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To Light A Sacred Flame.pdf368.0MB

Luciferian Witchcraft.pdf330.0MB

Alpha Book.pdf234.0MB


Natural Magick.pdf219.0MB

Wiccan Warrior.pdf212.0MB

The Clavis or Key to the Magic of Solomon.pdf188.0MB

Akhkharu - Vampyre Magick.pdf185.0MB

Book of the Witch Moon.pdf163.0MB

Inner Temple of Witchcraft.pdf153.0MB

Truth About Enochian Magick.pdf147.0MB

Liber Falxifer.pdf147.0MB

Lords of Chaos.pdf143.0MB

Dictionary of Demons.pdf140.0MB

The Veritable Key of Solomon.pdf137.0MB

Evoking Eternity [High Quality].pdf133.0MB

Hymns to Isis in Her Temple at Philae.pdf129.0MB


The Book Of The Subgenius.pdf116.0MB

Daemonic Magick.pdf102.0MB

Bloodlines [1989-2002].pdf95.0MB

The Keys to the Gateway of Magic.pdf89.0MB

Magic in the Ancient World.pdf88.0MB

The Way of the Shaman.pdf87.0MB

Pacts with the Devil.pdf85.0MB

Kingdoms of Flame [High Quality].pdf82.0MB

Hedge Witch.pdf80.0MB

Liber Null and Psychonaut.pdf79.0MB

Visual Magick.pdf79.0MB

Vampyre Sanguinomicon.pdf79.0MB

Ancient Grimoire of Dark Magick.pdf78.0MB

Feary Magick.pdf78.0MB

The Lemegeton.pdf76.0MB

A Further Guide for the Solitary Practitioner.pdf74.0MB

When Someone You Love is Wiccan.pdf74.0MB


Sorcery and Ecstasy in the Fifth Aeon.pdf73.0MB

Gates of Dozak.pdf71.0MB

Maat Magick.pdf69.0MB

The Miracle of new Avatar Power.pdf68.0MB

Gothic Grimoire.pdf68.0MB

Baneful Magick.pdf67.0MB

The Magic Of Aleister Crowley.pdf66.0MB

Candle Burning Magic.pdf64.0MB

Vampires - The Occult Truth.pdf63.0MB

The Satanic Scriptures [Kindle Edition].pdf63.0MB

Reincarnation, the Cycle of Necessity.pdf62.0MB

Lilith - Magical Course (1.0).pdf61.0MB

Earth Power.pdf58.0MB

Maskim Hul - Babylonian Magick.pdf57.0MB

The Vampire Sorcery Bible.pdf55.0MB

Complete Book of Witchcraft [Greek Edition].pdf55.0MB

The Goddess Hekate.pdf54.0MB

The First Book of Luciferian Tarot.pdf54.0MB

Goetic Evocation.pdf54.0MB

Voynich Manuscript.pdf53.0MB

Enochian Magic for Beginners.pdf53.0MB

Nocturnal Witchcraft.pdf52.0MB

Cosmic Trigger.pdf50.0MB

Practical Magick.pdf49.0MB

Gamaliel - Magical Course (2.0).pdf49.0MB

The Seven Faces Of Darkness.pdf49.0MB

Secrets of the Satanic Executioners.pdf47.0MB

Magica Sexualis.pdf46.0MB

Encyclopedia of Witchcraft.pdf46.0MB

Tales of Sinister Influence.pdf45.0MB

The magic of new Ishtar power.pdf45.0MB

Grimoire for the Apprentice Wizard.pdf43.0MB

The Infernal Conjurations.pdf42.0MB

Forbidden Rites.pdf42.0MB


Compleat Vampyre.pdf41.0MB

The Vampyre Prospectus (Lulu Edition).pdf40.0MB

The Witch's Familiar.pdf39.0MB

The Discovery of Witchcraft.pdf39.0MB

Coming forth by Day (Lulu Edition).pdf38.0MB

Seth - God of Confusion.pdf38.0MB

The Book of Forbidden Knowledge.pdf37.0MB

Pyramid Incantations of the Ancient Egyptians.pdf36.0MB

Exploring the Unnamable Wandering in the Labyrinths of Zin.pdf35.0MB

Traditions of Freemasonry.pdf35.0MB

Spells to get Ahead.pdf35.0MB

Israel Regardie, The Golden Dawn.pdf33.0MB

The Psychopath's Bible.pdf33.0MB

Rune Might.pdf33.0MB

How to Make and Use a Magic Mirror.pdf32.0MB

Hidden Secrets.pdf32.0MB

Taro of the Four Worlds.pdf31.0MB

To Stir a Magick Cauldron.pdf31.0MB

Gardening with the Goddess.pdf29.0MB

A Complete System of Occult Philosophy.pdf29.0MB

Modern Magick.pdf28.0MB

The Book of Deadly Names.pdf28.0MB

The Spirit Book.pdf28.0MB

The Keys of Enoch.pdf27.0MB



The Vampire Predator Bible.pdf26.0MB

The Book of Old Ones.pdf25.0MB


Practical Candleburning Rituals.pdf25.0MB

The Black Flame Issue 16, 2005.pdf25.0MB

Familiar Spirits.pdf24.0MB

Scales of the Black Serpent - Basic Qlippothic Magick.pdf24.0MB


The Vampire Adept Bible.pdf24.0MB

From Alchemy to Chemistry.pdf24.0MB

Adversarial Light - Magick of the Nephilim.pdf23.0MB

The Complete Golden Dawn System of Magic.pdf23.0MB

The Pagan Religions of the Ancient British Isles.pdf23.0MB

Hex Appeal.pdf23.0MB

Manual of Cheirosophy.pdf23.0MB

The Truth About the Ouija Board.pdf22.0MB

A Manual of African Witchcraft and Brujeria.pdf22.0MB

The Spellcaster's Reference.pdf22.0MB

The Ultimate Book of Spells.pdf21.0MB

Exploring Wicca.pdf21.0MB


Tempel ov Blood.pdf20.0MB

Lust Magazine - The Archives.pdf20.0MB

The Fourth Book of Occult Philosophy.pdf20.0MB

Die Kunst des Wamphyrismus.pdf20.0MB


The Vampire Bible.pdf19.0MB

Ruby Tablet of Set.pdf19.0MB

The Mysteries of Mithra.pdf19.0MB

The Pillars of Tubal Cain.pdf19.0MB

Qabala Qliphoth - Goetic Magic.pdf19.0MB

The Well-Read Witch.pdf18.0MB

Ardeth - The Made Vampire.pdf18.0MB

The Meaning of Masonry.pdf18.0MB

Red Magick.pdf17.0MB

The Golden Dawn Scrapbook.pdf17.0MB

Born in Blood.pdf17.0MB

Tarot and Magic.pdf16.0MB

Enchantments of the Heart.pdf16.0MB

The Book of Fallen Angels.pdf16.0MB

Ancient Ways Reclaiming Pagan Traditions.pdf16.0MB

Complete Book of Witchcraft [First Scan].pdf15.0MB

Maiden Magick.pdf15.0MB


Earth, Air, Fire & Water.pdf15.0MB

Fortune Telling By Dice.pdf15.0MB

Dragon's Blood Practical Necromancy.pdf15.0MB

Qabalah, Qlipoth and Goetic Magic.pdf15.0MB

The Gates of the Necronomicon.pdf15.0MB

The Bible of the Adversary.pdf14.0MB

The Bible of the Adversary (TOPH Edition).pdf14.0MB

Green Trapezoid Newsletter [Summer 2012].pdf14.0MB

Cunningham's Book of Shadows.pdf14.0MB

Book for Spirit Communications.pdf14.0MB

The Wicca Handbook.pdf13.0MB

A Charmed Life.pdf13.0MB


Charge of the Goddess Book.pdf13.0MB

Amazing You Spells.pdf13.0MB

Vampyre Magick.pdf12.0MB

The Lesser Key of Solomon.pdf12.0MB

Nialor, Angel - The Black Grimoire.pdf12.0MB

A Collection of Rare & Curious Tracts.pdf12.0MB

The Wiccan Year.PDF12.0MB

The Black Tarot.pdf12.0MB

King of the Witches.pdf12.0MB

Magick of the Ancient Gods.pdf12.0MB

The Book of the Circle.pdf12.0MB

Through the Gates of Death.pdf12.0MB

The Black Arts.pdf12.0MB

The Necromantic Ritual Book.pdf12.0MB

Witchcraft and Magic in Europe.pdf12.0MB

Blood Sorcery Bible.pdf12.0MB

The Middle Pillar.pdf11.0MB

The person and kingdom of Satan.pdf11.0MB

The Devil's Notebook.pdf11.0MB

Exploring Spellcraft.pdf11.0MB

Stealing the Fire From Heaven.pdf11.0MB



Self-Initiation for the Solitary Witch.pdf11.0MB

The Great Secret.pdf11.0MB


Skull & Bones.pdf10.0MB

All One Wicca.pdf10.0MB


The Book of Black Magic and of Pacts.pdf10.0MB

Wicca and Witchcraft.pdf10.0MB

The History of the Devil.pdf10.0MB

The Ancients Book of Magic.pdf10.0MB

The Tree of Life - A Study In Magic.pdf10.0MB

The Power of Awareness.pdf10.0MB

Giordano Bruno and the Hermetic Tradition.pdf10.0MB

Luciferian Goetia - The Book of Howling.pdf10.0MB

The Church of Satan [Sixth Edition].pdf9.0MB

Le Dragon Rouge.pdf9.0MB

Secrets of the Black Temple.pdf9.0MB

Wicca in the Kitchen.pdf9.0MB

Grimoirium Verum [Scanned].pdf9.0MB


The Church of Satan [Fifth Edition].pdf9.0MB

Works of Darkness.pdf9.0MB

Grimoirium Verum.pdf9.0MB


Principia Discordia (chaos).pdf9.0MB

Joy of Satan.pdf9.0MB

The Magic Power of White Whitchcraft.pdf9.0MB

The Master Grimoire of Magickal Rites & Ceremonies.pdf9.0MB

The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Spells.pdf9.0MB

A Young Man's Guide to Wicca.pdf8.0MB


NAOS - A Practical Guide to Modern Magick.pdf8.0MB

Roebuck Book of Shadows.pdf8.0MB

Pagan Prayers.pdf8.0MB

Ceremonial Magic.pdf8.0MB

Within The Temple Of Isis.pdf8.0MB

The Darkside of the Moon.pdf8.0MB

The Theory and Practice of Mysticism.pdf8.0MB

The Internet Book of Shadows.pdf7.0MB

Clan of the goddess.pdf7.0MB

Satanic Magick - A Paradigm of Therion.pdf7.0MB

Candle Power.pdf7.0MB

Internet Book of Shadows.pdf7.0MB

Liber AL.pdf7.0MB

Black Serpent (autumn 2009).pdf7.0MB

Who's Who in Classical Mythology.pdf7.0MB

Secret Rituals of the O.T.O. (Revised & Updated).pdf7.0MB

Demonology and Witchcraft.pdf7.0MB

A Handbook of Rune Magic.pdf7.0MB

Modern Sex Magick.pdf7.0MB

Gardnerian Book of Shadows.pdf7.0MB

So You Want to Be a Medium.pdf7.0MB


Illustrated Goetia.pdf7.0MB


A Wiccan Bible.pdf6.0MB


The Science of Vampires.pdf6.0MB

The 32 Paths of Wisdon.pdf6.0MB

The Cyber Spellbook.pdf6.0MB

Herb of Immortality.pdf6.0MB

The Complete Uncut Book Of Shadows.pdf6.0MB

The Witchs Spellcraft Revised.pdf6.0MB

Alchemy, The Ancient Science.pdf6.0MB

The Alchemy Key.pdf6.0MB

Greek Solomonic.pdf6.0MB

The Alien Bible.pdf6.0MB

The Necronomicon.pdf6.0MB

Glimpses of the Left Hand Path.pdf6.0MB

The Temple of Set.pdf5.0MB

Naming Yourself for Success.pdf5.0MB

Creating Magickal Entities.pdf5.0MB

The Grimoire of the Golden Toad.pdf5.0MB

Liber Terrosa.pdf5.0MB

Living Wicca.pdf5.0MB

The Encyclopedia of Witches, Witchcraft and Wicca.pdf5.0MB

Beginning Luciferian Magick.pdf5.0MB

Dark Rites.pdf5.0MB

Ultimate Grimoire and Spellbook of Real Ancient Witchcraft.pdf5.0MB

Magic in Ancient Egypt.pdf5.0MB

Liber HVHI.pdf5.0MB

The Truth About 9-11.pdf5.0MB

Energized Hypnosis.pdf5.0MB

Adamu - Luciferian Tantra and Sex Magick.pdf5.0MB

The Witches of Warboys.pdf5.0MB

Teachings of the Immortals.pdf5.0MB

The Hallowed Genie.pdf4.0MB

The Gypsy Wisdom Spellbook.pdf4.0MB

To Lie Is Human.pdf4.0MB

Encyclopedia of New Religious Movements.pdf4.0MB

Liber AO.pdf4.0MB

Summoning Spirits.pdf4.0MB

Witches Potions & Spells.pdf4.0MB

Encyclopedia of Ancient Egypt.pdf4.0MB

Celtic Magic.pdf4.0MB

Ceremonial Magick and Evocation.pdf4.0MB

The Complete Book of Incense Oils and Brews.pdf4.0MB

The Practice of Magical Evocation.pdf4.0MB

The Book of Ceremonial Magic.pdf4.0MB

Principia Discordia.pdf4.0MB

Magic and Witchcraft.pdf4.0MB

The Sacred Books and Traditions of the Yezidiz.pdf4.0MB

Beasts of Watery Abyss.pdf4.0MB

Embracing the Dark.pdf4.0MB

The Vampire Priesthood Bible.pdf4.0MB

The One Year Manual.pdf4.0MB

Complete Book of Witchcraft [Second Scan].pdf4.0MB

A Modern Goetic Grimoire.pdf4.0MB

Cthulhu Cult.pdf4.0MB

The Secret by Rhonda Byrne.pdf4.0MB

Raising Witches.pdf4.0MB

Herbal Magick.pdf3.0MB

ONA Various Manuscripts.pdf3.0MB

Prometheus Rising.pdf3.0MB

Devil's Bible.pdf3.0MB

The Black Flame, Vol. 6, No. 1 and 2.pdf3.0MB

The Atlantis Encyclopedia.pdf3.0MB

A Witch's Guide to Ghosts and the Supernatural.pdf3.0MB

Shadows of a Witch.pdf3.0MB

Dr Robert Lomas - The Secret Science of Masonic Initiation.pdf3.0MB


Handbook of Contemporary Paganism.pdf3.0MB

A Pocket Full of Chaos.pdf3.0MB

The Cloven Hoof, Issue 131.pdf3.0MB

The Witch's Magical Handbook.pdf3.0MB

The Book of Pleasure.pdf3.0MB

The Black Flame, Vol. 6, No. 3 and 4.pdf3.0MB

Practising the Witch's Craft.pdf3.0MB

E-Witch Teachings of Magickal Mastery.pdf3.0MB

Evoking Eternity.pdf3.0MB

The Vampire Viaticum.pdf3.0MB

The Zomiel.pdf3.0MB

The Baphomet Codex.pdf3.0MB

Warlocks Handbook.pdf3.0MB

The Magical and Ritual Use of Herbs.pdf3.0MB

The Black Flame, Vol. 4, No. 3 and 4.pdf3.0MB

Black Serpent - Autumn 2006.pdf3.0MB

The Practical Pagan.pdf3.0MB

The Biography of Satan.pdf3.0MB

Grimoire Bestiae.pdf3.0MB

The Satanic Bible (Underground Edition 2).pdf3.0MB

Compendium Daemonii.pdf3.0MB

The Witch's Master Grimoire.pdf3.0MB

III. Howlings from the Pit.pdf3.0MB

Les Vrais Secrets de la Magie noire.pdf3.0MB

The Hammer of Witches.pdf3.0MB

A Little Book of Altar Magic.pdf3.0MB

Vampiric Personal Magnetism.pdf3.0MB

Fire and Ice,The Brotherhood of Saturn.pdf3.0MB

How to Make and Use Magic Mirrors.pdf2.0MB

The Book of The Witch Moon.pdf2.0MB

Shaping Formless Fire.pdf2.0MB

Simon Necronomicon.pdf2.0MB

Goddesses in Every Woman.pdf2.0MB

Transcendental Magic.pdf2.0MB

The Black Flame, Vol. 5, No. 3 and 4.pdf2.0MB

Black Serpent - Spring 2007.pdf2.0MB

Black Serpent - Winter 2008.pdf2.0MB

Ancient Greek Cults.pdf2.0MB

Vovim Baghie Satanic - Rituals, Magick, Sermons and the Kundalini Serpent.pdf2.0MB

Dracontias 2-09 eng.pdf2.0MB

The Galdrabok.pdf2.0MB


The Secret Life of a Satanist.pdf2.0MB

What You Should Know About the Golden Dawn.pdf2.0MB

Wicca Advanced.pdf2.0MB

Liber Azerate.pdf2.0MB

The Condensed Satanic Bible.pdf2.0MB

The Seventh Book Of Moses.pdf2.0MB

Liber Archon.pdf2.0MB

Kingdoms of Flame.pdf2.0MB

The Satanic Bible (Pure Edition).pdf2.0MB

La Messe Noir by Lucifer Satan.pdf2.0MB

The Grand Satanic Ritual.pdf2.0MB

The Black Flame, Vol. 5, No. 1 and 2.pdf2.0MB


The Fountain of Youth.pdf2.0MB

Historical Dictionary of Witchcraft.pdf2.0MB

Death, The Final Mystery.pdf2.0MB

Baphomet - Tarot Der Unterwelt.pdf2.0MB

The Vampire in Transformation.pdf2.0MB

The Malleus Maleficarum.pdf2.0MB


Black and White magic.pdf2.0MB

The Satanic Scriptures.pdf2.0MB

Weird Ways of Witchcraft.pdf2.0MB

The Concept of the Goddess.pdf2.0MB

Luciferian Goetia.pdf2.0MB

Wicca Spellcraft for Men.pdf2.0MB

The Study of Witchcraft.pdf2.0MB

A Witch's Beverages and Brews.pdf2.0MB

The Language of Demons and Angels.pdf2.0MB

The Cloven Hoof, Issue 130.pdf2.0MB

The Nag Hammadi Library.pdf2.0MB

The Temple of Atazoth.pdf2.0MB

Dracontias 1-12 ger.pdf2.0MB

Theoricus Initiation.pdf2.0MB

Secret Magick Spells of the Romany Gypsies.pdf2.0MB

The Roots of Witchcraft.pdf2.0MB

Circle of Isis.pdf2.0MB

Calling Upon Hell.pdf2.0MB

Witchcraft In Britain.pdf2.0MB

The Key to Solomon's Key.pdf2.0MB

The Vampire Encyclopedia.pdf2.0MB

The Book of Night Magick.pdf2.0MB

New Larousse Encyclopedia of Mythology.pdf2.0MB

Wicca and Magick.pdf2.0MB

Bloodlines Three [Authorized Version].pdf2.0MB

Practical Sigil Magic.pdf2.0MB

The Satanic Witch.pdf1.0MB

Secret Societies.pdf1.0MB

The Secret Wisdom of the Qabalah.pdf1.0MB

666 Black Sun.pdf1.0MB

The Order of Phosphorus - Initiatic Guidebook.pdf1.0MB

The Blue Equinox.pdf1.0MB

The Great Art.pdf1.0MB

A Practical Guide to Witchcraft and Magic Spells.pdf1.0MB

The Book of Eris.pdf1.0MB

The Devil.pdf1.0MB

Book of Dagon.pdf1.0MB

Wiccca for Couples.PDF1.0MB

Kitchen Witch.pdf1.0MB

Black Serpent - Summer 2006.pdf1.0MB

Black Magic [New Edition].pdf1.0MB

Practical Magical Evocation.pdf1.0MB

Encyclopedia of Crystal, Gem, and Metal Magic.pdf1.0MB

Le Veritable Dragon Rouge.pdf1.0MB

Out of the Shadows.pdf1.0MB

Techniques of High Magic.pdf1.0MB

The Cloven Hoof, Issue 128.pdf1.0MB

Maiden Moon.pdf1.0MB

The Cloven Hoof, Issue 129.pdf1.0MB


Wicca Revealed.pdf1.0MB

Analysis of the Church of Satan.pdf1.0MB

Virus of the Mind.pdf1.0MB

Satan Speaks!.pdf1.0MB

Black Serpent - Spring 2006.pdf1.0MB

Dracontias 1-09 eng.pdf1.0MB

Modern Vampirism.pdf1.0MB

The Evil Bible.pdf1.0MB

A Devil's avatar.pdf1.0MB

The Faerie Way.pdf1.0MB

Order of the Black Tower.pdf1.0MB

Enochian dictionary.pdf1.0MB

Vampire God.pdf1.0MB

Secrets of the IOT.pdf1.0MB

Illuminates of Thanateros.pdf1.0MB


Kaos edited by Joel Biraco.pdf1.0MB

The Magus Vol 2.PDF1.0MB

The Kybalion.pdf1.0MB

Sumerian Gods and Goddesses.pdf1.0MB

Sophia Bestiae.pdf1.0MB

On The Brink Of A Bloody Racial War.pdf1.0MB

Celebrating the Seasons of Life Samhain to Ostara.pdf1.0MB

Magick of the Future.pdf1.0MB

Cord of Blood.pdf1.0MB

Invincible Magick Spells of Mullah-Sensees.pdf1.0MB

The Birth of Satan.pdf1.0MB

A Mandaean Book of Black Magic.pdf1.0MB

The Satanic Bible (Underground Edition).pdf1.0MB

Sinister Tarot.pdf1.0MB

The Goetia Ritual Book.pdf1.0MB

Kabbala for Satanists.pdf1.0MB

Might is Right.pdf1.0MB

The White Man's Bible.pdf1.0MB

AC III.pdf1.0MB

The Meaning of Witchcraft.pdf1.0MB

A Arte da GOETIA dos 72 Espiritos Infernais.pdf1.0MB

Witchcraft - A Concise Guide.pdf1.0MB

The Toad Rite.pdf1.0MB

Witch Wars Defense Manual.pdf1.0MB

Dracontias 2-08 eng.pdf1.0MB

The Cosmic Doctrine.pdf1.0MB

A Witch Like Me.pdf1.0MB

Demons of the Flesh.pdf1.0MB

An Introductory Course in Wicca.pdf1.0MB

The Powerful & Deadly Spells of the Javanese.pdf1.0MB

The Medium's Book.pdf1.0MB

Path of the Kherete.pdf1.0MB

Astrologers and Their Creed.pdf1.0MB

Mastering Witchcraft.pdf1.0MB

Greater Key of Solomon.pdf1.0MB

The Book of the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage.pdf1.0MB

Love & Lust Magic Spells and Rituals.pdf1.0MB

Meshaf Resh.pdf1.0MB

AC V.pdf1.0MB

The Pocket Spell Creator.pdf1.0MB

The Book of Tahuti.pdf1.0MB

Witches Workshop Handbook.pdf1.0MB


Star in the West.pdf1.0MB

Between Good & Evil.pdf1.0MB


The Demonic Bible.pdf1.0MB

Al Jilwah.pdf1.0MB

A Biblia Satanica.pdf1.0MB

The Devil and the Goddess.pdf1.0MB

Apocrypha Discordia.pdf1.0MB

Little Book of Witchcraft.pdf1.0MB

Black Magic.pdf1.0MB

Dracontias 4-08 eng.pdf1.0MB

Trials, Tribulations and Triumphs.pdf1.0MB

Waters of Return.pdf1.0MB

The Magus Vol 1.PDF1.0MB

Nature's Eternal Religion.pdf1.0MB

Salubrious Living.pdf1.0MB

Sinister Music Ecstasy.pdf1.0MB

RAHOWA! This Planet Is All Ours.pdf1.0MB


The Development of Psychic Powers.pdf1003.0KB

Astral Worship.pdf1001.0KB

Nox Umbra.pdf999.0KB

Building a Whiter Brighter World.pdf991.0KB

The Science of Getting Rich.pdf989.0KB

The Goetia of the Lemegeton.pdf979.0KB

AC II.pdf972.0KB

Dion Fortune, Psychic Self Defense.pdf967.0KB

Temple of the Ancients.pdf962.0KB

The New Book of Runes.pdf961.0KB

The Vampire Gate - The Vampyre Magickian.pdf960.0KB

ONA Books.pdf953.0KB

Tome of Dayside Mastery [Authorized Version].pdf950.0KB

Dracontias 1-07 eng.pdf946.0KB

Pistis Sophia Unveiled.pdf943.0KB

A Manual of Occultism.pdf942.0KB

Vox Sabbatum.pdf940.0KB

The Order of the G.B.G..pdf934.0KB

A Revolution of Values Through Religion.pdf930.0KB

An Analysis of LaVey's Early Writings.pdf916.0KB

The Craft Grimoire of Eclectic Magick - Version 1.1.pdf910.0KB

Expanding Creativity.pdf907.0KB

The Lesser Key of Solomon, Lemegeton Vol 2.pdf899.0KB

Die Satanische Bibel.pdf895.0KB

The Grand Grimoire [Aka Paimon].pdf892.0KB

The Unsacred Texts Of The Koton.pdf890.0KB

La Biblia Satanica - Anton Szandor La Vey.pdf885.0KB

Guide to the Picatrix.pdf883.0KB

Witchcraft Dictionary of Craft Terms.pdf877.0KB


Initiation Into Hermetic.pdf869.0KB

The Grand Grimoire.pdf866.0KB

Herbs in Black Magick.pdf862.0KB

The Spider and the Green Butterfly.pdf862.0KB

Grand Grimoire.pdf844.0KB

Baphomet Magie.pdf844.0KB

A Book of Shadows.pdf838.0KB

Transcendental Satanism.pdf838.0KB

TOPH - Introduction Booklet.pdf834.0KB

Temple of Satan.pdf830.0KB


Secret Rituals of the O.T.O.pdf818.0KB

The Dwale of Afagddu.pdf818.0KB

Those Who Have Risen.pdf805.0KB

Church of Lucifer.pdf793.0KB

The Shemhamphorash.pdf777.0KB

Grimoire of Almadel.pdf775.0KB

The Master Key System.pdf773.0KB

The Grand Grimoire [Dark Lodge Version].pdf761.0KB

The Alexandrian Book of Shadows.pdf759.0KB

The Luciferian Path & The Witches Sabbath.pdf745.0KB

Liber 777.pdf743.0KB

Occult Glossary.pdf735.0KB

Liber Satangelica.pdf732.0KB

Magic in the Renaissance.pdf713.0KB

Ars Notoria.pdf710.0KB

The Mystical Qabala.pdf701.0KB

The Art of Black Magick.pdf700.0KB

A New Walk Down An Old Path.pdf690.0KB

The Amber Witch.pdf674.0KB

Death, Dying and Immortality.pdf673.0KB

Psychic Self-Defense.pdf667.0KB

Dracontias 4-11 eng.pdf657.0KB

Seventh Book of Moses.pdf656.0KB

The Book of the Beast.pdf650.0KB

Magick Without Tears.pdf645.0KB

Anton Szandor LaVey - The Satanic Bible.pdf640.0KB

A Witch Alone.pdf635.0KB

Bloodlines One [Authorized Version].pdf625.0KB

Workbook for Grade 0 Void and the Abyss.pdf620.0KB

Irish Witchcraft and Demonology.pdf620.0KB

Optimists Creed.pdf619.0KB

Draconian Vampyrism 101.pdf617.0KB

Bloodlines Two [Authorized Version].pdf612.0KB

Revelations [Authorized Version].pdf605.0KB

The Lesser Key of Solomon, Lemegeton Vol 1.pdf602.0KB

Wiccan Spells.pdf601.0KB

12th Generation Book of Shadows.pdf598.0KB

Luciferian Sorcery.pdf597.0KB

Abramelin the Mage 3.pdf597.0KB


Church of Satan Informational Pack [2.0].pdf586.0KB

The Sanguine Mass [Scanned].pdf580.0KB

The Witch-Cult in Western Europe.pdf573.0KB

Modern Demonolatry.pdf573.0KB

I. Howlings from the Pit.pdf556.0KB

Basick Magick.pdf554.0KB

Abramelin the Mage 1.pdf546.0KB

Introduction to Creativity.pdf545.0KB

The Greater Key of Solomon Vol 2.pdf545.0KB

The Demonic Apocrypha.pdf540.0KB

Telepathy and the Etheric Vehicle.pdf539.0KB

Oven-Ready Chaos.pdf534.0KB

Book of Thoth.pdf534.0KB

The Book of Lies.pdf533.0KB

Nine Proven Magical Rites.pdf532.0KB

Unleashing the Beast.pdf532.0KB

Satanic Bible.pdf528.0KB

The Little Book of Satanic Healing.pdf528.0KB

The Key to the Mysteries.pdf528.0KB

Praxis Magica Fausti.pdf526.0KB

The Vampyre Lexicon.pdf526.0KB

Greater Key of Solomon 1.pdf517.0KB

Greater Key of Solomon 2.pdf510.0KB

The Greater Key of Solomon Vol 1.pdf510.0KB

The Witchcraft Today.pdf508.0KB

Grimoire Armadel.pdf507.0KB

Hecate's Womb.pdf507.0KB

Abramelin the Mage 2.pdf504.0KB

Applied Magic.pdf499.0KB

The Black Pullett.pdf499.0KB

The Satanic Rituals.pdf498.0KB

Sixth Book of Moses.pdf496.0KB

Candle Magic.pdf492.0KB

Letters on Demonology and Witchcraft.pdf490.0KB

Witch Way.pdf489.0KB

Ancient Conjurations.pdf488.0KB

The Greater Key of Solomon, Pentacles.pdf481.0KB

Los Rituales Satanicos.pdf470.0KB

Vision and the Voice.pdf469.0KB

Witchcraft for All.pdf468.0KB

Biblia Szatana - Anton Szandor Lavey.pdf465.0KB

The Vampire Ritual Book.pdf460.0KB

The Practice of Prayer in Western Esotericism.pdf457.0KB

Satanic Bible by LaVey.pdf457.0KB

Photos of Draconian OTO Ritual Sex Magic.pdf456.0KB

AC I.pdf453.0KB

White Empire.pdf448.0KB

Studies in Occultism.pdf447.0KB

How to Develop your Psychic Abilities.pdf441.0KB

AC IV.pdf438.0KB

Angels of Chaos.pdf438.0KB

II. Howlings from the Pit.pdf438.0KB

The Library of Knowledge.pdf435.0KB

Necronomicon Spellbook.pdf434.0KB

The Self-Immolation Rite.pdf432.0KB

La Bible Satanique Par Anton Szandor Lavey.pdf424.0KB

Manifesto of the Wolf.pdf412.0KB

Oath of the Circle of The Order of Phosphorus.pdf412.0KB

A Rite of the Werewolf.pdf407.0KB

The Gospel According to Bernard Shaw.pdf398.0KB

50 of the Most Powerful Spells on Earth.pdf397.0KB

Witchcraft Today.pdf395.0KB


Temple of Alienology.pdf392.0KB


How To Talk With The Dead by Alan Valiant.pdf387.0KB

The Zenarchist Cookbook.pdf386.0KB

The Book of Satanic Yoga.pdf383.0KB

Temple of the Vampire.pdf382.0KB

Greater Key of Solomon Pentacles.pdf378.0KB

Manual de la Bruja Moderna Wicca.pdf376.0KB

The Goddess Baphomet according to the Sinister Tradition.pdf371.0KB

The Craft Grimoire of Eclectic Magick - Version 1.2.pdf370.0KB

An Exploration of the Adversary Within Magick.pdf363.0KB

Aspects of Evocation.pdf362.0KB

Demonology Guide.pdf361.0KB

A Witches' Bible.pdf359.0KB

Satanska Bible.pdf359.0KB

The Black Book.pdf356.0KB

The Secret Grimoire of Turiel.pdf354.0KB

The Onyx Bible.pdf345.0KB

Grimoire of Turiel.pdf345.0KB

New Solo Black Mass.pdf345.0KB

The Satanic Bible by Anton Szandor LaVey.pdf343.0KB

The Lesser Key of Solomon, Lemegeton Vol 3.pdf343.0KB

Grimoire of Honorius.pdf337.0KB

The Book Of Posts.pdf336.0KB

The Vampire Bible [Greek Edition].pdf334.0KB

La Bibbia Satanica - Anton Szandor Lavey.pdf333.0KB

Planetary Talismans.pdf332.0KB

De Vermis Mysteriis.pdf331.0KB

Grotto Master's Handbook.pdf324.0KB

The Book of Cain.pdf322.0KB

La Messe Noire - The Black Mass.pdf320.0KB

The Red Book of Appin.pdf319.0KB

God of the Witches.pdf316.0KB


The List of Demons.pdf310.0KB

Strange Energies, Hidden Powers.pdf310.0KB

Book of Shadows.pdf307.0KB

The Theatre of Magick.pdf306.0KB

An Abramelin Ramble.pdf301.0KB

The Future of Paganism.pdf298.0KB

Information Pack 1.0.pdf298.0KB

Satanism and Witchcraft.pdf297.0KB

The Black Raven.pdf296.0KB

Pagan Patterns and Designs.pdf295.0KB

Yatuk Dinoih.pdf292.0KB

The Lupa Liturgy.pdf287.0KB

The Gardnerian Book of Shadows.pdf287.0KB

Old Witchcraft Secrets.pdf285.0KB

Dedication to Satan.pdf283.0KB

Rites of Spring.pdf283.0KB

Liber of the Goat.pdf283.0KB

Liber Domini.pdf281.0KB

The Satanic Bible.pdf281.0KB

The Zoetic Grimoire of Zos.pdf280.0KB


The Black Book of Satan 1.pdf280.0KB

Church of Satan Informational Pack [1.0].pdf275.0KB

A New Walk Down An Old Path [3rd Edition].pdf273.0KB

The Theurgia - Goetia of Solomon.pdf270.0KB

The Extremely Large Herbal Grimoire.pdf267.0KB

Liber Samekh.pdf263.0KB

The Ritual of the Antichrist.pdf262.0KB

The Book of Werewolves.pdf261.0KB


An Examination of Satanic Black Magic.pdf259.0KB

Thought Power.pdf255.0KB

Guide to Soul Sight.pdf253.0KB

The Egyptian Revival.pdf253.0KB

Shades of Algol.pdf253.0KB

Overview and Guide for Wiccans in the Military.pdf252.0KB

Biblia Satanica.pdf252.0KB

ONA Nexion.pdf252.0KB

Arbetel of Magick.pdf249.0KB

Tactical Magic.pdf246.0KB

The Sixth Book of Moses.pdf241.0KB

From Man to Witch.pdf240.0KB

Liber 231.pdf240.0KB

Psychonaut 75.pdf240.0KB

The Book of Results.pdf240.0KB

Nuit’s Veil.pdf239.0KB

Shifting, Shamanism and Therianthropy.pdf232.0KB

The Little White Book.pdf229.0KB

The Book of Halloween.pdf228.0KB

Lessons on the Necronomicon.pdf227.0KB

Book of Wamphyri and Shadows.pdf226.0KB

Grimoirium Imperium.pdf225.0KB

The Book of the Law.pdf219.0KB

Enochian Keys ReWriten.pdf218.0KB

The Devil in the Shape of a Man.pdf216.0KB

The Satanic Mini Bible.pdf216.0KB

Ater Votum.pdf213.0KB

Advice for Deacons.pdf213.0KB

The Qabalah of 50 Gates.pdf211.0KB

The Machinery of the Mind.pdf209.0KB

Conjuring Demons.pdf207.0KB


Defining Chaos.pdf200.0KB

The Secret to All Magick.pdf196.0KB

The Vampire Bible [Authorized Version].pdf191.0KB

How to summons the dead.pdf191.0KB

The Djeridensis Working.pdf191.0KB

Full Moon Rituals.pdf190.0KB

Aradia or the Gospel of the Witches.pdf186.0KB

The Sanguinarian Guide.pdf182.0KB

Grimoirum Verum.pdf180.0KB

The Secret Witch.pdf176.0KB

The Vampire Codex.pdf176.0KB

The Holy Guardian Angel.pdf173.0KB

Spells for the Lazy Witch.pdf172.0KB

The Sanguine Mass.pdf171.0KB


Black Magic Curses & Spells.pdf166.0KB

Black Witchcraft.pdf166.0KB

The Wake World.pdf165.0KB


Deitus by Magus Tsirk Susej.pdf164.0KB

A Short Course in Scrying.pdf162.0KB

Heptameron [New Edition].pdf161.0KB

Liber Luna Sanguinus.pdf161.0KB

Le Dragon Noir.pdf157.0KB

Alchemy - The Black Art.pdf155.0KB

Theology of Satanism.pdf152.0KB

The Qlippoth.pdf150.0KB

12 Raunchy Recipes.pdf150.0KB

The Complete Guide to Satanism.pdf148.0KB

Dictionary of the Gods.pdf146.0KB

The Secret History of Modern Witchcraft.pdf146.0KB

Toward a Rectification of Demonology.pdf144.0KB

The Arte Of Drawing Spirits Into Crystals.pdf144.0KB

What is Traditional Craft.pdf137.0KB

The Study of Solomonic Magic in English.pdf137.0KB

The Enochian Calls.pdf133.0KB


Sex Magick and Goetic Operations.pdf132.0KB

Ordo Azariel.pdf129.0KB

The Golden Essence.pdf126.0KB

The Book of the Black Serpent.pdf123.0KB

The Sword of Moses.pdf122.0KB

The Sigil of Adversary.pdf118.0KB

All about Vampyrism.pdf118.0KB

Homestudy Course in Witchcraft.pdf116.0KB

Grimorium Sanctissimum - Sex Magick.pdf114.0KB

A Handbook of Werewolfism.pdf114.0KB

Spells and Spellcrafting.pdf109.0KB

The Secret of Invisibility.pdf107.0KB

Six Angled Rite of the Royal Sun of the Goat Lord.pdf103.0KB

The Lesser Key of Solomon, Lemegeton Vol 5.pdf101.0KB

Livri Luciferius - The Book Of Lucifer.pdf100.0KB

Religious Requirements and Practices.pdf100.0KB

The Shadowed Ones.pdf99.0KB

A Bíblia Vampírica.pdf98.0KB

The Lesser Key of Solomon, Lemegeton Vol 4.pdf97.0KB

The Book of Power.pdf95.0KB

Eight Sabbats of Witchcraft.pdf93.0KB

The Pagan Book of Words.pdf92.0KB


A True History of Witchcraft.pdf88.0KB

The Basics of Magick.pdf88.0KB


Codex Decium.pdf85.0KB

Quick Guide to Practical Magick.pdf84.0KB

Grimoire of Chaos Magick.pdf84.0KB

The 161 Laws of Wicca.pdf82.0KB

Working with Dryads.pdf81.0KB

Libellus Magicus.pdf81.0KB

The Nosferatu Pact.pdf79.0KB

Magickal Names.pdf76.0KB

Codex Tenebrarum.pdf75.0KB

Ritual to Secure Cooperation.pdf75.0KB

Hymn to Satan.pdf75.0KB

Celtic Tree Calendar.pdf72.0KB

The Art of Hypnotism.pdf71.0KB

A Short Guide to Occult Symbols.pdf71.0KB

Enuma Elish.pdf67.0KB

The Ritual of Baphomet.pdf67.0KB

Liber XLI.pdf67.0KB

The Most Holy Grimoire.pdf67.0KB

Satanic Curses.pdf66.0KB

The Workings of Babalon.pdf66.0KB

Infernal Union.pdf64.0KB

What is a Satanic Ritual.pdf64.0KB


The 13 Principles of Witchcraft.pdf60.0KB

Satanic Ritual Calendar.pdf58.0KB

Games for Hallow-e’en.pdf58.0KB



A Brief History of Wicca.pdf57.0KB

Gardnerian Traditional Witchcraft.pdf55.0KB

The Golden Chain and the Lonely Road.pdf55.0KB

You have a Pagan in your Classroom.pdf53.0KB

13 Herbs for a Witchs Cabinet.pdf52.0KB

66 Q&A on the Holohoax.pdf51.0KB

The Magical Pact of The Illuminnates Of Thanateros.pdf51.0KB

Sabbatic Kabala of the Crooked Path.pdf49.0KB

A Sporadic Journal of Activities, Spells, and Words.pdf49.0KB

The Art of Vampirism.pdf46.0KB

Principia Chaotica.pdf45.0KB

Basic Technologies of Witchcraft.pdf44.0KB

Kitchen Witchs Herb Garden.pdf43.0KB

The Litanies of Satan.pdf43.0KB

The Stone of the Philosophers.pdf42.0KB

The Diabolicon.pdf39.0KB

The Abyss and Tabaet.pdf38.0KB

Interview with Andrew Chumbley.pdf36.0KB

Apology to the Black race.pdf31.0KB


Chaos Magick and Luciferism.pdf27.0KB

The Witches' Creed.pdf27.0KB

Luciferian Sorcery and Set -Typhon.pdf26.0KB

Pocket Guide to Chaos Magick.pdf25.0KB

Pocket Guide to Witchcraft.pdf25.0KB

Against the Neopagans.pdf25.0KB

The Charge of the Goddess.pdf24.0KB

Reclaiming the Pagan Worldview.pdf24.0KB

Seven Shades of Solitude.pdf24.0KB

How to Become a Werewolf.pdf23.0KB

Dance of the Witches.pdf23.0KB

The Beholders of Night.pdf21.0KB

Path of Initiation.pdf21.0KB

A Greek System of Chakras.pdf21.0KB

Spells for the Website Owner.pdf18.0KB

Induction Charm and the Initiation.pdf18.0KB

Witch Bottles.pdf17.0KB

Invocation to Our Lady of Midnight, Liliya-Devala.pdf17.0KB

Cultus Sabbati.pdf16.0KB

Invocation of Our Lord of Midnight, Mahazhael-Deval.pdf16.0KB

A modern approach to a medieval Magickal Art.pdf14.0KB

Midnight’s Circle.pdf13.0KB

Invocation of the Adversary.pdf9.0KB

The Mystery Revealed.pdf9.0KB

The Binding of Shadows.pdf8.0KB

Calling Down The Moon and the Shades of Lilith.pdf8.0KB

Casting the Circle.pdf8.0KB

Luciferian Initiation.pdf6.0KB

Rite of the Opposer.pdf6.0KB

Response to questions from the Casting the Circle.pdf6.0KB

The Calling to the First of Witch Blood.pdf6.0KB

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