Steel Claw.mp35.0MB

1987 Rock Me Baby/04. I Smell Trouble.mp35.0MB

1984 Private Dancer/02. What's Love Got To Do With It.mp35.0MB

2000 Twenty Four Seven/11. Twenty Four Seven.mp35.0MB

1991 Simply The Best/04. Whats Love Got To Do With It.mp35.0MB

1991 Simply The Best/16. I Want You Near Me.mp35.0MB

1989 Foreign Affair/03. You know who (is doing you know what).mp35.0MB

1984 Private Dancer/13. Don't Rush The Good Things.mp35.0MB

1993 Whats's Love Got To Do With It/12. Whats Love Got To Do With It.mp35.0MB

2000 Twenty Four Seven/03. When The Heartache Is Over.mp35.0MB

1984 Private Dancer/04. I Can't Stand The Rain.mp35.0MB

1988 Live in Europe 2 CD/CD 2/12. Nutbush City Limits (Live).mp35.0MB

2000 Twenty Four Seven/04. Absolutely Nothings Changed.mp35.0MB

1989 Foreign Affair/05. Look me in the heart.mp35.0MB

1991 Simply The Best/03. I Cant Stand The Rain.mp35.0MB

1991 Simply The Best/06. Nutbush City Limits.mp35.0MB

1991 Simply The Best/14. Look Me In The Heart.mp35.0MB

1991 Simply The Best/09. River Deep - Mountain High.mp35.0MB

1973 Nutbush City Limits/09. Come Together.mp35.0MB

1991 Simply The Best/02. Better Be Good To Me.mp34.0MB

2003 Country My Way/10. Lay It Down.mp34.0MB

1991 Simply The Best/08. Lets Stay Together.mp34.0MB

1988 Live in Europe 2 CD/CD 2/02. In The Midnight Hour (Live).mp34.0MB

1996 Rough/02. The Bitch Is Black.mp34.0MB

1987 Rock Me Baby/01. Crazy Bout You Baby.mp34.0MB

1996 Wildest Dreams/07. Goldeneye.mp34.0MB

1984 Private Dancer/11. I Wrote A Letter.mp34.0MB

2003 Country My Way/04. If This Is Our Last Time.mp34.0MB

1988 Live in Europe 2 CD/CD 1/03. I Cant Stand The Rain (Live).mp34.0MB

2003 Country My Way/01. Good Hearted Woman.mp34.0MB

1973 Nutbush City Limits/11. If You Can Hully Gully (I Can Hully Gully Too).mp34.0MB

1993 Whats's Love Got To Do With It/05. Nutbush City Limits.mp34.0MB

2003 Country My Way/07. We Had It All.mp34.0MB

1993 Acid Queen/01. Under My Tumb.mp34.0MB

1984 Private Dancer/03. Show Some Respect.mp34.0MB

1996 Rough/04. Viva La Money.mp34.0MB

1996 Rough/08. Fire Down Below.mp34.0MB

1993 Acid Queen/08. Pick Me Tonight.mp34.0MB

1996 Rough/03. The Woman Im Supposed To Be.mp34.0MB

1984 Private Dancer/10. 1984.mp34.0MB

1984 Private Dancer/14. When I Was Young.mp34.0MB

1987 Rock Me Baby/05. It Sho Aint Me.mp34.0MB

1988 Live in Europe 2 CD/CD 2/01. Land Of 1000 Dances (Live).mp34.0MB

1988 Live in Europe 2 CD/CD 2/03. 634-5789 (Live).mp34.0MB

1988 Live in Europe 2 CD/CD 1/14. Show Some Respect (Live).mp34.0MB

1993 Acid Queen/03. Acid Queen.mp34.0MB

1993 Whats's Love Got To Do With It/08. A Fool In Love.mp34.0MB

1973 Nutbush City Limits/01. Nutbush City Limits.mp34.0MB

2003 Country My Way/09. Freedom To Stay.mp33.0MB

1993 Acid Queen/04. I Can See For Miles.mp33.0MB

1973 Nutbush City Limits/07. A Fool In Love.mp33.0MB

1987 Rock Me Baby/14. Betcha Cant Kiss Me (Just One Time).mp33.0MB

1993 Whats's Love Got To Do With It/09. Its Gonna Work Out Fine.mp33.0MB

1987 Rock Me Baby/13. I Better Getta Steppin.mp33.0MB

1993 Acid Queen/02. Lets Spend The Night Together.mp33.0MB

2003 Country My Way/02. If Its All Right With You.mp33.0MB

1987 Rock Me Baby/09. Rock Me Baby.mp33.0MB

2003 Country My Way/08. You Aint Woman Enough.mp33.0MB

1973 Nutbush City Limits/16. Stagger Lee.mp33.0MB

1987 Rock Me Baby/07. We Need Understanding.mp33.0MB

1996 Rough/10. A Woman In A Mans World.mp33.0MB

1987 Rock Me Baby/10. So Fine.mp33.0MB

1973 Nutbush City Limits/03. Its Gonna Work Out Fine.mp33.0MB

2003 Country My Way/03. Stand By Your Man.mp33.0MB

2003 Country My Way/06. Soul Deep.mp33.0MB

1996 Rough/06. Earthquake Hurricane.mp33.0MB

1973 Nutbush City Limits/02. The Loco-Motion.mp33.0MB

1973 Nutbush City Limits/06. Im Falling In Love.mp33.0MB

1987 Rock Me Baby/08. Shake A Tailfeather.mp33.0MB

1973 Nutbush City Limits/10. Shake Rattle And Roll.mp33.0MB

1973 Nutbush City Limits/15. Good Good Lovin.mp33.0MB

1987 Rock Me Baby/03. Please Love Me.mp33.0MB

1987 Rock Me Baby/06. Beauty Is Just Skin Deep.mp33.0MB

1973 Nutbush City Limits/13. You Cant Blame Me.mp33.0MB

1973 Nutbush City Limits/04. Im Blue.mp33.0MB

1987 Rock Me Baby/12. Aint Nobodys Business.mp33.0MB

1987 Rock Me Baby/02. Too Hot To Hold.mp32.0MB

1987 Rock Me Baby/11. My Babe.mp32.0MB

1973 Nutbush City Limits/14. This Mans Crazy.mp32.0MB

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