Metallica [Vinyl]

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The torrent has 61 files, total 14.0GB, created at Dec. 08, 2014.

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Load/14. The Outlaw Torn.flac420.0MB

...And Justice for All/02. And Justice for All.flac400.0MB

...And Justice for All/08. To Live Is to Die.flac391.0MB

ReLoad/13. Fixxxer.flac350.0MB

Master Of Puppets/05. Disposable Heroes.flac346.0MB

Load/07. Bleeding Me.flac344.0MB

Master Of Puppets/02. Master of Puppets.flac344.0MB

Master Of Puppets/07. Orion.flac342.0MB

...And Justice for All/07. The Frayed Ends of Sanity.flac314.0MB

ReLoad/11. Low Man's Lyric.flac313.0MB

...And Justice for All/04. One.flac298.0MB

ReLoad/09. Where The Wild Things Are.flac291.0MB

Load/03. The House Jack Built.flac288.0MB

Metallica/11. My Friend Of Misery.flac286.0MB

The $5.98 E.P. Garage Days Re-Revisited/01. Helpless.flac286.0MB

Metallica/05. Wherever I May Roam.flac285.0MB

The $5.98 E.P. Garage Days Re-Revisited/02. The Small Hours.flac280.0MB

ReLoad/04. The Unforgiven II.flac279.0MB

...And Justice for All/01. Blackened.flac277.0MB

...And Justice for All/05. The Shortest Straw.flac271.0MB

Master Of Puppets/03. The Thing That Should Not Be.flac269.0MB

Metallica/04. Unforgiven.flac268.0MB

ReLoad/10. Prince Charming.flac267.0MB

ReLoad/07. Carpe Diem Baby.flac266.0MB

Metallica/08. Nothing Else Matters.flac263.0MB

...And Justice for All/03. Eye of the Beholder.flac262.0MB

Master Of Puppets/04. Welcome Home (Sanitarium).flac258.0MB

Load/12. Thorn Within.flac247.0MB

Load/02. 2 x 4.flac239.0MB

Load/05. King Nothing.flac237.0MB

Master Of Puppets/06. Leper Messiah.flac237.0MB

ReLoad/12. Attitude.flac234.0MB

Metallica/01. Enter Sandman.flac232.0MB

...And Justice for All/06. Harvester of Sorrow.flac232.0MB

Metallica/02. Sad But True.flac231.0MB

ReLoad/03. Devil's Dance.flac228.0MB

Load/13. Ronnie.flac228.0MB

ReLoad/05. Better Than You.flac228.0MB

Master Of Puppets/08. Damage, Inc..flac227.0MB

ReLoad/06. Slither.flac225.0MB

Load/01. Ain't My Bitch.flac220.0MB

Metallica/10. God That Failed.flac219.0MB

Load/11. Mama Said.flac218.0MB

...And Justice for All/09. Dyers Eve.flac215.0MB

Load/08. Cure.flac210.0MB

Master Of Puppets/01. Battery.flac209.0MB

ReLoad/02. The Memory Remains.flac203.0MB

The $5.98 E.P. Garage Days Re-Revisited/03. The Wait.flac203.0MB

ReLoad/01. Fuel.flac197.0MB

Load/04. Until It Sleeps.flac190.0MB

Metallica/09. Of Wolf And Man.flac183.0MB

Load/06. Hero of the Day.flac182.0MB

ReLoad/08. Bad Seed.flac180.0MB

Metallica/07. Through The Never.flac174.0MB

Load/10. Wasting My Hate.flac173.0MB

Metallica/06. Don't Tread On Me.flac169.0MB

Load/09. Poor Twisted Me.flac168.0MB

Metallica/12. Struggle Within.flac166.0MB

Metallica/03. Holier Than Thou.flac162.0MB

The $5.98 E.P. Garage Days Re-Revisited/05. Last Caress Green Hell.flac148.0MB

The $5.98 E.P. Garage Days Re-Revisited/04. Crash Course in Brain Surgery.flac134.0MB

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