ME3 HR textures with fixed environmentals

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The torrent has 208 files, total 3.0GB, created at Feb. 09, 2015.

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me3 hr textures with fixed environmentals

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Collectors Retaliation MP Pack HR 4096 v1.0 OPTIMIZED 2.tpf76.0MB

Citadel - The Return HR S.M. v1.0 OPTIMIZED 2.tpf64.0MB

Geth Forces HD Pack v1.2.tpf61.0MB

2 FemShep N7 Default Armor-Helmet Ultra-HR4096 v1.3 OPTIMIZED 2.tpf53.0MB




2. Units of Cerberus 1 + Atlas HR v1.2 OPTIMIZED 2.tpf44.0MB




Jack OPTIMIZED 2 +Human skin.tpf31.0MB






Earth London. Structural Materials HR v1.0 OPTIMIZED 2.tpf26.0MB



Reaper Brute HR v1.0 OPTIMIZED 2.tpf24.0MB

Vehicles of MP Extraction Points v1.0 OPTIMIZED 2.tpf24.0MB

Tuchanka. Structural Materials HR v1.0 OPTIMIZED 2.tpf23.0MB



Kaidan Alternate Armor HR 4096 v1.0.tpf23.0MB

Kodiak Interior - Exterior HR 4096 v1.2 OPTIMIZED 2.tpf23.0MB

Legion from ME2 re-coded for ME3 v1.0 OPTIMIZED 2.tpf22.0MB

Shepard Alternate Pack1 DLC Spectre Edition HR 4096 v1.0 OPTIMIZED 2.tpf22.0MB

2 Alenko Alternate Armor (Ajax Recolor) HR.tpf22.0MB

Vega Default Armor HR 4096 v1.2 OPTIMIZED 2.tpf22.0MB


Krogan Warlord.tpf21.0MB


Liara TSoni Skin.tpf21.0MB

Thane Krios OPTIMIZED 2 FORMAT.tpf20.0MB

Vancouver and Horizon. Structural Materials HR v1.0 OPTIMIZED 2.tpf20.0MB

Alliance Infiltration Unit.tpf20.0MB



Kolyat Krios OPTIMIZED 2 FORMAT.tpf19.0MB

Garrus Alternate Pack1 DLC HR 4096 v1.0 OPTIMIZED 2.tpf19.0MB

Destroyer Reaper HD v1 OPTIMIZED 2.tpf19.0MB

Academy. Structural materials for levels HR v1.0 OPTIMIZED 2.tpf18.0MB


Collector Adept MP v1.0 OPTIMIZED 2.tpf18.0MB

Noveria and Gellix. Structural Materials (with Scientists Suits) HR v1.0 OPTIMIZED 2.tpf17.0MB

Units of Cerberus 1 HR v1.0 OPTIMIZED 2.tpf17.0MB

Cronos Station. S.M. HR 2048 v1.0 OPTIMIZED 2.tpf17.0MB

2 Alenko Default Armor Dark Edition v1.4 fixed HR 4096 OPTIMIZED 2.tpf17.0MB

Ships of the Reapers HR 4096 v1.3 OPTIMIZED 2.tpf16.0MB

EDI Dark Metal Alternate Pack1 DLC HR 4096 v1.0 OPTIMIZED 2.tpf16.0MB

Quarians Suits Male and Female HR 4096 + Blood (incl. Extended Cut) v1.0 OPTIMIZED 2.tpf15.0MB

Multiplayer N7 Paladin Sentinel.tpf15.0MB


Rachni Queen OPTIMIZED 2 v6 Fixed.tpf15.0MB

Vega Armor from Deluxe and Collector Edition HR 4096 v1.0 OPTIMIZED 2.tpf15.0MB

Illusive Man Default Suit HR 4096 v1.2 OPTIMIZED 2.tpf15.0MB

Asari Banshee Reaper HR 4096 v1.0 OPTIMIZED 2.tpf15.0MB

Grunt Default Armor from ME2 Recoded for ME3 OPTIMIZED 2.tpf15.0MB

Geth Engineer.tpf15.0MB

Benning. Structural Materials HR v1.0 OPTIMIZED 2.tpf14.0MB

Drell Adept, Infiltrator & Vanguard.tpf14.0MB

1 EDI Default Nanosuit HR 4096 v1.3 OPTIMIZED 2.tpf14.0MB

Human Female Engineer & Infiltrator.tpf14.0MB

Human Male Engineer & Infiltrator.tpf14.0MB

1 Miranda Default Suit + Skin HR 4096 v1.4 OPTIMIZED 2.tpf14.0MB

Tali Default Suit HR 4096 From ME2 For ME3 Edited v1.2 OPTIMIZED 2.tpf14.0MB


Rannoch geth capsules and ground textures HD OPTIMIZED 2.tpf14.0MB

Ex-Cerberus with new mask.tpf13.0MB

Liara Alternate Pack1 DLC HR 4096 v1.0 OPTIMIZED 2.tpf13.0MB

Kai Leng Default Armor + Viewer HR 4096 v1.2 OPTIMIZED 2.tpf13.0MB

Salarian Engineer & Infiltrator.tpf13.0MB


Mordin Default Suit Recoded from ME2 for ME3 OPTIMIZED 2.tpf13.0MB



Battlefield 3 Defender Armor (Without Fire) v1.1.tpf13.0MB

Multiplayer Krogan Soldier & Sentinel Scaled Version.tpf13.0MB

Turian Havoc and Ghost HR 4096 v1.0 OPTIMIZED 2.tpf13.0MB

Jacob from ME2 edited and re-coded for ME3 v1.3 OPTIMIZED 2.tpf12.0MB

Liara Default Armor HR 4096 v1.2 OPTIMIZED 2.tpf12.0MB

Multiplayer Batarian Soldier & Sentinel.tpf12.0MB

Javik Alternate Armor HR 4096 v1.0 OPTIMIZED 2.tpf12.0MB

N7 Destroyer Soldier RED Mask HR 4096 v1.2 OPTIMIZED 2.tpf12.0MB

Anderson Battle Suit HR 4096 v1.0 OPTIMIZED 2.tpf12.0MB

Anderson Battle Suit + Arms Skin HR 4096 v1.0 OPTIMIZED 2.tpf12.0MB

MP Asari Adept-Sentinel-Vanguard 4K v1.0.tpf12.0MB


Multiplayer N7 Demolisher Engineer.tpf12.0MB

Male-Female Human Soldier-Vanguard Armor HR 4096 v1.5 OPTIMIZED 2.tpf12.0MB

Rachni soldier reaper OPTIMIZED 2.tpf12.0MB

Weapon M-8 Avenger HR2048 v1.0.tpf12.0MB

Asari NPC Skin.tpf12.0MB

Armor Alliance Soldiers HR 4096 v1.0 OPTIMIZED 2.tpf11.0MB


N7 Slayer Kai Leng Edition HR 4096 v1.2 OPTIMIZED 2.tpf11.0MB

N7 Shadow Alternate Version HR 4096 v1.2 OPTIMIZED 2.tpf11.0MB

Weapon Spectre Pack HR2048 v1.7.tpf11.0MB

Samara Skin.tpf11.0MB

Battlefield Soldier MP HR OPTIMIZED 2 v1.0.tpf11.0MB

Hackett Default Formal Uniform HR 4096 v1.0 OPTIMIZED 2.tpf11.0MB

Multiplayer Quarian Female.tpf11.0MB

Weapon Mantis M-92 HR by TheDarkFalkon v1.0 OPTIMIZED 2.tpf11.0MB

1 aVega Informal + Arms Skin HR v1.4 OPTIMIZED 2.tpf10.0MB

N7 Fury.tpf10.0MB

Wrex - Wreav Default Armor HR 4096 v1.2 OPTIMIZED 2.tpf10.0MB

Weapon M-96 Mattock HR V1.6.tpf10.0MB

tuchanka main krogans hd OPTIMIZED 2.tpf10.0MB

Multiplayer Turian Soldier & Sentinel.tpf10.0MB

Weapon M-76 Revenant HR2048 v1.6.tpf10.0MB

Multiplayer N7 Shadow Infiltrator.tpf10.0MB

Lesuss 1. Structural Materials HR v1.0 OPTIMIZED 2.tpf10.0MB

Multiplayer N7 Slayer Vanguard.tpf10.0MB

2 Alliance Suit Standard Male HR v1.5 OPTIMIZED 2.tpf10.0MB

Geth Infiltrator & Soldier.tpf10.0MB

3 Female Hospital Staff HR 4096 v1.0 OPTIMIZED 2.tpf10.0MB

Human Soldier-Vanguard HR 4096 v1.0 (dirty) Optimized 2 for Multiplayer v1.0 OPTIMIZED 2.tpf10.0MB

Samara from ME2 re-coded for ME3 v1.0 OPTIMIZED 2.tpf9.0MB

Utukku. Structural Materials Reapers + Eggs HR v1.0 OPTIMIZED 2.tpf9.0MB

2 Alliance Suit Standard Female HR v1.4 OPTIMIZED 2.tpf9.0MB

1 Liara Default Suit HR 4096 v1.3 OPTIMIZED 2.tpf9.0MB


Normandy Exterior HR 4096 v1.0 OPTIMIZED 2.tpf9.0MB

Husk Zombie in HR v1.2 OPTIMIZED 2.tpf9.0MB


EDI Secondary Suit HR 4096 v1.0 OPTIMIZED 2.tpf9.0MB


2 amaAria T´Loak Defaul Suit HR 4096 v1.2 OPTIMIZED 2.tpf8.0MB

Weapon N7 Eagle HR2048 v1.1.tpf8.0MB

2 a Kaidan Alenko Skin HR v1.0 OPTIMIZED 2.tpf8.0MB

Formal Uniform of the Alliance HR 2048 v1.2 OPTIMIZED 2.tpf8.0MB

Anderson Formal Suit-Skin HEAD-NECK-HANDS V1.0 OPTIMIZED 2.tpf8.0MB

Ariake Tech Legs Armor v1.2 Alternate Edition OPTIMIZED 2.tpf7.0MB

Default Male Shepard HR Skin H-N v1.0.tpf6.0MB

Multiplayer Vorcha Soldier & Sentinel.tpf6.0MB


Weapon N7 Thypoon HR 2048 v1.0 OPTIMIZED 2.tpf6.0MB

cannibal reaper HD v1.0 OPTIMIZED 2.tpf6.0MB

Multiplayer Ex-Cerberus.tpf6.0MB

Eva. Krogan Female HR 4096 v1.0.tpf6.0MB

Eva. Krogan Female HR 4096 v1.0 OPTIMIZED 2.tpf6.0MB

Multiplayer Quarian Male.tpf6.0MB

2 amDr. Chakwas HR 4096 v1.0 OPTIMIZED 2.tpf5.0MB

Thessia. Structural Materials HR v1.0 OPTIMIZED 2.tpf5.0MB

Weapon N7 Piranha HR2048 v1.0.tpf5.0MB

Multiplayer Krogan Vanguard.tpf5.0MB

Asari Banshee reaper HD v2 OPTIMIZED 2.tpf5.0MB

Weapon N7 Typhoon HR2048 v1.4.tpf4.0MB

ME3 Weapon Mods HR.tpf4.0MB

Leather_jacket_casual_outfit OPTIMIZED 2.tpf4.0MB

2 ardat yakshi sisters suit hd v2 OPTIMIZED 2.tpf4.0MB

Weapon M-98 Widow HR2048 v1.5i.tpf4.0MB

Weapon Blood Pack Punisher HR2048 v1.0.tpf4.0MB

Sur'Kesh Structural Materials HR v1.0 OPTIMIZED 2.tpf4.0MB

Weapon M-7 Lancer HR2048 v1.0.tpf4.0MB

Turian Soldiers Armors HR 2048 v1.0 OPTIMIZED 2.tpf4.0MB


Weapon N7 Valkyrie HR2048 v1.4.tpf3.0MB

Hi-Res Executioner.tpf3.0MB

Hi-Res Spectre Harrier.tpf3.0MB

Weapon Shuriken HR by TheDarkFalcon OPTIMIZED 2.tpf3.0MB

Recon Hood HR2048 v1.0 OPTIMIZED 2.tpf3.0MB

Hi-Res Raider.tpf3.0MB

Weapon M-99 Saber v1.0 OPTIMIZED 2.tpf3.0MB

Weapond Scorpionv12.tpf2.0MB

1 aJames Vega Skin Head + Neck HR v1.2 Fixed OPTIMIZED 2.tpf2.0MB

1 aJames Vega Skin Head + Neck HR v1.0 OPTIMIZED 2.tpf2.0MB

Weapon Geth Plasma Shotgun HR OPTIMIZED 2.tpf2.0MB


2 lesuss bomb hd OPTIMIZED 2.tpf2.0MB

Zaeed from ME2 re-coded for ME3 v1.0 OPTIMIZED 2.tpf2.0MB

Weapon M98_Black Widow HR2048 v1.0 OPTIMIZED 2.tpf2.0MB

Weapon M-27 HR 2048 v1.0 OPTIMIZED 2.tpf2.0MB

Default Salarian Tunic HR v1.0 OPTIMIZED 2.tpf2.0MB

Kasumi from ME2 re-coded and re-edited for ME3 v1.0.tpf1.0MB

2 Cobra Missile Launcher N7 Dark Edition HR 2048 v1.0 OPTIMIZED 2.tpf1.0MB

2 Udina Default Suit HR 2048 v1.0 OPTIMIZED 2.tpf1.0MB

Nick's Indra.tpf1.0MB

Vindicator_Retex_HR_v1.0 OPTIMIZED 2.tpf1.0MB

informal suit n° 3 Black mod.tpf1.0MB


Citadel Sky HR 4096 v1.0 OPTIMIZED 2.tpf1.0MB

Smoke Screen.tpf984.0KB

Display Receptionist of The Citadel HR v1.0 OPTIMIZED 2.tpf901.0KB


Stars in High Resolution 2048..tpf634.0KB

Fondo de estrellas multiusos 2048..tpf634.0KB

Menu Background 2 ME3 v1.0 OPTIMIZED 2.tpf589.0KB

HR lines Asari Counselor and female people. v1.0 OPTIMIZED 2.tpf568.0KB

Sentry Interface N7 Edition (viewer) HR v1.0 OPTIMIZED 2.tpf542.0KB

Robo Super Dog Resolution x2 v1.0 OPTIMIZED 2.tpf478.0KB

Robo Super Dog N7 Resolution x2 v1.0 OPTIMIZED 2.tpf478.0KB

Menu Background 2 ME3.tpf344.0KB


Spectre Mastery MP Banner HR v1.0 OPTIMIZED 2.tpf168.0KB

Dog of War MP Banner HR v1.0 OPTIMIZED 2.tpf158.0KB

Loyalist N7 Day MP Banner HR v1.0 OPTIMIZED 2.tpf151.0KB

Operator Squad Elite MP Banner HR v1.0 OPTIMIZED 2.tpf127.0KB

Doors Hologram v1.0 OPTIMIZED 2.tpf52.0KB

Geth Clean Hunter Mode HUD v1.0.tpf5.0KB

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