Otis Redding - The Complete Studio Albums Collection - 2015 (WEB - FLAC)

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The torrent has 116 files, total 1.0GB, created at Jun. 16, 2015.

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web - flac otis redding - the complete studio albums collection - 2015

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Torrent Contents ( 116 files)

3.03. Change Gonna Com.flac23.0MB

5.05. Try A Little Tenderness.flac20.0MB

3.09. Rock Me Baby.flac19.0MB

5.10. You're Still My Baby.flac19.0MB

9.10. Free Me.flac18.0MB

9.02. (Your Love Has Lifted Me) Higher And Higher.flac18.0MB

6.07. New Year's Resolution.flac17.0MB

8.08. A Waste Of Time.flac17.0MB

9.11. A Lover's Question.flac17.0MB

8.01. I've Got Dreams To Remember.flac17.0MB

5.11. Hawg For You.flac17.0MB

6.08. It Takes Two.flac17.0MB

6.09. Are You Lonely For Me Baby.flac17.0MB

3.08. Wonderful World.flac17.0MB

7.09. The Huckle-Buck.flac17.0MB

9.07. Groovin' Time.flac17.0MB

3.04. Down In The Valley.flac17.0MB

6.04. Tell It Like It Is.flac16.0MB

6.01. Knock On Wood.flac16.0MB

3.05. I've Been Loving You Too Long (To Stop Now).flac16.0MB

7.07. I'm Coming Home To See About You.flac16.0MB

6.03. Tramp.flac16.0MB

10.02. Tell The Truth.flac16.0MB

8.10. A Fool For You.flac16.0MB

8.11. Amen.flac16.0MB

10.06. I Got The Will.flac16.0MB

9.04. I'll Let Nothing Seperate Us.flac16.0MB

9.12. Look At That Girl.flac16.0MB

7.03. Let Me Come On Home.flac16.0MB

8.09. Champagne And Wine.flac16.0MB

10.10. The Match Game.flac16.0MB

7.10. Nobody Knows You (When You're Down And Out).flac15.0MB

8.07. Think About It.flac15.0MB

3.07. My Girl.flac15.0MB

7.08. Tramp.flac15.0MB

5.06. Day Tripper.flac15.0MB

3.10. Satisfaction.flac15.0MB

5.02. I'm Sick Y'All.flac15.0MB

5.03. Tennessee Waltz.flac15.0MB

8.06. The Happy Song (Dum-Dum).flac15.0MB

10.04. Give Away None Of My Love.flac15.0MB

5.07. My Lover's Prayer.flac15.0MB

3.06. Shake.flac15.0MB

10.12. Swingin' On A String.flac15.0MB

7.02. I Love You More Than Words Can Say.flac15.0MB

9.09. Got To Get Myself Together.flac14.0MB

6.02. Let Me Be Good To You.flac14.0MB

5.09. Ton Of Joy.flac14.0MB

6.06. Lovey Dovey.flac14.0MB

5.01. Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa [Sad Song].flac14.0MB

7.06. The Glory Of Love.flac14.0MB

3.11. You Don't Miss Your Water.flac14.0MB

6.10. Bring It On Home.flac14.0MB

9.05. Direct Me.flac14.0MB

5.08. She Put The Hurt On Me.flac14.0MB

3.01. Ole Man Trouble.flac14.0MB

8.03. Nobody's Fault But Mine.flac14.0MB

6.05. When Something Is Wrong With My Baby.flac14.0MB

8.04. Hard To Handle.flac14.0MB

5.04. Sweet Lorene.flac13.0MB

9.06. Love Man.flac13.0MB

6.11. Ooh Carla, Ooh Otis.flac13.0MB

7.01. (Sittin' On) The Dock Of The Bay.flac13.0MB

9.08. Your Feeling Is Mine.flac13.0MB

10.05. Wholesale Love.flac13.0MB

7.05. Don't Mess With Cupid.flac13.0MB

7.11. Ole Man Trouble.flac13.0MB

9.03. That's A Good Idea.flac13.0MB

9.01. I'm A Changed Man.flac13.0MB

10.01. Demonstration.flac13.0MB

5.12. Love Have Mercy.flac13.0MB

3.02. Respect.flac12.0MB

10.11. A Little Time.flac12.0MB

7.04. Open The Door.flac12.0MB

10.07. Johnny's Heartbreak.flac12.0MB

8.05. Thousand Miles Away.flac12.0MB

10.09. Slippin' And Slidin'.flac11.0MB

8.02. You Made A Man Out Of Me.flac11.0MB

10.03. Out Of Sight.flac11.0MB

4.03. Cigarettes and Coffee.flac11.0MB

10.08. Snatch A Little Piece.flac11.0MB

4.05. Good To Me.flac10.0MB

1.04. Hey Hey Baby.flac10.0MB

4.08. Everybody Makes A Mistake.flac9.0MB

2.04. Your One And Only Man.flac9.0MB

1.05. You Send Me.flac9.0MB

1.06. I Need Your Lovin'.flac9.0MB

4.04. Chain Gang.flac9.0MB

4.11. Nobody Knows You (When You're Down And Out).flac9.0MB

4.01. Just One More Day.flac9.0MB

1.11. That's What My Heart Needs.flac8.0MB

1.03. Stand By Me.flac8.0MB

2.03. A Woman, A Lover, A Friend.flac8.0MB

1.02. The Dog.flac8.0MB

4.10. 634-5789.flac8.0MB

1.07. These Arms Of Mine.flac8.0MB

1.10. Security.flac8.0MB

1.09. Something Is Worrying Me.flac8.0MB

4.02. It's Growing.flac8.0MB

2.09. Come To Me.flac8.0MB

1.12. Lucille.flac8.0MB

4.06. Scratch My Back.flac7.0MB

4.09. Any Ole Way.flac7.0MB

2.05. Nothing Can Change This Love.flac7.0MB

2.12. Mr. Pitiful.flac7.0MB

2.08. I Want To Thank You.flac7.0MB

2.11. Keep Your Arms Around Me.flac7.0MB

2.02. Chained And Bound.flac7.0MB

2.01. That's How Strong My Love Is.flac7.0MB

2.06. It's Too Late.flac7.0MB

1.01. Pain In My Heart.flac7.0MB

2.07. For Your Precious Love.flac7.0MB

1.08. Louie Louie.flac6.0MB

4.07. Treat Her Right.flac6.0MB

2.10. Home In Your Heart.flac5.0MB


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