B.B. King - The Definitive Collection ( Wolf Marshall, Book + Cd)

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book king - the definitive collection wolf marshall

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B.B. King - The Definitive Collection.pdf123.0MB

Audio/29 - The Thrill Is Gone - Outro Solo.mp34.0MB

Audio/31 - Sweet Sixteen - Solo.mp33.0MB

Audio/32 - Riding With the King.mp32.0MB

Audio/20 - Just Like a Woman.mp32.0MB

Audio/33 - Riding With the King - Solo.mp32.0MB

Audio/18 - Five Long Years.mp32.0MB

Audio/21 - Don't Answer the Door.mp32.0MB

Audio/11 - Sweet Little Angel.mp32.0MB

Audio/22 - Don't Answer the Door - Solo.mp31.0MB

Audio/19 - Five Long Years - Solo.mp31.0MB

Audio/30 - Sweet Sixteen.mp31.0MB

Audio/12 - Sweet Little Angel - Solo.mp31.0MB

Audio/04 - Three O' Clock Blues - Solo.mp31.0MB

Audio/14 - You Done Lost Your Good Thing Now - Solo.mp31.0MB

Audio/02 - Tuning.mp31.0MB

Audio/01 - Introduction.mp31.0MB

Audio/16 - Rock Me Baby.mp31.0MB

Audio/27 - The Thrill Is Gone.mp31.0MB

Audio/17 - Rock Me Baby - Solo.mp31.0MB

Audio/13 - You Done Lost Your Good Thing Now.mp31.0MB

Audio/28 - The Thrill Is Gone - Solo.mp31.0MB

Audio/10 - Cryin' Won't Help You - Solo.mp31.0MB

Audio/23 - Paying the Cost to Be the Boss.mp31.0MB

Audio/05 - Please Love Me.mp31.0MB

Audio/09 - Cryin' Won't Help You.mp31.0MB

Audio/07 - You Upset Me Baby.mp31.0MB

Audio/06 - Please Love Me - Solo.mp31.0MB

Audio/08 - You Upset Me Baby - Solo.mp31.0MB

Audio/24 - Paying the Cost to Be the Boss - Solo.mp31.0MB

Audio/26 - Why I Sing the Blues - Solo.mp31.0MB

Audio/25 - Why I Sing the Blues.mp31.0MB

Audio/15 - Beautician Blues.mp31.0MB

Audio/34 - Closing.mp3581.0KB

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