AutoCAD 2009 2D Cizim Teknikleri

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autocad 2009 2d cizim teknikleri

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00 Introduction/0001 Welcome.mov30.0MB

02 Drafting Concepts/0205 Exploring Hatch settings.mov11.0MB

02 Drafting Concepts/0206 Producing gradient fill hatches.mov10.0MB

03 Modification Concepts/0306 Modifying existing hatches.mov10.0MB

02 Drafting Concepts/0201 Constructing circles using points and tangents.mov10.0MB

07 Layers/0706 Filtering layers.mov9.0MB

02 Drafting Concepts/0208 Drafting with construction lines and rays.mov9.0MB

05 Drawing Tools/0502 Organizing geometry using groups.mov9.0MB

05 Drawing Tools/0503 Controlling visibility with Draw Order.mov9.0MB

05 Drawing Tools/0504 Finding precise locations with the Geometric Calculator.mov8.0MB

01 The AutoCAD Interface/0101 Synchronizing settings.mov7.0MB

06 Making Powerful Selections/0603 Adding and removing from selections.mov7.0MB

04 Snapping to Coordinates/0402 Finding parallels and extensions.mov7.0MB

05 Drawing Tools/0501 Calculating areas.mov7.0MB

03 Modification Concepts/0311 Using the Clipboard functions.mov7.0MB

03 Modification Concepts/0309 Dividing and measuring line work.mov7.0MB

02 Drafting Concepts/0203 Generating polylines.mov7.0MB

02 Drafting Concepts/0202 Creating arcs.mov6.0MB

03 Modification Concepts/0307 Aligning geometry.mov6.0MB

06 Making Powerful Selections/0606 Making selections based on criteria.mov6.0MB

03 Modification Concepts/0304 Offsetting through points.mov6.0MB

02 Drafting Concepts/0207 Using points as markers.mov6.0MB

04 Snapping to Coordinates/0401 Using Apparent Intersection Nearest Node and None.mov5.0MB

03 Modification Concepts/0302 Revising line work using Lengthen.mov5.0MB

06 Making Powerful Selections/0604 Selecting the last entity created.mov5.0MB

03 Modification Concepts/0310 Matching properties.mov5.0MB

03 Modification Concepts/0308 Adding and removing vertices from polylines.mov5.0MB

03 Modification Concepts/0303 Using the Trim function of Fillet and Chamfer.mov4.0MB

03 Modification Concepts/0301 Using the Edge function of Trim and Extend.mov4.0MB

07 Layers/0702 Freezing layers.mov4.0MB

Exercise Files/exercise_files.sitx4.0MB

Exercise Files/exercise_files.zip4.0MB

03 Modification Concepts/0305 Removing geometry with the Break command.mov4.0MB

06 Making Powerful Selections/0602 Using the Fence.mov4.0MB

01 The AutoCAD Interface/0106 Using the Object Snap menu.mov4.0MB

07 Layers/0705 Preventing layers from plotting.mov3.0MB

04 Snapping to Coordinates/0403 Locating the midpoint between two points.mov3.0MB

04 Snapping to Coordinates/0404 Understanding the object snap from.mov3.0MB

06 Making Powerful Selections/0605 Cycling to select from stacked entities.mov3.0MB

01 The AutoCAD Interface/0105 Using Noun Verb methodology.mov3.0MB

01 The AutoCAD Interface/0103 Making changes using Quick Properties.mov3.0MB

02 Drafting Concepts/0204 Creating boundaries.mov3.0MB

07 Layers/0703 Locking layers.mov3.0MB

06 Making Powerful Selections/0601 Using the Crossing Polygon.mov3.0MB

07 Layers/0704 Isolating layers.mov2.0MB

01 The AutoCAD Interface/0104 Finding answers with InfoCenter.mov2.0MB

01 The AutoCAD Interface/0102 Understanding rollover tool tips.mov2.0MB

07 Layers/0701 Making an objects layer current.mov1.0MB

00 Introduction/0002 Using the exercise files.mov948.0KB

08 Conclusion/0801 Goodbye.mov601.0KB

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