Only the Love Songs(180 Romantic Songs)

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only the love songs 180 romantic songs

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CD 9-Louis Armstrong/13 Louis Armstrong - The Faithful Hussar.mp312.0MB

CD 8-Mario Lanza/13 Mario Lanza - They Didn't Believe Me.mp311.0MB

CD 8-Mario Lanza/04 Mario Lanza - O' Sole Mio.mp39.0MB

CD 9-Louis Armstrong/15 Louis Armstrong - Someday You'll Be Sorry.mp39.0MB

CD 10-Ella Fitzgerald/01 Ella Fitzgerald - Stardust.mp39.0MB

CD 8-Mario Lanza/18 Mario Lanza - Without A Song.mp38.0MB

CD 8-Mario Lanza/03 Mario Lanza - Serenade.mp38.0MB

CD 3-Frank Sinatra/16 Frank Sinatra - I Get Along Without You Very Well.mp38.0MB

CD 2-Doris Day/03 Doris Day - Secret Love.mp38.0MB

CD 8-Mario Lanza/14 Mario Lanza - Lolita.mp38.0MB

CD 8-Mario Lanza/06 Mario Lanza - The Loveliest Night Of The Year.mp38.0MB

CD 8-Mario Lanza/15 Mario Lanza - The Song Angels Sing.mp38.0MB

CD 9-Louis Armstrong/03 Louis Armstrong - I Can't Believe That You're In Love With Me.mp38.0MB

CD 4-Perry Como/03 Perry Como - Prisoner Of Love.mp38.0MB

CD 8-Mario Lanza/01 Mario Lanza - Be My Love.mp38.0MB

CD 8-Mario Lanza/08 Mario Lanza - Because You're Mine.mp38.0MB

CD 4-Perry Como/11 Perry Como - Some Enchanted Evening (from _South Pacific_).mp37.0MB

CD 7-Bing Crosby/07 Bing Crosby - A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square.mp37.0MB

CD 8-Mario Lanza/16 Mario Lanza - My Song, My Love.mp37.0MB

CD 4-Perry Como/08 Perry Como - Hello, Young Lovers (from _The King & I_).mp37.0MB

CD 1-Nat King Cole/15 Nat King Cole - Too Young.mp37.0MB

CD 9-Louis Armstrong/05 Louis Armstrong - La Vie En Rose.mp37.0MB

CD 2-Doris Day/14 Doris Day - I Only Have Eyes For You.mp37.0MB

CD 2-Doris Day/04 Doris Day - It's Magic.mp37.0MB

CD 9-Louis Armstrong/07 Louis Armstrong - If.mp37.0MB

CD 10-Ella Fitzgerald/10 Ella Fitzgerald - My Happiness.mp37.0MB

CD 6-Johnnie Ray/07 Johnnie Ray - With These Hands.mp37.0MB

CD 10-Ella Fitzgerald/18 Ella Fitzgerald - Sentimental Journey.mp37.0MB

CD 5-Dean Martin/17 Dean Martin - Just One More Chance.mp37.0MB

CD 7-Bing Crosby/16 Bing Crosby - The Moon Got In My Eyes.mp37.0MB

CD 7-Bing Crosby/12 Bing Crosby - If You Love Me (I Won't Care).mp37.0MB

CD 2-Doris Day/13 Doris Day - Too Marvelous For Words.mp37.0MB

CD 3-Frank Sinatra/14 Frank Sinatra - I've Got A Crush On You.mp37.0MB

CD 4-Perry Como/02 Perry Como - If I Loved You.mp37.0MB

CD 7-Bing Crosby/13 Bing Crosby - At Last.mp37.0MB

CD 10-Ella Fitzgerald/06 Ella Fitzgerald - Someone To Watch Over Me.mp37.0MB

CD 3-Frank Sinatra/06 Frank Sinatra - Just One Of Those Things.mp37.0MB

CD 1-Nat King Cole/05 Nat King Cole - Because You're Mine.mp37.0MB

CD 4-Perry Como/06 Perry Como - Tulips And Heather.mp37.0MB

CD 1-Nat King Cole/17 Nat King Cole - Mona Lisa.mp37.0MB

CD 9-Louis Armstrong/09 Louis Armstrong - I'm Confessin' (That I Love You).mp37.0MB

CD 3-Frank Sinatra/18 Frank Sinatra - When Your Lover Has Gone.mp37.0MB

CD 7-Bing Crosby/01 Bing Crosby - Moonlight Becomes You.mp37.0MB

CD 9-Louis Armstrong/16 Louis Armstrong - Memories Of You.mp37.0MB

CD 10-Ella Fitzgerald/03 Ella Fitzgerald - People Will Say We're In Love.mp37.0MB

CD 1-Nat King Cole/18 Nat King Cole - Unforgettable.mp37.0MB

CD 9-Louis Armstrong/17 Louis Armstrong - Once In A While.mp37.0MB

CD 4-Perry Como/04 Perry Como - When You Were Sweet Sixteen.mp37.0MB

CD 7-Bing Crosby/17 Bing Crosby - Love In Bloom.mp37.0MB

CD 10-Ella Fitzgerald/13 Ella Fitzgerald - But Not For Me.mp37.0MB

CD 4-Perry Como/18 Perry Como - Till The End Of Time.mp37.0MB

CD 10-Ella Fitzgerald/17 Ella Fitzgerald - Time Alone Will Tell.mp37.0MB

CD 9-Louis Armstrong/18 Louis Armstrong - The Song Is Ended (But The Memory Lingers On).mp37.0MB

CD 4-Perry Como/07 Perry Como - With All My Heart And Soul.mp37.0MB

CD 10-Ella Fitzgerald/14 Ella Fitzgerald - (I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons.mp37.0MB

CD 3-Frank Sinatra/11 Frank Sinatra - Don't Worry About Me.mp37.0MB

CD 7-Bing Crosby/14 Bing Crosby - Only Forever.mp37.0MB

CD 8-Mario Lanza/02 Mario Lanza - Beloved.mp37.0MB

CD 9-Louis Armstrong/14 Louis Armstrong - I'm In The Mood For Love.mp37.0MB

CD 7-Bing Crosby/02 Bing Crosby and Grace Kelly - True Love.mp37.0MB

CD 4-Perry Como/15 Perry Como - Carolina Moon.mp37.0MB

CD 5-Dean Martin/15 Dean Martin - With My Eyes Wide Open I'm Dreaming.mp37.0MB

CD 5-Dean Martin/18 Dean Martin - That's Amore.mp37.0MB

CD 2-Doris Day/11 Doris Day - That Old Feeling.mp37.0MB

CD 4-Perry Como/09 Perry Como - If.mp37.0MB

CD 2-Doris Day/02 Doris Day - I'll Never Stop Loving You.mp37.0MB

CD 9-Louis Armstrong/02 Louis Armstrong - I'll String Along With You.mp37.0MB

CD 10-Ella Fitzgerald/05 Ella Fitzgerald - Dream A Little Dream Of Me.mp37.0MB

CD 2-Doris Day/18 Doris Day - My Love And Devotion.mp37.0MB

CD 7-Bing Crosby/05 Bing Crosby - Like Someone In Love.mp37.0MB

CD 4-Perry Como/17 Perry Como - I'm Always Chasing Rainbows.mp37.0MB

CD 5-Dean Martin/14 Dean Martin - Where Can I Go Without You_.mp37.0MB

CD 4-Perry Como/10 Perry Como - On The Outgoing Tide.mp37.0MB

CD 9-Louis Armstrong/06 Louis Armstrong - C'est Si Bon.mp37.0MB

CD 9-Louis Armstrong/08 Louis Armstrong - Give Me A Kiss To Build A Dream On.mp37.0MB

CD 10-Ella Fitzgerald/02 Ella Fitzgerald - Taking A Chance On Love.mp37.0MB

CD 10-Ella Fitzgerald/09 Ella Fitzgerald - Imagination.mp37.0MB

CD 5-Dean Martin/12 Dean Martin - You Belong To Me.mp36.0MB

CD 2-Doris Day/12 Doris Day - The Very Thought Of You.mp36.0MB

CD 7-Bing Crosby/15 Bing Crosby - I Love You.mp36.0MB

CD 3-Frank Sinatra/03 Frank Sinatra - Three Coins In The Fountain.mp36.0MB

CD 6-Johnnie Ray/03 Johnnie Ray - Cry.mp36.0MB

CD 9-Louis Armstrong/04 Louis Armstrong - It's All In The Game.mp36.0MB

CD 4-Perry Como/13 Perry Como - Far Away Places.mp36.0MB

CD 7-Bing Crosby/08 Bing Crosby - Harbour Lights.mp36.0MB

CD 3-Frank Sinatra/13 Frank Sinatra - Dream.mp36.0MB

CD 5-Dean Martin/02 Dean Martin - Love Is All That Matters.mp36.0MB

CD 5-Dean Martin/03 Dean Martin - Let Me Go Lover.mp36.0MB

CD 4-Perry Como/14 Perry Como - What'll I Do_.mp36.0MB

CD 5-Dean Martin/11 Dean Martin - Confused.mp36.0MB

CD 3-Frank Sinatra/02 Frank Sinatra - I Get A Kick Out Of You.mp36.0MB

CD 2-Doris Day/05 Doris Day - The Black Hills Of Dakota (from _Calamity Jane_).mp36.0MB

CD 6-Johnnie Ray/08 Johnnie Ray - Please Mr Sun.mp36.0MB

CD 1-Nat King Cole/09 Nat King Cole - Dreams Can Tell A Lie.mp36.0MB

CD 7-Bing Crosby/03 Bing Crosby - The Very Thought Of You.mp36.0MB

CD 5-Dean Martin/16 Dean Martin - 'Til I Find You.mp36.0MB

CD 2-Doris Day/08 Doris Day - When I Fall In Love.mp36.0MB

CD 3-Frank Sinatra/08 Frank Sinatra - I'm Walking Behind You.mp36.0MB

CD 3-Frank Sinatra/04 Frank Sinatra - The Tender Trap.mp36.0MB

CD 10-Ella Fitzgerald/12 Ella Fitzgerald - This Love Of Mine.mp36.0MB

CD 1-Nat King Cole/02 Nat King Cole - Tenderly.mp36.0MB

CD 1-Nat King Cole/01 Nat King Cole - Smile.mp36.0MB

CD 7-Bing Crosby/06 Bing Crosby - I Can't Begin To Tell You.mp36.0MB

CD 6-Johnnie Ray/14 Johnnie Ray - What's The Use_.mp36.0MB

CD 9-Louis Armstrong/12 Louis Armstrong - I Can't Give You Anything But Love.mp36.0MB

CD 1-Nat King Cole/07 Nat King Cole - Too Young To Go Steady.mp36.0MB

CD 6-Johnnie Ray/11 Johnnie Ray & Doris Day - Ma Says, Pa Says.mp36.0MB

CD 4-Perry Como/05 Perry Como - My Love And Devotion.mp36.0MB

CD 7-Bing Crosby/04 Bing Crosby - Embraceable You.mp36.0MB

CD 5-Dean Martin/05 Dean Martin - Young And Foolish.mp36.0MB

CD 1-Nat King Cole/04 Nat King Cole - Somewhere Along The Way.mp36.0MB

CD 3-Frank Sinatra/10 Frank Sinatra - Young At Heart.mp36.0MB

CD 9-Louis Armstrong/01 Louis Armstrong - It Takes Two To Tango.mp36.0MB

CD 2-Doris Day/06 Doris Day - If I Give My Heart To You.mp36.0MB

CD 1-Nat King Cole/12 Nat King Cole - Love Is Here To Stay.mp36.0MB

CD 6-Johnnie Ray/12 Johnnie Ray - (Here I Am) Broken Hearted.mp36.0MB

CD 10-Ella Fitzgerald/11 Ella Fitzgerald - I'm Beginning To See The Light.mp36.0MB

CD 10-Ella Fitzgerald/16 Ella Fitzgerald - Soon.mp36.0MB

CD 6-Johnnie Ray/05 Johnnie Ray - Faith Can Move Mountains.mp36.0MB

CD 7-Bing Crosby/09 Bing Crosby - Changing Partners.mp36.0MB

CD 2-Doris Day/17 Doris Day - I'm Confessin' (That I Love You).mp36.0MB

CD 7-Bing Crosby/10 Bing Crosby - Careless Hands.mp36.0MB

CD 5-Dean Martin/06 Dean Martin - Under The Bridges Of Paris.mp36.0MB

CD 2-Doris Day/10 Doris Day - It Had To Be You.mp36.0MB

CD 3-Frank Sinatra/01 Frank Sinatra - It All Depends On You.mp36.0MB

CD 10-Ella Fitzgerald/08 Ella Fitzgerald - Tenderly (Live).mp36.0MB

CD 6-Johnnie Ray/15 Johnnie Ray - Tell The Lady I Said Goodbye.mp36.0MB

CD 6-Johnnie Ray/02 Johnnie Ray - Look Homeward Angel.mp36.0MB

CD 10-Ella Fitzgerald/07 Ella Fitzgerald - It's Only A Paper Moon.mp36.0MB

CD 1-Nat King Cole/03 Nat King Cole - Pretend.mp36.0MB

CD 6-Johnnie Ray/16 Johnnie Ray - Coffee And Cigarettes.mp36.0MB

CD 3-Frank Sinatra/15 Frank Sinatra - Lover.mp36.0MB

CD 7-Bing Crosby/18 Bing Crosby - Sunday, Monday Or Always.mp36.0MB

CD 5-Dean Martin/07 Dean Martin - Sway.mp36.0MB

CD 1-Nat King Cole/16 Nat King Cole - Walkin' My Baby Back Home.mp36.0MB

CD 2-Doris Day/07 Doris Day - Bewitched.mp36.0MB

CD 9-Louis Armstrong/10 Louis Armstrong - Jeepers Creepers.mp36.0MB

CD 8-Mario Lanza/12 Mario Lanza - For You Alone.mp36.0MB

CD 4-Perry Como/16 Perry Como - They Say It's Wonderful.mp36.0MB

CD 6-Johnnie Ray/01 Johnnie Ray - Just Walking In The Rain.mp36.0MB

CD 8-Mario Lanza/17 Mario Lanza - Marcheta (Live Version).mp36.0MB

CD 1-Nat King Cole/13 Nat King Cole - You Stepped Out Of A Dream.mp36.0MB

CD 4-Perry Como/01 Perry Como - More.mp36.0MB

CD 5-Dean Martin/13 Dean Martin - Love Me, Love Me.mp36.0MB

CD 7-Bing Crosby/11 Bing Crosby - Stranger In Paradise.mp35.0MB

CD 5-Dean Martin/09 Dean Martin - That's What I Like.mp35.0MB

CD 3-Frank Sinatra/12 Frank Sinatra - Can I Steal A Little Love.mp35.0MB

CD 5-Dean Martin/10 Dean Martin - Moments Like This.mp35.0MB

CD 9-Louis Armstrong/11 Louis Armstrong - Love Walked In.mp35.0MB

CD 5-Dean Martin/08 Dean Martin - I'd Cry Like A Baby.mp35.0MB

CD 1-Nat King Cole/10 Nat King Cole - Love Me As Though There Were No Tomorrow.mp35.0MB

CD 3-Frank Sinatra/17 Frank Sinatra - What Is This Thing Called Love_.mp35.0MB

CD 6-Johnnie Ray/04 Johnnie Ray - Walkin' My Baby Back Home.mp35.0MB

CD 1-Nat King Cole/06 Nat King Cole - A Blossom Fell.mp35.0MB

CD 1-Nat King Cole/14 Nat King Cole - Orange Colored Sky.mp35.0MB

CD 5-Dean Martin/04 Dean Martin - That's All I Want From You.mp35.0MB

CD 6-Johnnie Ray/09 Johnnie Ray - Somebody Stole My Gal.mp35.0MB

CD 10-Ella Fitzgerald/15 Ella Fitzgerald - That Old Feeling.mp35.0MB

CD 1-Nat King Cole/11 Nat King Cole - To The Ends Of The Earth.mp35.0MB

CD 8-Mario Lanza/11 Mario Lanza - You Do Something To Me.mp35.0MB

CD 6-Johnnie Ray/17 Johnnie Ray - Don't Blame Me.mp35.0MB

CD 2-Doris Day/09 Doris Day - Love Me Or Leave Me.mp35.0MB

CD 3-Frank Sinatra/07 Frank Sinatra - Taking A Chance On Love.mp35.0MB

CD 8-Mario Lanza/10 Mario Lanza - Temptation.mp35.0MB

CD 5-Dean Martin/01 Dean Martin - Memories Are Made Of This.mp35.0MB

CD 8-Mario Lanza/07 Mario Lanza - Valencia.mp35.0MB

CD 6-Johnnie Ray/10 Johnnie Ray - The Little White Cloud That Cried.mp35.0MB

CD 2-Doris Day/15 Doris Day - September In The Rain.mp35.0MB

CD 6-Johnnie Ray/18 Johnnie Ray - Love Me.mp35.0MB

CD 4-Perry Como/12 Perry Como - With A Song In My Heart.mp35.0MB

CD 3-Frank Sinatra/09 Frank Sinatra - I've Got The World On A String.mp35.0MB

CD 6-Johnnie Ray/06 Johnnie Ray - All Of Me.mp34.0MB

CD 3-Frank Sinatra/05 Frank Sinatra - All Of Me.mp34.0MB

CD 8-Mario Lanza/05 Mario Lanza - Because.mp34.0MB

CD 2-Doris Day/01 Doris Day - Que Sera, Sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be).mp34.0MB

CD 10-Ella Fitzgerald/04 Ella Fitzgerald - Lover, Come Back To Me.mp34.0MB

CD 6-Johnnie Ray/13 Johnnie Ray - All I Do Is Dream Of You.mp34.0MB

CD 2-Doris Day/16 Doris Day - Just You, Just Me.mp34.0MB

CD 8-Mario Lanza/09 Mario Lanza - Golden Days.mp33.0MB


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