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The torrent has 232 files, total 3.0GB, created at Feb. 17, 2015.

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the corrs - discography lossless

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In Blue (Special Edition)/CD-2/07 - Haste To The Wedding (Live).flac37.0MB

Unplugged/13 - So Young.flac36.0MB

The Best of The Corrs/19 - Una noche.flac35.0MB

Unplugged/03 - Radio.flac35.0MB

Talk On Corners (Original Edition)/12 - Queen Of Hollywood.flac34.0MB

Dreams/04 - Radio (Unplugged).flac34.0MB

Unplugged/06 - Forgiven Not Forgotten.flac34.0MB

Home/02 - Spancill Hill.flac34.0MB

Unplugged/01 - Only When I Sleep.flac33.0MB

The Best of The Corrs/15 - Everybody hurts [Unplugged].flac33.0MB

Talk On Corners (Original Edition)/10 - Paddy McCarthy.flac33.0MB

Unplugged/10 - Queen Of Hollywood.flac33.0MB

Talk on Corners (Special Edition)/13 - Queen Of Hollywood.flac33.0MB

In Blue (Special Edition)/CD-1/04 - Say.flac33.0MB

Unplugged/14 - Everybody Hurts.flac33.0MB

Forgiven, Not Forgotten/11 - Secret Life.flac33.0MB

Talk on Corners (Special Edition)/09 - Runaway (Tin Tin Out Remix).flac32.0MB

Talk on Corners (Special Edition)/11 - Paddy McCarthy.flac32.0MB

Borrowed Heaven/06 - Time Enough For Tears.flac32.0MB

Talk On Corners (Original Edition)/01 - Only When I Sleep.flac32.0MB

Unplugged/07 - At Your Side.flac32.0MB

Talk On Corners (Original Edition)/14 - Little Wing.flac32.0MB

Talk on Corners (Special Edition)/03 - Only When I Sleep.flac32.0MB

Dreams/06 - Only When I Sleep.flac31.0MB

In Blue (Special Edition)/CD-2/03 - Radio (Acoustic).flac31.0MB

Forgiven, Not Forgotten/03 - Heaven Knows.flac31.0MB

The Best of The Corrs/05 - Radio [Unplugged].flac31.0MB

Unplugged/02 - What Can I Do.flac31.0MB

Borrowed Heaven/05 - Goodbye.flac31.0MB

Talk on Corners (Special Edition)/07 - Don't Say You Love Me.flac31.0MB

Talk On Corners (Original Edition)/07 - Don't Say You Love Me.flac31.0MB

In Blue (Special Edition)/CD-1/08 - One Night.flac31.0MB

Talk on Corners (Special Edition)/15 - Little Wing.flac31.0MB

In Blue (Special Edition)/CD-2/06 - Looking In The Eyes Of Love (Previously Unreleased).flac30.0MB

In Blue (Special Edition)/CD-1/05 - All the Love in the World.flac30.0MB

Talk On Corners (Original Edition)/05 - I Never Loved You Anyway.flac30.0MB

Forgiven, Not Forgotten/10 - Love To Love You.flac30.0MB

In Blue (Special Edition)/CD-2/04 - At Your Side (Acoustic).flac30.0MB

Forgiven, Not Forgotten/06 - Runaway.flac30.0MB

Dreams/09 - Runaway.flac29.0MB

The Best of The Corrs/02 - So young [K-Klass remix].flac29.0MB

Unplugged/05 - Runaway.flac29.0MB

Home/03 - Peggy Gordon.flac29.0MB

In Blue (Special Edition)/CD-2/05 - Love In The Milky Way (Previously Unreleased).flac29.0MB

Unplugged/08 - Little Wing.flac29.0MB

Talk on Corners (Special Edition)/02 - So Young (K-Klass Remix).flac29.0MB

Home/08 - Moorlough Shore.flac29.0MB

Borrowed Heaven/12 - Silver Strand.flac29.0MB

Talk On Corners (Original Edition)/09 - Hopelessly Addicted.flac29.0MB

In Blue (Special Edition)/CD-1/06 - Radio.flac29.0MB

The Best of The Corrs/17 - Dreams.flac29.0MB

Dreams/08 - So Young (K Klass Remix).flac29.0MB

Talk On Corners (Original Edition)/03 - Dreams.flac29.0MB

The Best of The Corrs/14 - All the love in the world [Remix].flac28.0MB

Dreams/03 - Dreams (Tee's Radio Mix).flac28.0MB

Forgiven, Not Forgotten/07 - The Right Time.flac28.0MB

The Best of The Corrs/12 - Only when I sleep.flac28.0MB

Borrowed Heaven/09 - Borrowed Heaven.flac28.0MB

The Best of The Corrs/07 - The right time.flac28.0MB

In Blue (Special Edition)/CD-1/10 - At Your Side.flac28.0MB

Talk On Corners (Original Edition)/02 - When He's Not Around.flac28.0MB

Talk On Corners (Original Edition)/13 - No Good For Me.flac28.0MB

Borrowed Heaven/11 - Baby Be Brave.flac28.0MB

Talk On Corners (Original Edition)/06 - So Young.flac28.0MB

Forgiven, Not Forgotten/05 - Someday.flac28.0MB

Forgiven, Not Forgotten/02 - Forgiven Not Forgotten.flac28.0MB

Dreams/05 - When the Stars Go Blue (Featuring Bono).flac28.0MB

Dreams/02 - Forgiven Not Forgotten.flac28.0MB

The Best of The Corrs/10 - Forgiven, not forgotten.flac28.0MB

Talk on Corners (Special Edition)/10 - Hopelessly Addicted.flac27.0MB

Talk on Corners (Special Edition)/04 - When He's Not Around.flac27.0MB

In Blue (Special Edition)/CD-1/07 - Irresistible.flac27.0MB

The Best of The Corrs/09 - Irresistible.flac27.0MB

Talk On Corners (Original Edition)/04 - What Can I Do.flac27.0MB

In Blue (Special Edition)/CD-1/12 - Rain.flac27.0MB

Talk on Corners (Special Edition)/14 - No Good for Me.flac27.0MB

The Best of The Corrs/11 - Lough Erin Shore [Unplugged].flac27.0MB

Unplugged/12 - Lough Erin Shore.flac27.0MB

Home/01 - My Lagan Love.flac27.0MB

Talk on Corners (Special Edition)/05 - Dreams (Tee's Radio).flac26.0MB

Dreams/01 - Goodbye (2006 Remix).flac26.0MB

The Best of The Corrs/08 - I never loved you anyway.flac26.0MB

In Blue (Special Edition)/CD-1/03 - Somebody for Someone.flac26.0MB

Forgiven, Not Forgotten/13 - Closer.flac26.0MB

Unplugged/09 - No Frontiers.flac26.0MB

The Best of The Corrs/06 - What can I do [Tin Tin Out remix].flac26.0MB

Talk on Corners (Special Edition)/06 - I Never Loved You Anyway.flac26.0MB

Talk on Corners (Special Edition)/01 - What Can I Do (Tin Tin Out Remix).flac25.0MB

Borrowed Heaven/07 - Humdrum.flac25.0MB

Dreams/11 - What Can I Do (Tin Tin Out Remix).flac25.0MB

In Blue (Special Edition)/CD-1/02 - Give Me a Reason.flac25.0MB

In Blue (Special Edition)/CD-1/09 - All in a Day.flac25.0MB

The Best of The Corrs/16 - Give me a reason.flac25.0MB

The Best of The Corrs/04 - Breathless.flac25.0MB

Dreams/07 - Breathless.flac25.0MB

The Best of The Corrs/03 - Runaway.flac25.0MB

Forgiven, Not Forgotten/14 - Leave Me Alone.flac25.0MB

Borrowed Heaven/02 - Angel.flac25.0MB

Home/09 - Old Town.flac25.0MB

In Blue (Special Edition)/CD-1/01 - Breathless.flac25.0MB

Dreams/13 - No Frontiers (Sharon and Caroline duet).flac25.0MB

In Blue (Special Edition)/CD-2/01 - Somebody For Someone (Acoustic).flac25.0MB

Dreams/14 - Angel.flac25.0MB

Forgiven, Not Forgotten/15 - Erin Shore (instrumental).flac25.0MB

The Best of The Corrs/01 - Would you be happier.flac25.0MB

In Blue (Special Edition)/CD-1/15 - Rebel Heart.flac24.0MB

Dreams/15 - Old Town.flac24.0MB

Talk On Corners (Original Edition)/08 - Love Gives Love Takes.flac24.0MB

Dreams/12 - All I Have to Do Is Dream (Featuring Laurent Voulzy).flac24.0MB

Borrowed Heaven/04 - Long Night.flac24.0MB

The Best of The Corrs/13 - Love to love you.flac24.0MB

Home/07 - Old Hag.flac24.0MB

In Blue (Special Edition)/CD-1/13 - Give It All Up.flac24.0MB

Talk On Corners (Original Edition)/11 - Intimacy.flac24.0MB

In Blue (Special Edition)/CD-1/14 - Hurt Before.flac24.0MB

Talk on Corners (Special Edition)/08 - Love Gives, Love Takes.flac23.0MB

Talk on Corners (Special Edition)/12 - Intimacy.flac23.0MB

Dreams/18 - I Know My Love (Featuring the Chieftains).flac23.0MB

Home/04 - Black Is The Colour.flac23.0MB

Borrowed Heaven/03 - Hideaway.flac23.0MB

Borrowed Heaven/10 - Confidence for Quiet.flac23.0MB

The Best of The Corrs/18 - Make you mine.flac22.0MB

In Blue (Special Edition)/CD-1/11 - No More Cry.flac22.0MB

Borrowed Heaven/08 - Even If.flac21.0MB

Unplugged/04 - Toss The Feathers.flac21.0MB

Dreams/16 - Ruby Tuesday (Featuring Ronnie Wood).flac21.0MB

In Blue (Special Edition)/CD-2/02 - No More Cry (Acoustic).flac21.0MB

Unplugged/11 - Old Town.flac20.0MB

Dreams/20 - Toss the Feathers.flac20.0MB

Home/06 - Buachaill On Eirne.flac20.0MB

Borrowed Heaven/01 - Summer Sunshine.flac19.0MB

Forgiven, Not Forgotten/09 - Toss The Feathers (instrumental).flac19.0MB

Home/11 - Brid Og Ni Mhaille.flac19.0MB

Home/05 - Heart Like A Wheel.flac19.0MB

Dreams/10 - Summer Sunshine.flac19.0MB

Dreams/19 - Brid Og Ni Mhaille.flac19.0MB

Home/12 - Haste To The Wedding.flac16.0MB

Dreams/17 - Haste to the Wedding.flac16.0MB

Home/10 - Dimming Of The Day.flac16.0MB

Forgiven, Not Forgotten/08 - The Minstrel Boy (instrumental).flac12.0MB

Forgiven, Not Forgotten/12 - Carraroe Jig (instrumental).flac4.0MB

Forgiven, Not Forgotten/04 - Along With The Girls (instrumental).flac4.0MB

Forgiven, Not Forgotten/01 - Erin Shore (instrumental, traditional intro).flac2.0MB

Talk on Corners (Special Edition)/Scans/Inside-2.jpg1.0MB

Talk on Corners (Special Edition)/Scans/Back-2.jpg897.0KB

Talk on Corners (Special Edition)/Scans/Booklet-2.jpg873.0KB

Talk on Corners (Special Edition)/Scans/Booklet.jpg858.0KB



The Best of The Corrs/Scans/CD.jpg699.0KB

Talk on Corners (Special Edition)/Scans/Front-2.jpg688.0KB

The Best of The Corrs/Scans/Booklet.jpg629.0KB

The Best of The Corrs/Scans/Back.jpg619.0KB

The Best of The Corrs/Scans/CD-2.jpg606.0KB

The Best of The Corrs/Scans/Booklet-2.jpg575.0KB

The Best of The Corrs/Scans/Booklet-3.jpg552.0KB

The Best of The Corrs/Scans/Booklet-4.jpg533.0KB

The Best of The Corrs/Scans/CD-3.jpg530.0KB

The Best of The Corrs/Scans/Front.jpg524.0KB

The Best of The Corrs/Scans/Inlay.jpg504.0KB



Talk on Corners (Special Edition)/Scans/CD-2.jpg377.0KB





In Blue (Special Edition)/Scans/Back.jpg233.0KB


In Blue (Special Edition)/Scans/Inside.jpg205.0KB

In Blue (Special Edition)/Scans/Front.jpg199.0KB

In Blue (Special Edition)/Scans/CD.jpg173.0KB

Talk on Corners (Special Edition)/Scans/Inside.jpg173.0KB

Talk on Corners (Special Edition)/Scans/Front.jpg153.0KB

In Blue (Special Edition)/Scans/CD-2.jpg145.0KB

Borrowed Heaven/Scans/Back.jpg142.0KB


Talk On Corners (Original Edition)/Scans/Back.jpg112.0KB

Forgiven, Not Forgotten/Scans/Back.jpg111.0KB

Talk On Corners (Original Edition)/Scans/Front.jpg109.0KB


Forgiven, Not Forgotten/Scans/CD.jpg102.0KB

Borrowed Heaven/Scans/Inside.jpg90.0KB

Borrowed Heaven/Scans/Front.jpg87.0KB

Forgiven, Not Forgotten/Scans/Front.jpg82.0KB

Talk on Corners (Special Edition)/Scans/Back.jpg78.0KB


Talk On Corners (Original Edition)/Scans/Inlay.jpg76.0KB

Talk On Corners (Original Edition)/Scans/CD.jpg76.0KB


Forgiven, Not Forgotten/Scans/Inlay.jpg57.0KB

Borrowed Heaven/Scans/CD.jpg50.0KB

Talk on Corners (Special Edition)/Scans/CD.jpg48.0KB

The Best of The Corrs/log.txt13.0KB


In Blue (Special Edition)/CD-1/log.txt10.0KB

Forgiven, Not Forgotten/log.txt10.0KB

Talk on Corners (Special Edition)/log.txt10.0KB


Dreams/The Corrs - Dreams.log8.0KB

Borrowed Heaven/log.txt8.0KB


The Best of The Corrs/The Corrs - The Best of The Corrs.log7.0KB

Borrowed Heaven/The Corrs - Borrowed Heaven.log6.0KB

In Blue (Special Edition)/CD-1/The Corrs - In Blue.log6.0KB

Talk On Corners (Original Edition)/The Corrs - Talk On Corners.log6.0KB

Forgiven, Not Forgotten/The Corrs - Forgiven, Not Forgotten.log6.0KB

Talk on Corners (Special Edition)/The Corrs - Talk On Corners (Special Edition).log6.0KB

Home/The Corrs - Home.log5.0KB

In Blue (Special Edition)/CD-2/log.txt5.0KB

Unplugged/The Corrs - Unplugged.log5.0KB



In Blue (Special Edition)/CD-2/The Corrs - In Blue Special Edit. Bonus Disc.log4.0KB

Talk On Corners (Original Edition)/Talk On Corners.FLAC.cue3.0KB

In Blue (Special Edition)/CD-1/In Blue.FLAC.cue3.0KB

In Blue (Special Edition)/CD-1/In Blue.WAV.cue3.0KB

Talk on Corners (Special Edition)/Talk On Corners (Special Edition).WAV.cue3.0KB

Forgiven, Not Forgotten/Forgiven, Not Forgotten.WAV.cue3.0KB

Talk on Corners (Special Edition)/Talk On Corners (Special Edition).FLAC.cue3.0KB

Forgiven, Not Forgotten/Forgiven, Not Forgotten.FLAC.cue3.0KB

The Best of The Corrs/The Best of The Corrs.WAV.cue3.0KB

The Best of The Corrs/The Best of The Corrs.FLAC.cue3.0KB




Talk On Corners (Original Edition)/Talk On Corners.WAV.cue2.0KB


Borrowed Heaven/Borrowed Heaven.FLAC.cue2.0KB

Borrowed Heaven/Borrowed Heaven.WAV.cue2.0KB

In Blue (Special Edition)/CD-2/In Blue Special Edit. Bonus Disc.FLAC.cue2.0KB

In Blue (Special Edition)/CD-2/In Blue Special Edit. Bonus Disc.WAV.cue2.0KB

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