C. C. Catch - Дискография (1986-1989)

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catch - дискография 1986-1989

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1986 - Catch The Catch/(02) [C.C. Catch] I Can Lose My Heart Tonight (Maxi-Version).mp313.0MB

1986 - Catch The Catch/(06) [C.C. Catch] Stay (Maxi-Version).mp313.0MB

1987 - Like A Hurricane/(01) [C.C. Catch] Good Guys Only Win In Movies (Long Version).mp313.0MB

1986 - Catch The Catch/(05) [C.C. Catch] Strangers By Night (Maxi-Version).mp313.0MB

1989 - Hear What I Say/(05) [C.C. Catch] I'm Gonna Miss You.mp313.0MB

1989 - Hear What I Say/(10) [C.C. Catch] Feels Like Heaven.mp312.0MB

1986 - Catch The Catch/(03) [C.C. Catch] You Shot A Hole In My Soul (Maxi-Version).mp312.0MB

1986 - Catch The Catch/(08) [C.C. Catch] You Can Be My Lucky Star Tonight (Maxi-Version).mp312.0MB

1987 - Like A Hurricane/(06) [C.C. Catch] Soul Survivor (Long Version).mp311.0MB

1986 - Catch The Catch/(01) [C.C. Catch] 'Cause You Are Young (Maxi-Version).mp310.0MB

1989 - Hear What I Say/(01) [C.C. Catch] Midnight Hour.mp310.0MB

1986 - Catch The Catch/(07) [C.C. Catch] Jump In My Car (Maxi-Version).mp310.0MB

1987 - Like A Hurricane/(07) [C.C. Catch] Midnight Gambler (Long Version).mp310.0MB

1986 - Welcome To The Heartbreak Hotel/(03) [C.C. Catch] Tears Won't Wash Away My Heartache.mp310.0MB

1988 - Big Fun/(04) [C.C. Catch] Night In Africa.mp39.0MB

1989 - Hear What I Say/(03) [C.C. Catch] Love Away.mp39.0MB

1989 - Hear What I Say/(07) [C.C. Catch] Can't Catch Me.mp38.0MB

1986 - Welcome To The Heartbreak Hotel/(08) [C.C. Catch] Born On The Wind.mp38.0MB

1989 - Hear What I Say/(02) [C.C. Catch] Big Time.mp38.0MB

1988 - Big Fun/(02) [C.C. Catch] Summer Kisses.mp38.0MB

1989 - Hear What I Say/(09) [C.C. Catch] Nothing's Gonna Change Our Love.mp38.0MB

1989 - Hear What I Say/(04) [C.C. Catch] Give Me What I Want.mp38.0MB

1989 - Hear What I Say/(08) [C.C. Catch] Hear What I Say.mp38.0MB

1986 - Welcome To The Heartbreak Hotel/(06) [C.C. Catch] Heaven And Hell.mp38.0MB

1987 - Like A Hurricane/(03) [C.C. Catch] Smoky Joe's Cafe.mp38.0MB

1988 - Big Fun/(09) [C.C. Catch] If I Feel Love.mp38.0MB

1986 - Welcome To The Heartbreak Hotel/(09) [C.C. Catch] Wild Fire.mp38.0MB

1986 - Welcome To The Heartbreak Hotel/(01) [C.C. Catch] Heartbreak Hotel.mp38.0MB

1987 - Like A Hurricane/(04) [C.C. Catch] Are You Man Enough.mp38.0MB

1988 - Big Fun/(05) [C.C. Catch] Heartbeat City.mp38.0MB

1987 - Like A Hurricane/(09) [C.C. Catch] Dancing In Shadows.mp38.0MB

1986 - Welcome To The Heartbreak Hotel/(02) [C.C. Catch] Picture Blue Eyes.mp38.0MB

1987 - Like A Hurricane/(05) [C.C. Catch] Don't Be A Hero.mp38.0MB

1989 - Hear What I Say/(06) [C.C. Catch] Backgirl.mp38.0MB

1986 - Welcome To The Heartbreak Hotel/(04) [C.C. Catch] V.I.P (They're Callin' Me Tonight).mp38.0MB

1987 - Like A Hurricane/(08) [C.C. Catch] Don't Wait Too Long.mp37.0MB

1988 - Big Fun/(01) [C.C. Catch] Backseat Of Your Cadillac.mp37.0MB

1986 - Catch The Catch/(04) [C.C. Catch] One Night's Not Enough.mp37.0MB

1986 - Welcome To The Heartbreak Hotel/(10) [C.C. Catch] Stop - Draggin' My Heart Around.mp37.0MB

1986 - Welcome To The Heartbreak Hotel/(05) [C.C. Catch] You Can't Run Away From It.mp37.0MB

1986 - Welcome To The Heartbreak Hotel/(07) [C.C. Catch] Hollywood Nights.mp37.0MB

1987 - Like A Hurricane/(02) [C.C. Catch] Like A Hurricane.mp37.0MB

1988 - Big Fun/(03) [C.C. Catch] Are You Serious.mp37.0MB

1988 - Big Fun/(07) [C.C. Catch] Little By Little.mp37.0MB

1988 - Big Fun/(08) [C.C. Catch] Nothing But A Heartache.mp36.0MB

1988 - Big Fun/(06) [C.C. Catch] Baby I Need Your Love.mp36.0MB

1988 - Big Fun/(10) [C.C. Catch] Fire Of Love.mp36.0MB

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