6. Бибоп (первооткрыватели)

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The torrent has 238 files, total 621.0MB, created at Dec. 04, 2014.

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бибоп первооткрыватели

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Torrent Contents ( 238 files)

1956-Brilliant Corners/02-Ba-Lue Bolivar Ba-Lues-Are.mp314.0MB

Music USA/02 - What is Ttis Thing.mp314.0MB

Music USA/06 - Jam Blues.mp313.0MB

Music USA/04 - Funky Blues.mp312.0MB

1953-Thelonious Monk & Sonny Rollins/05 - Friday the 13th.mp312.0MB

Paris, Salle Pleyel - Sextet (1953)/02-Good Bait.mp311.0MB

Paris, Salle Pleyel - Sextet (1953)/15-Birks Works.mp310.0MB

Jazz at Massey Hall (1953)/05-Hot House.mp310.0MB

Paris, Salle Pleyel - Sextet (1953)/01-The Champ.mp310.0MB

1956-Brilliant Corners/03-Pannonica.mp310.0MB

Jazz at Massey Hall (1953)/03-All The Things You Are.mp39.0MB

1957-Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers/04-I mean You.mp39.0MB

1957-Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers/03-Blue Monk.mp39.0MB

Jazz at Massey Hall (1953)/01-Perdido.mp39.0MB

Jazz at Massey Hall (1953)/06-A Night In Tunisia.mp39.0MB

Jazz at Massey Hall (1953)/02-Salt Peanuts.mp38.0MB

1957-Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers/06-Purple Shades.mp38.0MB

1956-Brilliant Corners/01-Brilliant Corners.mp38.0MB

1953-Thelonious Monk & Sonny Rollins/02 - I Want to be Happy.mp38.0MB

1956-Brilliant Corners/05-Bemsha Swing.mp38.0MB

1957-Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers/09-I Mean You (alternate take).mp38.0MB

1957-Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers/05-Rhythm-A-Ning.mp38.0MB

1957-Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers/08-Blue Monk (alternate take).mp38.0MB

Jazz at Massey Hall (1953)/04-Wee.mp37.0MB

Paris, Salle Pleyel - Sextet (1953)/05-Scholl Days.mp37.0MB

1957-Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers/01-Evidence.mp37.0MB

1957-Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers/02-In Walked Bud.mp37.0MB

Round Midnight/02 - Ornithology.mp37.0MB

1957-Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers/07-Evidence (alternate take).mp36.0MB

1956-Brilliant Corners/04-I Surrender, Dear.mp36.0MB

1953-Thelonious Monk & Sonny Rollins/03 - Work.mp36.0MB

1953-Thelonious Monk & Sonny Rollins/04 - Nutty.mp35.0MB

1953-Thelonious Monk & Sonny Rollins/01 - The Way You Look Tonight.mp35.0MB

Paris, Salle Pleyel - Sextet (1953)/13-The Bluest Blues.mp35.0MB

Round Midnight/12 - Move.mp35.0MB

Charlie Parker/13 - This Time The Dreams.mp35.0MB

Round Midnight/15 - Cool Blues.mp35.0MB

Paris, Salle Pleyel - Sextet (1953)/04-They Can't Take Away From Me.mp35.0MB

Paris, Salle Pleyel - Sextet (1953)/10-Play, Fiddle, Play.mp35.0MB

Charlie Parker/09 - Rocker.mp34.0MB

Round Midnight/03 - How High the Moon.mp34.0MB

Charlie Parker/03 - Hot House-1.mp34.0MB

Charlie Parker/07 - Ooh Bop She Bam.mp34.0MB

Round Midnight/13 - 'Round Midnight.mp34.0MB

Paris, Salle Pleyel - Sextet (1953)/06-Swing Low, Sweet Cadillac.mp34.0MB

Charlie Parker/05 - Groovin' High.mp34.0MB

Paris, Salle Pleyel - Sextet (1953)/12-Lady Be Good.mp33.0MB

Charlie Parker/15 - My Little Suede Shoes.mp33.0MB

Charlie Parker/06 - Slow Boat To China.mp33.0MB

Charlie Parker/02 - Hot House.mp33.0MB

Jiving Bebop/02 - Salt Peanuts.mp33.0MB

Charlie Parker/08 - Scrapple From The Apple.mp33.0MB

Jiving Bebop/07 - I Waited For You.mp33.0MB

Charlie Parker/16 - Lester Leaps In.mp33.0MB

Charlie Parker/11 - The Mooche.mp33.0MB

Round Midnight/01 - Scrapple from the Apple.mp33.0MB

Paris, Salle Pleyel - Sextet (1953)/03-Oo-Sho-Be-Doo-Bee.mp33.0MB

Paris, Salle Pleyel - Sextet (1953)/07-I Can't Get Started.mp33.0MB

Charlie Parker/04 - Barbados.mp33.0MB

Paris, Salle Pleyel - Sextet (1953)/14-Embraceable.mp33.0MB

Bird With Strings/10 - East of the Sun.mp33.0MB

Paris, Salle Pleyel - Sextet (1953)/09-On The Sunny Side Of The Street.mp33.0MB

Bird With Strings/13 - I'm in the Mood for Love.mp33.0MB

Charlie Parker/10 - Sly Mongoose.mp33.0MB

Bird With Strings/20 - Temptation.mp33.0MB

Bird With Strings/12 - Easy to Love.mp33.0MB

Bird With Strings/01 - Just Friends.mp33.0MB

Paris, Salle Pleyel - Sextet (1953)/08-Tin Tin Daeo.mp33.0MB

Bird With Strings/22 - Autumn in New York.mp33.0MB

Round Midnight/08 - Street Beat.mp33.0MB

Bird With Strings/11 - They can't Take That.mp33.0MB

Charlie Parker/01 - Be Bop.mp33.0MB

Bird With Strings/02 - Everything Happens to Me.mp32.0MB

Groovin High/05 - Salt Peanuts.mp32.0MB

Round Midnight/10 - Bird of Paradise.mp32.0MB

Bird With Strings/05 - I didn't Know.mp32.0MB

Groovin High/06 - Hot House.mp32.0MB

Bird With Strings/07 - Dancing in the Dark.mp32.0MB

Round Midnight/18 - Billie's Bounce.mp32.0MB

Groovin High/13 - Emanon.mp32.0MB

Jiving Bebop/15 - He Beeped...mp32.0MB

Bird With Strings/08 - You Came Along.mp32.0MB

Bird With Strings/03 - April in Paris.mp32.0MB

Bird With Strings/16 - April in Paris (conc).mp32.0MB

Jiving Bebop/06 - Shaw Nuff.mp32.0MB

Paris, Salle Pleyel - Sextet (1953)/11-My Man.mp32.0MB

Round Midnight/16 - Cheers.mp32.0MB

Bird With Strings/21 - Lover.mp32.0MB

Round Midnight/06 - Hot House.mp32.0MB

Bird With Strings/14 - I'll Remember April.mp32.0MB

Groovin High/07 - OOP BOP SH'BAM.mp32.0MB

Bird With Strings/19 - Rocker.mp32.0MB

Round Midnight/07 - Cheryl.mp32.0MB

Jiving Bebop/09 - Night in Tunisia.mp32.0MB

Jiving Bebop/05 - Dizzy's Untitled Original.mp32.0MB

Jiving Bebop/11 - One Bass Hit.mp32.0MB

Groovin High/01 - Blue'n' Boogie.mp32.0MB

Jiving Bebop/03 - E-Baba-Le-Ba.mp32.0MB

Bird With Strings/09 - Laura.mp32.0MB

Bird With Strings/23 - Stella by Starlight.mp32.0MB

Round Midnight/09 - Be Bop.mp32.0MB

Jiving Bebop/16 - Droppin' a Square.mp32.0MB

Groovin High/10 - One Bass Hit.mp32.0MB

Jiving Bebop/17 - Things to Come.mp32.0MB

Jiving Bebop/14 - Ornytology.mp32.0MB

Bird With Strings/15 - What is This Thing.mp32.0MB

Jiving Bebop/12 - Boogie in C.mp32.0MB

Groovin High/04 - All the Things You Are.mp32.0MB

Charlie Parker/14 - Cool Blues.mp32.0MB

Groovin High/03 - Dizzy Athmosfere.mp32.0MB

Round Midnight/11 - Don't Blame Me.mp32.0MB

Jiving Bebop/04 - OO Bop Sh'Bum.mp32.0MB

Groovin High/11 - Things to Come.mp32.0MB

Jiving Bebop/13 - Dynamo A.mp32.0MB

Bird With Strings/04 - Summertime.mp32.0MB

Bird With Strings/06 - If I Suould Lose You.mp32.0MB

Round Midnight/17 - Bird's Nest.mp32.0MB

Groovin High/02 - GroovinHigh.mp32.0MB

Jiving Bebop/08 - Hubba-Hubba Blues.mp32.0MB

Jiving Bebop/20 - Hubba-Hubba Boogie.mp32.0MB

Groovin High/08 - Thats Earl Brother.mp32.0MB

Jiving Bebop/10 - Crazy About a Man.mp32.0MB

Bird With Strings/17 - Repetition.mp32.0MB

Round Midnight/05 - Groovin' High.mp32.0MB

Round Midnight/14 - Out of Nowhere.mp32.0MB

Jiving Bebop/18 - Ray's Idea.mp32.0MB

Groovin High/09 - Our Delight.mp32.0MB

Jiving Bebop/19 - Bag's Boogie.mp32.0MB

Charlie Parker/12 - Star Eyes.mp32.0MB

Groovin High/12 - Rays Idea.mp32.0MB

Round Midnight/04 - Fifty Second Street Theme.mp32.0MB

Bird With Strings/18 - Easy to Love (conc).mp31.0MB

Music USA/01- Голос Коновера.mp31.0MB

Music USA/05 - Голос Коновера.mp3684.0KB

Music USA/03 - Голос Коновера.mp3646.0KB

Jiving Bebop/01 - Introduction.mp3441.0KB

_Doc/Рассказывают джазмены.htm82.0KB

_Pic/Paris, Salle Pleyel - Sextet (1953)/4491.jpg60.0KB

_Pic/Jiving Bebop/4351.jpg60.0KB

_Pic/Groovin High/4211.jpg60.0KB

_Pic/1957-Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers/3981.jpg49.0KB

_Pic/1956-Brilliant Corners/3881.jpg49.0KB

_Pic/1953-Thelonious Monk & Sonny Rollins/3781.jpg49.0KB


_Pic/Round Midnight/4541.jpg47.0KB

_Pic/Music USA/4401.jpg47.0KB

_Pic/Jazz at Massey Hall (1953)/4261.jpg47.0KB

_Pic/Charlie Parker/4121.jpg47.0KB

_Pic/Bird With Strings/4061.jpg47.0KB

_Pic/Paris, Salle Pleyel - Sextet (1953)/4501.jpg45.0KB

_Pic/Jiving Bebop/4361.jpg45.0KB

_Pic/Groovin High/4221.jpg45.0KB

_Pic/1957-Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers/4001.jpg44.0KB

_Pic/1956-Brilliant Corners/3901.jpg44.0KB

_Pic/1953-Thelonious Monk & Sonny Rollins/3801.jpg44.0KB

_Pic/Round Midnight/4571.jpg40.0KB

_Pic/Music USA/4431.jpg40.0KB

_Pic/Jazz at Massey Hall (1953)/4291.jpg40.0KB

_Pic/Charlie Parker/4151.jpg40.0KB

_Pic/Bird With Strings/4091.jpg40.0KB

_Pic/1957-Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers/4041.jpg38.0KB

_Pic/1956-Brilliant Corners/3941.jpg38.0KB

_Pic/1953-Thelonious Monk & Sonny Rollins/3841.jpg38.0KB

_Pic/Round Midnight/4581.jpg36.0KB

_Pic/Music USA/4441.jpg36.0KB

_Pic/Jazz at Massey Hall (1953)/4301.jpg36.0KB

_Pic/Charlie Parker/4161.jpg36.0KB

_Pic/Bird With Strings/4101.jpg36.0KB

_Pic/Paris, Salle Pleyel - Sextet (1953)/4461.jpg36.0KB

_Pic/Jiving Bebop/4321.jpg36.0KB

_Pic/Groovin High/4181.jpg36.0KB

_Pic/1957-Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers/4021.jpg35.0KB

_Pic/1956-Brilliant Corners/3921.jpg35.0KB

_Pic/1953-Thelonious Monk & Sonny Rollins/3821.jpg35.0KB

_Pic/Round Midnight/4591.jpg34.0KB

_Pic/Music USA/4451.jpg34.0KB

_Pic/Jazz at Massey Hall (1953)/4311.jpg34.0KB

_Pic/Charlie Parker/4171.jpg34.0KB

_Pic/Bird With Strings/4111.jpg34.0KB

_Pic/Jiving Bebop/4371.jpg32.0KB

_Pic/Groovin High/4231.jpg32.0KB

_Pic/1957-Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers/4031.jpg32.0KB

_Pic/1956-Brilliant Corners/3931.jpg32.0KB

_Pic/1953-Thelonious Monk & Sonny Rollins/3831.jpg32.0KB

_Pic/Paris, Salle Pleyel - Sextet (1953)/4481.jpg32.0KB

_Pic/Jiving Bebop/4341.jpg32.0KB

_Pic/Groovin High/4201.jpg32.0KB

_Pic/Paris, Salle Pleyel - Sextet (1953)/4511.jpg32.0KB

_Pic/Bird With Strings/4081.jpg32.0KB

_Pic/Charlie Parker/4141.jpg32.0KB

_Pic/Jazz at Massey Hall (1953)/4281.jpg32.0KB

_Pic/Music USA/4421.jpg32.0KB

_Pic/Round Midnight/4561.jpg32.0KB

_Pic/Bird With Strings/4071.jpg31.0KB

_Pic/Charlie Parker/4131.jpg31.0KB

_Pic/Jazz at Massey Hall (1953)/4271.jpg31.0KB

_Pic/Music USA/4411.jpg31.0KB

_Pic/Round Midnight/4551.jpg31.0KB

_Pic/1953-Thelonious Monk & Sonny Rollins/3791.jpg30.0KB

_Pic/1956-Brilliant Corners/3891.jpg30.0KB

_Pic/1957-Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers/3991.jpg30.0KB

_Pic/Groovin High/4251.jpg30.0KB

_Pic/Jiving Bebop/4391.jpg30.0KB

_Pic/Paris, Salle Pleyel - Sextet (1953)/4531.jpg30.0KB

_Pic/1953-Thelonious Monk & Sonny Rollins/3771.jpg29.0KB

_Pic/1956-Brilliant Corners/3871.jpg29.0KB

_Pic/1957-Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers/3971.jpg29.0KB

_Pic/1953-Thelonious Monk & Sonny Rollins/3811.jpg28.0KB

_Pic/1956-Brilliant Corners/3911.jpg28.0KB

_Pic/1957-Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers/4011.jpg28.0KB

_Pic/1953-Thelonious Monk & Sonny Rollins/3761.jpg27.0KB

_Pic/1956-Brilliant Corners/3861.jpg27.0KB

_Pic/1957-Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers/3961.jpg27.0KB

_Pic/Groovin High/4191.jpg25.0KB

_Pic/Jiving Bebop/4331.jpg25.0KB

_Pic/Paris, Salle Pleyel - Sextet (1953)/4471.jpg25.0KB

_Pic/1953-Thelonious Monk & Sonny Rollins/3851.jpg23.0KB

_Pic/1956-Brilliant Corners/3951.jpg23.0KB

_Pic/1957-Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers/4051.jpg23.0KB

_Pic/Groovin High/4241.jpg23.0KB

_Pic/Jiving Bebop/4381.jpg23.0KB

_Pic/Paris, Salle Pleyel - Sextet (1953)/4521.jpg23.0KB

Jiving Bebop/Состав оркестра.doc20.0KB

Groovin High/Состав оркестра.doc19.0KB

Jazz at Massey Hall (1953)/Исполнители.doc19.0KB


_Doc/История бопа.htm14.0KB


_Doc/Дискография Gillespie.htm9.0KB


_Doc/Арт Блэйки.htm8.0KB

_Doc/Monk Дискография.htm6.0KB


_Doc/Parker Дискография.htm4.0KB

Jiving Bebop/songs.htm2.0KB

_Doc/О Паркере.htm1.0KB

Groovin High/songs.htm1.0KB

Jazz at Massey Hall (1953)/songs.htm1.0KB

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