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The torrent has 45 files, total 3.0GB, created at Jan. 24, 2015.

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Heroes [3x03] One of Us, One of Them.mkv150.0MB

Heroes [3x24] I Am Sylar.mkv150.0MB

Heroes [3x13] Dual.mkv150.0MB

Heroes [3x19] Shades of Gray.mkv150.0MB

Heroes [3x23] 1961.mkv150.0MB

Heroes [3x21] Into Asylum.mkv150.0MB

Heroes [3x14] A Clear and Present Danger.mkv150.0MB

Heroes [3x06] Dying of the Light.mkv150.0MB

Heroes [3x12] Our Father.mkv150.0MB

Heroes [3x16] Building 26.mkv150.0MB

Heroes [3x01] The Second Coming.mkv150.0MB

Heroes [3x04] I Am Become Death.mkv150.0MB

Heroes [3x25] An Invisible Thread.mkv150.0MB

Heroes [3x18] Exposed.mkv150.0MB

Heroes [3x02] The Butterfly Effect.mkv150.0MB

Heroes [3x20] Cold Snap.mkv150.0MB

Heroes [3x05] Angels and Monsters.mkv150.0MB

Heroes [3x08] Villains.mkv150.0MB

Heroes [3x11] The Eclipse (2).mkv149.0MB

Heroes [3x09] It's Coming.mkv149.0MB

Heroes [3x17] Cold Wars.mkv149.0MB

Heroes [3x10] The Eclipse (1).mkv149.0MB

Heroes [3x15] Trust and Blood.mkv149.0MB

Heroes [3x18] Exposed.srt49.0KB

Heroes [3x19] Shades of Gray.srt42.0KB

Heroes [3x15] Trust and Blood.srt42.0KB

Heroes [3x17] Cold Wars.srt41.0KB

Heroes [3x22] Turn and Face the Strange.srt41.0KB

Heroes [3x10] The Eclipse (1).srt41.0KB

Heroes [3x07] Eris Quod Sum.srt40.0KB

Heroes [3x23] 1961.srt40.0KB

Heroes [3x04] I Am Become Death.srt39.0KB

Heroes [3x16] Building 26.srt39.0KB

Heroes [3x05] Angels and Monsters.srt38.0KB

Heroes [3x03] One of Us, One of Them.srt38.0KB

Heroes [3x20] Cold Snap.srt38.0KB

Heroes [3x08] Villains.srt38.0KB

Heroes [3x13] Dual.srt36.0KB

Heroes [3x02] The Butterfly Effect.srt36.0KB

Heroes [3x25] An Invisible Thread.srt34.0KB

Heroes [3x24] I Am Sylar.srt32.0KB

Heroes [3x14] A Clear and Present Danger.srt32.0KB

Heroes [3x12] Our Father.srt31.0KB

Heroes [3x09] It's Coming.srt31.0KB

Heroes [3x01] The Second Coming.srt29.0KB

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