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Algebra/Wesner - College Algebra and Trigonometry with Applications 2e HQ.pdf183.0MB

Artificial Intelligence/Fuzzy Systems/Klir G. J., Yuan B., Fuzzy Sets and Fuzzy Logic Theory and Applications.pdf119.0MB

Algebra/Wesner - Elementary Algebra with Applications 3e HQ.pdf110.0MB

Artificial Intelligence/Computer Vision/Ballard D., Computer Vision (2nd ed.).pdf105.0MB

Artificial Intelligence/Computer Vision/Hartley R., Zisserman A., Multiple View Geometry in Computer Vision (2nd ed.).pdf99.0MB

Artificial Intelligence/Computer Vision/Paragios N., Handbook Of Mathematical Models In Computer Vision.pdf97.0MB

Algebra/Geometry/Rosen - Handbook of Discrete and Computational Geometry and its Applications.pdf96.0MB

Financial Mathematics and Risk Analysis/McDonald R. L., Derivatives Markets (2nd ed., Addison Wesley).pdf85.0MB

Algebra/Linear Algebra/Strang G. - Linear Algebra and Its Applications (3rd ed.).pdf83.0MB

CRC Concise Encyclopedia- Mathematics/Weisstein E. - CRC Concise Encyclopedia of Mathematics [part 1 of 4].pdf77.0MB

CRC Concise Encyclopedia- Mathematics/Weisstein E. - CRC Concise Encyclopedia of Mathematics [part 3 of 4].pdf76.0MB

CRC Concise Encyclopedia- Mathematics/Weisstein E. - CRC Concise Encyclopedia of Mathematics [part 2 of 4].pdf76.0MB

Analysis/Hille E., Phillips R. - Functional Analysis and Semi-Groups.pdf74.0MB

Algebra/Geometry/Trigonometry/Wesner - Trigonometry with Applications (3rd ed.) HQ.pdf74.0MB

CRC Concise Encyclopedia- Mathematics/Weisstein E. - CRC Concise Encyclopedia of Mathematics [part 4 of 4].pdf72.0MB

Probability and Statistics/Hoel P. - Introduction to Mathematical Statistics (6th ed.).pdf68.0MB

Algebra/Linear Algebra/Nicholson, Keith W. - Linear Algebra with Applications (3rd ed.).pdf67.0MB

Number Theory/Cohen Henri - A Course in Computational Algebraic Number Theory.pdf62.0MB

Probability and Statistics/Feller W. - An Introduction to Probability Theory and its Applications Vol I.pdf60.0MB

Probability and Statistics/Papoulis - Probability, Random Variables and Stochastic Processes.pdf54.0MB

Probability and Statistics/Papoulis - Probability, Random Variables and Stochastic Processes (3rd ed).pdf54.0MB

Artificial Intelligence/Computer Vision/Frosyth, Ponce, Computer Vision A Modern Approach.pdf50.0MB

Algebra/Geometry/Thurston - The Geometry & Topology of 3-Manifold.pdf42.0MB

Analysis/Goursat Edouard, Hedrick Earle Raymond - A Course in Mathematical Analysis - Vol. I.pdf42.0MB

Analysis/Goursat E., Hedrick E. R. - A Course In Mathematical Analysis Vol. 1 (Ginn and Company).pdf42.0MB

Probability and Statistics/Grinstead C. M., Snell J. L. - Introduction to Probability (2nd ed.).pdf42.0MB

Stochaistic Processes and Differential Equations/Kannan D., Lakshmikantham V. - Handbook of Stochastic Analysis with Applications.pdf42.0MB

Topology/Lefschetz S. - Algebraic Topology.pdf41.0MB

Algebra/Jacobson N. - Structure and Representation of Jordan Algebras.pdf39.0MB

Game Theory/Mas-Colell, Microeconomic Theory Solution Manual.pdf39.0MB

Game Theory/Mas-Colell, Microeconomic Theory.pdf37.0MB

Probability and Statistics/Altman D. - Statistics With Confidence (2nd edition, BMJ, 2005).pdf34.0MB

Algebra/Wesner - Intermediate Algebra with Applications 3e HQ.pdf33.0MB

Analysis/Borel A., Casselman W. - Automorphic Forms, Representations and L-Functions Part 2.pdf31.0MB

Algebra/Geometry/Behnke, Bachmann - Fundamentals of Mathematics Vol. 2, Geometry.pdf31.0MB

Algebra/Geometry/Guillemin, Sternberg - Geometry Asymptotics.pdf30.0MB

Analysis/Yoshida K. - Functional Analysis.pdf29.0MB

Fractals/Liebovitch L. - Fractals and Chaos Simplified for the Life Sciences (Oxford, 1998).pdf29.0MB

Artificial Intelligence/Computer Vision/Jahne B., Handbook of Computer Vision and Applications Vol. 3 Systems and Applications.pdf29.0MB

Analysis/Bulirsch R., Stoer J. - Introduction to Numerical Analysis (2nd ed.).pdf29.0MB

Analysis/Yeh J. - Real Analysis, Theory of Measure and Integration (2nd ed.).pdf28.0MB

Analysis/Fomin S., Kolmogorov A. - Introductory Real Analysis.pdf27.0MB

Analysis/Kolmogorov A., Fomin S. - Introductory Real Analysis.pdf27.0MB

Algebra/Borel A., Mostow G. - Symposium on Algebraic Groups - Algebraic Groups and Discontinuous Subgroups.pdf27.0MB

Algebra/Borel A., Mostow G. - Algebraic Groups and Discontinuous Subgroups.pdf27.0MB

Artificial Intelligence/Fuzzy Systems/Rutkowski L., Flexible Neuro-Fuzzy System Structures, Learning and Performance Evaluation.pdf26.0MB

Game Theory/Fudenberg D., Game Theory.pdf26.0MB

Analysis/Borel A., Casselman W. - Automorphic Forms, Representations and L-Functions Part 1.pdf25.0MB

Topology/Aguilar M., Gitler S., Prieto C. - Algebraic Topology From A Homotopical Viewpoint (Springer).pdf24.0MB

Graph Theory/Bondy J., Murty U. - Graph Theory With Applications.pdf22.0MB

Artificial Intelligence/Computer Vision/Jahne B., Computer Vision and Applications A Guide for Students and Practitioners.pdf22.0MB

Lin G., Li Y., Chan A. - Principles and Applications of Asymmetric Synthesis (Wiley, 2001).pdf22.0MB

Number Theory/Platonov, Rapinchuk - Algebraic Groups and Number Theory.pdf22.0MB

Algebra/Beecher - Algebra and Trigonometry (3rd ed.).pdf22.0MB

Algebra/Bittinger Marvin L. - Algebra & Trigonometry Graphs & Models (3rd ed.).pdf22.0MB

Stochaistic Processes and Differential Equations/Da Prato G., Tubaro L. - Stochastic Partial Differential Equations And Applications.pdf22.0MB

Fractals/Kilbas A., et al. - Theory and Applications of Fractional Differential Equations (Elsevier, 2006).pdf22.0MB

Applied mathematics/Lipschutz S. - Theory and Problems of Finite Mathematics (Schaums Outlines).pdf22.0MB

Fractals/Addison P. - Fractals and Chaos - An Illustrated Course (1997).pdf21.0MB

Algebra/Kreyszig - Advanced Engineering Mathematics (9th ed.).djvu21.0MB

Differential Equation/Abell M., Braselton J. - Differential Equations with Mathematica.pdf21.0MB

Number Theory/Yan S. Y. - Number Theory For Computing.pdf21.0MB

Algebra/Linear Algebra/Messer R. - Linear Algebra Gateway to Mathematics.djvu20.0MB

Financial Mathematics and Risk Analysis/Hull, J. C., Options, Futures and Other Derivative Securities (2nd Edition,

Stochaistic Processes and Differential Equations/Bertsekas Dimitri P. - Stochastic Optimal Control The Discrete Time Case.pdf20.0MB

Algebra/Geometry/Ribet K. - Current Trends in Arithmetical Algebraic Geometry.pdf20.0MB

Applied mathematics/Kemeny J. G., Snell J. L., Thompson G. L. - Introduction To Finite Mathematics (3rd ed.).pdf20.0MB

Applied mathematics/Tarantola A. - Inverse Problem Theory and Methods for Model Parameter Estimation.pdf20.0MB

Algebra/Linear Algebra/Hoffman Kenneth, Kunze Ray - Linear Algebra (Prentice-Hall, Edition 2, 1971).pdf20.0MB

Differential Equation/Vrabie I. - Differential Equations - An Intro to Basic Concepts, Results and Applications (World, 2004).pdf20.0MB

Ramanujan Notebooks/Ramanujan Notebooks III.pdf20.0MB

Number Theory/Numerical Recipes in Fortran 77 (2nd ed.) Vol 1.pdf19.0MB

Probability and Statistics/Shafer Glenn, Vovk Vladimir - Probability and Finance - It's only a game.pdf19.0MB

Artificial Intelligence/Computer Vision/Shapiro L., Computer Vision.pdf19.0MB

Probability and Statistics/Ross Sheldon M. - Introduction To Probability Models (6th ed. 1997).pdf19.0MB

Differential Equation/Solin P. - Partial Differential Equations and the Finite Element Method.pdf19.0MB

Analysis/Monotone Operators in Banach Space and Nonlinear partial differential equation - P. Showalter.pdf19.0MB

Probability and Statistics/Mukhopadhya Nitis - Probability And Statistical Inference.pdf18.0MB

Artificial Intelligence/Computer Vision/Jahne B., Handbook of Computer Vision and Applications Vol. 2 Signal Processing and Pattern Recognition.pdf18.0MB

Stochaistic Processes and Differential Equations/Protter - Stochastic Integration and Differential Equations (2 edition).pdf18.0MB

Analysis/Harmonic Analysis, Real Variable Methods Orthogonality & Oscillatory Integrals - Stein.pdf18.0MB

Algebra/Levitz H., Levitz K. - Logic and Boolean Algebra.pdf17.0MB

Analysis/Real and complex analysis third edition - Rudin.djvu17.0MB

Cryptography/Mao Wenbo - Modern Cryptography, Theory And Practice.pdf17.0MB

Algebra/Geometry/DeBerg - Computational Geometry Algorithms and Applications (2nd ed.).pdf17.0MB

Algebra/Geometry/Jo'orourk - Computational Geometry in C.pdf17.0MB

Graph Theory/Nishizeki T., Rahman M. - Planar Graph Drawing.pdf16.0MB

Algebra/Geometry/Trigonometry/Palmer C., Leigh C. - Plane and Spherical Trigonometry.pdf16.0MB

Algebra/Linear Algebra/Lay D. C. - Linear Algebra And Its Applications.pdf16.0MB

Algebra/Kolman B., Beck R. - Elementary Linear Programming with Applications (Elsevier, 1995).pdf15.0MB

Algebra/Geometry/Shafarevich I. R. - Algebraic geometry I-V.djvu15.0MB

Differential Equation/Logan J. D., An Introduction To Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations (2nd ed., 2008, Wiley).pdf15.0MB

Game Theory/Alpern S., The Theory of Search Games and Rendezvous.pdf15.0MB

Probability and Statistics/Ghosh Jayanta - An Introduction to Bayesian Analysis (Springer, 2006).pdf15.0MB

Number Theory/Flannery B. P., Press W. H., Teukolsky S. A., Vetterling W. T. - Numerical Recipes in C (2nd ed.).pdf15.0MB

Analysis/Ahlfors - Complex Analysis.pdf15.0MB

Algebra/Geometry/Hemmerling E. M. - Fundamentals of College Geometry (2nd ed.).pdf15.0MB

Differential Equation/Chen Z., Li R., Wu W. - Generalized Difference Methods for Differential Equations.pdf15.0MB

Artificial Intelligence/Computer Vision/Jahne B., Handbook of Computer Vision and Applications Vol. 1 Sensors and Imaging.pdf14.0MB

Differential Algebra/Ritt Joseph - Differential Algebra.pdf14.0MB

Analysis/Hardy - A course of Pure Mathematics.djvu14.0MB

Number Theory/Burton David M. - Elementary Number Theory.pdf14.0MB

Game Theory/Gibbons R., Game Theory For Applied Economists.pdf14.0MB

Cryptography/Stinson Douglas - Cryptography Theory And Practice.chm14.0MB

Ramanujan Notebooks/Ramanujan Notebooks II.pdf13.0MB

Analysis/Real And Complex Analysis International Student edn - W. Rudin.pdf13.0MB

Probability and Statistics/Montgomery, Runger - Applied Statistics And Probability For Engineers.pdf13.0MB

Algebra/Geometry/Plane Analytic Geometry With Differential Calculus - Maxime Bocher.pdf13.0MB

Algebra/Kostrikin A. I., Shafarevich I. R. - Algebra I Basic Notions Of Algebra.pdf13.0MB

Number Theory/Hoffman J. - Numerical Methods for Engineers and Scientists (2nd ed.).djvu13.0MB

Number Theory/Shoup Victor - A Computational Introduction to Number Theory and Algebra.pdf13.0MB

Number Theory/Victor S. - A Computational Introduction To Number Theory And Algebra.pdf13.0MB

Number Theory/Apostol - Introduction To Analytic Number Theory.pdf13.0MB

Financial Mathematics and Risk Analysis/Hull, J. C., Options, Futures and Other Derivatives Solutions.pdf13.0MB

Probability and Statistics/Recent Advances in Applied Probability - Springer.pdf12.0MB

Algebra/Wedderburn J. H. M. - Lectures on Matricies.pdf12.0MB

Algebra/Wedderburn - Lectures On Matrices.pdf12.0MB

Differential Equation/Boyce W., Diprima R. - Elementary Differential Equations and Boundry Value Problems (7th ed.).djvu12.0MB

Probability and Statistics/Fukunaga K. - Introduction to Statistical Pattern Recognition (2nd ed.).pdf12.0MB

Ramanujan Notebooks/Ramanujan Notebooks I.pdf12.0MB

Artificial Intelligence/Evolutionary Computation/Koza J. R., Genetic Programming Theory and Practice II.pdf12.0MB

Algebra/Franzen T. - Godel's Theorem - An Incomplete Guide to Its Use and Abuse (2005).pdf12.0MB

Algebra/Group Theory/Kurosh A. - The Theory of Groups (2nd ed.) Vol. 1.djvu12.0MB

Number Theory/Shanks Daniel - Solved and unsolved problems in Number Theory.pdf12.0MB

Number Theory/Dickson L. E. - History of the Theory of Numbers Vol. 2.djvu12.0MB

Differential Equation/Kythe P. - Partial Differential Equations and Mathematica.pdf11.0MB

Algebra/Geometry/Falconer - Fractal Geometry Mathematical Foundations & Applications.pdf11.0MB

Algebra/Hazewinkel M. - Handbook of Algebra Vol 1.djvu11.0MB

Topology/Lipschutz, Seymour - Theory and Problems of General Topology.pdf11.0MB

Number Theory/Jia, Matsumoto - Analytic Number Theory.pdf11.0MB

Probability and Statistics/Peebles P. Z. - Probability, Random Variables and Random Signal Principles (2nd ed.).pdf11.0MB

Topology/Riemannian Geometry, a Beginners Guide - F. Morgan.pdf11.0MB

Cryptography/Menezes A., VanOorschot P., Vanstone S. - Handbook of Applied Cryptography.pdf11.0MB

Applied mathematics/Ash R. - Information Theory.pdf11.0MB

Number Theory/Cohn Harvey - Advanced Number Theory.pdf11.0MB

Number Theory/Ribenboim P. - The New Book Of Prime Number Records (3rd ed.).djvu10.0MB

Number Theory/Cohn Harvey - Advanced Number Theory (Dover, 1962).pdf10.0MB

Artificial Intelligence/Evolutionary Computation/DeJong K., The Handbook of Evolutionary Computation.pdf10.0MB

Number Theory/Iyanaga - Algebraic Number Theory.pdf10.0MB

Algebra/Hazewinkel M. - Handbook of Algebra Vol 2.djvu10.0MB

Financial Mathematics and Risk Analysis/Wilmott, Howison, Dewynne - The Mathematics of Financial Derivatives (1995).PDF10.0MB

Financial Mathematics and Risk Analysis/Dewvynne, Howison, Wilmott - The Mathematics of Financial Derivatives.pdf10.0MB

Artificial Intelligence/Computer Vision/Ritter G. X., Handbook of Computer Vision Algorithms in Image Algebra (2nd Ed.).pdf10.0MB

Number Theory/Coates J. - Arithmetic Theory of Elliptic Curves.pdf10.0MB

Algebra/Group Theory/Fulton W., Harris J. - Representation Theory - A First Course.djvu10.0MB

Topology/doCarmo M. - Riemannian Geometry.pdf10.0MB

Analysis/Apostol T. M. - Mathematical Analysis.djvu9.0MB

Number Theory/Hardy, Wright - An Introduction To The Theory of Numbers.pdf9.0MB

Algebra/Hardy G., Wright E. - Introduction to the Theory of Numbers (4th ed. 1968).pdf9.0MB

Topology/Venkatamarana T. - Cohomology of Arithmetic Groups, L-Functions and Automorphic.pdf9.0MB

Topology/Munkres J. - Topology (2nd ed.).pdf9.0MB

Analysis/Rudin W. - Fourier Analysis on Groups.pdf9.0MB

Stochaistic Processes and Differential Equations/Friedman A. - Stochastic Differential Equations And Applications Vol 2.pdf9.0MB

Algebra/Von Zur Gathen, Gerhard - Modern Computer Algebra.djvu9.0MB

Analysis/Watson G., Whittaker E. - A Course of Modern Analysis (4th ed.).djv9.0MB

Number Theory/Hardy G. H., Wright E. M. - An Introduction To The Theory Of Numbers (4th Edition, 1962).pdf9.0MB

Artificial Intelligence/Fuzzy Systems/Dubois D., Prade H., Fuzzy Sets And Systems Theory And Applications.pdf9.0MB

Financial Mathematics and Risk Analysis/Molak V. - Fundamentals of Risk Analysis and Risk Management (CRC, 1997).pdf9.0MB

Differential Equation/Wesseling P. - An Introduction to MultiGrid Methods.pdf9.0MB

Probability and Statistics/Zwillinger Daniel - CRC Standard Probability and Statistics Tables and Formulae.pdf9.0MB

Artificial Intelligence/Swarm Intelligence/Kennedy J., Swarm intelligence.pdf9.0MB

Algebra/Debnath L., Mikusinski P. - Introduction to Hilbert Spaces with Applications (1990).djvu9.0MB

Differential Equation/Agarwal P. - Difference Equations and Inequalities - Theory, Methods, and Applications (2nd ed.).djv8.0MB

Stochaistic Processes and Differential Equations/Crauel H., Gundlach M. - Stochastic Dynamics.pdf8.0MB

Topology/Morris - Differential Topology.pdf8.0MB

Stochaistic Processes and Differential Equations/Pollard D. - Convergence Of Stochastic Processes.pdf8.0MB

Analysis/Marsden, Ratiu, Abraham - Manifolds, Tensor Analysis and Applications (3rd ed.).pdf8.0MB

Number Theory/Kluwer - Mathematical Problems And Proofs Combinatorics, Number Theory, and Geometry.pdf8.0MB

Number Theory/Kisacanin B. - Mathematical Problems and Proofs Combinatorics, Number Theory and Geometry.pdf8.0MB

Algebra/Yaglom I., Zeldovich Y. - Higher Mathematics for Beginners (Mir, 1987).djvu8.0MB

Topology/Singer, Thorpe - Lecture Notes On Elementary Topology And Geometry.pdf8.0MB

Differential Equation/Forsyth A. - A Treatise on Differential Equations (2nd ed.).djv8.0MB

Cryptography/Schneier B. - Applied Cryptography (2nd ed.).pdf8.0MB

Algebra/Geometry/Hartshorne R. - Algebraic Geometry.djvu8.0MB

Artificial Intelligence/Evolutionary Computation/Ashlock D., Evolutionary Computation for Modeling and Optimization.pdf8.0MB

Analysis/Wiley - An Introduction to Numerical Analysis for Electrical and Computer Engineers.pdf8.0MB

Analysis/Moaveni S. - Finite Element Analysis Theory and Application with ANSYS.djvu8.0MB

Analysis/Neumann J. von - Functional Operators, Vol. 1 - Measures and Integrals.djvu8.0MB

Analysis/Spiegel - Theory and Problems Of Fourier Analysis with Applications to Boundary Value Problems.pdf8.0MB

Analysis/Carslaw H. S. - Introduction to the Theory of Fourier's Series and Integrals (2nd ed.).djvu8.0MB

Topology/Simmons G. - Intorduction to Topology and Modern Analysis.djvu8.0MB

Topology/Seebach, Steen - Counterexamples In Topology.pdf7.0MB

Algebra/Group Theory/Dixon J. - Problems in Group Theory.djvu7.0MB

Topology/Geometry and Topology of 3-Manifolds - W. Thurston.djvu7.0MB

Number Theory/Odifreddi P. - The Theory of Functions and Sets of Natural Numbers.djvu7.0MB

Applied mathematics/Oliver P., Shakiban C. - Applied Mathematics.djvu7.0MB

Algebra/Alekseev V. B. - Abel's Theorem in Problems and Solutions.pdf7.0MB

Topology/Goldberg S. - Curvature and Homology, Revised Ed..pdf7.0MB

Number Theory/Sierpinski W. - Elementary Theory of Numbers.djvu7.0MB

Algebra/Geometry/Eisenbud D. - Commutative Algebra, With A View Toward Algebraic Geometry.djvu7.0MB

Algebra/Eisenbud D. - Commutative Algebra, with a View Toward Algebraic Geometry.djvu7.0MB

Artificial Intelligence/Evolutionary Computation/Kaufmann M., Genetic Programming, An Intro On the Automatic Evolution of Computer Programs and Apps.pdf7.0MB

Algebra/Geometry/Helgason S. - Differential Geometry, Lie Groups and Symmetric Spaces (AP, 1978).djvu7.0MB

Stochaistic Processes and Differential Equations/Whitt Ward - Stochastic Process Limits.pdf7.0MB

Probability and Statistics/Satamtis D. H. - Six Sigma and Beyond Statistics and Probability, Volume III.chm7.0MB

Number Theory/Cohen - A Course In Computational Algebraic Number Theory.djvu7.0MB

Algebra/Group Theory/Schmidt O. - Abstract Theory of Groups.djvu7.0MB

Topology/Lee J. - Introduction to Smooth Manifolds.pdf7.0MB

Stochaistic Processes and Differential Equations/Friedman A. - Stochastic Differential Equations And Applications Vol 1.pdf7.0MB

Stochaistic Processes and Differential Equations/Meyn S. - Markov Chains and Stochastic Stability.pdf7.0MB

Stochaistic Processes and Differential Equations/Brzezniak Z., Zastawniak T. - Basic Stochastic Processes, A Course Through Exercises (Springer, 2002).pdf7.0MB

Artificial Intelligence/Computer Vision/Bigun J., Vision with Direction A Systematic Introduction to Image Processing and Computer Vision.pdf6.0MB

Probability and Statistics/Kinderman, Snell - Markov Random Fields And Their Applications.pdf6.0MB

Game Theory/Rasmusen E., An Introduction to Game Theory.pdf6.0MB

Artificial Intelligence/Fuzzy Systems/Jyh-Shing, Jang R., Neuro-Fuzzy and Soft Computing A Computational Approach to Learning and Machine Intelligence.djvu6.0MB

Analysis/Measure And Integral an introduction to Real analysis - Wheeden and Zygmund,.djvu6.0MB

Differential Equation/Abell, Braselton - Differential Equations with Mathematica (641s).djvu6.0MB

Algebra/Linear Algebra/Meyer C. D. - Matrix Analysis & Applied Linear Algebra.pdf6.0MB

Analysis/Rudin W. - Functional Analysis.djvu6.0MB

Algebra/Geometry/Cox D., Katz S. - Mirror Symmetry and Algebraic Geometry.djvu6.0MB

Algebra/Goodman F. - Abstract and Concrete (2.5 ed., 2006).pdf6.0MB

Probability and Statistics/Tarantola A. - Probability and Measurements.pdf6.0MB

Differential Equation/Billingham J., King A., Otto S. - Differential Equations - Linear, Nonlinear, Ordinary, Partial (Cambridge, 2003).pdf6.0MB

Differential Equation/Johnson R. - Singular Perturbation Theory - Math and Analyt Technique w. appl to Engineering.pdf6.0MB

Artificial Intelligence/Fuzzy Systems/Jain L. C., Martin N. M., Fusion Of Neural Networks, Fuzzy Systems And Genetic Algorithms.pdf6.0MB

Differential Equation/Bronson R. - Differential Equations Crash Course.pdf6.0MB

Fractals/Kigami J. - Analysis on Fractals (Cambridge, 2001).djvu6.0MB

Ramanujan Notebooks/Ramanujan's Notebooks vol 5 - B. Berndt.djv6.0MB

Topology/Zomorodian - Topology for Computing.pdf6.0MB

Analysis/Varadarajan V. - Harmonic Analysis on Semisimple Lie Groups.djv6.0MB

Differential Equation/Arnold V. - Ordinary Differential Equations.djv6.0MB

Probability and Statistics/Robert C. - The Bayesian Choice (2nd edition, Springer, 2007).pdf6.0MB

Principia Mathematica/Russel, B., Whitehead, A. N. - Principia Mathematica Vol. 1.djvu6.0MB

Analysis/Real Mathematical Analysis- Charles Chapman.pdf6.0MB

Fractals/Barnsley M. - Fractals Everywhere (AP, 1988).djvu6.0MB

Probability and Statistics/Jaynes E. T. - Probability Theory The Logic Of Science .pdf6.0MB

Differential Equation/Taylor M. - Partial Differential Equations Vol 3 - Nonlinear Equations.djv6.0MB

Algebra/Group Theory/Bechtell H. - The Theory of Groups.djvu6.0MB

Artificial Intelligence/Computer Vision/Lu M., Computer Modeling and Simulation Techniques for Computer Vision Problems.pdf6.0MB

Algebra/Ernest P. - The Philosophy of Mathematics Education (Falmer, 1991).pdf6.0MB

Analysis/Smith M. - Principles and Applications of Tensor Analysis.pdf6.0MB

Algebra/Bratelli O. - Operator Algebras and Quantum Statistical Mechanics Vol. 2 (2nd ed.).djv6.0MB

Topology/Berger M. - A Panoramic View of Riemannian Geometry.djvu5.0MB

Differential Algebra/Buium A. - Differential Algebra and Diophantine Geometry (1973).djvu5.0MB

Encyclopedia of Mathematics - Gale Group/Encyclopedia of Mathematics - Gale Group (Vol.3 Ma-Ro).djvu5.0MB

Analysis/Jolley L. B. W. - Summation of Series (2nd rev. ed.).pdf5.0MB

Differential Equation/Taylor M. - Partial Differential Equations Vol 1 - Basic Theory.djv5.0MB

Number Theory/Stein - An Explicit Approach To Elementary Number Theory.pdf5.0MB

Encyclopedia of Mathematics - Gale Group/Encyclopedia of Mathematics - Gale Group (Vol.1 Ab-Cy).djvu5.0MB

Artificial Intelligence/Fuzzy Systems/Zadeh I., Fuzzy Sets And Fuzzy Information Granulation Theory.pdf5.0MB

Algebra/Geometry/Real Algebraic Geometry - J. Bochnak, M. Coste, M. Roy.djvu5.0MB

Game Theory/Rasmusen E., Games and Information - An Introduction to Game Theory.pdf5.0MB

Probability and Statistics/Spiegel M., Stephens L. - Schaum's Outlines - Theory and Problems of Statistics (3rd ed.).djvu5.0MB

Algebra/Linear Algebra/Borel A. - Linear Algebraic Groups (2nd ed.).djvu5.0MB

Algebra/Rotman Joseph J. - Advanced Modern Algebra.pdf5.0MB

Analysis/Hoermander L. - Notions of Convexity.djvu5.0MB

Number Theory/Bach E., Shallit J. - Algorithmic Number Theory, Vol. 1 Efficient Algorithms.djvu5.0MB

Encyclopedia of Mathematics - Gale Group/Encyclopedia of Mathematics - Gale Group (Vol.2 Da-Lo).djvu5.0MB

Topology/Warner - Topics In Topology And Homotopy Theory.pdf5.0MB

Artificial Intelligence/Evolutionary Computation/Menon A., Frontiers of Evolutionary Computation.pdf5.0MB

Algebra/Geometry/Miron, Hrimiuc, Shimara, Sabau - The Geometry of Hamilton and Lagrange Spaces.pdf5.0MB

Differential Equation/Taylor M. - Partial Differential Equations Vol 2 - Qualitative Studies of Linear Equations.djv5.0MB

Algebra/Bird J. - Basic Engineering Mathematics (4th ed., Newnes, 2005).pdf5.0MB

Number Theory/Frege G. - The Foundations of Arithmetic (2nd ed.) Revised.pdf5.0MB

Analysis/Smirnov V. - A Course of Higher Mathematics Vol. 2.djv5.0MB

Analysis/Axler, Gehring, Ribet - Foundations of Real and Abstract Analysis.pdf5.0MB

Artificial Intelligence/Fuzzy Systems/Tanaka K., Wang H. O., Fuzzy Control Systems Design and Analysis A Linear Matrix Inequality Approach.pdf5.0MB

Artificial Intelligence/Evolutionary Computation/Koza J. R., Genetic programming Complex adaptive systems.pdf5.0MB

Analysis/de Boor - Elementary Numerical Analysis An Algorithmic Approach (3rd ed.).pdf5.0MB

Encyclopedia of Mathematics - Gale Group/Encyclopedia of Mathematics - Gale Group (Vol.4 Sc-Ze).djvu5.0MB

Number Theory/Borevitch Z., Shafarevich I. - Number Theory.djvu5.0MB

Probability and Statistics/Soong T. T. - Fundamentals of Probability and Statistics for Engineers.pdf5.0MB

Probability and Statistics/Aitken A. - Statistical Mathematics (5ed., Interscience, 1947)(160s).djvu5.0MB

Algebra/Lam T. - A First Course in Noncommutative Rings.djvu5.0MB

Algebra/Yap C. K. - Fundamental Problems in Algorithmic Algebra.pdf5.0MB

Analysis/Alhford L. - Complex Analysis (2nd ed.).djvu5.0MB

Number Theory/Baker A. - A Concise Introduction to the Theory of Numbers.pdf5.0MB

Analysis/Sequeira A., H. da Vega, Videman J. - Applied Nonlinear Analysis.djv5.0MB

Algebra/Hilton P., Stammbach U. - A Course in Homological Algebra.djvu4.0MB

Luenberger David G., Ye Yinyu - Linear and Nonlinear Programming (3rd edition, Springer).pdf4.0MB

Algebra/Linear Algebra/Lipschutz S. - Schaum's Outline of Theory and Problems of Linear Algebra (2nd ed.).djvu4.0MB

Artificial Intelligence/Fuzzy Systems/Buckley J. J., Simulating Continuous Fuzzy Systems.pdf4.0MB

Algebra/Linear Algebra/Beezer Robert A. - A First Course In Linear Algebra.pdf4.0MB

Algebra/Geometry/Ewald G. - Combinatorial Convexity and Algebraic Geometry.djvu4.0MB

Number Theory/Iwaniec H., Kowalski E. - Analytic Number Theory.djvu4.0MB

Analysis/Smirnov V. - A Course of Higher Mathematics Vol. 1.djv4.0MB

Analysis/Collins G. W. - Fundamental Numerical Methods and Data Analysis.pdf4.0MB

Differential Equation/Liu G. - Mesh-free Methods - Moving Beyond Finite Element Methods.djvu4.0MB

Principia Mathematica/Russel, B., Whitehead, A. N. - Principia Mathematica Vol. 2.djvu4.0MB

Applied mathematics/Williams G. - Chaos Theory Tamed.pdf4.0MB

Differential Equation/Hartman P. - Ordinary Differential Equations.djv4.0MB

Game Theory/Reasoning About Knowledge - Ronald Fagin.chm4.0MB

Algebra/Geometry/Arabello E., Cornalba M., Griffiths P., Harris J. - Geometry of Algebraic Curves Vol. 1.djvu4.0MB

Algebra/Keddes K., Czapor S., Labahn G. - Algorithms for Computer Algebra.djvu4.0MB

Differential Equation/Evans L. - Partial Differential Equations.djvu4.0MB

Analysis/Henrici P. - Applied and Computational Complex Analysis Vol 1.djvu4.0MB

Algebra/Bratelli O. - Operator Algebras and Quantum Statistical Mechanics Vol. 1 (2nd ed.).djv4.0MB

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Analysis/Protter M. - Basic Elements of Real Analysis.pdf1.0MB

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